Free Seo Tools For WordPress Checkup

We all know how important it is to be aware of the health of our websites. There are many tools that can help us with this, but today we are going to talk about the free SEO tools for WordPress checkup. This will allow you to make sure that your site is running smoothly and that it is not being affected by any problems. It will also show you where you may need improvement so that you can fix these issues as soon as possible.

There are many different types of tools available for you to use with your website, but some of them can cost money or require a lot of time to use them effectively. If this is something that you do not have time for, then these tools are not right for you! However, there are some great options available online today at no cost whatsoever!

The first thing that I want to mention is WordPress SEO Checkup Plugin which allows users to perform tasks such as checking their pages in Google Search Console (GSC), checking their pages in Bing Webmaster Tools (BWT), checking their pages on MajesticSEO and Moz Open Site Explorer (OSE). It also gives users an opportunity to check their keywords using SEMrush API

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45 Best Free SEO Tools (Tried & Tested)

Free Seo Tools For WordPress Checkup

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is easy. SEO is tough as well. How?…

It actually depends on you- I mean on your experience and capabilities. But the truth is- there’s no way to ignore SEO optimization in 2022. Yes, no other way.

When you’re planning to cross a river, swimming is a must. SEO is the same for any of your online projects; whether it’s a-

Personal blog
eCommerce website
or something else.

You may know all the SEO-related stuff as a professional blogger or marketer.

What do the beginners from the WordPress community do?
Where to start from, how to track or crosscheck everything they need from the first day?
Is there any way to get almost everything for free?
If you are looking for the answer to the above questions- this post is only for you.

Here we have presented each and every tool you may need to check your website performance and analyze what’s going on around your project and all for free.

Yes, here we listed down the useful free SEO analyzer tools or free SEO optimization tools with links that will help you find, analyze and track everything about SEO; especially for WordPress.

Table of Contents
Free SEO Analyzer Tools for WordPress
Free SEO Monitoring Tools for WordPress
Free SEO Tools for keyword research in 2022
Popular free SEO Keyword Research Tools or Platforms that experts rely on
An easy guide to WordPress SEO audit for 2022
Find your favorite free SEO tools for WordPress and don’t spend after SEO Tools as beginners
Free SEO Analyzer Tools for WordPress
These are the Free SEO optimization tools that will help you out to get a clear picture of your website or a single page/post in just one click.

SEOptimer for short SEO overview
Check Page Rank by Check Page Rank
Find Alexa Rank by Alexa Site info
Check Domain authority by Website SEO Checker
Submit your site on 20 Search Engines at once
Free SEO Monitoring Tools for WordPress
Check Your Site SEO Position by SEO Site Check up
Check site Details by Stats Crop
Find out your Errors of your web page by Power Mapper
Site Malware Check by Sucuri
Find Theme of any WordPress site by Theme Detector
Check competitors’ website details by Built With
rank math WordPress SEO plugin home page
Rank Math- best free WordPress SEO plugin to practice right SEO
Free SEO Tools for keyword research in 2022
Keyword Explorer by Moz to find keywords
UberSuggest to keyword research
Serp Stat to analyse competition
SemRush for all sorts of SEO-related needs
Word Tracker to track word counts
The Hoth for keyword research
Google Keyword Planner for ads and more
Popular free SEO Keyword Research Tools or Platforms that experts rely on
You can call them as the best keyword everywhere alternatives as well!

Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google Trends
Answer the public
SurferSEO home page screenshot
SurferSEO for Free Content Optimization
An easy guide to WordPress SEO audit for 2022
Here are a few steps you can follow to run a WordPress SEO audit or just any other sites you want to work with.

Tabs on Google Sheet Steps for the SEO Audit Things to include
Tab 1 A summary by Ahrefs/SEMRush Rank, UR, DR, Backlink counts, Referring domains, Organic keywords, Paid keywords, Organic traffic
Tab 2 Backlink Profiles Root domains, do-follow to no-follow backlinks, Anchor texts characters, Trust Rate, Niche matching, Social mentions, Competitive link analysis. etc.
Tab 3 Currently ranked Keywords Getting counts as much as possible by your tools
Tab 4 Screaming Frog extract You can present your reports in some colors
Tab 5 Top landing Pages SEO update Includes but not limits- Titles, descriptions, headers, etc.
Tab 6 Google core web vitals Summary Page speed, first contentful paints, last contentful paints, Unused CSS, Java, Image optimization, page experience, mobile usability, and more.
Short but ultimate WordPress SEO audit guide for beginners
And you can add a video for your clients or teammates where you will explain your prepared Excel sheet give them a flavor of their own website and compare it with some super smart ranking websites. Sure, they will convince, as well as you.

monsterinsights- wordpress analytics, reports and more
Get MonsterInsights SEO Plugin for WordPress (free) to track Google analytics data
Find your favorite free SEO tools for WordPress and don’t spend after SEO Tools as beginners
So, that was our post on the Free SEO analyzer tools for WordPress.

