Free Web Design Software Mac Os X


Free Web Design Software Mac Os X is a software that allows you to create a website without having to pay for any web design software. It also helps you build your own personal blog and even sell your products online. You can also create an online store using this software, which means that you can have an online store without having to pay anything!

This article will teach you how to use Free Web Design Software Mac Os X and what it can do for you.

Free Web Design Software Mac Os X

Every web designer needs a decent software program to succeed in their career and create a unique reputation for their design products. And sometimes, what’s working perfectly on PC, will not do the same for Mac users. Thankfully, today Mac fans don’t have any issues with that as there are tons of web design tools right at their fingertips. However, the prices often leave much to be desired. This makes beginners struggle to do their work and improve their skills on a daily basis. So below we have compiled the best free web design software for Mac well-suited or especially created to be used on macOS – they are free-based, simple enough, and of high quality. Test any of these tools as long as you wish with the option to upgrade to the pro version or purchase a full package of additional features in case you feel like it.

Freeway Express

Free web design software for Mac - Freeway Express

Freeway Express is a simple and attractive free web design software for macOS that is based on DTP (Desktop Publishing) application meaning you can build websites using a famous drag-and-drop builder and pre-made templates. But what makes Freeway Express even better, is the ability to create a website from scratch without being limited by templates’ paucity. With its Master Page feature, you can easily set up your logo, navigation menu, and footer as no-change items which will save you lots of time and nerves. So every time you create a new page, Master Page tool will automatically put your pre-set content in the right place.


  • Standard-compliant HTML generation
  • Master page content
  • Ability to publish to a local folder, FTP or MobileMe
  • Built-in WebKit preview and one-click preview in multiple browsers
  • Editable graphic text with an ability to create GIFs
  • Automatic email address
  • Convenient table layout

Mobirise Free Web Design Software For Mac

Free web design software for Mac - Mobirise

Mobirise is an awesome mobile-friendly software system well-suited for both non-techies and professional web developers. This free graphic design software for Mac has a unique minimalistic interface. This makes the workflow easy and intuitive. Create stunning websites, landing pages, online resumes, and personal portfolios with tons of site blocks and pre-made templates available completely free of charge. To give your website a more individual look, you can customize its flexible layout according to your needs – just drag-and-drop website blocks around as you wish. As Mobirise is based on a famous Bootstrap framework, be sure your website will look amazing whatever device it is viewed on. With additional Mobirise features like eCommerce tool, code editor, and lots of extensions, you are all set to design an astonishing website with maximum performance and unique personality.


  • Drag-and-drop website builder interface
  • A wide selection of beautifully designed blocks and elements
  • Responsive design built on the Bootstrap Framework
  • Variety of extensions and pre-designed templates
  • Shopping cart and advanced eCommerce tool
  • Mobirise code editor (for an additional fee)
  • Ability to preview your work at any point

Crello – Free Graphic Software

Crello Software for Mac Users

Crello is for those who prioritize handy, no-brainer design editing instruments that yet deliver studio-level designs.

It’s a time-tested free web design software for Mac that will help you achieve the needed visual vibe for your social media posts, website content, infographics, artworks, printed materials, or anything in between.

You’re going to enjoy how smoothly Crello works. You simply choose a design type and format you need, find a template among thousands of pre-made designs with loads of diverse layouts, fonts, and colors, and just enjoy the fun of playing around with your artwork. Premium-like free images, audio and video assets, animation effects, and more tools are just within a click to add to your design. No need for a special designer’s eye or skills.

Finally, you just download your graphic design work in the chosen format and use it for your personal or business project.


