Chrome Extension For Blogger

Chrome Extension For Blogger is compatible with most of the latest versions of Google Chrome. It is designed to display an external blog within its own tab, so the users can view the blog right in front of them while working on other tabs. Bloggers who have a blog hosted on or any another site can use this extension to make their life easier by adding it to chrome.

blogging has become a very easy and fun way to share your ideas, hobbies and thoughts with people across the world. Chrome Extension for blogger is an innovative tool for blogger’s blogs. You can find New Post, New Comment as pop-up window without page reload in your own blogger blog. It is designed to provide you with most convenient ways to view new posts and comments in a small window.

70+ Best Chrome Extensions for Blogging and Productivity

Chrome Extension For Blogger

The only way to make sure you cover all grounds is to use all your resources to their fullest.

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One resource that serves as the backbone of a website is the web browser. While different users have their preferences, it is hard to find a browser that comes close to Google Chrome.

Chrome has become a global favorite thanks to its speed, clean design, and efficient tab management. Another reason why Chrome is the leader of all browsers is its extensibility.

Users can customize and improve the browsing experience by accessing the countless number of extensions and apps available on the Chrome Web Store. When you open the Chrome Web Store, you’ll find thousands of extensions and apps that are available for download.

Most of them are free!

Once you download these extensions or apps, they become incorporated into your Chrome browser. You can access these apps with the click of a button.

The sheer number of apps and extensions on the Chrome Web Store can be overwhelming, so here is a list of some of the useful extensions for bloggers.


Making a grammatical error on your web content can spell doom for your credibility. Most customers find a language and grammatical mistakes unforgivable, which is why you need Grammarly.

No matter how good your language is, everyone is prone to slip up once in a while.

Grammarly helps you prevent that by keeping an eye on your grammar and spelling. It scans the text and shows you the improvement opportunity for the better English writing experience.

It works on most of the sites and got a great editor to write a story, article, or book. Sounds perfect for preventing embarrassing grammatical mistakes on your blog post or social media posts.


Nobody on this planet is fond of those pesky pop-up ads. Imagine opening a website and waiting for the content to load, but a large ad banner pops up, blocking most of the page.

You spend a few seconds looking for the elusive Close button, and when you finally find and click it, you are taken to an entirely new page about something you were never interested in.

Well, Google has heard your prayers, which is why you have the AdBlock extension for your Chrome browser. With AdBlock, you can say goodbye to all kinds of annoying advertisements.

Millions of users have installed the AdBlock extension, and you can take their word for how it has dramatically improved their browsing experiences.


If you are looking for an extension that saves videos and articles for later viewing, you should download Pocket.

With more than 15 million users, Pocket is indeed a favorite among Chrome users. It saves web content in one place, which you can access anytime, anywhere, and on any device. The great thing is it allows you to access this content even without an internet connection.

With Pocket, you no longer have to resort to collecting tabs on your browser or emailing links to yourself. Your browser is more organized, and conducting research becomes that much easier.

It has integration tools such as Twitter, Buffer, Feedly, and IFTTT so you can conveniently schedule posts on different social media accounts.


If you are looking to improve the aesthetics of your web page, one of the first areas you should focus on is the text color and font. Visitors enjoy reading a blog with readable text.

So, how do you identify fonts used in blogs or web pages?

WhatFont tells you details of the font you see on a web page.

It is easy-to-use!


Keeping your blog ahead in today’s Internet world takes a lot of effort.

SEO is essential for any site, but it can be quite the task of keeping up with constantly changing requirements. SEOquake can help to ease the SEO related tasks.

It functions as an SEO analysis suite and helps manage SEO efficiently. A good pick if you are looking to optimize your web page for better SEO.

Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

Awesome Screenshot allows you to take screenshots of an entire page or part of a web page.

Once the screenshot has been captured, you can edit the picture, highlight, crop, draw shapes, blur out unnecessary or sensitive information, and add annotations.

Another incredible feature of Awesome Screenshot is that it allows you to record activities on your browsers in the form of a video. You can also edit the video, add annotations, crop it, and make changes.

Once done, you can save these images and videos on your local drive or upload them to the cloud.


After becoming one of the most downloaded extensions for Mozilla Firefox, ColorZilla was introduced to the Chrome Web Store for people using the Google browser.

This nifty extension consists of a wide range of color-picking and color-matching tools that are excellent for customizing your browser. The extension has an eyedropper icon, which gives you access to several options such as creating custom color palettes, zoom, and identifying color codes on selected web pages.