A few tools may have daily use limits. But you can easily run your day-to-day SEO activities by only the free versions.

When you have or will be a large project you can rely on the pro version to make your SEO job easily done with no mistakes.

best free seo plugin for wordpress 2022

The best WordPress SEO tools make it easier to optimize traffic to your website.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that has always been very SEO-friendly out of the box, with a range of features that were both simple and innovative since the start.

For example, WordPress comes with an easy-to-use URL rewrite system that has never bothered with session IDs in URLs like a lot of community-driven software that was developed around the same time. With a single click you have the option to move from dynamic URLs to simple URLs using dates, numbers, and/or simply letters. The result is a simple and clean set of URLs that have always been easy for search engines to crawl.

Additionally, WordPress avoids common mistakes of duplicated content, in even the most basic install, making sure that it remained very search engine friendly due to its close adherence of web standards, as opposed to many other platforms where developers appeared to code for themselves, rather than users and their needs.

The result is that today WordPress is the CMS of choice and can make for a great website that is fully search engine optimization friendly.

However, despite the great foundations, there are always different ways in that the SEO of a WordPress website can be improved. This may only involve small changes or tweaks, but enough applied could provide a cumulative advantage that is the difference between a successful website and a very successful website.

We also feature these WordPress tools: Best WordPress hosting, Best WordPress themes and Best WordPress plugins.


Website screenshot for Yoast

(Image credit: Yoast)

  1. Yoast
    The best WordPress SEO plugin
    +Popular tool
    +Meta editing
    +Implement schema
    +Linking suggestions
    Yoast is probably the most popular and established SEO plugin for WordPress, and it comes in both a feature-packed free version and paid-for advanced version.

One of the most useful set of features of Yoast is the ability to customize page titles, headings, and meta-descriptions. This means rather that rather than the post title dictating the page title and heading, you can assign different ones for each. The advantage here is the ability to ensure keyword variations between each rather than direct repetition.

Additionally, the ability to construct a custom meta-description means you have a chance of this showing in search results rather than a snippet of your next, and so write a description to specifically encourage clickthroughs.

Other advantages are the ability to implement a schema so that search engines can make better use of your site. You can also have better control of breadcrumbs to help with site structure and crawling. There’s also a one-click set up for creating a sitemap facility to help with crawling.

The premium version extends these hugely useful tools by providing additional support for news, video, local, and Woocommerce SEO. On top of this, the premium tool also provides internal linking suggestions, and content insights based on your most commonly used keywords to make sure you are properly targeting them. There’s also the ability to redirect old URLs to new ones, in order to pass on any ranking benefits to them rather than 404 error pages.

Altogether, Yoast offers an easy to use but powerful set of SEO tools, with very useful features in both the free and paid-for versions of the plugin.


Website screenshot for All in One SEO Pack

(Image credit: All in One SEO Pack)

  1. All in One SEO Pack
    The original SEO plugin
    +Essential features
    +Easy for beginners
    +Redirect manager
    +API extends functionality
    The All in One SEO Pack is the original SEO plugin for WordPress, and comes in both free and paid-for versions.

The free version contains a range of essential SEO features, such as the ability to customize page titles and headings to be different, as well as provide meta-descriptions for snippets on search engine results pages. Additionally, it allows for the control of URLs, and comes with a handy redirect to help users avoid useless 404 pages.

For beginners, the All in One SEO Pack comes with a good range of pre-configured settings so you don’t need to worry about these. A sitemaps of your content is automatically generated, and there are additional image and RSS sitemap options available.

Experienced users have the option to customize these as required, and the All in One SEO Pack also comes with its own API so that other plugins and themes can extend its functionality. On top of this the All in One SEO Pack is also optimized to work with Woocommerce.

The premium version adds to the raft of features, with options such as a Google Local Business SEO module, News sitemap module, and advanced SEO options for Woocommerce. There are also additional analytics and tagging options for custom taxonomies.

Overall, the All in one SEO Pack is an established favorite for many, covering essential basics without complicating matters for users. While other SEO packs aim to out do it in terms of features, this is still a very competent and very useful WordPress plugin to cover your SEO needs.


Website screenshot for Rank Math

(Image credit: Rank Math)

  1. Rank Math
    The best free WordPress SEO plugin
    +Totally free plugin
    +Advanced install option
    +Comprehensive features
    -No income model
    Rank Math is a free SEO plugin that comes packed with a lot of features from the start, some of them useful, others not so much. Only there is currently no charge for use, the developers have stated they plan to release a premium version with added features at some point in the future.

Rank Math is easy to set up an use, though offers an advanced install option if you want to choose a customized base configuration. Like with Yoast, you can set up different page and heading titles, as well as set up meta-descriptions for trying to control text snippets in search results. There’s also a set of options for controlling your site schema, as well as integration with Google Search Console and other tools.