  • High-concept 50,000+ ready-to-go design templates
  • The drag-and-drop graphic editor interface
  • 200M+ royalty-free stock files at hand (from the integrated Depositphotos library)
  • 6,000+ lightweight animated objects
  • 680+ fonts with support for 25 languages

 Coffee Cup Free HTML Editor

Free web design software for Mac - Coffee Cup

In case you came here looking for coding software, Coffee Cup will certainly be of great interest to you. With its flexible and simple workspace, this offline tool is perfect for hand-coding enthusiasts – both for hobbyists and professional web designers. Use Coffee Cup’s awesome features like pre-built templates, multiple cursors, tag matching. Also, it is an auto-suggest tool to the fullest to build a website easily and rapidly. However, regardless of its nice and convenient interface, absolute novices might find Coffee Cup a bit harder to adapt to than they have expected.


  • Fully customizable toolbars
  • Responsive templates and layouts
  • Pre-built form items
  • Website projects to organize your data
  • Automatic coding
  • Preview in any popular browser


Free web design software for Mac - ToWeb

ToWeb is another easy-to-use, comprehensive, and free web design software for Mac that will satisfy both beginner and advanced users. If your primary goal is to build a responsive website with little to no knowledge of a coding alphabet, then ToWeb has everything you need. Simply download the app to your Mac, install it and start creating a website. Pre-made templates are there to help you find the right look and feel so choose the one that suits them best and customize it the way you want. The tool supports all kinds of web pages, be it a photo gallery, Google maps, or a video presentation. Another valuable feature ToWeb owns is a powerful e-commerce engine. This helps to sell your products along with managing the whole process of purchase – shopping carts, taxes, payments, etc.


  • Pre-designed website templates
  • Live Content Editing (WYSIWYG)
  • CC3 based theme editor
  • eCommerce tool


Free web design software for Mac - MAMP

So let’s say you are finished with creating and editing your stunning website and now it’s time to test how it’ll work on a real web server. To purchase a hosting account just for the sake of testing would not be beneficial at all. Thus, let’s consider another option – MAMP (stands for Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, and PHP).  It’s an awesome web design software that lets you install a web server locally to test and analyze the live performance of your website. So after you completed all the basic work, put your site through the MAMP system. Make sure it operates flawlessly and causes no bugs.


  • Configuration of virtual hosts
  • Mobile website testing
  • Dropbox Support
  • Apache, Nginx, MySQL, PHP, Python, Perl, Web Start


Free web design software for Mac - GIMP

To enhance your website’s personality, you’ll need to add attractive and eye-catching visual content. This includes images, animations, and/or photos. And in case of Photoshop is not your closest friend, GIMP’s simplified yet powerful interface will guide you through the whole process of photo editing. This free web design software has tons of features similar to Photoshop meaning you’ll have nearly all the power of the famous Adobe product at your disposal and, of course, completely free of charge.


  • Customizable interface
  • Photo enhancement and digital retouching
  • Hundreds of plug-ins available at the GIMP plugin registry
  • Works with a huge number of formats
  • Supports pressure- and tilt-sensitive graphic tablets

Alternative – WordPress Builder

WordPress Builder

While many developers still create custom websites using locally run software, over 35% of the internet runs on WordPress. WordPress runs on your web server. This, you can use it both on mac and any other operating system. Although Mac users can run a local copy using MAMP. WordPress offers a wide variety of designs ranging from pre-made to fully customizable, examples of which you can see over at Bottom Line Web Designs Portfolio, or in the free template gallery. You can get started even if you have very limited experience, or you can use some of the other tools featured in this post to help create a custom WordPress design easily from your Mac.

best mac website builder software

If you are a web designer, then you might already know the importance of a website builder tool. For instance, with the best website builder for Mac, you can make your job a whole lot easier and faster. Since there are so many website builder tools out there, picking a preferred option can be tough. I have tried and tested several tools and have listed the 5 best website builder software for Mac in this post.

  • Part 1: Top 5 Website Builder for Mac
  • Part 2: The Best Website Design Tool for Mac

The Top 5 Website Builder Tools for Mac

Based on their features and ease of use, I would recommend using the following paid and free website builders for Mac.

1. Webflow

Webflow is often considered as the best website builder software for Mac that is pretty easy to use. Without the need for writing any code, you can come up with a responsive website design.