It also gives you a color’s Hex value when you click anywhere on the screen.


Emails are still one of the most efficient forms of digital marketing today.

If you use Gmail, you should try MailTrack. It allows you to identify incoming messages and find out if the emails you have sent have been read or not.

This is an excellent tool for users who have a large number of emails coming in every day. MailTrack offers you daily tracking reports, line tracking, reminders, and many other excellent features.


If you have ever wondered what makes a successful website tick, you should install a free Chrome extension known as WhatRuns. This enables you to discover technologies used on any website.

It also notifies you when a website removes or adds new technologies. WhatRuns allows you to get ahead of the game by staying abreast of what your potential partners or competitors are up to.


With the world of retail shopping becoming more and more competitive every day, finding a bargain has become increasingly difficult.

To get the best discount deals and promo deals, all you have to do is install the Honey extension on your Chrome. It’s a blessing because it automatically searches for and applies the best discounts when you are shopping online.

It works for various online stores, including Amazon, eBay, Nike, Sephora, Euro Car Parts, Groupon, etc. With Honey, you no longer have to waste time looking for discount codes.

All you have to do is visit your favorite online store, add items to your cart, and click the Honey icon while checking out. Discount coupons are automatically applied to the items in the cart.

Save money and time with Honey.


Do you ever catch yourself wasting time on viral websites when you should be working?

Peeking at Facebook posts and browsing through Reddit threads are a great way to spend time, but not when you have promised to get some work done.

Say goodbye to procrastination and boost your productivity with StayFocusd. This helps you to remain focused on your work by limiting the time you spend on websites that can be distracting.

You can set a specific amount of time for yourself to browse these websites every day. Once this time is up, you can no longer access these sites for the rest of the day.


Staying ahead of the competition is getting harder every day, which is why you need to keep up with your industry’s news and find inspiration wherever you can.

Panda, a smart extension that works as a newsreader. It brings you the best content related to your areas of interest so you can be informed and inspired.

Once installed, select your industry and areas you are interested in, and you are good to go. Panda allows you to access multiple sites simultaneously, personalize tabs, bookmarking options, great search tools, and offers content free from distractions.

Link Redirect Trace

Did you know that your browser can work efficiently in tracking headers and redirects? Well, now, you do.

It’s an all-in-one tool that analyzes redirected paths, HTTP headers, robots.txt, Rel=Canonicals, link power, etc.

Link Redirect Trace is a must-have for site owners because of its powerful comprehensive and advanced analysis of redirects and links.

It also helps you recognize redirect hops, page blocks, and various kinds of technical issues.


Make digital marketing a breeze with the Hunter.

It is an email finder tool which gives you email addresses of the people behind any website to contact along with their names, phone numbers, job titles, and even social networks. All this data is backed by public sources that are visible in search results.


Privacy is a significant concern. With many website hacks and data leaks, it is natural to become concerned about all that personal data floating around on the internet.

One way to keep your information safe is by using a VPN.

Betternet works without registration. You can activate a proxy server and hide your IP address with the touch of one button. Once activated, you can access all blocked websites without any hassle.


I hope the above extensions help you to do many things without leaving your favorite browser. Most of them are free, so give a try to experience it today.

23 best chrome extensions for bloggers free

Being a blogger is not an easy job.

You have to manage a lot of tasks simultaneously and it is really difficult to manage it all by yourself.

So, to ease that stress you need some tools which could streamline your workflow and help you attain your full focus in your work.

And when it comes to tools then what’s better than the free chrome extensions.

So, in this post, I am going to tell you the 23 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers 2022 which would help you maintain your productivity, SEO tasks, and a lot more.

Let’s dive right in.

Table of Contents

What are Chrome Extensions?
Before diving into the sea of best chrome extensions let’s know what actually are chrome extensions.

Chrome extensions simply are the software that is made with the help of HTML, CSS, and JS which uplift your browsing experience by providing features that are not present in chrome’s native form.

There are many chrome extensions for blogging, SEO, time management, writing, productivity, speed, and more which you can add to the browser according to your needs.

Why bloggers should use Chrome Extensions?
Chrome is the most popular and used browser around the world. According to stat counter browser market share stats it has been found that Google chrome captures more than 63.2% of desktop browser market share.

chrome browser market share
This is due to its fast speed, easy-to-use interface, and a huge bunch of chrome extensions.