Frankly, the list of actual features for Rank Math is very impressive, and many of these will be useful for those who really want to drill down into a more proactive SEO strategy. However, there are easily more tools than users will need, and it’s unlikely most will be worried about such features as MySpace URLs and Alex verification.

The main concern really is just how aggressively Rank Math is being developed and provided for as a free product – it even comes with an importer if you want to switch from Yoast. Which raises the single concern of how the project will charge to fund itself in future in order to continue it’s already considerable momentum.

Overall, a strong tool with a very comprehensive set of features, but a caveat on how reliant you might become on it.


Website screenshot for SEOPress

(Image credit: SEOPress)

  1. SEOPress
    Another popular SEO plugin for WordPress
    +Feature-packed free version
    +Social media focus
    +Advanced Pro options
    SEOPress is another popular SEO plugin for WordPress, and like most of the others here it comes in both a feature-packed free version and a paid-for pro version for more advanced users.

It comes with a default setup so that beginners can start without any complications, but settings are customizable for those wanting to tackle them. As expected, SEOPress covers the important basics, such as being able to control the page title, heading, and URL for each individual page, as well as create a unique meta-descriptions. There are also auto-generated sitemaps for content and images, as well as for HTML navigation.

However, SEOPress puts a little more focus on the social media aspect than other SEO plugins for WordPress. As well as connecting your accounts, it also uses the Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards to help improve sharing. There are also a number of neat URL rewriting and redirection tricks available in the free version.

For paid-for pro users, benefits include much more detailed schema for structured data which can be used manually or automated using advanced conditions. There are also various breadcrumb options, advanced redirects, as well as integration with Google Analytics.

SEOPress is a capable WordPress plugin that offers a wider range of options for users. It even offers the ability to import data from all of the other major WordPress SEO plugins, making it easier for users to swap if they want to.


Website screenshot for WP Meta SEO

(Image credit: WP Meta SEO)

  1. WP Meta SEO
    SEO manager plugin for WordPress
    +SEO manager
    +Bulk management
    +Image SEO
    WP Meta SEO presents itself as a SEO manager for WordPress, which is also available as both free and paid-for versions, with the specific aim of being able to bulk manage SEO information across your website. This is especially done through the free version by using a meta information manager, which allows you control over meta titles and meta descriptions.

The plugin also includes a sitemap facility, as well as optimization of images such as resizing them in bulk plus being able to edit the meta data of all images for better SEO. There’s also a breadcrumb generator for control of rich snippets and the display of links. You can also run a broken link checker on your site and apply redirects accordingly.

The pro version adds further bulk management tools, such as a duplicate meta checker, automated index of 404 errors, sitemaps link checker, as well as custom email reports. There are also features for adding Google Business Local to your website, as well as SEO optimization options for Woocommerce.

While many of the SEO plugins for WordPress listed above cover day to day running, WP Meta SEO does a nice job of putting the focus on bulk management, which could be especially useful for those with an existing and large WordPress website who want to be able to implement a quick and easy SEO solution across the entire site.


Website screenshot for Squirrly SEO

(Image credit: Squirrly SEO)

  1. Squirrly SEO
    An excellent plugin with many innovative features
    +Real-time SEO advice
    +Offers great control over your site and performance
    +Real-time analysis
    Squirrly SEO aims to make tweaking your pages to improve your ranking as visually interesting as possible. This makes it very appealing to newcomers, but there’s more than enough here to also entice SEO veterans.

One feature we quite liked was how Squirrly analyses your writing in real time. This is a great way to optimize your pages as you create them. It also offers a series of articles and is incredibly confident that if you follow their instructions, your site will shoot up the ranks – or your money back (conditions apply – obviously).

The whole plugin is visually interesting, using blocks of color (red, yellow or green) to let you know what works, and what needs changing. It also comes with a wealth of features including tracking your performance across over 170 search engines, help with finding the right keywords, and determine how your pages will look when shared on social media – among many others.


Website screenshot for Broken Link Checker

(Image credit: Broken Link Checker)

  1. Broken Link Checker
    A single purpose plugin that analyses your site’s hyperlinks
    +Quick installation
    +Easy to use
    +Useful tool
    Not only do broken links lead to a bad user experience, it actually hinders your SEO ranking. If you have a small site, it’s highly likely you can manage this on your own, but as your site’s content grows, so does its complexity. Broken Link Checker is a very useful plugin to make sure nothing gone wrong with your internal and external links.

Once the plugin has analyzed your site, you can then look at the list of faulty URLs, which you can then edit, delete, dismiss (if the plugin mistakenly tagged a live URL as a dead one for instance), or ignore.

It’s a very simple single purpose tool, but it’s highly useful if you want to make sure your site is as current as it can be, and offers readers a great user experience, not a bunch of discontinued URLs.


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