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Quillbot Review: Best Paraphrasing Tool

Free Web Design Tools Quillbot

QuillBot is a popular paraphrasing tool that uses AI to rewrite your content. There are many reasons you might want to rewrite your content.

For example, you might want to write a better version of the content, using more synonyms to switch your content up a bit and make it more unique.

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Instead of using the same common words throughout your article, QuillBot will automatically switch some of those words and rephrase some sentences.

It will also give you additional paraphrasing suggestions that aren’t automatically included, but which you can include with the click of a button.

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You may also want to rephrase content if it doesn’t pass a plagiarism checker such as Copyscape. It may even be similar to content you yourself wrote in the past, but QuillBot will switch up the content so that it looks unique.

Since QuillBot uses AI, the end result will look very natural, and it won’t look like a bot spun it.

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QuillBot actually has three tools:

The Rephraser: This tool rephrases your sentences and gives you synonym and rephrasing suggestions.
The Summarizer: This tool summarizes your content with some rephrasing. Essentially, it helps you take out fluff content that isn’t essential to the meaning you want to convey.
The Grammar Checker: This tool checks your content for grammar mistakes.
However, not only does the free version have a character limit, but the paid version has a character limit as well. That makes QuillBot not such a good option for really long articles of over 10,000 characters (those are characters, not words).

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You also can not upload multiple articles for writing at once, which makes QuillBot a less attractive option if you want to quickly rewrite multiple blog posts.

In addition, QuillBot’s rephrasing tool is somewhat of a hit and miss. That is especially true when you keep hitting the redo option, which allows you to get a new paraphrasing result if you did not like the first one.

Sometimes, the paraphrased results can seem somewhat unnatural and even comical. At other times, the results will be absolutely amazing.

One more thing: QuillBot’s grammar checker tool is still in beta mode, and it has a lot of room for improvement. If you want to check your spelling and grammar, you would be better off with another tool.

In this article, I will go over some alternatives to QuillBot you can use for rephrasing, spinning, and grammar checking. I will include both free and paid alternatives.

Let us get into it.

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The 15 Best QuillBot Alternatives

  1. Jasper AI

Jasper AI was earlier known as Conversion AI, or even Jarvis. It is one of the best alternatives to QuillBot for generating unique, natural-sounding content. You can paste an article you wrote into the tool, and it will rewrite it for you, with excellent results.

However, Jasper goes beyond that.

While QuillBot requires you to write an article, and only then will you be able to spin it, Jasper also helps generate AI-based content from scratch, based on keywords or topics you enter!

All you have to do is write a prompt, and the tool will generate natural, human-sounding content or ad copy (either short form or long form content, based on your subscription).

Here is what you can do with Jasper:

Generate descriptions for products on eCommerce websites
Generate sales copy for your products or services
Get blog post ideas to beat writer’s block
Generate introduction paragraphs for articles, so you can build the article from there
Generate listicle ideas
Expand a short sentence into a longer, more creative, more interesting sentence
Generate text for Facebook Ad headlines and post content
Generate a bio for your personal or company profile
Generate content for video titles, descriptions, and introductions
And a whole lot more!
You can even have the tool generate long-form content based on an intro or topic outline you write. You don’t have to do anything; just let the tool use machine learning to create natural sounding, beautiful content.

Jasper integrates with Surfer SEO (you will need a separate subscription for that), which is an SEO tool designed to help you optimize content for keyword frequency and higher rankings. The content the tool generates will not only sound natural but will also be optimized for keyword rankings.

You can also translate text from English into more than 25 different languages. The end result will sound natural in the destination language, which can be hard to do with traditional online translation tools like Google Translate.

Jasper features two plans: Starter and Boss Mode.

The Starter plan costs $29/month and allows you to generate short-form content such as blog introduction paragraphs, product descriptions, ad copy, and so on. It limits you to 20,000 words a month. If you want a higher word count, the cost increases.

The Boss Mode plan costs $59/month for 50,000 words. You can also opt for 700,000 words at a custom price.

Do check the pricing page for updated pricing information and what all you get in the price.

