Best Web Design Software For Windows 10

If you have a web design business, chances are you’re going to be using a lot of different software programs. You need the best web design software for Windows 10 to keep everything running smoothly.

Of course, there are a ton of software options out there and it can be overwhelming deciding which ones are right for you. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to! Read on to find out what we think is the best web design software for Windows 10:

Best Web Design Software For Windows 10

Below, you’ll find our pick of the best web platforms and tools in the market that will help you create either a full-fledged website, landing pages, or website templates.

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1. WordPress

Self hosted WordPress

WordPress is a free and open-source software that lets you build any kind of website with ease. Over 40% of the web uses WordPress, making it the most popular Content Management System in the world.

WordPress comes with built-in themes and if that’s not enough, you can always choose from the thousands of third-party WordPress themes that are available for just about every niche.

Each theme has a basic structure, and you can change anything in a theme like its colors, text, background, and images. There are also WordPress page builders like SeedProd that let you customize the theme from the frontend, so there’s no coding required at all.

Added to that, you can also use WordPress plugins for endless customization options.

We must mention that we’re talking about, which is very different from the fully-hosted platform You can find out the difference here: vs. is the best platform for site owners and developers who want access to cPanel and phpMyAdmin to control website files and databases. If you are serious about growing and expanding your website, then WordPress is an obvious choice.

Now installing WordPress is easy and free! But first, you need a domain name and web hosting plan, which costs around $14.99 per year and $7.99 per month, respectively. It can be quite a lot when you’re just starting with a new website.

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2. website builder is one of the original and most popular do-it-yourself website builders on the market. Using the intuitive drag and drop builder and readymade website templates, anyone can quickly build a website, no technical skills are needed.

You can easily add features like contact forms, photo galleries, videos, social media buttons, map locations, and more. Plus, you get access to thousands of stock images you can use on your site.

All plans come with a free domain name, business email address, autosave & backup features, website analytics, SEO features, and other essential website tools.

The Starter website plan starts at only $1.95 per month. You can also get additional SEO features with the Marketing plan, which starts at $2.95 per month. And the eCommerce plan starts at $3.95 per month.

3. Gator Builder

Gator website builder

Gator Builder is a web design and development software by HostGator. It’s packed with dozens of web templates for every business niche. The templates are beautiful and fully dynamic to work with third-party services. You can use the user-friendly drag and drop interface to add images, videos, Google Map, and more in a few clicks.

Since it’s built by HostGator, one of the best web hosting companies on the planet, each plan comes with a hosting option as well. Gator Builder integrates with social channels to display feeds from your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

4. SiteBuilder

SiteBuilder is a web design software that comes with hundreds of ready-made templates that let you build a website with ease. You can either customize the web templates or design your layouts from scratch with the drag and drop builder. It offers a free domain name and web hosting with each plan to help you get started quickly.

It also offers great customization options to design a complete website, start a blog, or run an eCommerce store. It has several design tools to add images, content, and other media files to your web template.

5. Divi

divi theme review

Divi is a popular WordPress theme and web design software. It comes with a drag and drop editor that lets you create custom web templates easily. Divi’s template portfolios have hundreds of premade designs for restaurants, cafes, medical, fitness, the list is endless. It gives you an advanced visual editor to customize your templates with effects, shape dividers, transformations, and more.

Its point and click tool allows you to add text anywhere on your web template. It’s a modern software with options to edit, undo, redo, and revise your customizations. Divi Builder is packed with dozens of global elements, style options, and content blocks to ease your website designing process.

For more details, check out this complete Divi review.

6. SeedProd

seedprod website builder theme builder

SeedProd is already the best landing page builder for WordPress sites. And now, with its new Theme Builder, you can use SeedProd to easily create a custom WordPress theme from scratch.

The software comes with 9 full theme kits and over 150+ beautiful and responsive page templates. The theme kits include matching designs for every part of your site, not just the homepage.

Customizing your theme is easy with the drag and drop builder, text editor, layout navigation, and live previews. You’ll also find smart sections, headline animations, WordPress template tags, and powerful page blocks to build unique pages all by simply dragging and dropping them to where you want them to appear.

You can choose what you want to show/hide on desktop and mobile devices.

