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I am so excited to launch the Twitch blog! If you are reading this, you are probably looking for simple ways to improve your Twitch experience. This blog is for you!

Twitch is an amazing platform for viewers to connect with streamers, but it can also be overwhelming. Because of that, I created this extension that aims to make your life easier and help you get the most out of your Twitch viewing experience.

The extension does a few things:

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-It cleans up the page by hiding ads, suggested channels and more.

-It adds an element of interactivity and surprise by automatically opening channels when a viewer arrives on a particular page. As soon as they click the button to open the extension they are transported into another channel!

-It allows users to search for videos based on their favorite games or shows and share them with their friends. The best part? It works even if they don’t have access to Twitch yet!

Twitch Now

Chrome Extension For Twitch

Twitch is one of the most popular online streaming services, which allows you to broadcast a live stream of a range of content, from video gameplay to eating and lots of other stuff.

With Twitch, you can broadcast your content to millions of viewers around the world, and from time to time, also enjoy watching other people’s live streams.

Unfortunately, for most people, the basic Twitch platform does not cut it for them. While the interface is okay, it lacks several essential features that would guarantee a hassle-free streaming experience.

Luckily, the Twitch community has found a way to solve this problem – by creating a variety of extensions.

You can use these Chrome extensions for Twitch to increase functionality when broadcasting or streaming.

How to Use Twitch Extensions?
Twitch extensions are very easy to use. The first step is finding the extension you want by searching for it in the Chrome Web Store.

Once you find it, install it on your browser and then go to Twitch.

Most extensions will add an icon on the browser tab – next to the address (URL) bar, from where you can access the added features and/or configure functionality.

Other extensions will add the features to your Twitch interface, from where you can customize it to increase functionality.

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Top 10 Chrome extensions for Twitch
If you broadcast on Chrome browser, below is a list of Twitch extensions that you can use:

  1. BetterTwitchTV
    Better Twitch Tv
    BetterTwitchTV (BTTV) is one of the best extensions for Twitch. The browser extension offers a lot of features, which enhance the Twitch interface, thus giving you to enjoy a better and smoother streaming experience.

One of the most notable features is the dark theme/mode, which allows you to modify the interface, giving you a better viewing experience.

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Other features include anonymous chat options, showing or getting rid of deleted links and messages, image and link previews by hovering the mouse.

Others are instant chat message translation, highlighting or blacklisting certain words and phrases, extra emoticons, split chat lines, (making it easy to read), calculated username colors, and more.

The add-on is very simple to install and use – simply install it on your browser and then visit Twitch to start using it.

Download Better TTV

  1. TwitchLive

Twitch Live
TwitchLive is another one of the top twitch add-ons for Chrome browser. It allows you to keep a track of your favorite channels without having to go out of the Twitch interface.

Once you install the add-on, it adds an icon on your browser (top-right-corner). Clicking on the icon will display a drop-down list with all the current live channels.

You can create your favorite channels list by adding them manually or importing the channels that you follow.

TwitchLive extension also comes with an option for notifications, which you can set up so as to be alerted as soon as one of your favorite channels goes live.

Download TwitchLive

  1. Twitch Now
    Twitch Now is quite similar to TwitchLive with the only difference being that it allows you to track the channels you follow. The extension also offers you more functionality, as it automatically imports the channels, instead of having to add them manually.

Just like with TwitchLive, the extension adds an icon on the browser’s top-right corner. Clicking the icon will display all the live channels.

More functionality is available in form of notifications (when a channel goes live), and the ability to filter the channels based on games. You can also browse the current top channels.

Download Twitch Now

  1. ReChat
    ReChat is a top Twitch chat extension that helps to ensure that you do not miss out on chat messages, something that is common when a stream has too many users.

The extension allows you to re-watch the video stream you have missed with the corresponding chat messages – thus recreating your viewing experience. With ReChat, you can never miss out on important Twitch moments.

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ReChat extension is very easy to install and use. Simply install it on your Chrome browser, go to Twitch, and start re-watching streams as if they are live.

Download ReChat

  1. FrankerFaceZ
    frankerfacez chrome extensions for Twitch
    Streamers who are not partnered with Twitch streamers luck out on the ability to create their own emoticons and use them with their followers in chats.

However, with the FrankerFaceZ (FFZ) chrome browser extension for Twitch, you can still create customized emotes for you and your follower.

The extension also allows you to share the emotes through FrankerFace’s public library.

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Aside from creating custom emotes, FFZ extension also offers additional features such as stream uptime counter, blocking of unwanted features on the Twitch’s interface, and group chats.

Download FrankerFaceZ

  1. is another top Chrome extension for Twitch. The extension allows you to capture highlights of top moments during a Twitch live stream, which you can then share on public library.

