Free WordPress Plugin For Lead Capture

There are many reasons why blogging is a great way to promote your business. Blogging can help you reach an audience that you might not be able to reach with traditional marketing methods like TV ads or newspaper ads.

You can also use blogging as a way to educate your customers and prospects about your product or service, so they can make more informed decisions about whether or not it’s right for them.

Blogging can help build trust between your brand and your customers, which means more people will be willing to buy from you when they need something in the future.

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Free WordPress Plugin For Lead Capture

Are you looking for lead generation plugins for WordPress?

With the right lead generation tools, you can capture details from customers so you can market your services to them in the future.

In this article, we’ll show you the best WordPress lead generation plugins to grow your email list and give your marketing campaigns a boost.

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What Is Lead Generation?
Lead generation is a term used in digital marketing. It’s the process of turning website visitors into potential customers.

A lead could be someone who downloaded an ebook, or they might have reached out to your sales team for a quotation. Depending on the way you qualify leads, you might follow up with these 2 groups of people in different ways.

WPForms is the best WordPress Form Builder plugin. Get it for free!
In all cases, WordPress lead generation plugins can help you to move your website visitors towards a sale. For best results, you’ll want a combination of plugins to attract and capture these different types of leads.

Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins
In this article, we’ll look at some powerful lead generation plugins that will help you strike that relationship with potential buyers.

WPForms – Best Form Builder Plugin
OptinMonster – Best Popup Plugin
PushEngage – Best Push Notification Plugin
All in One SEO – Best Optimization Plugin
MonsterInsights – Best Lead Magnet Tracking Plugin
SeedProd – Best Landing Page Plugin
TrustPulse – Best Notification Bar Plugin
HubSpot – All-in-One Marketing Plugin
LiveChat – Best Customer Service Plugin
RafflePress – Best Viral Sharing Plugin
MailPoet – Easy Email Marketing Plugin
Let’s start out with our #1 recommended WordPress plugin for lead generation.

  1. WPForms – Best Form Builder Plugin
    wpforms wordpress lead generation plugin

WPForms is the best contact form builder plugin. It’s an awesome WordPress lead generation plugin because you can easily integrate all of your favorite marketing services with your WordPress forms.

For example, the free version of WPForms integrates with Constant Contact, so you can easily create newsletter signup forms to grow your email list.

With WPForms Pro, you can install addons for your favorite email marketing tools and CRMs such as:

Campaign Monitor
You can also use Zapier to make lead capture forms and send the entries to Zoho CRM, Mautic, or SendFox.

With WPForms, you can grow your email list in two ways:

Create a signup form specifically to build your email list, or
Add an email signup checkbox to your regular contact forms, so you can add your visitors to your list automatically.
Making forms is simple because the drag and drop form builder opens in a fullscreen window. You can easily drag fields onto your forms and move them around to create your perfect form.

Edit SendFox WordPress newsletter signup form

Best of all, you can embed your lead generation form anywhere in your WordPress site including your posts, pages, sidebar widgets, and footers. There’s an embed wizard in the plugin, but you can also embed forms using shortcodes.

Embed download form on your WordPress website

WPForms also has integrations with Elementor and Divi.

With WPForms, the possibilities are endless. You’re not limited to just creating newsletter signup forms. You can create

Order forms
Coupon code forms
Lead magnet download forms
Custom login forms
User registration forms
Survey forms, and more.
If you’re looking for an awesome WordPress lead generation plugin, WPForms lets you get all of the customer information you need to grow your business.

Pricing: The best free contact form plugin, WPForms Lite, is 100% free forever. The paid version starts at $79/yr.

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  1. OptinMonster – Best Popup Plugin
    OptinMonster is the best lead generation software and the best WordPress popup plugin in the market.

OptinMonster homepage

OptinMonster allows you to create beautiful optin forms that are optimized for the highest conversion rates. Integration with your favorite email marketing tools such as AWeber, Mailchimp, InfusionSoft, GetResponse, and Constant Contact is a breeze.

OptinMonster is totally platform-independent. You can use it on any site to build:

Lightbox popups
Floating bars
Welcome mat popups
Exit intent popups
Sidebar forms
…and more.
It also has a WordPress lead generation plugin that you can install to quickly deploy campaigns on your site.

