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I’m so excited to be writing to you today. I’ve been looking forward to sharing my experience and knowledge with you. In this first post, I want to talk to you about what you can expect from my blog and why I want to share my story with you in the first place.

I’m an online marketer and affiliate, and it’s not always easy—at least, not at first. If you’ve spent any time in the online world at all, you know there are a lot of challenges. When I was starting out, it felt like there were no good resources for learning how everything worked—how do I make money? How do I convince people to buy what I’m selling? How do I build a website? What software should I use? Where do I start?

That’s why I started this blog: as a way for me to share my experience with others who are just getting started in the world of online marketing and affiliate sales. You’ll find posts about everything from A/B testing, email marketing, and autoresponders, to general tips for making your site more user-friendly or increasing your conversion rates.

9 Best Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing 2022 [No Bans]

Email Marketing Software For Affiliate Marketing Autoresponder

Are you desperately trying to find the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing?

We can all agree that email marketing is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers/subscribers and also to generate a revenue stream. Therefore, it is a “must-have” tool for your business.

It is easy to find an automated emailing service for an eCommerce business, blogging platform, or for small to large businesses…

But if you are an affiliate marketer, it becomes extremely difficult to find affiliate friendly autoresponders.

I know that you have already taken a risk of signing up for a “popular” email marketing service. You may have also sent a couple of email campaigns to your customers.

Now, my 3+ years of affiliate marketing experience tells me that you are about to get banned from using that email service. If not then it is going to happen sooner or later…

Either way, this ban will leave you stranded. Chances are, you may also lose your email list.

This is a horrible experience and believe me, I am not going to let this happen to you.

In this blog, I will tell you about the 9 best autoresponders for affiliate marketing or affiliate sites, how to choose the best service among them, and which email marketing services you should avoid using.

Just to give a sneak-peak, here’s an…

Overview Of Best Autoresponders For Affiliate Marketing
SendX – Affiliate friendly autoresponder
GetResponse – Best overall with high deliverability
EmailOctopus – Most underrated autoresponder
AWeber – Affiliate emailing software with high inboxing rate
Sendlane – Ideal for affiliate-eCommerce sites
Drip – Suitable for eCommerce-type affiliate sites
Mailercloud – Latest affiliate autoresponder software
Kartra Mail – Complete affiliate marketing suite
ConvertKit – Stricter emailing tool for affiliates
Comparison Of Best Email Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing
Autoresponder Affiliate Friendliness Free Trial/Plan Pricing
SendX High 14 Days free trial Starts at $9.99/month
GetResponse High Forever free Starts at $15/month
EmailOctopus High Forever free Starts at $24/month
AWeber High Forever free Starts at $19.99/month
Sendlane Medium 14 Days free trial Starts at $99/month
Drip Medium 14 Days free trial Starts at $19/month
MailerCloud High Forever free Starts at $10/month
Kartra Mail High N.A.
($1 for 14 days trial) Starts at $99/month
ConvertKit Low Forever free Starts at $29/month
Take a deep breath and keep reading to revolutionize your affiliate marketing business.

How To Choose The Best Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing?
Over the course of my affiliate marketing career, I have followed the same guidelines while choosing the best email marketing software for affiliates.

Not just this, I have also taught a few of my clients the same technique. And, each of them is still using the same service without any problem.

The first characteristic that you should look for in the email autoresponder service is –

Sufficient Free Trial Period
It would be highly illogical to blindly purchase a service/product without actually testing it. The same goes for autoresponders.

Luckily, most of the email marketing services for affiliate marketers mentioned below offer a generous free trial period. The free trial would help you test out the features and usability of the corresponding services.

Try Out The Features
As said earlier, a free trial is the best way to test out the application. Although, in the trial period, I would like to recommend you try the features that you are going to use the most.

These features can be anything like email designing, scheduling, bulk emailing, drip emailing, marketing automation, etc.

And, once you are satisfied and know that the features are easy to use, you can move forward to the most important step.

High Email Deliverability
It all comes down to the most significant characteristic of an email marketing solution i.e. email delivery. What good can bulk emailing service provide if it doesn’t deliver your emails?

It is obvious that your emails are the only source of generating sales. So you should rigorously test out the email delivery of all the autoresponders for affiliate marketing purposes.

Trust me, if you are lenient with this characteristic, you won’t be able to grow your affiliate marketing business efficiently.

Affordable Subscription Plans
At last, once you feel that the features and email delivery rate of the corresponding autoresponder are ideal for your affiliate site or marketing practices, you should look for its pricing plans.

Rest assured, all the autoresponders for affiliate marketing mentioned here offer relatively cheaper pricing plans.

Which Autoresponders You Should Avoid Using For Affiliate Marketing?
I would be completely honest with you, during my early day of affiliate marketing career, I too have opted for an email marketing service that doesn’t offer services to affiliates.

The inevitable outcome – I got banned..!!

But after learning this lesson and also after consulting with several top affiliate marketers, I have found out a few service providers that you should never use for affiliate marketing purposes.

  1. Mailchimp
    Mailchimp is the least affiliate friendly autoresponder you could ever use for affiliate marketing. Yes, it is one of the most popular email marketing services but they are skeptical about doing business with affiliate marketers.

On their Terms & Conditions page, they state “We treat affiliate marketing and affiliate links differently. Affiliate marketing is prohibited under our Terms of Use, but affiliate links are usually fine to use in MailChimp.”

In simple terms, on the one hand, they say you can do affiliate marketing while on the other hand, they say it is prohibited.

So it’s best to not use Mailchimp for affiliate marketing.

  1. MailerLite
    MailerLite was one of the best autoresponders that I have ever come across. Not only it is free but the set of features available in it are mouth-watering.

But all of my hopes were shattered when they banned me from sending affiliate marketing email campaigns.

It is definitely not built for your affiliate business.

Don’t forget to find out other top MailerLite alternatives if you are a blogger, eCommerce business owner, or represent a marketing agency.

  1. Constant Contact
    It is yet another top pick of autoresponders that I thought would work well for my affiliate marketing practices. I was dead wrong..!!

Many other affiliate marketers told that Constant Contact is suitable only for eCommerce businesses.

Hence, Constant Contact is logically out of the picture for you.

  1. Sendinblue
    Sendinblue is my favorite email marketing service to be completely honest. But I would not use it for sending affiliate email campaigns.

Luckily, I am not banned from using Sendinblue simply because I was made aware of its strict policy towards affiliate marketing. I only use it for my blogging platform to send regular email updates about new posts.

I would suggest you not use Sendinblue for affiliate marketing.

Now that you know what to look for in your ideal autoresponder for affiliate marketing and which services to avoid, it’s time for us to explore all the best services that you can choose…

  1. SendX
    SendX is by far one of the most affiliate friendly autoresponders you could ever get your hands on. The SendX team assures you for not banning you from conducting affiliate marketing. They even take one step further by putting up a section of “No Bans” on one of their sales pages. In addition to being totally affiliate marketing-friendly, SendX also helps you grow your affiliate marketing business. You can achieve this by utilizing SendX’s high email delivery and other features.

Speaking of which, it is one of the only software mentioned in this article that allows you to send unlimited email campaigns regardless of your subscription plan. But you should keep in mind to follow all the fair emailing practices and not misuse its features. Apart from this, SendX offers a simple way to create emails, send them instantly or later, and track its performance in real-time.