From the library, you can then share the clips with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Reddit, and others.


  1. Twitch Giveaways
    Twitch Giveaway
    If you are new to Twitch and/or are looking to grow your user base, Twitch Giveaways is one of the best Twitch extensions you should have on your browser.

The extension adds a giveaway system to all chats on your channel (both popped out and embedded).

This allows you to easily give away various prizes to the users, which will entice them to subscribe and come back to your channel again.

Having a giveaway system on your stream will also entice new users to come to view your content.

Download Twitch Giveaways

  1. Twitch Tracker
    Twitch Tracker chrome extension
    Do you have several Twitch channels that you follow? Manually tracking all of them can be frustrating, not to mention almost impossible.

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However, with Twitch Tracker, you can easily find out when your favorite channels are live. The extension adds a visual notification to your interface, which alters you when a channel goes live.

You can also opt for desktop notifications, which come in handy when you need to multitask.

The channel is very user intuitive with no ads, and no attempts to access personal or sensitive data.

Download Twitch Tracker

  1. Twitch Favorites
    Twitch Favorites
    Once your channel has attracted enough users, paying attention to each and every one of them during chat messages can be a trying task.

However, with Twitch Favorites, you can be able to follow chat messages from all of your favorite users.

The extension allows you to set up custom colors to your favorite users’ usernames, thus making it easy to track their messages.

On top of that, their messages are highlighted in real-time during the chats, which helps to ensure that you don’t miss them.

Twitch Favorites extension will also be very useful when you are a viewer watching other streamers’ channels.

Download Twitch Favorites

  1. Unwanted Twitch
    Unwanted twitch chrome extension
    The basic Twitch interface allows you to block certain people from engaging with you.

However, when you are looking to block content you do not like, the only option is to block an entire channel/game. Unwanted Twitch is an extension that offers a better solution.

With this extension, you only have to block the streams you don’t want, which allows you to continue enjoying the rest of the content.

Download Unwanted Twitch
Streaming on a basic Twitch interface will only give you an “okay” experience. However, with Twitch extensions, you can get more functionality, which will help to enhance your channel and make it more interesting for users.

The extension will also help to give you a better viewing experience when you want to view content from other streamers.

If you are looking for extensions you can use, the above are the best Twitch extensions for Chrome browsers that are guaranteed to offer you the most functionality.

best twitch overlay extension

When the pandemic hit the world in a big way just over a year ago, people had more time on their hands than they knew what to do with. People started trying new things like cooking for the first time and even investing in the stock market. While many things suffered as a result of COVID-19, one thing that most certainly started booming was Twitch, and streaming in general.

Streamers who were already on the platform started upping their daily streaming hours, people jumped on it to start streaming for the first time, and people found pleasure in watching other people stream. It was a cycle that kept lending itself to growth.

There’s no shame in being new to streaming and though the best time to start was yesterday, the second-best time is today, as they say. If you do intend to start streaming on Twitch sometime soon, you’ll need to know which Twitch extensions are right for you.

What are Twitch extensions?
Developed by third parties and introduced just a few years ago, Twitch extensions are essentially apps that you can download and apply to your stream to enhance your viewers’ experience. There are three kinds of extensions: panel extensions, overlay extensions, and component extensions. Panel extensions get displayed in a box under your stream, and overlay extensions get displayed over the top of the whole stream, and component extensions pop up on the stream, taking up a small portion of the screen.

The best kinds of extensions make it so that you can customize your stream, providing people with a unique experience on a large platform. Some of the other benefits of the better extensions are that they make the stream easier to navigate through and engage with and expand your growth as a streamer.

There are extensions that let people get updated on your social media posts in real time, extensions that let people request what music is played in the background, extensions that help streamers provide viewers with useful reminders about their stream and many, many more.

You can only use 6 extensions (3-panel extensions, 1 overlay extension, and 2 component extensions) at one time, so you’ve got to choose wisely. To make that choice a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of 14 of the best Twitch extensions available right now. In alphabetical order, here they are.