For bloggers, chrome extensions can reduce their spendings on premium tools for their SEO tasks, productivity, and more.

Also, if you are a new blogger who doesn’t have much to spend on premium tools then for you chrome extensions are a god gift.

I know that chrome extensions won’t provide you a lot of features like premium tools but for cost cutting bloggers something is better than nothing.

23 Hand Picked chrome extensions for bloggers to rank higher on Google
Now let’s start this hand-picked list of chrome extensions for bloggers which I personally use for maintaining my blogging tasks.

  1. Grammarly
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    Grammarly is an online writing assistant tool that helps you correct the spelling, punctuation, and grammatical error in your writing.

If you are a blogger, small business owner, or internet marketer who wants to make their writing flawless then should definitely use this tool.

The free version is enough if you are a hobby writer or want this tool for completing your online assignment.

However, if you want to use it for business purposes then you should definitely go for the premium version.

Pricing plans of Grammarly
Grammarly offers 60% off if you choose the annual plan of Grammarly premium.

Benefits of Grammarly
AI-based grammar, spelling, and punctuation correction
Removes jargon from your writing to make it much more crystal clear
Can be used as a chrome extension, desktop app, or keyboard extension for android
Explanation of every grammatical correction so one can know the reason for the mistake.
Grammarly is free to use if you just want to use it for normal grammatical and punctuation correction.

Grammarly premium pricing plans
However, if you want more advanced writing features then you can go for the Grammarly premium plan which is paid.

Try Grammarly Chrome Extension!

  1. Awesome Screenshot
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    The awesome screenshot is a chrome extension that can be used to take screenshots and also you can annotate it with arrows, text, blur, etc.

It is a great screenshot tool for designing tutorial screenshots for your blog.

Also, you can record the screen tutorial videos with this extension which you can annotate after recording.

You can use it to make YouTube tutorial videos, or also you can use the screen recording videos directly into your blog post.

However, you can only record videos for up to 5 minutes with the free version.

You can watch this video by my friend Sumit Sao if you want to know how to use this extension.

Benefits of Awesome Screenshot
Take a screenshot of your screen and annotate it with this extension fast
Make screen recording videos easily with this extension
Supported by Stack, Trello, etc so you can share your screenshots or videos with your team members.
You can easily annotate any local image with this tool. For this, you just have to copy and paste the image into this tool.
You can use this chrome extension for free and I recommend you to do so.

However, if you want more features like capturing the videos in 4k then you would need to buy the premium version.

Awesome screenshot pricing plans
Its annual pricing is given above.

Try Awesome Screenshot Chrome Extension!

  1. Gmass
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    Want to do white hat outreach but don’t have money for buying premium email marketing tools that can help you send bulk emails.

If yes then this extension for chrome is a boon for you.

With this chrome extension, you can send bulk emails to different bloggers.

Along with that, you can also add personalization to your emails too which increases email response.

Benefits of Gmass
Personalize your email to increase your email response rate.
Automatic follow-up email scheduling to get the desired results.
Breaks the email sending limits of Gmail.
Tracks email open and click rates which is beneficial if you are doing an email outreach campaign.
In the free version of Gmass you can send 50 emails per day with all other features that I have mentioned above.

Gmass pricing plans
However, if you want to send more emails then you have to upgrade to the premium plan.

Try Gmass Chrome Extension!

  1. Mail Track
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    This tool is quite similar to the Gmass tool that we have just discussed above.

However, it doesn’t let you send bulk emails but it helps you track the open rates of the email.

Also, it tells you how many times the email is opened as well.

It shows one tick at the starting of your mail if it is successfully sent and two ticks if the receiver has opened the mail.

You can track unlimited emails with this tool for free. Just this tool would add a “sent with mail track” signature at the bottom of each email.

Benefits of Mail Track
Free and unlimited email tracker for Gmail.
Security checked so your data like email, password, etc is fully secure.
Send group emails to up to 200 people in the premium plan.
You can easily manage your email list easily with this extension.
Comes with a free plan in which you can track unlimited emails with a signature at the end of the email.

Mail track pricing plans
Which is enough if you are a beginner. However, if you want more features then you can for its premium plan which starts at $1 per month (yearly plan).

Try Mail Track Chrome Extension!

  1. Honey
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    I know that buying online can be a hassle sometimes because to get the max discount you have to do a lot of tasks like finding discount codes, applying them, and more.

However, what if I say that there is a chrome extension that can do all this for you.

And I am not kidding!

