Equatio Chrome Extension For Mobile

Equatio Chrome Extension For Mobile

Equatio is a Chrome extension that lets you compare two products at once. It works on desktop and mobile, and it’s very simple.

When you’re shopping online, you often find yourself looking for alternatives to the product you’re considering. Equatio makes this process easier by showing you both products at once in one window. You can compare features, prices, and reviews—all in one place.

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Equatio Chrome Extension For Mobile

1. Press on the image below to access the task.

2. Make a copy of the Doc.

3. Click on the EquatIO extension in the top right corner of your URL bar to open the EquatIO toolbar.

4. From the EquatIO toolbar select “EquatIO Mobile”.

5. Choose your own adventure!

  • On your tablet or phone open Safari (on iOS) or Chrome (on Android – Chrome will not work with iOS devices.) Type in the url: https://m.equat.io
  • On your tablet or phone use your camera to take a picture of the QR code
  • On your computer click on the following link: https://m.equat.io

6. Select “Sign in with Google” and when prompted log in using your GAPPS account.

7. Under Active Documents select the document titled “EquatIO Mobile”

8. Select the camera button.

9. Take a picture of the image from the doc. Adjust the box so that only the expression appears within. If you would like to retake the picture press the trash can in the bottom left corner and try again. Once you have a successful image press the check mark.

10. From the popup select “Save as Math.”

11. From the mobile mathspace click on the upload button in the bottom right corner. This will insert the editable image into the “Copy of Exponents” Document.

equatio not working in google forms

Google recently made a change that caused an issue with Equatio rendering it unable to integrate the icon into Google Forms. We just released an update to fix the issue for adding math with Equatio in Google Forms.

You can check to see if you have the latest version by typing chrome://extensions and search for Equatio. The newest version with the update is 40.0.3

If you have an older version you can force the update for Equatio manually:

1) Go to chrome://extensions

2) Search for Equatio

3) Turn on Developer mode (if allowed by policy) by moving the slider button in the upper right of the page

4) Click the Update button on the left on the ribbon below that will appear once developer mode has been enabled

Equatio should now be at version 40.0.3

If you can’t turn Developer mode on, the update will roll out automatically, but it may take a few hours or Google Administrators can force install the update from the Google Admin Console.

This is a fallback in case the Equatio icon does not appear in Forms

As an alternative you can also copy math from the Equatio Equation Editor as follows:

1) Open a Google Form

2) Click the Equatio Chrome extension icon to the right of the Chrome address bar

If Equatio is hidden click the grey puzzle piece icon – click the pin icon to pin Equatio on the Chrome extensions toolbar

3) Equatio will then open at the bottom of your screen. Enter your math in the editor and once done, click the Copy Math As button in the lower right corner of the Equatio Equation Editor 

4) Select URL

5) You will see a window that shows the math has been copied to your Clipboard

6) Select the question in your Form and click the Add image button

7) When the Insert image window opens select By URL

8) Paste the URL link by either right clicking and choose Paste or use CTRL V 

9) To insert the image you’ll then need to click the X in the Equatio Equation Editor to see INSERT IMAGE at the bottom right of the Insert image window

10) You will be prompted to create an Image title or Question name for the Equatio image

You will then see the math in the Form which can then be sent to students. 

If you’re using Forms as a quiz you can use the same method to insert math for your Answer keys.

Students will see the Equatio icon as before when they receive a Form and they can click that icon to open the Equation Editor and use the Insert Math also as it was used. So anyone who receives the Form can use Equatio as they always have.


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