SendX – Affiliate Friendly Autoresponder
SendX Features That Will Compliment Your Affiliate Business
It is known for its simple usability. Also, there’s an extremely fluidic drag & drop email builder to create email templates. There are a plenty of readymade email templates as well that can be easily customized to meet your campaign objective.
You are also entitled to get 500,000+ free stock photos that can be used in your affiliate email marketing campaigns. This feature negates you from spending countless hours on stock photo sites in search of finding an ideal one.
Apart from drip email campaigns, you have the power to completely automated your email campaigns. It only requires a few trigger rules and actions.
SendX helps you upload your contact lists and segment them on the basis of their behavior. You will also have the power to capture more leads with the help of sign up forms that can be integrated on all kinds of websites.
You can integrate SendX with tons of third-party software like CMSs, CRMs, payment gateways, webinar tools, etc. If a direct integration is not available, you can connect your SendX account with Zapier.
Lastly, this software like any other autoresponder tracks all the important email metrics like opens, clicks, unsubscribes, spam, etc.
How Much Will SendX Cost You?
Another characteristic that makes SendX the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing is its pricing. Among all the services mentioned in this blog, SendX has the cheapest pricing plans.

But before you sign up for a subscription plan, SendX encourages you to try its 14 days free trial period. The best part – you get to send unlimited email campaigns.

That’s not all..!! When you decide to opt for a subscription plan (monthly and annually), you would find that there is no email sending limit and it offers all the features.

SendX Pricing
However, you would be charged on the basis of the number of subscribers imported. Here are few subscriber limits and their corresponding subscription fees –

1 – 1,000 – $9.99/month
1,001 – 2,500 – $19.99/month
2,501 – 5,000 – $39.99/month
5,001 – 10,000 – $59.99/month
10,001 – 15,000 – $79.99/month
Apart from these, there are several more subscriber tiers. You can find your custom pricing on the SendX pricing page by entering the number of subscribers you have.

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  1. GetResponse
    GetResponse is the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing that I could ever recommend to you. I have seen a lot of affiliate marketers successfully using GetResponse for their business. Now, it could be your best option. Talking about GetResponse, it has grown from just an email marketing service to a full-fledged marketing suite for all kinds of businesses. So apart from email sending functionality, you can utilize it for several other marketing benefits.

For instance, apart from email marketing, you can also create sales funnels, landing pages, sign-up forms, lead capture forms, etc. And did I say that you can indulge in omnichannel marketing activities for your affiliate campaigns? Yes, with GetResponse, not only do you get email marketing features but other marketing features like social media marketing, web push notifications, and more.

Note – GetResponse has recently launched an AI-powered website builder to help you create affiliate websites in just a few minutes.

GetResponse – Best Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing
GetResponse Features That Will Compliment Your Affiliate Business
It offers an easy to use email builder that allows you to drag & drop elements to create a responsive email template. Ready-made email templates are also available. And, a simple editor that enables you to create text-only emails.
You will have the flexibility to either send your email as soon as you create them or schedule them for a specific time. This feature would come handy when you’d have to send multiple affiliate email campaigns in a day.
GetResponse also packs a marketing automation module that enables you to automatically send emails based on your customers’ actions and behavior. You can start customer nurturing emailing workflow for inactive contacts or send product recommendation emails to your more engaged customers.
The autoresponder also helps you focus on building and replenishing your customer’s list by offering your sign up forms and landing pages. The sign up forms can be easily embedded on your website or your GetResponse landing page. Not to forget, the AI-driven site builder seamlessly connects with your lead capture forms.
This is the only autoresponder for affiliates that packs a native webinar module. You can easily invite your potential customers and leads to your live webinars, nurture them accordingly, and influence them to become your loyal customers.
If you do not have an affiliate website, GetResponse’s AI-driven website builder will automatically create a full-fledged website for you in no time. You can also add its live chat widget to interact with your potential customers.
GetResponse is integrable with tons of different applications and platforms like WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, PayPal, Stripe, etc. With the help of this feature, you can further improve the performance of your affiliate email campaigns.
How Much Will GetResponse Cost You?
Usually, email marketing for affiliate marketers is costly. But GetResponse (and other autoresponders too) contradicts by offering affordable pricing plans. You have the option to subscribe to its monthly, yearly, or biyearly plans.

There is a free trial period of 30 days applicable on all 4 pricing plans. Each of the pricing plans is built on the number of subscribers or customers. Along with this, as you go higher in plans, a set of features also increases.

But the stuff the makes GetResponse the top pick is its newly launched forever free plan.

GetResponse Pricing
Here’s a summary of GetResponse pricing for 1,000 customers/subscribers –

Forever Free – In this plan you get to send unlimited emails to 500 contacts. You also get to build 1 website with 10 pages, create 1 landing page, and add sign-up forms & pop-ups to it.
Basic – $15/month with email marketing, autoresponders, 1 sales funnel, etc.
Plus – $49/month for everything in the Basic plan and automation builder, webinars (100 attendees), 5 sales funnel, etc.
Professional – $99/month for all the features and unlimited access to automation builder, sales funnels, etc.
Max – You would have to request for a custom pricing as this plan deals with personalized business requirements.
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  1. EmailOctopus
    EmailOctopus is one gem of software that has not yet received the limelight that it deserves. It is one of the cheapest and best email marketing software for affiliate marketing. Unlike most of the email marketing services that frown upon affiliate marketing, EmailOctopus proudly welcomes all the affiliates to avail its service.

Although, before you go ahead you must know that there are two variants of this software – EmailOctopus (with built-in SMTP or autoresponder) and EmailOctopus Connect (requires Amazon SES integration as SMTP). If you have a working AWS SES account, feel free to use EmailOctopus Connect but if you don’t, you can choose EmailOctopus without any doubt.

EmailOctopus – Best Free Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing
EmailOctopus Features That Will Compliment Your Affiliate Business
Just like any email marketing software, EmailOctopus offers a sleek drag & drop email editor. Also, you can import HTML templates in the editor as well. Not to forget, you can also create emails with just text.
EmailOctopus offers you the option to create and embed sign up forms on your affiliate site. It will certainly help you capture new leads and replenish your email lists. The form building process is facilitated by a drag & drop builder.
Speaking about email lists, EmailOctopus provides you with all the necessary segmentation filters so that you send targeted emails to your contacts. You can create segmentation on filters like contact activity, behavior, interest, etc.
The new feature of EmailOctopus allows you to create landing pages for your affiliate marketing campaigns. Earlier it was only possible with direct integration with Carrd or Instapage.
EmailOctopus allows you to send your email campaigns instantly. If you want to schedule it for a later date, you can schedule your campaigns as well. In addition to this, you can also create and launch drip campaigns.
Like any email marketing service for affiliate marketing, Email Octopus allows you to keep a monitor the performance of your email campaigns. It tracks important metrics like opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc.
How Much Will EmailOctopus Cost You?
The characteristic that makes EmailOctopus the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing is its cheap pricing structure. You’d love to know that there is a forever free plan in Email Octopus that allows you to send 10,000 emails in a month to 2,500 subscribers.

Although, the free plan only offers basic support, reporting for 30 days, and EmailOctopus branding on all emails.

To get custom branding, priority support, and access to all the advanced features, you can sign up for its monthly premium plans. The pricing is built on the number of subscribers imported/added and the number of emails sent.

EmailOctopus Pricing
There’s a simple pricing calculator available on the EmailOctopus pricing page but to give you an idea of the pricing tiers, here’s an overview –

$24 per month for 5,000 subscribers and 50,000 emails.
$36 per month for 10,000 subscribers and 100,000 emails.
$70 per month for 25,000 subscribers and 250,000 emails.
$130 per month for 50,000 subscribers and 500,000 emails.
$250 per month for 100,000 subscribers and 1,000,000 emails.
The pricing tiers go up to $1010 per month for 500,000 subscribers and 5,000,000 emails. If you have more than 500K subscribers, you must get in touch with the EmailOctopus team for custom pricing.