You can see a full list of OptinMonster features here. Let’s pick out a few favorites:

Exit-intent technology: You can prompt your website visitors to subscribe to your list at the precise moment they are about to leave your website.
A/B testing: You can test all elements of your forms such as headlines, copy, button colors, and even different designs to see what works best to boost conversions.
Page level targeting: You can build a segmented email list with targeted messages on specific pages or categories.
Built-in Analytics: With its built-in analytics tool, you can see which optins are performing the best.
OptinMonster is a powerful lead generation tool and a great investment for any business website. Check out our detailed OptinMonster review.

Pricing: OptinMonster is priced from $14/mo.

  1. PushEngage – Best Push Notification Plugin
    Sometimes a lead will visit your site before they’re ready to buy. But with browser push notifications, you can get those leads to come back to your website which gives you another shot at converting them.

PushEngage has an awesome WordPress lead generation plugin that makes it easy to run popup campaigns on your site.

pushengage website

You can easily set up push notifications based on different actions on your site, like publishing a new blog post. When the subscriber sees the notification, they can click to see the update right away.

It’s a great way to get your leads back to your website so you have multiple chances to convert them. And as you learn more about the power of browser push notifications, you’ll figure out tons of ways to get more leads with PushEngage.

For example, you can also use PushEngage to send abandoned cart notifications if someone visits your store without checking out.

Are you worried about using too many lead generation popups? Don’t worry. With PushEngage, your visitors can choose if they want to optin, so you don’t have to worry about sending notifications to people who don’t want them.

The basic plan is free and the plugin walks you through installing PushEngage in WordPress.

Pricing: PushEngage has a 100% free plan for up to 2,500 subscribers and 120 push notifications per month. Paid plans are priced from $29/mo.

  1. All in One SEO – Best Content Optimization Plugin
    To build an email list, you need traffic. And to get traffic, you need a site that’s optimized so that it shows up in organic search results.

The All in One SEO plugin lets you easily optimize every page on your website. It helps to get the best possible position for your keywords in search results by looking at every component of every page.

All in One SEO homepage

With All in One SEO, search engines understand exactly what your site’s about. They can drive valuable visitors who have a great chance of converting into leads. That’s why we included it in our list of WordPress lead generation plugins.

The great thing about All in One SEO is that it’s easy for beginners to set up. You can have it automatically generate optimized titles, alt tags, and more.

As your site grows, the plugin also has tons of advanced features to help you optimize and tweak every part of your site. We love the TruSEO on-page checker that helps you to optimize content in real time.

The more relevant traffic you get, the better your chances of converting those visitors into leads. All in SEO is an awesome way to get your content in front of the right people.

Pricing: All in One SEO is priced from $99/yr.

  1. MonsterInsights – Best Lead Magnet Tracking Plugin
    MonsterInsights is the best analytics plugin for WordPress. It pulls together all kinds of useful information from services like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Then it compiles the data into clear and actionable reports that anyone can understand.

MonsterInsights also has modules for WooCommerce store tracking and GDPR compliance.

MonsterInsights WordPress link tracking and analytics plugin

You can easily see track performance across your entire site in different ways without writing any code. MonsterInsights shows you:

Which pages are getting traffic
The links getting the most clicks
And it lets you measure your best performing call to action (CTA) buttons.
Over time, you get a super clear picture of how your site is growing and which content is attracting the most valuable visitors.

Tracking outbound links in WordPress with MonsterInsights

One of our favorite features in MonsterInsights is the file download tracking report. This tool lets you easily track the performance of lead magnets like ebooks. There’s no setup and no scripts to write. MonsterInsights recognizes common downloadable files and automatically keeps track of them.

With this WordPress lead generation plugin, you can easily see which assets are being downloaded the most and which ones need more work to boost their performance.

And here’s the best news: if you use WPForms to create your forms, MonsterInsights will also track your form conversions automatically. Read more in our full MonsterInsights review.

Pricing: There’s a free version of MonsterInsights. Paid licenses are priced from $199/yr.

  1. SeedProd – Best Landing Page Plugin
    Marketers know that landing pages are super important when you’re trying to get more leads from your website. But it’s tough to create a truly distraction-free WordPress page without making major changes to your theme.