  1. Amazon Blacksmith
    amazon blacksmith
    Formerly known as Gear on Amazon, Amazon Blacksmith is a helpful tool that gives your viewers a list of your favorite products that are on, you guessed it, Amazon. If anyone clicks on a product through your stream and purchases it, as long as you’re a part of the Amazon Associates Program, you’ll earn commission on it too. This one gives viewers a look into what kind of things you love, adding some personality to your stream and immediately making it stand out. What’s especially great is when you inevitably get asked what you use as part of your setup, you can just point people to your Amazon list.
  2. Crowd Control
    crowd control
    If you play Dark Souls, Fall Guys, Minecraft, Pokémon Red, and Blue, or any of the other games on the list of supported games, Crowd Control will allow viewers to send bits and interact with the game in some interesting ways. Viewers can enable in-game effects like power-ups, extend or lessen your game time and even kill you instantly. Crowd Control takes just 20% of the bits you get.
  3. Exclusive Content for Subscribers
    exclusive content
    As the name suggests, this extension allows you to cater directly to your subscribers, giving people an incentive to subscribe to you and making subscribers feel valued. You can post members-only photos, videos, and posts. Every time you post something exclusive, subscribers get notified, and non-subscribers are constantly being reminded that they’re missing out on content as a result of not subscribing.
  4. Latest Followers
    latest followers
    This one is a panel and overlay component that lists new followers’ names and profile pictures out as well as telling you and your viewers how many followers you gained that day. It updates in real-time, giving people an incentive to subscribe and see their name and picture on your stream. Plus, if you have a goal of gaining a certain amount of subscribers in a day, this helps you track it.
  5. OWN3D Design Panels
    own3ed design
    If you’re starting your streaming adventure on Twitch soon and just want to get going, OWN3D Design Panels are going to be perfect for you. Instead of going out of your way to design your panel and making it its own creative endeavor, you can choose one of the templates offered here to make your stream look more eye-catching. As well as still graphics, you can get animated panels here too.
  6. Prime Sub and Loot Reminder
    prime sub reminder
    This is one of the simplest yet most important and effective extensions out there. The Prime Sub and Loot Reminder is an overly on the side of your stream that reminds viewers who have a free Prime subscription that they have a free Prime subscription. This could be the difference between just a little bit of growth and a lot of growth, whether you’re just getting started on Twitch or have been on it for years.
  7. Quiz Kit
    Screenshot 2021 03 24 at 17.21.46
    Quiz Kit
    Quizzes are something that boosted in popularity a lot when the pandemic first hit, and people needed new, fun ways to communicate over video chat apps, so the Quiz Kit extension can come especially in handy nowadays. It allows streamers to either make their own quiz or pick from a bunch of ready-made ones and have viewers interact and compete with each other, with a scoreboard being kept. This one builds a sense of community really well.
  8. Sound Alerts
    sound alerts
    Sound Alerts is, without a doubt, one of the most essential extensions you can have on your stream. Streamers can apply certain sounds to certain buttons on their stream, and viewers can give bits to have them played. You can upload your own audio clips, so this can make for some pretty funny moments. More good news is that streamers get to keep 80% of the bits received, with 20% going to the extension developer, as per usual, for something of this nature.
  9. Streamlabs Leaderboard
    streamlabs leaderboard
    The first of a couple of Streamlabs extensions on this list, Streamlabs Leaderboard essentially allows you to put your biggest supporters on a pedestal and express your gratitude for them by having a list of them in order from the top down. This could breed some friendly competition between viewers and get you more rewards as a streamer in the end.
  10. Streamlabs Stream Schedule & Countdown
    streamlabs coountdown
    Gaming Careers
    As long as you set a date and time for this extension, it will always notify people of when your next stream is scheduled to begin. You can also use it more short-term too. Having a long stream and need a short break? Put the Streamlabs Countdown on for 10 minutes to try to help retain some of your viewership while you power up for the next few hours.
  11. StreamLegends
    Next WZ
    This one is a unique one and perhaps the most dynamic of the extensions of this list because it’s basically its own game that viewers can play. You probably don’t want viewers to feel like they’d rather be playing a game than watching your stream, but it’s a great alternative to leaving your stream empty while you’re AFK. The game is an RPG where players can level up their character, kill monsters and build a town together.
  12. Spotify Recently Played
    recenlty played
    Admittedly, this one is only useful for streamers who play music from Spotify in their streams, but if you do, then it’s especially useful. As the title implies, it allows viewers to see what music has been played on the stream as of late. This is a helpful tool because it saves you getting the “what song was that?” question over and over again, and it’s a conversational point if viewers have some of the same music taste as you.
  13. Suggestion Box
    suggestion box
    As great of a streamer, as you can be, there are always ways to improve and you can never please everyone. But a step towards helping to make your stream appeal to more people can be taking constructive criticism from viewers and that’s where the Suggestion Box extension comes in. Not only will you be able to see the suggestion, but other viewers can see them too and react to them with different emotes. If you get a suggestion and everyone agrees with it, implementing it is a no-brainer and can only be good for you moving forward.
  14. Twitch AFK Arcade
    Screenshot 2021 03 24 at 17.32.37
    Like StreamLegends, this one provides your viewers with entertainment while you’re AFK. The Twitch AFK Arcade extension provides a selection of mini-games all designed by real game makers, so it’s a great way to retain viewership if anything pops up from you and you need to step away from your computer for a short while.


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