Note – The pricing for EmailOctopus Connect is cheaper but different as it is purely based on the number of subscribers imported/added. Mind you, you’d have to bear the additional cost of Amazon SES for email sending.

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  1. AWeber
    AWeber is yet another best email marketing software for affiliate sites and businesses that I know. The best characteristic of AWeber, according to me, is its high email delivery rate. That’s what makes it a top choice of autoresponders. Apart from this, the AWeber team is also offering to migrate your email account along with subscribers, tags, landing pages, etc. from any service provider for free.

Besides this, the software is constantly updated to further refine the overall efficiency. Consequently, apart from email marketing, AWeber now has the capability of creating web push notifications for your affiliate campaigns. Not to forget, you can also create and embed sign-up forms to keep on getting new leads for your affiliate business.

AWeber – Free Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing
AWeber Features That Will Compliment Your Affiliate Business
The service packs an AI-powered email template designer. This template designer will automatically create emails in just a matter of seconds. AWeber now integrates with Canva, giving you the opportunity to edit images right in your AWeber account.
If you like to get your hands dirty, you too can create use the drag & drop email builder. You simply have to choose the email element, drag it to the email template, and drop it at the required position. Or if you like your hands to stay clean, you can use the pre-built email templates.
AWeber enables you to dynamically add your customer’s name in your email template with the help of personalization tags. This feature helps immensly in targeting and personalizing affiliate email campaigns for maximum conversion.
You can completely automate your emails on the basis of the actions and behavior of your subscribers. Besides this, you can also create and schedule drip campaigns that automatically triggers upon reaching the set day and time.
This best autoresponder for affiliate marketing is also available as a mobile application. The app will allow you to create sign up forms, send email newsletters to your subscribers, and analyze the results of your emails.
This autoresponder software proudly boasts about its high email deliverability. You can also monitor the performance of your email campaigns through the AWeber reporting section.
How Much Will AWeber Cost You?
You would love to know that AWeber can be a free autoresponder for affiliate marketing. It now offers a forever free plan, to begin with.

Other than this, there’s a single subscription plan that offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly billing options. This plan offers different subscribers limit and on the basis of this limit, the subscription fee is determined. Mind you, no matter which tier you opt for, you will get all the features of AWeber.

AWeber Pricing – Subscription Plan
Free – A forever free plan for up to 500 subscribers and 3,000 emails/month sending quota. A lot of the features are included in this plan.
Pro – This plan offers all the features and access. You are also able to send unlimited email campaigns too. Here’s how much you’d have to pay on the basis of the number of subscribers –
0 – 500 – $19.99 per month.
501 – 2,500 – $29.99 per month.
2,501 – 5,000 – $49.99 per month.
5,001 – 10,000 – $69.99 per month.
10,001 – 25,000 – $149.99 per month.
If you have more than 25,000 subscribers, you’d have to get in touch with the AWeber sales team for custom pricing.

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  1. Sendlane
    Sendlane is a popular name when it comes to email marketing software for eCommerce. But Sendlane doesn’t stop there as it is one of the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing, according to me. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about Sendlane and its affiliate friendliness. However, after talking with several affiliates about their experience with Sendlane, I came to know that it is quite an affiliate-friendly service.

Gazing at its set of features, they would work well if you have an eCommerce-type affiliate website. In simple terms, if you list all the affiliate products on your website, Sendlane will help you drive conversions via email and also SMS campaigns. Rest assured, Sendlane also allows you to create and integrate smart pop-ups to further improve conversion rates.

Sendlane – Best Email Marketing Software For Affiliate
Sendlane Features That Will Compliment Your Affiliate Business
This service is famous for its high-converting email templates design. You can also create one from a scratch or use a readymade template for your campaigns. Either way, email template building is facilitated by a drag & drop email editor.
Sendlane offers marketing automation, especially for eCommerce business. But it can be used to send automated emails for your affiliate campaigns and increase sales.
To make sure your customers buy your affiliates products, Sendlane offers a feature called Sendlane Beacon. This feature will track the entire customer journey and enable you to send personalized email campaigns at the right time to yield customer action.
As said earlier, in addition to offering simple sign up forms, Sendlane also provides intelligent pop-ups. These pop-ups will help you grow your email list and also increase your conversion.
Sendlane also focuses on sending personalized email campaigns. For this, it helps you segment your customers’ list on different factors and populate your email templates with dynamic personalization tags.
How Much Will Sendlane Cost You?
Great features and services come at a great price. The same is the case with Sendlane. But before committing to a subscription plan, Sendlane offers you a generous 14 days free trial period. You’d be able to send unlimited emails to 100 contacts.

Once you complete your free trial period, you will have the option to upgrade to three pricing plans. You should know that a couple of these plans are subscription-based (monthly and yearly) while one of the plans is available at a one-time fee.

Talking about the feature distribution, all the plans have almost the same feature set and unlimited email sends. Although, few advanced features are only available in higher-level plans.

Sendlane Pricing
Lastly, just like other email marketing for affiliate marketers, pricing plans are built on the number of contacts imported. Here’s a brief rundown of plans –

Growth – $99 per month for up to 5,000 contacts and access to all the features.
Professional Plus – At the same time, this plan starts at $249 per month for up to 10,000 contacts. Other features include custom onboarding, dedicated customer success manager, deliverability monitering, etc.
Starter – $497 one-time fee for 6 months access of the Growth plan.
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  1. Drip
    When it comes to eCommerce email automation, none could come close to the efficiency of Drip. That being said, it would be unfair to Drip if I didn’t tell you that they support email marketing for affiliate marketers. If you have an affiliate website and have listed affiliate products like an eCommerce store then Drip is going to do wonders for you. Not only you would be able to send simple email marketing campaigns but you could also set up complete marketing automation for your site.

Besides this, you’d also love to know that just like you, there are 30,000+ marketers that are using Drip to sell their products. To further determine the efficiency of Drip, you should take a look at its G2 Crowd rating. It has a high score of 4.5/5 stars and hence becomes one of the top autoresponders for affiliate marketers.

Drip – Email Marketing For Affiliate Marketers
Drip Features That Will Compliment Your Affiliate Business
Just like other autoresponders, Drip offers a very fluidic email builder to create responsive email templates. You can drag & drop the required email elements in the template. Or you can take the shortcut and use the readymade email templates.
Drip provides you with the power to add recommended products dynamically in your email. These recommendations could be unique to each customer as it is completely based on their past purchase behavior.
You can also engage with your customers by sending them emails when they perform certain actions on your affiliate site like adding a product to cart, viewing a product page, etc.
Drip offers plenty of options for third-party integration. With the help of these integrations, you can tap into multi-channel communication with your customer.
In addition to simple email performance metrics like open, click, unsubscribe rate, Drip also allows you to track overall revenue, revenue per subscriber, etc. if you connect your affiliate store with it.
How Much Will Drip Cost You?
The stuff that makes Drip the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing is its extremely flexible pricing structure. To kick things off, Drip offers you a 14 days free trial period. The trial period offers all to features so that you can thoroughly test the application.

Once you complete your trial period, you would have to upgrade to monthly subscription plans. Keep in mind that you will be charged on the basis of the number of contacts imported. Apart from this, you will be able to access all the features and send unlimited emails.