That’s why you need SeedProd.

SeedProd is the best landing page builder plugin for WordPress. Its awesome drag and drop builder lets you build any kind of landing page and publish it instantly with a couple of clicks.

The plugin has tons of functionality. It comes with templates, blocks, and sections that you can customize easily to suit your lead magnet or campaign. You can also easily embed different forms you’ve made in WPForms.

Add a contact form to your coming soon page

We love making landing pages with SeedProd because it’s super versatile. You can use it to:

Create landing pages from templates
Make webinar signup forms
Publish contact forms on your landing pages
Send leads directly to email marketing services
Increase FOMO with countdown timers
Make custom coming soon pages and maintenance mode pages
Show or hide pages for different roles or IP addresses
Publish landing pages for different domains from 1 WordPress install.
If you’re looking for WordPress lead generation tools, SeedProd is a must. It automatically hides the WordPress header and footer on your lead capture form so that you can guide website visitors to a totally distraction-free environment.

Want to learn more? Check out more info and screenshots in our full SeedProd review.

Pricing: There’s a free version of SeedProd on the WordPress plugin repository. Paid licenses are priced from $79/yr.

  1. TrustPulse – Best Notification Bar Plugin
    TrustPulse shows notifications to your visitors as they browse your website.

These notifications create a sense of urgency and encourage your visitor to take action.

For example, TrustPulse can automatically show a notification when:

A visitor signs up for a subscription
Someone checks out on your store
A product in your online store is getting tons of traffic.
Select your campaign type in TrustPulse

You can choose where the notifications show up for maximum impact. For example, you might want to show someone an ‘On-Fire’ notification as they browse your blog. That popup could turn a casual visitor into a customer.

TrustPulse is also super flexible. Uou can customize the notifications to show a map of the customer’s location, or a picture of the product that’s just been purchased.

Stripe notification in TrustPulse

TrustPulse works with many popular eCommerce platforms and integrates easily with WooCommerce.

Pricing: TrustPulse is priced from $9/mo.

  1. HubSpot – All-in-One Marketing Plugin
    Do you want access to a variety of lead generation tools right from your WordPress dashboard? Then, HubSpot is the right plugin for you.

hubspot crm plugin

HubSpot for WordPress comes with an easy-to-use form builder. You can create form types like embedded form, standalone page, pop-up box, dropdown banner, and slide-in boxes.

In addition to the drag and drop form builder, HubSpot comes with other tools like email marketing and live chat.

Plus, the plugin includes HubSpot’s well-known CRM so that you can manage your contacts, segment them into lists, and see every interaction they’ve had with your website.

It integrates with WPForms as well so you can automatically send contacts from WordPress to the HubSpot CRM.

Pricing: HubSpot for WordPress is free. Paid plans are available starting from $50/mo.

  1. LiveChat – Customer Service Plugin
    livechat is one of the best software for wordpress

If you’re attracting the right audience to your site and you’re not seeing many conversions, you need to find out why. One of the best ways to figure it out is by asking your potential leads and customers about what keeps them from subscribing.

If you’re looking for live chat support software for WordPress websites, you might want to consider installing LiveChat. It’s an awesome WordPress lead generation plugin that lets you talk to your visitors in real time.

LiveChat also integrates with popular email marketing tools so you can connect with them and grow your email list. You and your agents can easily chat to customers on mobile, desktop, or tablet.

Pricing: LiveChat is priced from $16/mo for 1 agent.

  1. RafflePress – Best Viral Sharing Plugin
    Contests and giveaways are an exciting way to get more leads and build your email marketing list. Not only do contests attract tons of traffic, but they also increase FOMO – the ‘fear of missing out’.

RafflePress is the best giveaway plugin for WordPress. It lets you easily create custom contests that promote viral sharing and encourage visitors to refer a friend.

Get more leads with RafflePress

RafflePress comes with beautiful contest page templates that you can customize with your own images and branding. The drag and drop builder lets you quickly add your own text, buttons, and more.

You can quickly connect the giveaway to your email marketing service and reward customers with contest entries when they sign up. It’s an awesome WordPress lead generation plugin because it does all of the hard work for you.