  1. Spinbot

Spinbot is a better free alternative to QuillBot if you need to write larger articles. It allows you to rewrite up to 10,000 characters on the free plan, which is a lot more than what QuillBot allows.

In fact, the premium QuillBot plan has the same character limit as the free Spinbot plan.

You don’t need to sign up for a Spinbot account to use it. When you use QuillBot without signing up, on the other hand, you are limited to only 400 characters, a mere fraction of what Spinbot allows.

Spinbot does have a premium plan, which allows you to rewrite articles without any ads on the page and without needing to fill out the Captcha. That can help you save time.

It’s pretty cheap, starting at just $75/year or $10/month. Check the pricing page for more information.

  1. Rewriter Tools

Rewriter Tools is a great free alternative to QuillBot, as it doesn’t have the same character restrictions that QuillBot has, even though it is free and does not require you to create an account. If you don’t create an account on QuillBot, you will be limited to 400 characters when rephrasing articles.

Rewriter Tools is actually a suite of five different tools:

Article Spinner: This tool automatically spins your content to give you a new, unique article.
Article Rewriter: This tool also rewrites your articles, but it gives you more control in terms of what you want rewritten and how exactly to rewrite certain phrases.
Paraphrasing Tool: This tool is similar to the Article Rewriter tool and helps you rephrase sentences, phrases, and paragraphs.
Grammar Checker: This tool checks and corrects grammar mistakes.
Word Counter: This tool tells you how many words your article has.
Rewriter Tools can be slow at times, but it is worth it. If you don’t like the results in one tool, like the Article Spinner, try out the Paraphrasing Tool or the Article Rewriter.

  1. Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing Tool is another excellent free alternative to QuillBot. Unlike QuillBot, it allows you to rephrase up to 10,000 characters without even signing up for an account.

It is entirely free to use.

The Paraphrasing Tool even allows you to check a box if you want to rephrase capitalized words as well. By default, the tool assumes that capitalized words are specific nouns that you need to keep the same in your text, such as the names of places or people.

However, if you would like, you can rephrase capitalized words as well.


Another fantastic free alternative to QuillBot is allows you to rephrase up to 1,000 words without creating an account, which is more than the 400 words QuillBot limits you to when you are not signed in.

You can select three modes for the style of content you want to produce:

One of the cool things about is that it supports multiple languages. You can rephrase not only in English but also in:

It is entirely free to use.

  1. Project Topics

Project Topics has both a paraphrasing tool and a spin bot tool. Not only is the Project Topics Paraphrase tool entirely free to use, but it does not seem to have the same character restrictions that QuillBot places on you when you do not sign up for an account.

Also, Project Topics supports over 100 different languages, so you can rephrase in almost any language.

One cool feature of Project Topics, that QuillBot doesn’t offer, is the ability to exclude words. Sometimes, you will want to keep using specific words and not rephrase them; just enter them into the exclusion field and the tool will not replace them with synonyms.

Project Topics also has a grammar checker integrated into the paraphrasing tool, so many grammar mistakes will automatically be corrected by the tool.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is not exactly a spinning tool, but it does allow you to rephrase sentences and words. At its core, it is a grammar checker, and the grammar checker part is superior to QuillBot’s grammar checker, especially if you have the premium version.

Grammarly will highlight spelling and grammar mistakes, even on the free plan, though the premium plan will give you access to more advanced grammar corrections.

However, Grammarly also helps you rephrase sentences and phrases. When you write sentences that are too convoluted, Grammarly will rewrite those sentences to make them simpler and easier to understand.

In addition, it will give you synonym suggestions for words you are overusing or that people overuse in general. You can also get synonym suggestions for any word by simply double-clicking on the word; Grammarly will give you various synonyms so that you can find one that fits with your original intent.

One of the cool things about Grammarly is that it has a Chrome extension that works on any site. Not only will the Chrome extension fix grammar and spelling mistakes, but it will allow you to get synonyms for any word, helping your content sound more unique.

Keep in mind that you will need the premium plan to get the advanced grammar and sentence restructuring tools. On the free plan, you will get basic spelling and grammar corrections and the ability to click on words for synonym suggestions.