Drip Pricing
Drip offers a pricing calculator on its website. But just to give you the idea, here a summary of its pricing plans –

1 – 500 – $19 each month
501 – 2,000 – $29 each month
2,001 – 2,500 – $39 each month
2,501 – 3,000 – $49 each month
3,001 – 3,500 – $59 each month
3,501 – 4,000 – $69 each month
4,001 – 4,500 – $79 each month
4,501 – 5,000 – $89 each month
And, so on…

The pricing goes up till 140,000 contacts ($1,599/month). If you have more contact than this then you should get in touch with the Drip team.

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  1. MailerCloud
    MailerCloud is yet another best autoresponder for affiliate marketing that has been flying silently under the radar. This autoresponder service is relatively new when compared to other email marketing services for affiliates. Despite it being new, the software packs all the essential features and most importantly, allows affiliate marketers to send email marketing campaigns.

Before you hop on and sign up for the Mailercloud account, you should know that the team will review your email content and sending practices. After all, neither you (as an affiliate marketer) nor the service provider would like to indulge in unfair email marketing practices. Rest assured, after getting approval from the Mailercloud team, you would be able to send affiliate emails in bulk and ultimately, boost your affiliate marketing business.

Mailercloud – New Autoresponder For Affiliates
Mailercloud Features That Will Compliment Your Affiliate Business
The software likes to keep things simple. Therefore, it offers a drag & drop builder to create professional-looking email templates. Besides this, Mailercloud also allows you to use custom HTML codes to build email templates.
Mailercloud offers you the option to send emails as regular campaigns or as an autoresponder. Moreover, with this software, you’d have the flexibility to run email automation for your customers. Not to forget, you also get to A/B test your email campaigns and automation workflows.
Another characteristic that makes Mailercloud the best email marketing service for affiliate marketing is its ability to build and manage your email lists. The software provides sign-up forms to capture leads. Additionally, Mailercloud allows you to segment your email lists on different factors.
To boost your email deliverability, Mailercloud offers you the option to use a dedicated IP address. In addition to this, the software makes it mandatory for you to connect custom domains and authenticate them by adding SPF & DKIM records in your DNS records.
Mailercloud leaves no stones unturned when it comes to measuring your emailing performance. For this, it offers advanced reports with time stamps. Apart from this, it provides insights on conventional emailing metrics like opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc.
How Much Will Mailercloud Cost You?
When it comes to pricing, you’d love to know that Mailercloud is a free autoresponder for affiliate marketing. This means that it offers a forever free plan that enables you to send 12,000 emails in a month to 1,000 subscribers.

While you get all the essential features in the free plan, there are still certain restrictions in the free version. For instance, you’d have to compromise with Mailecloud branding in your email templates, limited email sending, and no marketing automation feature.

To get access to these advanced features and also to send unlimited email campaigns in a month, you’d have to subscribe to the premium plan. The best part about Mailercloud pricing is that it is built on the basis of the number of subscribers imported/added.

Here’s an overview of its pricing structure –

Mailercloud Pricing
1 – 1,000 Subscribers – $10 per month
1,001 – 2,500 Subscribers – $15 per month
2,501 – 5,000 Subscribers – $20 per month
5,001 – 10,000 Subscribers – $35 per month
10,001 – 15,000 Subscribers – $55 per month
15,001 – 20,000 Subscribers – $80 per month
20,001 – 25,000 Subscribers – $100 per month
There are a lot more pricing tiers in Mailercloud. You can calculate the pricing yourself as it offers a calculator on its pricing page.

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  1. Kartra Mail
    A unique addition to this list of best autoresponders for affiliate marketing is Kartra Mail. Technically, Kartra is an all-in-one marketing and business management software that offers multiple inbuilt modules. Kartra Mail is one such native marketing module of the software that specializes in sending email campaigns to your customers. Rest assured, this emailing solution is very flexible and friendly towards affiliate marketers.

Besides this, one of the greatest advantages of using Kartra Mail is that it comes with all the other Kartra features. All the Kartra modules will work together to help you maximize your revenue stream. Some of the most used features of Kartra are sales funnels, memberships sites, checkout pages, landing pages, helpdesk, and analytics.

Kartra Mail – Premium Email Marketing Service For Affiliate Marketers
Kartra Mail Features That Will Compliment Your Affiliate Business
Just like all the other email marketing services for affiliates, Kartra Mail allows you to create/edit email templates with the drag & drop builder. But the stuff that makes it unique and better than the rest is its ability to include elements like a countdown timer, hero sections, video thumbnails, etc. in the email templates.
The software is also capable of taking your email marketing strategy on autopilot. For this, it allows you to set email automation that will be triggered on the basis of your customer’s behavior and actions. The automation workflow can be built using the drag & drop interface and IF & THEN logic.
To properly gauge which email marketing strategy works best for your affiliate business, Kartra Mail allows you to split test your email campaigns. The module can effortlessly test and track performances for different email content, subject lines, etc. And, the best part is that whichever version converts best, Kartra Mail will automatically make it the default workflow.
After capturing leads through Kartra Forms, Leads, and Landing Pages features, you get to automatically add them to your email lists. Next, it also allows you to add subscriber tags so that you can create more personalized email campaigns for your customers.
At the end of the day, it all comes down to how well your email marketing campaigns perform. Kartra Mail provides complete insights on your opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and spam complaints. In addition to this, the software can also tell you about your revenue ratios after every campaign.
How Much Will Kartra Mail Cost You?
The unfortunate characteristic of Kartra Mail is that you cannot get access to it as an independent module. In simple terms, to be able to use this bulk emailing module, you’d have to subscribe to one of the premium plans of Kartra that also grants access to other Kartra features, in addition to Kartra Mail.

It is one of the best premium autoresponders for affiliate marketing. But to begin with, it allows you to test out the application for 14 days by paying $1. In this trial period, you’d get access to all the essential features to make the final decision.

And, once you are satisfied, you can pick and subscribe to any of its premium plans. The pricing is based on the number of leads/customers imported or acquired.

Kartra Mail Pricing
Starter – $99/month for 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 emails/month.
Silver – $199/month for 12,500 subscribers and unlimited monthly emails.
Gold – $299/month for 25,000 subscribers and unlimited emails in a month.
Platinum – $499/month for 50,000 subscribers and unlimited emails per month.
Please keep in mind that you’d get all the other Kartra features in these plans as well.

Try Kartra Mail Now

  1. ConvertKit
    Out of all the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing mentioned in this blog, the most surprising mention has to be ConvertKit. Ideally, ConvertKit is a popular choice of email marketing service for bloggers and content creators. But due to the recent changes in the application, it has been widely adopted by newer or entry-level affiliate marketers.

And, since we all know how great ConvertKit has been all these years, it should safe to say that it has the potential to uplift your affiliate marketing business.

Note – ConvertKit has become a bit stricter when it comes to sending affiliate email campaigns. I would recommend you send only a few emails to a smaller email list. Otherwise, you might get banned.

ConvertKit – Autoresponders For Affiliate Marketing
ConvertKit Features That Will Compliment Your Affiliate Business
It is simple to use autoresponder service. It maintains its simplicity by offering you a text-based email builder that also supports images.
You will the flexibility to send personalized email campaigns to your subscribers right after they sign up. It could be automated or manual.
ConvertKit allows you to create an automated sales funnel. This feature will enable you to send the right emails at the right time to your subscribers.
It also allows you to create landing pages and sign up forms so that you can continue getting leads. These leads can later convert into customers.
ConverKit is perfectly integrable with several website platforms, affiliate management, eCommerce, webinar, etc.
How Much Will ConvertKit Cost You?
In addition to ConvertKit becoming the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing, it has also changed its pricing structure. Now, there’s a forever free plan that makes ConvertKit a free autoresponder for affiliate marketing. The plan offers basic features and the ability to send emails to 1,000 subscribers.