It’s also easy to use RafflePress to get more social media followers. For example, you could give your visitors 2 extra entries when they follow you on Facebook, or one bonus entry for tweeting details of your contest. RafflePress lets you put recurring rewards on these incentives so that people can share details over and over to get more entries.

And of course, you can put a picture of your competition prize right on the landing page to increase that all-important FOMO.

Set up Refer-a-Friend in RafflePress

Running a contest with RafflePress is an easy way to build up your social following and get more leads, even if you’re a small business that’s just starting out. That’s why it’s one of our favorite lead generation plugins.

Pricing: There’s a free version of RafflePress on the WordPress plugin repository. Paid licenses are priced from $49/yr.

  1. MailPoet – Easy Email Marketing Plugin
    Which email marketing service should you use for your website? There are tons of options for basic newsletters are fully automated drip email campaigns.

MailPoet is a little different. It’s an email marketing plugin for WordPress that lets you get subscribers easily and then send different types of newsletters from the WordPress dashboard.

MailPoet homepage

You can easily get MailPoet subscribers using WPForms. Integrating your contact forms and order forms with your email marketing list means you can collect subscribers without using separate forms.

Add a subscriber to a list in MailPoet form

After that, you can make custom newsletters to send to your subscribers. MailPoet also lets you automatically notify subscribers when you publish a new blog post.

That’s an awesome way to turn your leads into regular readers who are engaged with your content long-term.

MailPoet new blog email

And if you’ve decided to start an online store with WooCommerce, MailPoet can automatically send followup emails to encourage your customers to repurchase.

MailPoet WooCommerce emails

Integrating different types of WordPress forms with MailPoet is a great way to get leads and keep them coming back for more.

Pricing: There’s a free version of MailPoet for up to 1,000 subscribers. Paid licenses are priced from €13/mo.

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Next: Don’t Forget Mobile Lead Generation
Did you know that 70% of online time is mobile browsing? If you want to get more leads, you need to consider your mobile visitors.

automated lead importer plugin

In business, lead generation often means the difference between success and absolute failure.

See how Kinsta stacks up against the competition.

Select your provider

When you start an agency, online store, blog, or small business, those people who come to your site aren’t going to stick around forever. Therefore, it’s essential to have some sort of system to either keep them around longer or prompt them to come back (and hopefully buy something). The best way to go about doing this is with one of the best WordPress lead generation plugins.

Some of these plugins are simple enough to install within two minutes. They’re meant for people who don’t want to mess with code but still crave stunning email optin forms. Some of the other WordPress lead generation plugins are built like suites, with social media sharing, email marketing, optins, and many other tools included.

Lead generation is a cluttered market, so we want to help you find the best solution for your organization.

Our Shortlist of the Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins in 2019
Holler Box
Elementor Popup Builder
Popup Domination
Thrive Leads
Capture & Convert
HubSpot WordPress Plugin

  1. Bloom
    If this were a beauty contest, Bloom would win the prize. It’s a plugin from Elegant Themes that you can get by signing up for the Elegant Themes membership program. That might get you thinking that it’s going to be expensive, but that’s not the case. In fact, an Elegant Themes membership costs only $89 per year, and it provides access to all themes and plugins, including Bloom. Therefore, you’re pretty much getting every possible element you need to design your website for $89 per year. There’s also a lifetime access option for a one-time fee of $249.

In terms of the Bloom plugin, it’s essentially a large variety of gorgeous optin forms. These can be placed anywhere on your site, from sidebars to inline blog areas. Even a quick glance at the template library shows something for everyone. You can start with different colors, styles, fields, and topics. Some of them look great for certain industries, while others turn out well for niche tasks like webinars.

Bloom WordPress plugin
Bloom WordPress plugin
Kinsta uses Bloom optin forms (as seen below) on its site for the same reason so many other people like Elegant Themes products like this one–they’re uncomplicated and good-looking. Overall, Bloom has a structure that brings in more email subscribers and allows for highly targeted content. Pair that with the incredible designs and you’ve found a great recipe for your lead generation.

