Flipshope Chrome Extension For Android

The Flipshope Chrome Extension for Android is a must-have for any serious Android user.

The extension works by allowing you to seamlessly browse the web from your phone and seamlessly view articles, videos, and websites in your phone’s browser.

It also allows you to view articles without an internet connection, so if you’re on a train or plane with no WiFi or data connection, you can still read your favorite sites. The app works on all sites that normally allow you to share links through social media or email.

FlipShope - Price Tracker Extension

Flipshope Chrome Extension For Android

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  • Flipshope Chrome Extension Download For Android Free
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Google Chrome browser is based on Chromium code which supports the use of plugins to enhance an effective performance. This implies that any browser with chromium code can use Chrome extension be it on desktop or mobile. A browser such as Chrome and Yandex browser with Chromium code source can install Chrome extension on Android phones.

Technically, there is no exact way to install Chrome plugin on Chrome mobile. Android Chrome browser doesn’t support the use of Chrome plugin on Android and iOS phones like iPhone. Meanwhile, with Yandex browser, you can install and use Chrome extension.

Despite that Chrome does not have a web store support for Android phones to use Chrome desktop plugins on mobile, there is a trick to download and install Chrome plugins on Android phones.

Before we take a look at how to install Chrome extension on Android phones browsers, below are some response to some related questions regards the use of Chrome plugins on your Android phone browser.

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Flipshope Chrome Extension Download For Android

Can You Add Extensions to Chrome Mobile

No, you cannot add extensions to Chrome mobile but you but you can use Chrome extensions to your Android phone. This post will cover every detail you need to follow to use Chrome plugins on an Android phone without leaving a single step untouched.

How Can I Add Extensions on my Android Phone

Flipshope Chrome Extension Download For Android Windows 10

Google Chrome extensions are mainly for Chrome desktop browser to enhance the performance of Chrome browser and make the browser handy. Without argument, there are millions of Chrome extensions on Chrome web store to be added to Chrome browser.

However, despite that Chrome mobile is popular among Android phone users, Chrome doesn’t find this worthy enough to have Chrome extensions for mobile. But, there is a trick to use Chrome plugins on Android phones and add as many as possible numbers of Chrome extensions to your Android phone.

Meanwhile, you cannot import Chrome browser’s extensions to mobile browser’s extension. But. you can import files between browsers like import bookmarks, import passwords, and others.

How to Install Chrome Extension on Android Phones

Here are the descriptions to use Chrome extensions on an Android phone

Open play store and download “Yandex Browser“. If you already install this browser on your phone kindly skip this step or you can update your Yandex browser to the latest version

Launch Yandex Browser and visit Google Chrome Webstore

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Type the name of the plugin you want to add to your Android phone and click on Add to Chrome

Flipshope Chrome Extension Download For Android Free

Yandex browser will Download the Chrome Extension and add it to Yandex browser browser

To add more plugins repeat the same process to add more of your favorite plugins.

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Flipshope Chrome Extension Download For Android Windows 7

How to view Chrome Extensions on Yandex Browser

It is possible to view Chrome extensions you download and installed on your mobile phone in Yandex browser. While there is no Chrome store on Yandex all installed plugins can still be accessed. If you want to know the total number of Chrome extensions you have installed on your smartphone through Yandex browser you can easily check Yandex settings.

Flipshope Chrome Extension Download For Android Phone

Launch Yandex Browser, click on the 3 dots to the buttom right and click on settings. From the popup select Extension catalog to reveal all installed (active and nonactive) Chrome plugins on your Android phone with the help of Yandex browser.

best font extension for chrome

Google Chrome usually steals the show when it comes to the best web browser for a desktop computer. Google Chrome is one of the excellent browsers that incorporate extensions. If you are a web designer or photographer, a few best extensions are available on the Chrome web store to improve your productivity.

Let me ask you a simple question, how many fonts do you see daily? You might come across hundreds of fonts on new websites. Sometimes, we encounter a new font that we want to use, but we don’t know the font name.

This is where the Chrome font identifier extension kicks in. Chrome Font identifier extension can easily detect fonts from any images in no time. This article will share some of the best Chrome extensions that could help you identify fonts.

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List of 10 Best Chrome Extensions To Identify Fonts
It’s worth noting that there is plenty of font identifier extension available out there, but mentioning all of them is not possible. So, in this article, we have listed only the best font identifiers.

  1. Whatfont

Whatfont is one of the best and top-rated chrome extensions available on the web store. The great thing about Whatfont is that it can quickly identify fonts.

Users need to click on the Whatfont icon and then point the cursor at the word. Whatfont extension will instantly show you the font name. Clicking on the letter opens a nifty infobox filled with font details like size, color, weight, etc.

  1. Font Finder
    Font Finder

Although Font Finder is made for web developers, it can be used by a regular Chrome user. If you want to know the font used in any webpage, you need to select the font, right-click and select the ‘Find fonts in this frame’ option.

The font finder extension will automatically show you every detail about the font. Another unique feature is replacing font type on the live web page, enabling users to test out specific fonts before finalizing one.

  1. Fontanello

Fontanello is for those searching for an easy way to display the basic typographic style of the text just by right-clicking on it. It’s an extremely lightweight chrome extension that shows enough details about the font you are about to pick.

Fontanello throws some lights on the fonts’ essential details like the text style, typeface, weight, size, color, other CSS styles, etc.

  1. FontScanner

FontScanner is slightly different from all others listed in the article. Instead of readily identifying fonts in the Chrome browser, FontScanner scans and generates a list of font files that it detects on a page.

That means it just helps developers and designers to find the font-family names set of each element. FontScanner needed to be used with other font identifier extensions like WhatFont to grab more details.

  1. WhatFontIs

According to the Chrome web store listing, WhatFontIs maintains a database of over 600,000+ fonts. It uses its huge database of fonts to identify your selected font.

The great thing about WhatFontIs is that after identifying the font, WhatFontIs suggests more fonts that look similar to those you are searching for.

  1. Style Scout
    Style Scout

Although not famous, Style Scout is still one of the best free font identifier extensions that you can use. The free Chrome extension lets you identify fonts used in any webpage or photo. Apart from that fonts, Style Scout can also identify the color codes.

  1. WhatRuns

As the name of the chrome extension says, WhatRuns is a chrome extension that will help you discover everything that’s used on a website. It can quickly identify the frameworks, analytics tools, WordPress, plugins, fonts, etc.

  1. Font Picker
    Font Picker

Font Picker is one of the best lightweight chrome extensions to identify font details from any website. The user interface of Font Picker is clean and straightforward, and it shows every detail about the font that it detects. The chrome extension is not much popular, but it’s one of the best in its section.

  1. Fontface Ninja
    Fontface Ninja

Fontface Ninja is an all-in-one chrome extension to explore fonts within a website. It does not just identify the fonts, but it also lets you try, bookmark, and buy them directly.

Web designers and webmasters heavily use the chrome extension to recognize fonts used in any website.

  1. Webfonting it!
    Webfonting it!

Well, if you are searching for a simple to use yet useful font finder extension for Google Chrome, then Webfonting it! might be the best pick for you.

The extension is pretty much similar to the WhatsFont extension that has been listed above. To identify the font, right-click on the font, and it will give you the name, font size, color, etc.

Can these extensions identify fonts from web pages?
Yes, all of the extensions listed in the article can identify fonts from web pages.

Are Font identifier extensions safe to use?
These extensions are 100% safe to use. All of the extensions were available on the Chrome web store.

So, these are the best Google Chrome extensions to Identify fonts. If you know any other font identifiers like these, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.


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