Also, Grammarly has a plagiarism checker.

  1. Article Rewriter Tool

Article Rewriter Tool is an excellent alternative to QuillBot. Unlike QuillBot, it allows you to exclude specific words from being rephrased.

It also is entirely free to use, and it does not require you to create an account to use it. It does not have the same character count restrictions that QuillBot has for people who use it for free without an account.

When spinning an article, you can also check a box if you want the article to paraphrase and spin capitalized words as well.

  1. SpinRewriter

SpinRewriter is a QuillBot alternative that supports both bulk upload and bulk export, unlike QuillBot. In other words, not only can you upload multiple articles to rewrite them in bulk, but you can also instantly generate up to 1,000 variations of each article you upload and export all of them.

Spin Rewriter integrates with Copyscape, so you can be sure that all the variations that the tool gives you will pass Copyscape.

SpinRewriter also has a grammar and spelling checker built in. Before it rewrites an article for you, it will ensure that there are no grammar and spelling mistakes, so the end result you get doesn’t have any mistakes either.

SpinRewriter uses Emulated Natural Language technology to ensure the articles it spins come out sounding natural, as if a human wrote them.

This is not a new tool; SpinRewriter has been around since 2011 (around a decade as of this article’s writing). Since then, the owners have been adding more and more features and improving the tool.

SpinRewriter is not free, but it does give you a five-day free trial if you sign up for the yearly plan, which currently costs $77/year. The monthly plan, on the other hand, costs $47/month and includes the same features, so it’s a no-brainer to choose the yearly plan.

Remember to check the pricing page for updated pricing information, as pricing can fluctuate.

  1. Spinner Chief

While QuillBot is an online paraphrase tool, Spinner Chief has both a downloadable, desktop version and an online version. Not many spinners have both versions (most only have an online version), which makes Spinner Chief a good choice for those who don’t prefer to work in the cloud.

In addition, QuillBot does not have a team plan. However, Spinner Chief does have a team plan, which is best for teams working on projects together; it includes features such as a team thesaurus.

In addition, Spinner Chief gives you the option of bulk uploading articles and spinning them in batches. QuillBot does not offer that feature.

You can even create rewriting rules so that the articles come out exactly as you want them to.

Spinner Chief has a free version as well, so if you have more basic rewriting needs, it is a good tool to use. However, premium licenses are available as well if you have more complex needs; the premium plans enable you to get better, more refined, and more customized spin results.

  1. WordAI

WordAI is not free, but it is a great alternative to QuillBot. It has a number of features that QuillBot does not have; for example, it supports bulk uploads, so you can quickly rephrase many articles at once.

In addition, you can create up to 1,000 rewrites of every single article! That is useful for multiple reasons, such as for building links with hundreds of unique articles.

WordAI allows you to adjust how creative you get, which will affect how close the end result will be to the original result.

When using WordAI, it will automatically correct spelling and grammar mistakes in your text when you rewrite it, so you won’t have to worry about that. In addition, it will split sentences to make your text easier to read.

It will also use synonyms, similar LSI keywords, and similar text to rephrase your original content and give you an end result that conveys the same message in different words,

All results will pass Copyscape.

WordAI supports code view, so you can rewrite your HTML and coded articles as well.

Pricing starts at $24.95/month. Check the pricing page for more details.

WordAi – #1 Text Rewriting Software
Create quick, high quality & original content in a flash. Features like bulk creation, downloading, HTML support make WordAi the rewriting software of choice. Try now!

WordAi – #1 Text Rewriting Software
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  1. Copy Shark

Copy Shark is another excellent alternative to QuillBot. Unlike QuillBot, it will automatically generate new AI-based content from scratch for you for a variety of purposes, without you needing to write an entire article first.

You can use Copy Shark to generate content for product descriptions, ad copy, sales pages, videos, and more. All the results will sound natural, and you can use it to generate content in more than 20 languages, including German, French, Spanish, Korean, Hindi, Japanese, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Chinese, and more!

Pricing is just $39/month or $299/year; there is only one plan. Always check the homepage (scroll to the bottom) for updated pricing information.