Bloom opt-in
Kinsta Bloom optin
Best Features from this WordPress Lead Generation Plugin
The designs are both plentiful and the best-looking on the market.
You only have to pay for the $89 per year Elegant Themes membership to gain access to the Bloom plugin and everything else Elegant Themes has to offer.
Bloom has six different optin form display types, including an automatic optin popup, fly-ins, below content optin forms, widget area optin forms, and an unlock content optin.
Several triggers are available, where you can set something like a timed delay or wait for the customer to scroll to the bottom before revealing the optin form.
Bloom offers 16 email marketing integrations, which is more than we can say for some of the competition on this list. Some of them include AWeber, MailChimp, and Campaign Monitor. Overall, it looks like the majority of reputable providers are supported.

  1. MailOptin
    The MailOptin plugin offers call to actions, email optin forms, a WordPress popup, and a newsletter feature. It’s a solid WordPress lead generation plugin, with customer acquisition and marketing wrapped into one package. One of the reasons I like this option so much is because it’s made to integrate with the Elementor drag and drop page builder. Therefore, you can create a form or something similar with Elementor and combine that with MailOptin.

As with many of the WordPress lead generation plugins on this list, MailOptin has both free and premium versions. The free one provides lead generation and newsletter options, while the premium package has everything from event-triggered newsletters to A/B testing. The Standard package starts at $69 per year and that gets you a large set of features (such as site optin triggers, page targeting, and notification bars). The Pro plan sells for $169 per year and has items like advanced analytics, returning visitor detection, and a conversion backup. There’s also an Agency version for $269 per year.

MailOptin WordPress plugin
MailOptin WordPress plugin
Best Features from this WordPress Lead Generation Plugin
MailOptin delivers a free email optin plugin with the option to upgrade to an affordable yearly rate.
The optin forms are managed and edited in the WordPress Editor, and they all look simple and to the point.
The plugin offers exit-intent popups and slide-ins that trigger during certain times.
The Lead Bank tool stores leads along with essential data like the time of conversion and where the conversion occurred. In short, it gives you far more information than a regular lead generator.

  1. Holler Box
    If you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive way to generate leads and get more emails into your list, Holler Box is the way to go. It’s not only simple in terms of getting launched on your website, but it’s intuitive enough for all experience levels to take advantage of it. To start, quite a few features are offered for free, allowing you to test out the Holler Box plugin and see if it’s right for you. Who knows? You might only need to use the free version, or maybe you’ll find out that the Pro Version is better for your situation.

The free package supports unlimited popups, exit-intent popups, time delays, and scroll triggers. Some of the integrations are quite powerful, including Paid Memberships Pro and MemberPress. You can also incorporate eCommerce Buy buttons to convince folks to purchase directly from one of your optin forms. Other than that, the free version integrates with most of the top email marketing programs like MailChimp and Active Campaign.

Holler Box WordPress plugin
Holler Box WordPress plugin
Once you get into the Pro version of Holler Box you’ll gain access to content upgrades and what the developers call FOMO (fear of missing out) optins. These are unique to Holler Box since you’re able to tell a user that someone else (maybe a friend) just bought something, so they shouldn’t miss out. In addition, the Pro version offers a header banner, advanced targeting filters, and more popup designs. If you’d like to get all of the free features along with the FOMO popups, that’ll cost you $79 per year. This also includes one year of premium support and the ability to insert the boxes on five sites. For $99 per year, they throw in all pro features, all future pro add-ons, and support for 25 sites.

Best Features from this WordPress Lead Generation Plugin
It’s made in California by some excellent developers. They offer top-notch customer support, reasonable pricing, and of course, the free plugin to get a taste of what to expect.
The free version of the plugin is packed with goodies, including conversion rate analytics, the eCommerce Buy buttons, and exit-intent popups.
The FOMO popups are some of the more unique lead generation tools you can find. This is important for eCommerce sales since so many users make purchases based on what other people are doing.
You’re able to complete other tasks besides collecting emails. For instance, there’s a popup for announcing events without completely annoying the user.
There’s a tool called a chat email capture, where you can chat with your customers through a box and ask them to punch in their email address during the process.
The optin forms are sleek, simple, and fully customizable. If you’re not into complicated settings or over-the-top optin forms, this is for you.