Honey Chrome extension helps you find discount code and apply it to the website so you could get the maximum discount while buying a product.

Along with that, it gives you honey gold which can be redeemed for gift cards.

Benefits of Honey
Automatically finds and adds coupon codes to avail the maximum discount
Automatically finds the seller who is selling the product so you have to pay the cheapest price for the product
Helping 17 million+ users all over the globe to save their money.
Save any product in this extension and it would notify you about its price drop
Get honey gold with each purchase which can be redeemed for gift cards
This extension is completely free to use

Try Honey Chrome Extension!

  1. Link Miner
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    Want to make backlinks for your website with the help of broken link building?

If yes then this extension is what you need to find the broken links on the desired website you want to get a link from.

For using this extension first go to the website you want the link from and then click on the chrome extension it would tell you how many broken links are there on the web page.

Benefits of Link Miner
Easily find broken links on a page with just a matter of clicks.
Tells how many external links and internal links are there on a page.
Get important link related metrics of a page without visiting it.
This link is totally free. Use it and build backlinks for your website.

Try Link Miner Chrome Extension!

  1. StayFocusd
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    If you really want to spend your life as a laptop guy then one really important thing is your productivity.

Productivity can do wonders for your career.

Yes, I know that you can’t be fully productive all time.

However, if you are spending your whole day watching Netflix or YouTube then my friend you have to do something for your productivity.

And one simple hack to fix that is to use the Stayfocusd chrome extension.

You can add the list of time-wasting websites which you want to block and along with that, you can set the time you want to spend on that websites.

Benefits of StayFocusd
Block time-wasting websites so you can peacefully do your work.
Put time limits on time-wasting websites so you won’t spend your day visiting them.
Block full websites, specific URLs, or even in-page content of a website too.
It is totally free. Enjoy!

Try StayFocusd Chrome Extension!

  1. Hunter
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    It really feels bad when you visit a blog contact page but see that there is no email address mentioned.

However, you can find it easily with the help of the Hunter chrome extension.

To find the email address of a website you first have to go to the website your want email of and after that you have to click on the hunter chrome extension.

It would give you all the email address present on that website.

Benefits of Hunter
Easily find all the email address present on your website in a matter of clicks
You can find the email of the owner of the website by searching his/her name.
Easily find the email address of any post author by clicking on the hunter chrome extension
Save the email address easily by clicking on the “+” button
You can do 25 searches per month with its free plan but if you want more then you have to invest in the premium plan.

Pricing plans of hunter email finder tool
The pricing is given above.

Try Hunter Chrome Extension!

  1. SEOquake
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    SEOquake is a great chrome extension for all the SEOs and bloggers out there.

It gives you all the important website metrics such as Google index, links, Semrush backlinks, Alexa rank, Facebook likes, and more.

Along with that, it tells you keyword difficulty and other SEO parameters which you get in many premium SEO tools.

You can see this video by Semrush to know how to use this chrome extension properly.

Benefits of SEOquake
Gives you a thorough SEO analysis of the top 10 ranking articles.
You can run a full-fledged SEO analysis of a web page including mobile compatibility etc.
Know the number of times a web page is shared on Facebook and Google+
Provides you a lot of other SEO metrics that you won’t get in even premium tools.
All the data is from Semrush so you can trust it.
It is a free extension so use it for FREE!

Try SEOquake Chrome Extension!

  1. Keyword Surfer
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    If you are a beginner then you might not have much money to invest in a premium keyword research tool.

But not to worry because you can use this extension to do all keyword-related tasks without giving a dime.

Along with that, this extension can help you create an SEO-friendly outline for your blogs too.

This extension is made by surfer SEO which is one of the best on-page SEO optimizers which is used by a lot of pro bloggers online.

Benefits of Keyword Surfer
Get a lot of high-quality keyword ideas for free
Tells you the traffic, word, and keyword count of the top 10 ranking articles
This chrome extension tells you all the keyword metrics like volume, CPC, and more.
The content editor helps you get a lot of LSI keywords and also makes a blog post structure for your blog in no time.
Keyword surfer is 100% free. However, if you want to use its Surfer SEO features like content editor then you have to pay for it.

Surfer seo pricing for keyword surfer chrome extension
The pricing is given above.

Try Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension!

  1. Last Pass
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    Honestly telling I am very bad at remembering passwords and due to which I keep on changing my accounts passwords.

It wastes a lot of my time and frustrates me a lot as well.