Copy Shark AI is still a relatively new tool, so those who sign up now will get early access.


Plagiarism Detector has a Paraphrasing tool that you can use for free, without creating an account. It allows you to enter up to 2,000 words.

Compare that to QuillBot, which only allows you to enter up to 400 characters when you don’t sign up, which always ends up being a lot less than 2,000 words.

In addition to the free Paraphrasing tool, there is also a grammar checker tool, which will check your content for spelling and grammar errors. You can also use the Plagiarism checker tool to weed out copied content.

  1. My Assignment Help

My Assignment Help boasts a paraphrasing tool that you can use online for free. It is a better alternative to QuillBot if you need to paraphrase articles that you have in a Word, PDF, PPT, or TXT document, though you can also copy and paste text into the online editor as well.

It is also a better alternative to QuillBot if you need to rewrite articles you have stored in your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts, as it integrates with both storage platforms and allows you to upload articles from there.

My Assignment Help is a comprehensive website that aims to provide students with help with doing their assignments and homework, and this paraphrasing tool is just one of the services it offers.

  1. Pre Post SEO

The final QuillBot alternative we will look at is Pre Post SEO. It has a free online tool, without the character restrictions that QuillBot places on you.

However, it also allows you to upload an article or fetch an article you have stored in Google Drive or your online Microsoft account. Not only that, but it allows you to exclude certain words from being paraphrased; these other features also make it a great QuillBot alternative.

In addition to the paraphrasing tool, it has a plagiarism checker tool and a DA checker tool.

Wrapping It Up: What Is The Best QuillBot Alternative?
QuillBot is a pretty good tool in terms of the quality of the spun content it generates.

However, Jasper is a much better alternative, and it is the best QuillBot alternative for getting natural, human-sounding results.

The fact that you can generate content from scratch, without even writing an article first, makes it an excellent choice as well.

The only downside is that it is not free. If you are looking for a free QuillBot alternative but without the character restrictions, I would choose Spinbot or Spinner Chief, though the quality of the spun articles they produce can be hit and miss.

However, almost all AI article rewriter tools are not perfect, and you always have to read and edit the article yourself. That way, you can fix unnatural language, which is bound to crop up in almost all AI tools.

best paraphrasing tool online free

Whether you’re writing an academic paper, article, report, or another kind of written content, you need to deliver unique and comprehensive results. This way, you won’t be penalized for plagiarism of other people’s works.

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No matter how good you are at your writing though, there’s a likelihood that mirrored content may be found in your work at one point or another.

With a paraphrasing tool, you can quickly and easily make sure that your content is unique and original. While paraphrasing may seem difficult as you begin, paraphrasing tools ensure that you don’t have to do everything on your own by improving your text and making it authentic.

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We’ve rounded up the best paraphrasing tools (free & paid) to help you find one for your needs.

Contents show
What Is A Paraphrasing Tool?
A paraphrasing tool, also known as a content spinner, article rewriter, or sentence rephraser has a single task: to paraphrase your content to the desired level of uniqueness while maintaining the original meaning.

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Basically, paraphrasing tools rewrite your sentence, article or report, and help you find different ways of expressing your content and making it unique.

If you’re not sure about your writing skills or you don’t know how to change the structure of your content and still keep its meaning, a paraphrasing tool will help you.

Not only that, but paraphrasing tools also help those who can’t think critically or type very quickly.

Before using a paraphrasing tool, here are a few paraphrasing requirements to note:

The paraphrased text should be different or unique from the original, it shouldn’t match the text in verbatim

Write the passage you want to rephrase in your own words
Retain the meaning of the words or passage when you change the structure
Ensure the content relates to the original source of your work
How Paraphrasing Tools Work

A paraphrasing tool simply takes the source content and re-words or rewrites it in order to avoid plagiarism issues.

The ideas and meaning of the source material must be maintained though, but you can use as few words as possible to express the ideas or messages in the original text or source content.

Some paraphrasing tools use Artificial Intelligence (AI) or automatic dynamic text processing using special algorithms that enable phrase/expression/whole sentence rewording, word synonymization, and detect and exchange inflectional forms.

