Best Self Hosted Email Marketing Software

When it comes to email marketing software, there are three main types: free, hosted, and self-hosted. Of these three types, self-hosted is the most popular and best for your business’s needs. Self-hosted services give you a lot of control over your data, recipients, design elements, storage space and security—which is why they’re so much better than their competition.

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Best Self Hosted Email Marketing Software

1) MailWizz

MailWizz is a self hosted email marketing software which is written in PHP and MySQL. This application is suitable for both beginners and experts. It provides a detailed overview dashboard that enables you to manage your mails with ease. MailWizz enables you to create an unlimited separate customer account. It allows you to send mass emails to clients with no hassle.

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  • Create autoresponders, recurring campaigns, or regular campaigns.
  • You can send campaigns based on JSON feeds or external RSS.
  • Get detailed reports according to your campaigns and share it with anyone.
  • Send your emails with any SMTP server, SparkPost, Amazon SES, MailGun, and more.
  • It enables you to import your subscribers from a text file, external database, or CSV file.
  • You can create custom fields required for your subscribers.
  • This application enables you to manage all your surveys created throughout the system.

2) Campaigns


Campaigns is email marketing software that helps you to increase your sales with no hassle. It enables you to quickly create mail using ready-made templates. This tool allows you to make a personal connection with personalized email campaigns.


  • This software provides you analytics in real time.
  • It is integrated with Zoho CRM.
  • Enables you to automate your email marketing.
  • Offers drag and drop editor.
  • Share your campaigns on social media.

3) Interspire

Interspire is the best email marketing softwares. It can be easily used to turn your leads into buyers. Interspire app helps you to create, send, and track emails for marketing. This application is specifically built to automate your follow up marketing. The tool allows you to send personalized email messages to your new leads.



  • This self hosted email marketing application can remove inactive leads from your list.
  • It helps you to optimize your click-through rate.
  • You can see the complete activity of a lead with event logging.
  • The tool has a drag and drop editor that can customize surveys and feedback forms that you can link with your email campaigns.
  • This open source email marketing software offers a user-friendly interface to manage your emails.
  • You can keep your list up to date with automated bounce processing.
  • Interspire software provides easy to read summary report.

4) Sendy

Sendy is one of the best self-hosted email marketing solutions built in PHP. It enables you to send newsletters via Amazon SES (Simple Email Service). This open-source email marketing software offers reports to see the result of every campaign. Sendy automates your marketing by sending bulk emails. Sendy allows you to block emails belonging to certain domains from signing up on your list.



  • It provides campaign builder, automatic bounce handling, reporting, and more.
  • You can filter out emails with ease.
  • Sendy provides you a notification when someone subscribes to the list.
  • This app enables you to create a suppression list of emails.
  • This open source email marketing software helps you to clean inactive or unconfirmed subscriber mails.


5) Octeth

Octeth is a self hosted email marketing service that helps you to setup mail series depend on triggers like subscription info or email clicks. This application allows you to create and manage more than one user account with ease. It can identify a bounced email address that you can easily filter from your user list.



  • It provides reports for email opens, clicks, links, invalid emails, and more.
  • You can schedule your emails with ease.
  • This email marketing platform enables you to know the log of every activity of subscribers.
  • It allows you to collect information about your subscriber.
  • Octeth has easy to use easy to use subscription form designer.
  • You will get email notification whenever subscription or unsubscription occurs.
  • It offers a wizard to create your email.
  • The tool can be used to publish emails on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and more.


6) Mautic

Mautic is a free and open source email marking automation software. It helps you to generate a lead, contact segmentation, marketing campaigns, etc. This application can be installed without any hassle. Mautic provides unlimited customizations, integration, and can be easily extended via API.



  • It is one of the best free self hosted email marketing tools that offers easy to use interface.
  • It lets you design and distribute unique themes for emails and landing pages.
  • You can manage your campaign with no hassle.
  • This open source email marketing software tool allows you to monitor your traffic data.
  • You can send personalized emails.
  • The tool enables you to customize mobile-friendly email templates.
  • It provides real time reports.
  • Manage your emails from easy to use dashboard.
  • You can track website visitors.
  • Provides visual analytics.
  • Offers a wide range of CRM tools.

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Before we dig in, here’s a quick summary of the free email marketing tools that we’ll cover, along with the various limits on each service’s free plan:


Note; while there are other popular email marketing solutions on the market as well, like ConvertKit, GetResponse, Mailjet, AWeber, Constant Contact, Moosend, HubSpot, SendPulse, ActiveCampaign, and more, we felt that their free offerings were either not up to par with the lineup that we settled on in the end (or nonexistent at all).


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