As a blogger, we have a lot of accounts like hosting, affiliate, bank accounts, etc and it is really difficult to remember their passwords.

But not to worry because the Last Pass chrome extension will do that work for you.

In this chrome extension, you can add all your account passwords to your last pass account.

After that, you have to remember only a single master password which is of your Last pass account.

And your last pass account is fully secured even the last pass can’t access it by itself.

So no need to worry.

Benefits of Last Pass
Automatically auto-fills your account password which removes you hassle of remembering the password
Easily access multiple user names and choose the one which you want to access
Super secure password manager extension which is trusted by 25 million people worldwide
Last Pass tells you about the weak passwords and suggests you to change them.
Comes with multifactor authentication so your information is super secure.
It is free to use if you want to secure your passwords on a single device.

However, if you want more advanced security features and access on multiple devices then you need its premium plan.

Try Last Pass Chrome Extension!

  1. Buffer
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    Buffer is a very popular social media management app that I personally use to schedule my social media posts.

And its chrome extension helps you schedule your social media posts on the go while doing your work.

Benefits of Buffer
Share your content on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook on the go.
Share any article on the web in a matter of clicks.
Schedule your social media content on the go which saves you some time.
Share any article on the web in a matter of clicks to save your time.
You can use this social media management tool free for a lifetime with basic publishing and scheduling.

Buffer premium plan pricing
However, if you want analytics, tracking and more social media accounts access then you can go for its cost-effective premium plan.

Try Buffer Chrome Extension!

  1. Easy Blog Commenting
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    Want to start blog commenting to increase your brand reach.

However, it is really tough to fill in the details that you require to comment on a website.

But not to worry because Easy Blog Commenting chrome extension will do that work super easy for you.

Just click on the chrome extension, fill in your necessary details and save it.

After that whenever you will comment on any website it would autofill your details making blog commenting easier.

Benefits of Easy Blog Commenting
Autofill all the necessary details required to comment on any website.
It is truly free. Download it and enjoy.

Try Easy Blog Commenting Chrome Extension!

  1. Save to Pocket
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    It is really tough to store all the information as a blogger in our heads.

However, it is really important to have some articles, infographics, videos, or tweets with you which makes your blog research faster.

But not to worry because you can do this easily with the help of the Save to Pocket Chrome extension.

You just have to install this extension, make an account and go to any article your want to save, and click on this icon.

It would help you in your blog research process and make your blog much more persuasive.

Benefits of Save to Pocket
Discover articles according to your interest in your feed.
Read your saved articles anywhere on any device.
Save anything in your feed be it an article, tweet, etc.
You can use this chrome extension for free and it is super sufficient for anyone.

Pricing plans of save to pocket
However, if you want premium fonts, suggested tags, full-text search, etc then for that you would need a premium plan.

Try Save to Pocket Chrome Extension!

  1. Colorzilla
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    Colorzilla is a super popular color picker extension that was first available for Firefox is now available on Chrome.

You can easily pick any color from any text or web page, copy it, and add it wherever you want to.

Also, it comes with a color history that stores your recently picked colors which saves your time.

Benefits of Colorzilla
Accurately finds colors from any web page and adds them wherever you want to add them.
Web page color palette analyzer which helps you get the color palette of any website.
Easily get colors of dynamic hover elements.
Save the previously picked colors so you can choose them afterward as well.
Comes with 7 pre-added color palettes.
Click here to know more features.
It is totally free.

Try Colorzilla Chrome Extension!

  1. WhatFont
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    Want to know the font of a website?

If yes then you can do it easily with the WhatFont Chrome extension.

To use it you first have to install it, after that click on this extension and hover your cursor on the text you want to know the font of.

Also, along with that, you can get all the typography details of the font such as:

Font color
Font weight
Font name
Line Height
Style etc.
Benefits of WhatFont
You can easily find the font of a text by hovering on the text.
Get all the typography-related metrics like font weight, size, etc.
Detects which service is providing the fonts such as Google API or Typekit.
It is free to use

Try WhatFont Chrome Extension!

  1. One Tab
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    One tab is a great chrome extension that compiles all the open tabs into a single tab which reduces your CPU load and makes your computer a lot faster.

The developer of this extension claims that it can save up to 95% of your desktop’s memory and make it faster.

It is much needed on especially if you are using Chrome as your browser because it runs a lot of unnecessary scripts in the background.