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The tool then converts your text, preserves the meaning, and then generates synonyms that are most accurate to the inserted text.

It works as a translator, so all you need to do is enter or paste the text you want to paraphrase, and the software does everything for you.

Some of the main areas where a paraphrasing tool comes in handy include:

When working on SEO/SEM (search engine optimization or search engine marketing) content
When planning to attract more visitors to your site, you need to ensure your content is original to avoid Google’s penalties for plagiarized content
When you have to produce large amounts of content in a short time

If you’re looking for the best paraphrasing tools, we’ve listed some of the free and paid services available.

Best Paraphrasing Tools (Free & Paid)

  1. QuillBot

QuillBot is a comprehensive writing collaborator tool that uses AI to help you paraphrase or rewrite paragraphs while refining your content.

It contains a paraphraser and summarizer, but the paraphrasing tool is popular among millions of people who use it to rewrite and enhance paragraphs, sentences, or articles using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

Initially, QuillBot was a full-sentence thesaurus that professionals and students used to write fast and with confidence. However, over time, the tool has been used for crafting legal emails, preparing doctoral theses, and document translation, among other uses.

The tool is free to use online and you get fast results without having to edit the paraphrased work too much after that. Among its features include Quill Modes useful for creating new text:

Standard: This is the default mode that balances any change it makes to your content while maintaining the meaning and ensuring it sounds as natural as possible.
Fluency: This is an AI mode that makes your text sound as grammatically and naturally correct as possible in English, but makes the least amount of change in your content while keeping the meaning.
Creative: This mode focuses on making changes as much as possible in the text you insert. This may alter the overall coherency and meaning of the results.
Creative+: Whose AI is an improved version of the Creative Mode, making it more intuitive and understands things like common sayings and phrases in the language.
Formal: This alters your content to make it sound better for formal audiences. It’s particularly good for business reports or academic papers.
Shorten: This shortens your content but retains its meaning and is ideal for when you need to lower the overall text size or word count.
Expand: This tries to increase your text length by adding as many words as possible, and is ideal for an overall higher word count.
Another tool is the Word Flipper, which modifies the words in your results that were replaced by synonyms. You can replace fewer or more words using the corresponding slider as this can affect the sentence accuracy.

Plus, QuillBot has a simple and easy to use interface and uses machine learning to understand and improve on its paraphrases. However, it’s not 100 percent perfect in its paraphrasing, so you’ll find occasional mistakes based on the human input and training data.

Among the mistakes in text that could cause errors when using QuillBot to paraphrase your text include no spaces after periods, mixing English and non-English letters, and line breaks.

The good news is that QuillBot is constantly training its AI to reduce these mistakes while ensuring that your results feel natural and read well.

QuillBot integrates into popular tools that you already use including Chrome and Google Docs, so you won’t have to switch windows each time just to paraphrase your text.

The AI-powered thesaurus helps you find the right synonym by selecting the word you want and the tool will deliver the synonyms. This way, you can write faster, better, and clearer.

As mentioned, you can use QuillBot for free, especially for casual writing. The free version offers a 700 paraphraser character limit, 3-word flipper options and 3 writing modes, 2 sentences processed at once, Google Chrome and Doc extensions, and a 5000 summarizer character limit.

The Premium account is ideal for papers with high time sensitivity.

It offers a 10,000 paraphraser character limit, 25,000 summarizer character limit, 7 writing modes, 4-word flipper options, compare modes (desktop), 15 sentences processed at once, and more. The premium modes include formal, creative plus, shorten, and expand.

QuillBot – The Most Trusted Paraphrasing Tool
Quillbot’s accurately designed AI helps to paraphrase your text in a matter of seconds. Used by millions of writers, students and professionals worldwide, Quillbot is the tool to consider for your paraphrasing needs.

QuillBot – The Most Trusted Paraphrasing Tool
Get Started
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
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  1. Paraphrase Online

Paraphrase Online is an online paraphrasing tool that helps you paraphrase your articles, sentences, and paragraphs accurately. The tool is easy to use and you don’t need technical experience or knowledge to use it.

