Chrome Extension For Api Testing

Chrome Extension for API testing, allows API users to try out all sorts of API endpoints without worrying about API keys or LIMITs. With this extension you can specify a URL and retrieve one or more

Chrome Extension for API Testing is an easy to use tool when you want to test if your API works. Recently, I came across a need to test my API and did not want to install Ruby and its dependencies on my machine. As always, there is an extension for Chrome that does the job. There are many tools that can do the same but ease of use and this extension’s interface caught my eyes

Talend API Tester - Free Edition

Chrome Extension For Api Testing

A recent study found that Google Chrome is being used by over 60% of internet users. For web developers, their applications must run well with Google Chrome, which is used by most internet users. As a result, Chrome is the browser of choice for many developers.

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Here’s a list of 15 must-have chrome extensions for web developers. Let’s get started.


A sample bug report from Disbug
Disbug is an useful Chrome extension for web developers that enables you to create comprehensive bug reports with console logs, technical logs, device specifications, and more. You can add visual elements to your reports with a screencast that enables you to narrate the bug. You can also edit screenshots by adding text that makes it easier to point out issues on any web page.

Web developer

Web developer plugin
The Web Developer plugin allows you to resize or disable images, scripts, and style files. Everyday tasks for a web developer include a variety of different tasks such as these, which makes it a helpful tool.


WhatFont Plugin
The most common places to look for the typeface used to display a text segment on a website are the source code or the console window. When the mouse cursor hovers over the text, the WhatFont add-on displays font details.


EditThisCookie Plugin
It’s a must-have Chrome extension for web developers who work with cookies. You may add, delete, update, filter, restrict, and safeguard cookies with this Google Chrome extension.

Clear cache

Clear cache Plugin
Web developers always put in more effort to clear the browser cache. Clear Cache is one of the best addons for quickly and easily emptying the cache. The options menu allows you to specify how much data is cleared.


Marmoset Plugin
Marmoset is a really helpful tool that enables you to create code snapshots.

Talend API Tester – Free Edition

Talend API Tester Plugin

Use the Talend API Tester chrome extension to visually verify and test communication with REST, SOAP, and HTTP APIs. It greatly simplifies testing the functionality of your APIs.

Dark Reader

Dark Reader Plugin
This add-on will assist to ease some of the strain on your eyes. When browsing at night or during the day, switch to the dark theme. It’s possible to change the font, font size, font color, and font style, as well as add or remove items from the ignore list.


Wappalyer Plugin
Wappalyzer is a Chrome extension that identifies the numerous back-end technologies used by a website for developers. It detects CMS, e-commerce platforms, development environments, server software, and analytics applications, among other things.

The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender Plugin
Using this small add-on, you can reduce Chrome’s memory footprint. It’s fantastic if you have a lot of tabs open at the same time. It will delete tabs that have not been used in the background for a set period, freeing up the memory and CPU that they require.

Full Page Screen Capture

Full Page Screen Capture Plugin
It’s part of our job description as web developers to submit screenshots of our work to the relevant individuals for evaluation. This add-on simplifies taking screenshots. Requiring no additional permissions, you can capture a clear screenshot of the current page using this plugin.


ColorZilla Plugin
A color reading from ColorZilla is possible from anywhere in your browser. You may also quickly alter the color of the live site to see how it seems and feels.


JSONView Plugin
Developers who work with JSON files regularly may appreciate this extension. It will make it much easier to validate and view JSON files. JsonViewer Chrome addon offers a variety of themes for viewing documents if you want a visually appealing experience.

Window Resizer

Window Resizer Plugin
This add-on resizes the browser’s window to simulate different screen sizes. Web developers can use it to evaluate design layouts on multiple browser resolutions (responsive design).

Firebug Lite

Firebug Lite Plugin
Using this addon with the Google Chrome developer tools, you can edit, troubleshoot, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript in real-time on any web page.

Closing Thoughts
The above-mentioned are some of the most useful Chrome extensions for web developers today. Use them to streamline your task and increase efficiency in your workflow. If you think we missed any important Chrome extensions, do let us know in the comments.

best chrome extension for api testing

Google Chrome is in itself a benchmark across the browser industry. Most of the internet population (~68%) is using it, and there is plenty of plugins available in the Chrome web store.

Hence, we recommend using the Chrome extensions for the quick test validation.

Let’s now get straight into today’s topic of knowing about the three must-have Chrome Rest clients.

3 Must-have Chrome Rest Clients for API Testing
3 Must-have Chrome Rest Clients for API Testing
The Postman Rest Client
It is undoubtedly the best of the Chrome Rest clients for API testing. It has more than 1.4 million active users that include both software developers and testers. You can utilize this plugin in the process as early as the development starts. It guarantees to make life easier by helping you in building, testing and documenting the Rest APIs. The beauty of the Postman plugin is that it’s free, and you can use it even in offline mode. Some of the striking features of this plugin are as follows.

The plugin housekeeps every request you make for the historical purpose.
Automate the REST input stream instead of doing it manually.
Its intuitive interface will help you in organizing the multiple tests you are planning for your product.
Once it records a test, you can replay it any no. of times.
You can back and forth while creating tests for several web services without worrying about losing their context.
It gives you a variety of authentication helpers to work with like Basic Auth, OAuth 1 and Digest Auth.
Another useful feature that comes in handy is to allow pre-request scripting. You can use it to add a timestamp in the query header or dispatch a custom identifier in URL parameters.
It has a robust and intuitive test framework that lets you create tests using both GUI and javascript. And it’s visual interface assist you in debugging and uncovering the defects.
You can search for more exciting stuff from and use it as per your requirements.

Advanced REST Client
Let’s now draw the 2nd ace from the deck of the Chrome Rest clients. It is quite popular among web developers because of its simple yet powerful interface. It’s more than 1 million users count says all about it. You can instantly use to create and test custom HTTP requests. It possesses the following features.

Brings the Google Drive integration where you can archive your requests.
Supports the collaboration of work using its backend service that stores and represents data.
You can easily modify the HTTP headers and payload using its intuitive editor.
Makes use of XmlHttpRequest level 2 APIs to form an HTTP request.
Has built-in XML and JSON Response Viewer
It automatically remembers the latest request and restores it on load.
Enables history, and you can always import/export data.
This extension is quite capable and comfortable to use. You only need to add it to your Chome browser.

Talend API Tester
The last plugin from the list is the Talend API Tester who earned the third spot. More than 515K+ users have benefitted from it. It is like a software tester’s swiss army knife which is easy to configure, supports hypermedia, requests history and much more. The following are a few of its silent features.

It provides a visual interface for testing the web APIs.
It can record the call history locally and to the cloud.
You can create dynamic requests with the following.
Custom Variables.
Security, and
You can review/verify the response and use history for comparison.
You can apply conditional logic to group multiple API queries.
It enables you to collaborate with your team members.
We’ve listed some of the critical Talend API Tester features that should be enough for you to at least give it a try.

A Quick Comparison of Chrome Rest Clients
We’ve attached a comparison matrix that lays down the differences between the three Chrome rest clients. Please go through it.

Chrome Rest Clients Comparison Matrix
Chrome Rest Clients Comparison Matrix
We always strive to bring stuff that carries some value for the readers. We believe if you adopt any of three Chrome rest clients, it would surely help to replace a lot of manual efforts you may be putting into testing the Rest APIs.

If you too consider the above list of rest clients beneficial in improving your work, then please share this post in your friend circle and float it on social media using the share links given below.



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