Benefits of One Tab
Compiles all your browser tabs and add them to a single one.
Saves up to 95% of your computer’s memory and makes it faster.
Users of this extension claim that it has made their computer much more snappy.
It is totally free to use and can make a dent in your computer’s speed.

Try One Tab Chrome Extension!

  1. Word Counter
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    Word counter chrome extension is one of the simplest word counting extensions for chrome.

You first have to download the chrome extension, highlight the text, right-click on your mouse, and click here.

After that, it would count the number of words, characters, and characters without spacing.

Benefits of Word Counter
Count the number of words and characters without opening an external browser tab.
Free of cost. No need to pay

Try Word Counter Chrome Extension!

  1. Read Aloud
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    As a blogger, it is really important to read other blog posts to learn new things or for research purposes.

However, you can become lazy while reading a long bulky blog post.

In that case, you can use read aloud chrome extension which converts the text into voice and helps you consume the blog content easily.

This chrome extension supports over 40 languages.

You can use it just by clicking on this extension, choose the options and now you can listen to the text content in the form of voice.

Benefits of Read Aloud
Help you consume the text content on the web page, e-books, etc in the form of voice.
You can change the voice, reading speed, pitch or enable text highlighting with this chrome extension
You can choose between other cloud text to speech services like Amazon Polly, IBM Watson, etc through in-app purchases
Comes with a lot of shortcuts used to play/pause, stop, rewind, forward, etc which makes your experience snappy
The extension is totally free. However, there are some in-app purchases for using other cloud text-to-speech services.

Try Read Aloud Chrome Extension!

  1. News Feed Eradicator
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    Facebook is one of the triumph cards for all the internet marketers who want to build an online tribe and drive traffic.

I am personally using this medium to drive traffic to this website and it is giving me great results.

However, no one can ignore the fact that Facebook has a lot of unnecessary noise which can reduce the focus from your work.

But not to worry because the news feed eradicator chrome extension can eradicate your news feed and replace it with some powerful quotes.

Also, this extension works with other social media networks like:

and more…
Benefits of News Feed Eradicator
Increase your productivity in your work by removing all the noise and replacing it with a powerful motivational quote on your social media feed.
Works with almost all the major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and more
Reduces your habit of scrolling your social media feed all day
It is free to use. Enjoy!

Try News Feed Eradicator Chrome Extension!

  1. Page Analytics by Google
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    Page analytics by Google chrome extension is a very handy Chrome extension if you want to see the analytics of a specific web page on your website without going into your Google analytics dashboard.

This extension tells you how your readers are reacting to your web page by telling you where they are clicking and where they aren’t.

Along with that, it tells you almost all the metrics that you get in your Google Analytics dashboard like bounce rate, unique page views, %exit, and more.

To use this chrome extension you just have to go to the page you want to analyze, then click on this chrome extension and it would show you the metrics.

Benefits of Page Analytics by Google
Tells you all the Google analytics metrics without going to your analytics dashboard.
Use and improve your web page by seeing important on-page metrics like page speed, bounce rate, %exit, and more.
Use all the segmentation and comparison tools of Google Analytics in this chrome extension.
This chrome extension is totally free of cost.

Try Page Analytics Chrome Extension!

  1. SEO Minion
    23 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2021
    Want an all-in-one chrome extension that can help you do tasks like on-page SEO, broken link finding, SERP preview, etc?

If yes then SEO minion chrome extension is made for you because it helps you do these tasks and many others too.

It gives you all these features:

On-Page SEO analyzer which helps you optimize your web page for On-Page SEO and also alerts you if it has some issues.
Highlight all the internal and external links on a web page.
A broken link finder that tells you whether your web page has some broken links.
SERP preview features give you all the important metrics of the top 10 ranking articles on Google.
And many more…
You can see this video to know how to use this chrome extension:

Benefits of SEO Minion
Easily helps you make backlinks for your blog by finding broken links.
Tells you all the important metrics of top 10 articles on Google like video, image, organic traffic, and more
Highlight and tells you the number of internal and external links on a web page
Analyze the On-Page SEO of a web page, helps you improve it, and tells you the errors as well.
Free of cost chrome extension. Just install and use it.


Try SEO Minion Chrome Extension!

  1. gInfinity
    gInfinity is a minimalistic chrome extension that comes with the simple feature of adding an infinite scrolling feature to Google search results.

It is really beneficial if you are researching for an article.

Each time you scroll down to the bottom of the search results page, 20 new results would be added there automatically.

Benefits of gInfinity
Add infinite scroll option in the Google search result page
It is totally free.


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