The tool is also good for use by newbies and professionals including students, because of how easy it is to use and navigate. The website has been simplified so anyone can use it, and get straight to paraphrasing the content with great results.

Not only that, but the tool also comes with a native reword generator that helps rephrase your text accordingly and automatically to help you create better content.

The tool also helps you rephrase single words for free, and remake textual content for blogs, websites, documents, and anything else you need.

However, you may want to ensure you have appropriate references as your content can be reworded and understood as a copyright violation.

  1. Spinner Chief 6

Spinner Chief is an online paraphrasing tool that helps you rewrite your content to make it unique and readable by humans.

The tool uses AI and natural language analysis to understand your content like a search engine would. It also uses statistical replacement technology using the most appropriate statistical synonym for a phrase or word, as well as emulated natural language and part-of-speech analysis methods.

This way you can create content that’s close to human quality.

Advanced functions like auto-grammar fix allow you to spin phrases or sentences, so you can get the best rewritten article possible.

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The tool also grows with your needs the more you use it, and polls its Cloud Thesaurus, which supports more than 20 languages, to give you the best synonyms.

As the thesaurus grows, the software gets better at spinning words, paragraphs, or sentences and automatically generates fully spun articles. Also included is a new paragraph and sentence swap spin function for more unique content, and you can create or edit content yourself to make it readable.

Other features include the ContentBomb to scrape and convert content into new content, batch spin for lots of content, export formats, quick preview, developer API, and more.

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Spinner Chief 6 has a web and desktop version and it offers free and paid plans. The free plan produces unique content fast and is good for basic spinning.

The premium versions include the Elite $197, which offers NLP, AI and other tools for better results, Ultimate $307 and Team $627 which is best for teams to create and manage content and members easily.

  1. Spinbot

Spinbot is an automatic paraphrasing tool that rewrites content into readable text. The free tool can be vital for anyone wanting to market their products or websites online efficiently and quickly with all the unique and quality content you want.

The tool instantly spins or rewrites textual content of about 1000 words or 10,000 characters. With one click you can turn an article or old blog post into a whole new one, which saves you money and effort that you’d have used investing in content creation.

Spinbot also has text spinning capabilities to help you figure out new ways to discuss old subjects or brainstorm for new content. You can get new ways to update your social media posts, blog posts, or website text.

The rewriter is free to use so you don’t need to sign up or register. However, you need to enter spintax to create newly rewritten content as Spinbot doesn’t spin out spintax formatted results.

Spinbot “thinks” for you; the tool takes the phrasal context and creates extra-textual content that can be read and has a meaning similar to the text you inserted. You can also spin capitalized words or leave words unchanged.

Premium plans are available as well:

A paid subscription to use the tool via a web browser, which lets you rewrite text without captcha or adverts. With this plan, you’ll pay either $10, $50, or $75 for one month, six months, or one year respectively.
Spin credits for your website or app with credits ranging from 1,000 to 500,000 charges between $5 and $2,000.
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  1. Duplichecker

Duplichecker is a complete package that comprises a plagiarism checker, grammar check, spell check, and paraphrasing tool. The free tool is useful for rewriting to simple tasks like spell checking, and you don’t even need to register or sign up to use it.

Its paraphrasing tool or article spinner takes content and expresses it in a new way, which ordinarily would require hard work, time, research, and a comprehensive vocabulary when done manually.

With Duplichecker’s paraphrasing tool, you can save time and effort because it’s quick at processing and efficient besides being completely free.

When your content is rewritten, you can always use the plagiarism checker and grammar checker to ensure the copy is clean, unique, and original before publishing or using it.

The tool uses advanced AI and servers that process batches of content at a go. In addition, it has synonyms in its vast library of words, which together with the grammar and spell checkers give you the ultimate solution to your writing issues.

Duplichecker is used by teachers and students alike for assignments and theses, but bloggers and SEO writers also use it to check their content and keep their businesses running while driving traffic.

  1. GoParaphrase

GoParaphrase is a free paraphrasing tool operated by Ciel Bleu consulting. The software doesn’t need any credit card or sign ups for you to use it, just visit the website, enter your text, and hit the paraphrase button for the tool to rewrite your content.