Other than this, there are monthly and yearly subscription plans, each available with a 14 days free trial period. In these plans, advanced features are included and also backed up by a free email account migration.

You can calculate your own pricing on ConvertKit’s pricing page by entering your subscriber count. But to give you an overview, here’s a brief rundown of monthly plans –

ConvertKit Pricing
Creator – For features like unlimited email sends, landing pages, forms, automated sales funnels & sequences, and free migration, you’d have to pay –
Up to 1,000 – $29/month
1,001 – 3,000 – $49/month
3,001 – 5,000 – $79/month
5,001 – 8,000 – $99/month
8,001 – 10,000 – $119/month
Creator Pro – To unlock advanced features like Facebook custom audience, newsletter referral system, subscriber scoring, and advanced reporting, you’d have to pay –
Up to 1,000 – $59/month
1,001 – 3,000 – $79/month
3,001 – 5,000 – $11/month
5,001 – 8,000 – $139/month
8,001 – 10,000 – $167/month
The plans go up to 400,000 subscribers. If you have over 500,000 subscribers, you must request for a software demo, followed by custom pricing.

Try ConvertKit Now
What’s The Next Step?
After exploring the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing, I hope that you are able to choose the one that would suit your needs.

If not then all the autoresponders for affiliate marketing offer free trial periods. You can sign up on them and take the services for a test drive.

And, once you are satisfied, you can lock-in your ideal autoresponder.

Lastly, if you want my personal assistance in this matter, feel free to get in touch with me. Or simply, drop your queries in the comment section. I would love to help you out.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Which is the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing?
A. According to me, GetResponse is the best autoresponder you could get. Its features are aligned specifically for affiliate marketers and affiliate sites.

Q. Is there any free autoresponder for affiliate marketing?
A. Yes, you can use AWeber and ConvertKit for free. Both the autoresponders offer a forever free plan with basic amenities and email sending capabilities.

Q. Which is the most affiliate friendly autoresponder?
A. SendX and EmailOctopus have to be the most affiliate friendly services, according to me. All the other services are pretty supportive too. But you should keep in mind to follow the right email marketing practices. If not then all the services reserve the right to ban you.

Q. Why do email marketing services hate affiliate marketers?
A. Most of the autoresponder services believe that affiliate marketers do not have a valid, functioning website. And, all they do is redirect their customers to different domains in every email. This usually comes under spamming and no service provider would allow you to exploit their services.

Q. How could affiliate marketers prevent themselves from getting banned?
A. First of all, you should never spam. You should not use any purchased email list and your contacts must be opt-in. In addition to this, list affiliate products on your website and bring traffic to these product pages instead of sending them to different domains.

free email marketing software for affiliate marketing

While we usually focus on influencer marketing, there are still many other forms of online marketing that businesses use regularly. One of the oldest, yet still highly effective types is email marketing. As much as email is a comparatively mature technology, email marketing still exists because it works. Over the years, many firms have developed email marketing tools to help automate the process.

Obviously, you would expect to pay for high-level automation, particularly if it saves you time and money. However, there are quite a few companies that are happy to over a free service for small users. All the email marketing tools listed here include a free plan for smaller users, usually with a maximum of 2,000 – 2,500 subscribers/recipients. In most cases, the price then rises proportionally to the number of subscribers and the number of emails that need to be sent each month.

Compare Email Marketing Software
Best for

EmailOctopus is an email marketing software solution for anyone who’s ever wanted simplicity and performance.
Small to large businesses.
Auto-Responders, Campaign Analytics, Drip Campaigns, Dynamic Content
$24.00 /month (free starter package)

Convertkit gives you the fluidity and flexibility desired in email campaign creation and execution.
Creators, bloggers and podcasters.
Landing Pages/Web Forms, Marketing Automation, Mobile Optimized Emails, AB Testing
$29.00 /month (free trial)

Sendinblue is the quintessential business marketing platform. It’s more than email and SMS marketing.
Companies of all sizes.
Content Management, Customizable CTAs, Analytics/ROI Tracking, Campaign Analytics, Drip Campaigns
$25.00/month (free trial)

Easy-to-use omnichannel platform: email, sms, push notifications and automation
Small and medium ecommerce businesses that want to generate sales on autopilot
Email marketing, marketing automation, SMS, push notifications, pop ups & forms
Free – reach up to 250 contacts & 500 emails/mo; Paid plans start at $16/mo

EngageBay Inc
EngageBay offers software for businesses that want all the benefits of a suite of tools without worrying how they integrate with each other.
Small to medium size businesses.
AB Testing, Audience Targeting, Account Management, Automated Scheduling, Activity Tracking
$10.79/month (free starter package)

Visit our in-depth comparisons and reviews for all solutions on offer in this category

Read Reviews
Top Free Email Marketing Tools for 2022:

  1. Sendinblue
    Free Plan: Up to unlimited subscribers and 300 emails per day

Paid plans: Start at $25 per month

SendinBlue offers a range of plans aimed at firms at different stages of their growth:

Free – for those getting started with SendinBlue
Lite – for new marketers
Essential – for growing businesses
Premium – for marketing pros
Enterprise – for marketers who need more
The Free plan limits users to sending 300 emails per day to unlimited contacts. Higher plans remove the daily sending limit (replacing it with a monthly figure), remove the SendinBlue logo from emails, and expand channels to include Facebook ads, landing pages, and marketing automation.

Users of all plans gain access to a mobile-friendly email designer, an email template library, email and SMS personalization, SMS marketing, and A/B testing.

  1. Omnisend
    Free Plan: Up to 500 emails per month

Paid plans: Start at $16 per month

Omnisend is an all-inclusive marketing automation platform. The free plan, though, is designed for merchants starting to promote their products with email marketing. While the free plan comes with a limited number of international SMS credits and Web Push notifications, you can purchase additional SMS credits if needed. In addition, the free plan allows you to use email campaigns and automated workflows to reach your customers with relevant messages – if you don’t exceed sending 500 emails per month.

If you opt for the standard plan, you can send 12x your contact list size; you also receive a limited number of SMS credits and unlimited Web Push notifications. Should you need additional SMS credits, these are available for purchase. The paid plans also significantly increase the number of segments. For instance, you can set up a flow to automatically reach people who reached a particular webpage in your online store but left or people who abandoned their shopping cart before completing the purchase.All plans come with the ability to segment your contact lists, build automations, and use features like popup boxes, sign-up boxes, landing pages, and the wheel of fortune.

  1. EngageBay
    Free Plan: Up to 500 contacts and 1,000 branded emails per month

Paid plans: Start at $7.79/mo for the Basic Marketing plan, paid biennially

EngageBay offers a range of products to attract targeted web visitors, engage and capture leads, nurture and turn them into happy customers. Email marketing is included in both their Marketing Bay plan and their All-in-One Suite.

You can choose from a wide array of email marketing templates to suit your business needs. You can use pre-designed templates or personalize one to meet your requirements. Use their drag and drop interface to create a template that suits your business needs. Design beautiful email templates with rich text formatting.

Apply filters of your choice. Their filters range from filtering based on country, created date, source, to tags, and a lot more. In addition, EngageBay helps you personalize your emails by adding your contacts’ attributes to the emails, rendering a personal touch.

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  1. EmailOctopus
    Free Plan: Up to 2,500 subscribers and unlimited emails per month

Paid plans: Start at $19 per month

Email Octopus runs via Amazon SES. It offers all the main features required for email marketing and automation. All its plans follow a “fishy” theme, and the name for the free plan is the Shrimp Plan. This plan allows you to run email campaigns only, with the emails including Email Octopus branding. The sending stats are only kept for 90 days. Although Email Octopus permits you to send unlimited emails, Amazon charges you $0.10 for every additional 1,000 emails, once you exceed 62,000 emails per month.