  • There are readily available templates and a dedicated website builder that you can use on Webflow.
  • The designer tool will let you work on HTML5, Javascript, and CSS easily.
  • There are separate options and modules to create ecommerce websites.
  • On this best website builder for Mac, you can also find an option to host your platform (via Amazon).
  • Besides that, you can also access its inbuilt SEO and content management tool to run your website.

Price: Free and premium plans start from $29

 website builder mac

2. Duda

If you want to have more control over the website designing process, then you can try Duda. Considered as one of the best website builders for Mac, it features several designing features in one place.

  • You can create a website from scratch via its drag and drop options.
  • Database integration and CMR management options are provided for ecommerce website building.
  • You can also maintain a backup of your website data and restore it later on.
  • Can design websites in different languages with tons of personalization options
  • Only a free trial version is available (and the premium features can be a bit expensive)

Price: Starts from $14

free website builder for mac

3. Site123

Targeted for beginners, this has to be one of the simplest website builder software for Mac. Without the need for coding, you can design even the most visually appealing websites.

  • You can select the overall perspective of the website (for desktop, mobile, or dynamic).
  • The website builder for Mac has an inbuilt editor to customize the appearance of the pages.
  • You can also include its SEO tool or use its hosting services if you want to.
  • Seamless integration with databases and other ecommerce services is also provided.
  • It is a free website builder for Mac that gives 500 MB storage and users can later upgrade to its premium version.

Price: Free or $5.80 per month (pro version)

website builder software for mac

4. Weblium

If you have basic requirements and would like to create user-friendly responsive websites on Mac, then you can also try Weblium. While you can start using this best website builder for Mac freely, most of its advanced features are paid.

  • Using Weblium is extremely easy and it features a dedicated editor that you can access without any technical hassle.
  • Apart from its inbuilt tools, you can also find several ready-to-use templates in this website builder for Mac.
  • You can also access its SEO and smart web hosting services in one place.
  • There are options to get a preview of your website design and make it compatible with mobile.

Price: Free or $8.25 per month

best website builder mac

5. Webnode

Webnode is a free website builder for Mac that is not only easy to use, but it is also equipped with tons of features to create responsive platforms.

  • You can find templates and readily available widgets for almost all kinds of websites.
  • There are dedicated features for ecommerce and social websites on the application.
  • It would let you create responsive and mobile-friendly websites in less time.
  • You can also make the most of its web hosting, SEO, and analytics features easily.

Price: Free or $4 per month

best website builder software for mac

The Best Website Designing Tool for Mac

If you are a professional designer and would like to come up with a responsive website, then Wondershare Mockitt would be a must-try tool. The application is available for desktop and even online to meet your designing needs with no coding.

website builder mac
  • Different perspectives

You can access the Mockitt dashboard on any web browser and platform. Users can select a target perspective (like mobile or desktop) to create their website design. Furthermore, you can also get a preview of your designs so that you can instantly make the needed changes.

  • Widgets and templates

You can find several professionally designed templates on Mockitt that you can readily use and customize. There are also numerous widgets that you can simply drag and drop to the canvas.

  • High fidelity

With the help of its dynamic widgets, you can include media, transitions, and interactions to your designs. This will help you come up with prototypes of high fidelity.

  • Import/Export Options

Using its available plugins, you can directly import a Sketch project to Mockitt. Similarly, you can export your projects to PNG, CSS, and APK formats.

  • Seamless collaboration

Since Mockitt has been integrated with a cloud-based platform, you can easily collaborate with your team in one place.

By now, you would be able to pick the best website builder software for Mac from the available options. Since there can be numerous tools, I tried to pick the 5 website builder software for Mac that can be used by both beginners and professionals alike. Though, if you want to make the designing process a hassle-free experience, then you can explore Wondershare Mockitt. It will help you come up with smooth and visually appealing designs for your website in a jiffy.


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