Plus, the platform integrates with email marketing tools and other WordPress tools. This makes it easy to sync other features of your website such as contact forms, WooCommerce products, and more.

With SeedProd, the best part is there’s no coding required whatsoever. The design process is contained smoothly within the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface. However, SeedProd also has advanced settings and a code editor for developers if they want to insert custom coding.

One thing that stands out about this builder is that it has built-in coming soon and maintenance modes. You can enable these modes with a single click and your website will be hidden from the public eye while you design it.

SeedProd has a free plan and a premium version. You’ll need the Pro plan to access the Theme Builder. 

web designing tools for beginners


Skills mean a lot, but they don’t mean a thing, if there are no tools to support them. It is essential for a web designer to find software that suits him best at a certain point of his development. These are the top 10 web design tools that every beginner finds useful

COLOR WIZARD :: Web Design Tools #01

Web Design Tools 01Life is not black and white and as a web designer you know it pretty damn well. It is essential for a website to be well-balanced color-wise. Color Wizard is a software that helps you match colors just the way you want. You pick a color you need and this tool provides the whole set of variations on your choice as well as some color schema and suggestions. It is that simple.

WEBFLOW :: Web Design Tools #02

Web Design Tools 02If you are more of an artist than a programmer, you don’t want to waste your time on writing a code. Webflow is a perfect tool for you. It is a drag-and-drop website builder that writes down the code of your website while you’re working on design. Don’t bother with code, Webflow will take care of it.

STYLETILES :: Web Design Tools #03

Web Design Tools 03It’s not easy to communicate ideas. Styletiles generates a space where you can meet with your client. As a tool it allows you to make a “beta version” of the website you’re working at. You don’t have to prepare the final project to show it to other people. This means less work for you and more understanding on what you’re aiming at.

SNAGIT :: Web Design Tools #04

Web Design Tools 04People say that one picture is worth a thousand words, but actually one word is worth a thousand pictures. This word is Snagit. With Snagit you can instantly capture an image you want or record a video of your screen. It is also an editor, so you can work on these materials with no need to use any other tool. Click, save, edit, send – that’s how Snagit works.

FITTEXT :: Web Design Tools #05

Web Design Tools 05In olden days personal computer was the only device that allowed people to search the Internet. Now there are smartphones, laptops, tablets… Web is everywhere and so should be a website you designed. This tool helps you fit your headlines to virtually every screen there is. FitText modifies font-size to make sure that the size of device does not matter.

EDGE INSPECT :: Web Design Tools #06

Web Design Tools 06FitText is a great tool to customize headlines, but if you want to check how your website looks on different screens, Edge Inspect is something you need. Integrate your devices into one web, so when you modify your project on one of them it will instantly change on all others. With Edge Inspect you can keep working and be sure that your tablet and smartphone will catch up.

STRIPEMANIA :: Web Design Tools #07

Web Design Tools 07As a web designer you know that there are stripes and stripes. Simple elements, but inevitable on a website. That’s why Stripemania answers every designer’s most primal need for stripes. It allows you to generate them, change their size and color, place them wherever you want them to be… etc. etc. Stripemania is the tool that you always wanted to have, but where afraid to ask for.

GIMP :: Web Design Tools #08

Web Design Tools 08It is better known as ”the free Photoshop”. Although it is not entirely true that those two programmers are clones, it has to be acknowledged that freeware status is one of the most important advantages of GIMP. It can be used for image editing as well as for designing any other graphic elements, for example logos. Advanced, yet free – perfect for beginners.

FONTSTRUCT :: Web Design Tools #09

Web Design Tools 09Unique design, unique graphics… why not unique fonts? Build your original fonts with Fontstruct. It is functional and simple and allows you to share your personal fonts as soon as they are ready. Moreover you can download other users fonts or even make your own variations of them. Don’t search for fonts, make your own ones.

DREAMWEAVER :: Web Design Tools #10

Web Design Tools 10Every website, no matter how beautiful and complex, is always a code. That’s why it is important to have a web development tool that is also suitable for web designers. Dreamweaver has many qualities and one of them is so-called Design view which allows you to construct and modify the layout of HTML elements. It provides previews of the developed websites and also helps you handle the code as smoothly as possible. Dreamweaver makes difficult tasks easier and that’s why it is great for beginners.


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