The paid plans (which start with a 10,000-subscriber limit) allow both email and automation, send unbranded emails, and keep the stats forever.

All users have access to email marketing templates. You can also upload your own, with no limits on the number of templates. You can use Email Octopus to send beautifully designed newsletters or simple personalized plain text emails.

You can use their hosted forms, to collect email addresses without any complex integrations or code. Alternatively, you can use their embedded forms or WordPress plugin and collect subscriber information on your website, without writing a line of code.

Email Octopus provides real-time analytics on your campaigns.

  1. MailChimp
    Video Player


Free Plan: Up to 2,000 subscribers and 10,000 emails per month

Paid plans: Start at $9.99 per month

MailChimp is probably the best-known emailing mailing tool covered here. They regularly update their product and add new features. They have recently expanded to become an all-in-one marketing platform.

MailChimp has always been known for the quality of its free offering. It includes all the basics for businesses that are just getting started. It now offers fewer email marketing features in the free plan than previously but has instead added a basic service for a wider range of marketing channels: email, landing pages, Facebook and Instagram ads, social posting, postcards, and pop-up forms. The higher paid levels add in an additional channel – retargeting ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. The free version also includes a basic CRM with a single audience and related dashboard, tags and segments, and contact profiles.

You gain access to Mailchimp’s Content Studio in the free version, allowing you to sync and store all your photos, graphics, and other files, so your campaigns are always consistent. It also includes a range of basic templates, with additional ones available in the paid plans.

You can access some single-step automation on the free plan, such as welcome emails, order notifications, abandoned cart, and more.

  1. MailerLite
    Free Plan: Up to 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month

Paid plans: Start at $10 per month

MailerLite was born in 2010 to give businesses a simple yet powerful email solution to help them grow. It offers a limited free plan for those with fewer than 1,000 subscribers wanting limited features. All the paid plans offer the full feature set (and allow you to send unlimited emails), varying only by the number of subscribers,

You still gain access to many useful features with the free plan, however. These include the drag and drop editor, the rich text editor, and the built-in photo editor. You can organize things in their file manager and create mobile-friendly email newsletters. You have access to email automation and advanced segmentation, and unlike some of the competition, MailerLite includes A/B testing in its free plan.

  1. MoonMail
    Free Plan: Up to 2,000 subscribers and 300 emails per month

Paid plans: Start at $23.99 per month

MoonMail describes itself as the next generation omnichannel communication platform. This means that it includes email, SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Bots.

The Free Forever plan allows you to send up to 300 emails/month for free – one campaign per day to a maximum of 10 recipients per campaign. This is quite a limitation, so most people will quickly move onto the Starter pack.

Free plan users still have access to a powerful drag and drop editor, although MoonMail’s branding appears in the footer if you are on the Free plan.

It is ok for beginning firms, however, as you can build a list of up to 2,000 recipients and begin segmenting them. Once you have segments of greater than 10 people, however, you will have to move into the Starter Plan, though.

  1. Moosend
    Free Plan: Up to 1,000 subscribers and unlimited emails per month

Paid plans: Start at $10 per month

Moosend could be an excellent choice for somebody with a small email list, as it allows you to send unlimited emails to 1,000 subscribers per month. You gain access to all Moosend’s features and only begin paying once you exceed that 1,000-subscriber limit (at which point you have built a successful list).

Moosend provides custom sign-up forms to help you build your email list. You can segment your list to help you better target your emails.

Moosend offers a user-friendly drag and drop editor with a free template library. It includes multiple tools to help you design your emails.

It provides an entire tool chest of automations, simplifying your emailing process, using a three-step process:

Select the event that will set the automation in motion
Set the filter(s) you want for the trigger you selected
Choose from the list the action to be performed
Of course, you will want to know how successful your email campaigns have been. Moosend includes a comprehensive set of analytics.

  1. Sender
    Free Plan: Up to 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 emails per month

Paid plans: Start at $10 per month

Sender provides a full range of features to help lead to effective email marketing. The free plan allows you to access all the features, with the only limitations being the subscribers and maximum monthly emails.

All the company’s technical servers and legal entities are based in the EU, so it makes a point of being GDPR compliant.

You can use the software to prepare stylish emails in seconds. It includes free newsletter templates and can customize all aspects of the template to suit your unique needs. You simply choose a template from the gallery and drag and drop content elements, such as text, images, or videos. You can personalize your newsletter’s subject line or body.

Sender includes a range of automation features, including drip campaigns, welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, happy birthday emails, nurture-your-subscribers campaigns, and emails to onboard your newcomers.

  1. Campayn
    Free Plan: Up to 500 subscribers and 12,500 emails per month

Paid plans: Start at $19 per month

As its name indicates, you can use Campayn to build quality email campaigns. If you only have a small email list (fewer than 500), then you can access their free Basic Plan. This offers all the core features.

As with most modern email marketing tools, Campayn features a simple drag and drop interface. You can set the perfect backdrop for your email message with a beautiful design that reflects your brand. You can use one of their templates or design your own.

It includes a contact manager that helps you keep your contacts up-to-date and track how they’re interacting with your emails. You can segment your list.

Campayn provides numerous options for designing sign-up forms, including website forms, hosted forms, Facebook forms, and pop-up lightbox forms.

It also makes life easier by enabling you to automate your most popular email marketing campaigns based on triggers for key customer activities.

Once you’ve started sending emails, you can track the success of every email campaign with detailed, real-time reports that allow you to see who opened it.

  1. SendPulse
    Free Plan: Up to 2,500 subscribers and 15.000 emails per month

Paid plans: Start at $9.85 per month

SendPulse calls itself a multi-channel marketing platform – more than just an email service. With the paid plans, you can coordinate a range of services on the central platform – email, web push, SMS, SMTP, Viber, and Facebook Messenger. You can send different types of messages separately or combine them into autoresponders.

SendPulse splits its plans up by the services you require. For example, it has a free email marketing plan, if you have fewer than 2,500 subscribers and don’t need any professional services. It also offers a free Web Push service to unlimited subscribers and unlimited web push notifications. Similarly, it provides unlimited free messages on Facebook Messenger. You can send up to 12,000 emails via SMTP or API for free.

Its email marketing is sophisticated, with a drag and drop email editor. It includes over 100 ready-made templates. You can use Automation 360 to set up email send-out, web push notifications, and SMS flows depending on variables, events, and the actions your users take.

  1. Hubspot
    Free Plan: Free email tools are limited to 2,000 sends per month, with HubSpot branding.

Paid plans: HubSpot’s paid marketing plans start at $480 per year.

HubSpot is best known as a CRM, but they also have a free email marketing tool to support small business transactional email needs. This easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool features a visual editor with pre-built templates to get you ready to go fast. HubSpot’s email marketing service offers native integration with its other marketing tools and provides a centralized database of contacts where you can organize lists, as well as manage and track the performance of your emails.

  1. ExpressPigeon
    Free Plan: Free email tools are limited to 1,000 sends per month and 500 subscribers.

Paid Plans: ExpressPigeon’s paid plans start at $1,000 per month.

ExpressPigeon is a good solution for businesses with small lists that are sending to important, high-priority subscribers. It provides the tools you need to create and personalize emails, automate your email responses, and send a high volume of emails each month. With the free plan, you get access to the premium services but you’ll have low send priority.

  1. Stripo
    Free Plans: Limited free plan includes 2 email templates, 5 test emails daily, and 1,000 monthly views.

Paid Plans: Stripo paid plans start at $125 per year.