The popular paraphrasing tool also has a built-in word simplifier that you can use to rephrase or rewrite your textual content in a way that’s easy for human readers to understand and scan through.

There are no premium plans to subscribe to so you won’t have to commit to anything as you would have with other paraphrasing tools.

  1. SEO Wagon

SEO Wagon is ideal for SEO specialists, content writers, or bloggers in search of unique artistic content for their services, products, and other online assets. The tool delivers unique and quality content from your original content, so you can use it on your social media or other online platforms.

The article rewriter or spinner uses over 500,000 synonyms in its dictionary and suggests the best fit you can use.

All you need to do is select the best content online and check it using the SEO Wagon article rewriter feature.

The engine will read your content and offer options to rewrite it based on your own preferences. Plus, it gives you appropriate synonyms, though you can always write your own words and generate content quickly.

While the tool is free to use, it has some drawbacks including the fact that you can’t rewrite the content more than once otherwise, the spinner will regard it as spam.

  1. Prepost SEO

Prepost SEO is an effective paraphrasing tool whose interface is easy to navigate without fuss or complication. The tool works on your textual content and rewrites it with ease.

To get started with this tool, you can enter your text from the original source and the tool will deliver the best rewritten content without changing the context of your content.

It rewrites content by replacing words with unique synonyms so as to deliver content that’s free of plagiarism.

Anyone can use Prepost SEO whether you’re a student, webmaster, professional, or freelancer. The free tool is developed from advanced algorithms and techniques to rewrite content and uses synonym and sentence changers to make your content unique from the original text.

Some of the powerful paraphrasing features it offers include the ability to upload a file (text, PDF, or .doc/.docx) with no restrictions and get the rewritten content in no time.

You can also copy and paste directly from the web, and the tool is safe for SEO, taking care of your content without affecting keyword structure.

Other features you’ll find with Prepost SEO include a plagiarism and readability checker, keyword density checker, and a grammar and plagiarism checker.

A word counter is also included to check the length of your content and character counts.

  1. CoderDuck

CoderDuck is a free online paraphrasing tool and article rewriter/spinner that spins or rewrites any content you have in seven different languages.

The one-click paraphrasing tool can rewrite articles in different formats, so you don’t have to waste time and effort which you would otherwise have spent in content promotion.

The free tool generates high-quality humanly readable content in a matter of seconds. You don’t have to sign up or register because the tool is 100 percent free for good.

Every article generated is at least 90 percent plagiarism-free and works smoothly in all web browsers.

Some of the languages the tool paraphrases to include English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Indonesian, and Turkish.

  1. Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter uses ENL (emulated natural language) semantic spinning technology to rewrite and deliver unique human-quality content that helps you rank better and higher on search engines.

The paraphrasing tool is packed with other perks including mass export, stock photo integration, and the ability to spin bulk content among others.

Plus, the tool works with all devices (desktop or more) and provides support for spintax styles. It can pinpoint word meanings for each word in your content and how the word relates to others in context.

Plus, the tool can compare your original text with the newly rewritten content, and you can add new and relevant images to your content.

You can also generate up to 1000 unique versions of your text, create new content by extracting data from paragraphs, spin bulk articles, and select the spintax style you want to use from five popular spintax formats.

Spin Rewriter offers premium plans you can take advantage of. The monthly plan costs $47 and offers unlimited article paraphrasing, bulk spinning, mass export, and access to the ENL spinning algorithm.

The annual/yearly plan costs $197 per year with a free 5-day trial, unlimited articles, ENL spinning algorithm, mass export, and bulk spinning. There are also video modules and seed articles with the yearly plan.

A Lifetime plan is also available for $497 (one-time payment), which gives you access to the bulk spinning, ENL spinning algorithm, mass export, and you can paraphrase unlimited articles.

Wrapping Up
Writing isn’t an easy task. It takes lots of time, hard work, and mental energy to do and complete.

With a tool that can ease the writing process and help you paraphrase your content, you can quickly and easily publish unique and human-quality content that can also rank higher on search engines.


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