Stripo offers two types of email editors: one for marketers with little (or no) design experience and the other for email developers (with an HTML code editor). You can use Stripo’s drag-and-drop editor to create personalized emails.

  1. Mailjet
    Free Plan: Up to 6,000 emails per month / 200 emails per day

Paid plans: Start at $8.69 per month

Mailjet describes itself as the email solution for fast-moving teams. You have one platform to create, edit, and send emails as a team.

Its free plan is designed for those wanting to send fewer than 6,000 emails per month. You can then choose either the Basic or Premium plans, both of which come in five pricing levels depending on the number of emails you intend to send. Finally, there is a customized Enterprise pricing plan with dedicated account management services for those sending more than 900,000 emails per month.

Unlike many of these tools, the free plan doesn’t have any limit on the number of people you send your emails to – just a limit of 6,000 emails per month in total. You have access to an advanced email editor and receive advance statistics on your campaigns.

  1. Wix ShoutOut
    Wix ShoutOut
    Free Plans: Get 3 ShoutOuts per month with the free plan.

Paid Plans: Paid Wix ShoutOut plans start at $4.90 per month.

Wix is a website builder at its core. With Wix ShoutOut, Wix has incorporated the simplicity of their web builder into a simple email marketing platform with pre-built templates and an easy-to-use builder. You can customize your emails with different backgrounds, colors, fonts, and more. Plus, the emails are mobile-ready and look great on any device. Wix ShoutOut comes with an email list management tool for easy segmentation.

  1. CleverReach
    Free Plans: Includes up to 250 subscribers and 1,000 emails per month.

Paid Plans: Paid plans start at $30 per month.

CleverReach is an enterprise-level email marketing service that includes features like automation, forms, a campaign calendar, and reports. If your email list is small and you want to make sure you’re GDPR compliant, CleverReach is a great option.

  1. Benchmark Email
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Free Plan: Up to 2,000 subscribers and 14,000 emails per month

Paid plans: Start at $13.99 per month

Benchmark Email allows you to send beautiful, responsive campaigns in minutes with customizable email templates. The free starter plan allows you to send email campaigns to up to 2,000 of your subscribers. All paid plans include Automation Pro and personal contact follow-up tools (CRM).

The free plan includes a wide range of email features, including the drop and drag editor, responsive templates, and multiple forms, campaigns, reports, and integrations. You do need a paid plan, however, if you want to engage in A/B testing and targeted emailing. All plans with 2,500 subscribers and above include 133 features.

  1. Mailgun
    Free Plans: Includes up to 5,000 emails per month and a max of 5 Authorized Recipients.

Paid Plans: Mailgun’s paid plans start at $35 per month. There’s also a pay-as-you-go flex plan.

Mailgun is an email marketing and automation software built with developers in mind. The platform doesn’t include a drag-and-drop interface, so if you’re a user with limited technical skill this might not be the email marketing service for you. But, since this platform was built for developers, you’ll get complete flexibility so you can build your campaigns and emails exactly how you want them. Mailgun includes a reliable API-first architecture and a powerful sending infrastructure with advanced email validation so your transactional emails can go out in bulk and you don’t have to worry that they’ll bounce back or end up in the spam folder. Mailgun also has robust reporting, tracking, and analytics tools so you can stay on top of how your email campaigns are performing.

  1. TinyLetter
    Free Plans: TinyLetter is free

Paid Plans: No paid plans; you can sign up with TinyLetter creator Mailchimp, though.

TinyLetter is entirely free. You can have up to 5,000 contacts—any more and they recommend signing up for Mailchimp. With TinyLetter you can create forms to let people sign up for your email newsletter, complete with a custom background and some branding, but that’s all you get for customization. The TinyLetter email editor is simple and similar to Medium’s post editing tool. You simply type out your thoughts, add a bit of formatting, and send it off. You’ll get stats on how many people opened each of your emails, but that’s all. If you’re looking for a simple solution, this is as simple as it gets.

  1. Sendicate
    Free Plans: Sendicate is free up to 500 subscribers and 1,000 emails per month.

Paid Plans: Sendicate’s paid plans start at $9 per month.

Sendicate is almost as easy to use as TinyLetter, but comes with a few more customization tools. You can change the layout of your emails using columns, headlines, and image or video blocks. You can also add sections to create longer emails. Once you’re done, preview your email in one of Sendicate’s templates.

  1. VerticalResponse
    Free Plans: Includes up to 300 contacts and 4,000 emails per month.

Paid Plans: Pricing starts at $11 per month.

VerticalResponse lets you send emails and share them on Facebook and Twitter, too. This helps you build an audience through email and social media with customizable emails and landing pages. Designing emails is easy with pre-built sections for galleries, quotes, coupons, and more. Plus, you can schedule social media posts and emails to go out when you want.

  1. Pepipost
    Free Plans: You can send up to 30,000 emails for 30 days for free. After that, you’re limited to 100 emails per day on the free plan.

Paid Plans: Paid plans start at $17.50/month for up to 150,000 emails per month when paid annually.

Pepipost is an integrative SMTP relay service that provides fast email delivery, getting your emails to the intended recipients in under three seconds. After you’ve sent your emails, you can check the dashboard for real-time updates on your email campaign’s performance. You’ll be able to see the number of deliveries, opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces. Pepipost uses AI-powered servers to optimize your emails based on the metrics for the type of email. So, using the predictive engagement features will automatically prioritize delivery to users who are most likely to engage with your email campaigns.

The free version of Pepipost gives you the freedom to store an unlimited number of contacts. In the first month of your free plan, you can send up to 30,000 emails. After that, you’ll be limited to 100 emails per day on the free plan.

  1. Kickbox
    Free Plans: Your first 100 email addresses are free.

Paid Plans: Paid plans start at $5/month for up to 500 email addresses.

Kickbox is an integrative email verification software you can use to make sure that your emails are getting where they’re supposed to go. When your emails are verified, it’s less likely that email providers will mark your emails as spam. This means better deliverability for your emails. Kickbox will go through your email list to ensure that the recipients are real and not outdated, saving you time and money with a more accurate email list.

  1. YMLP
    Free Plans: YMLP is free for up to 1,000 contacts.

Paid Plans: Paid plans start at $3.75 per month for unlimited contacts and additional features.

YMLP (Your Mailinglist Provider) is a bare-bones free email marketing tool. You’ll need to have an understanding of HTML (or have someone around who does) to get the most from this tool. You can also use MS Publisher to create your emails and YMLP does have some email templates available in its builder.

This tool is surprisingly full of features, from scheduling emails to social media integrations; it just takes some work to get it to, well, work. It’s not a straightforward software and feels a bit clunky and outdated. However, if you can get past the late-90s feels of the software, this could be an excellent email marketing tool for you.

  1. VerticalResponse
    Free Plans: VerticalResponse no longer has a “forever free” plan, but it does offer a 60-day trial that should be more than enough to let you know if this is the email marketing tool for you.

Paid Plans: Paid plans start at $11 per month and are based on the size of your email list.

VerticalResponse offers several nice features even for the pared-down 60-day free trial. It has an easy to use email editor with an HTML editor, customizable mobile templates, and access to a stock image library. VerticalResponse also includes contact list management, basic reports and analytics, automated email, Facebook and Twitter sharing, customizable popup forms, and more.

  1. Revue
    Free Plans: Revue’s free plan lets you send emails to up to 50 subscribers as well as monetize your newsletter with a paid version.

Paid Plans: Paid plans start at $4.50 per month for up to 200 subscribers when paid annually.

Revue is one of the more interesting free email marketing tools we’ve found. It acts as a curation tool so you can create a newsletter that includes everything you’ve published or read to share with your email list. You can save articles and videos with the Revue browser extension or connect your Twitter account, RSS feed, or another source to pull in the content you’ve already shared.

Once you’re ready to send your email, Revue will show you each of the items you’ve saved in your sidebar. You then simply drag and drop them into your email, customizing the descriptions, and adding sections and dividers to organize your email.

  1. Sendwithus
    Free Plans: Sendwithus offers a free plan with up to 100 recipients and 1,000 emails per month.

Paid Plans: The Lite plan from Sendwithus starts at $150 per month for up to 1,000 recipients and 500,000 emails per month.

Sendwithus is a service that makes sending emails through a transactional email service easier. It has an easy to use visual editor you can use to create your emails. It’s a great tool to manage your HTML email templates or turn your blog posts and announcements into emails you can send to your mailing list. Sendwithus is a bit technical, making it harder to set up, but once you’ve set it up correctly, you have a flexible email marketing tool that will do just about anything you need it to.

  1. Django Drip
    Django Drip
    Free Plans: Django Drip is a free, self-hosted app.

Paid Plans: You’ll need to pay for your transactional email service.

Django Drip is a free, self-hosted app for sending emails from Zapier’s development team. You can use it to send drip emails, updates, newsletters, and more. Django Drip can be hosted on your server for free. After that, you’ll need to use other tools to send your messages using a transactional email service like Amazon SES, Mailgun, or Mandrill. If you’re sending up to 62,000 emails each month, you’ll stay within the free tier on Amazon SES.

  1. Freshmarketer
    Free Plans: Freshmarketer offers a free plan for up to 500 contacts and includes the basic email builder, web form tracking, contact and list management, and some conversion optimization features.

Paid Plans: Freshmarketer has two paid plans. The Garden plan is $49 per month (billed annually) and includes the same features as the free version as well as the drag-and-drop builder, segmentation, conversion rate optimization, and more. The Estate plan is $99 per month (billed annually) and includes everything to software has to offer.

Freshmarketer makes it easy to create beautiful email campaigns, automate engagement, better understand your customers, and build a stronger customer base. You can design your email campaigns from scratch with the drag-and-drop builder or upload your HTML code to create your email. Freshmarketer also includes email templates that are ready to go. Freshmarketer has a brilliant drag-and-drop customer journey builder so you can easily deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

  1. SendLoop

Free Plans: You can sign up for a free SendLoop account that offers 10,000 free email credits.

Paid Plans: SendLoop’s paid plans start at $9 per month for up to 500 subscribers and unlimited emails.

SendLoop is a marketing tool that helps you automate your email marketing. You can use it to create and send mobile-friendly emails with SendLoop’s drag-and-drop email builder. When you sign up for a free SendLoop plan you get:

Unlimited subscriber lists and email campaigns
Drag-and-drop email builder
Repeating email campaigns
Blog (RSS) to email campaigns
50+ mobile-friendly email templates
Full-featured API and webhooks
Dedicated delivery IP address upon request
30-day money-back guarantee, no commitment
10,000 free email credits opportunity ($100 value)
One-to-one support service
You can also easily import emails and contacts from third-party platforms (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), as well as schedule and preview your emails before sending them. Plus, you can view your email’s spam score before you send it so you can improve deliverability. SendLoop also boasts excellent list and email management features and professional analytics about your email campaigns.

  1. RedCappi
    Free Plans: If you have fewer than 100 contacts you’ll be able to use RedCappi for free while still getting access to all of the email marketing features including API functionality and analytics.

Paid Plans: RedCappi’s paid plans are priced based on the number of contacts you have. The cost ranges from $90 per year for up to 500 contacts to $12,582 per year for up to 500,000 contacts. If your email list has more than 500,000 contacts, you’ll need to contact RedCappi for a quote.

RedCappi is an award-winning email system that can handle the email marketing needs for small- to medium-sized businesses. It offers a drag-and-drop email editor, custom email campaigns, email scheduling, and contact management tools. In addition, you can get real-time analytics from your email marketing campaigns so you can make adjustments to your workflow, optimizing your email marketing. RedCappi also integrates with social media to help you improve brand awareness, generate leads, and increase customer loyalty.

  1. AWeber
    Free Plans: AWeber is free for up to 500 subscribers and includes everything you need to grow your business with email marketing. The free plan includes AWeber branding.

Paid Plans: AWeber’s Pro plan starts at $16.15 per month (billed annually).

AWeber has been around for a while and is one of the most popular email marketing service providers on the market. AWeber integrates seamlessly with most platforms giving you access to HTML email templates, list management, autoresponders, email tracking, and a whole lot more. The paid plan includes split testing, behavioral automation, advanced analytics, eCommerce tools, and several other nice features.

  1. Right Inbox
    Right Inbox
    Free Plans: The free version of Right Inbox lets you sync an unlimited number of emails from your CRM and includes 10 monthly, reminder, private note, and “send later,” emails.

Paid Plans: Right Inbox’s paid plan starts at $5.95 per month (billed annually).

Right Inbox is an add-on that brings additional functionality and tools to Gmail. It includes five templates and five personal signatures per account. Here are some of the things Gmail can do with Right Inbox connected:

Send Later: write emails whenever you want, then schedule to be sent whenever your recipients will read them
Reminders: get reminders about important emails and conversations
Private Notes: add notes and ideas without cluttering your email or sharing with others
Sequences: write follow-up emails beforehand and have Right Inbox send them if recipients don’t open or reply to your first email
Email Tracking: know if or when your emails have been opened, how many times your emails were opened, and how many times your links were clicked

  1. MailGenius
    Free Plans: MailGenius is a free tool.

Paid Plans: None

MailGenius isn’t an email marketing service like the other tools on our list but it’s an excellent free email marketing tool. You can use it to inspect your emails to find possible reasons your emails might get sent to spam. MailGenius also has a deliverability test so you can be secure in the knowledge that your email will actually reach the people you want it to reach.

  1. CoSchedule Subject Line Tester
    CoSchedule Subject Line Tester
    Free Plans: CoSchedule’s Subject Line Tester is a free tool.

Paid Plans: None

CoSchedule is well-known for its content marketing software but the email subject line tester tool is one of the most helpful free email marketing tools we’ve found. Its sole purpose is to help you create subject lines that convert better. Here’s how your subject lines will be scored:

Overall score out of 100. The higher your score the better your subject line.
Use of words that increase opens. These are positive words or words from CoSchedule’s Word Bank. The subject line tester tool also lets you know if you include any negative words that can hurt your open rates.
Case. Get feedback on which case works best for subject lines.
Numbers. Whether you’ve included any numbers.
Character count. The number of characters used.
Word count. The number of words used.
Emoji count. How many emojis used.
Appearance preview. Get a preview of how your subject line will look on desktop and mobile.

  1. Sumo
    Free Plans: Sumo’s email capture tool is free.

Paid Plans: Sumo Pro is $468 per year and gives you access to the free Sumo features and tons of additional premium features.

Sumo is a collection of tools that can be used on just about any type of website, including WordPress websites. Once you’ve added Sumo to your site, here are the tools you’ll have access to:

List Builder 3: email optin form and custom content pop-up tool.
Scroll Box: another tool to grow your email list and generate more leads.
Smart Bar: display forms and custom content in a hello bar style display.
Share: increase your social shares and followers.
Heat Maps: find out where your visitors are clicking on your site.
…and more!
Sumo’s email capture feature is part of the free website tool that comes with other features, too. Sumo lets you capture email addresses from your website visitors and integrates with a wide range of email and marketing platforms.


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