  1. Elementor Popup Builder
    Elementor offers a drag and drop popup builder, theme builder and page builder all built into one tool. The popup builder is integrated into WordPress, which means you can create popups for any WordPress page, even one not created in Elementor. With Elementor, you can use all your content from WordPress and incorporate it inside your popups. This includes images, posts, WooCommerce products, ACF custom fields and pretty much any other plugin.

Elementor Popup Builder
Elementor Popup Builder
The popups can be populated with WordPress data, so you can personalize the popups with your user’s name, for example.

Creating popups inside Elementor means the entire web design process, from building the landing page, setting up popups and creating an entire funnel, all is done using one workflow. You are also not restricted to any set design, and can use Elementor’s variety of widgets and design features to reach any popup design you like.

If you are already using Elementor Pro, you don’t need to install any additional plugin. It’s included in the pricing package: $49 for 1 site, $99 for 3 sites and $199 for unlimited sites. There are no limits on pageviews with any of these plans.

Best Features from this WordPress Lead Generation Plugin
100+ designer-made popup templates, including classic, fly-in, bottom bar, full screen, hello bar and slide in.
Pay $49 per year, and get the Popup Builder, as well as theme builder and page builder.
Superior design, with all the power of Elementor, its features and widgets.
One interface and no switching back and forth.
Include your content from Elementor, WordPress, WooCommerce and website.
Zero setup, no need to install another plugin (built-into Elementor Pro).
No limits of pageviews, popups or websites.
Advanced Targeting: Page-based, time-based, device-based & visitor-based targeting, behavior-driven targeting (clicks, scrolling, form submit and more).
Exit-intent popup capabilities.
Responsive design editing.
Email Marketing Integrations: MailChimp, Drip, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, HubSpot, Zapier, GetResponse, MailerLite, MailPoet, Slack, Discord.
The fastest workflow to create and manage multiple popups.

  1. Icegram
    With the Icegram plugin, you receive welcome bars, optins, and some other lead generation tools. It’s a free plugin with several premium plugins to buy as packages. The free version provides everything from messengers to action bars, and popups to toasts. Once you upgrade, you’ll pay $97 per year for the Pro plan, with exit-intent targeting, campaign stats, badges, and inline messages. Finally, the $147 per year plan throws in some of the more advanced features like A/B testing, geo-targeting, and optin exit animations.

I’m not a huge fan of the A/B testing being listed in the most expensive plan, but that’s how it goes sometimes. The main reason I would consider Icegram over some of the others is because of the several unique features like badges, messengers, stickies, and ribbons.

Icegram WordPress plugin
Icegram WordPress plugin
It’s absolutely possible to run your entire lead capture operation with the free version, but I have a feeling the majority of companies will find that some of the premium features are required.

Best Features from this WordPress Lead Generation Plugin
The Icegram plugin provides a completely free plan with access to a library of templates and several tools for your popups.
You’ll be able to target your customers with the help of exit-intent marketing, advanced targeting, and the simple A/B testing. Combine this with the actionable reports and you’re well on your way to providing the most relevant content to your customers.
The plugin provides a selection of 12 types of optins, all of which you can create within a matter of minutes. Some of the optin forms include popups, floating action bars, inlines, and messengers to engage visitors.
The geo-targeting tools help with honing in on what your customers want based on their city, state, country, or continent.
Icegram has a call to action targeting feature, which allows you to include things like forms, links, and downloads on your optins.

  1. Popup Domination
    Popup Domination can be integrated into any type of website, not just a WordPress one. That said, it offers a free, 14-day trial for testing out the service and seeing if it’s right for you. After the trial, you can sign up for the Starter package, which goes for $9 per month and gets you 10,000 views for your popup forms. The next level is $19 per month for 30,000 views, then $29 per month for 100,000 views. As you can see, the pricing is far more flexible and understandable, since it only relies on the popup optin form views. If you don’t have that many people coming to your website, there’s no need to spend much money.

All of the Popup Domination features are packed into every plan. The forms are built to increase subscribers and sales, and it’s all done by copying and pasting a bit of HTML code into your website. Therefore, you can technically incorporate the forms into any part of your website. It’s not quite as easy as a WordPress plugin, but you don’t need to be a development expert.

Popup Domination WordPress plugin
Popup Domination WordPress plugin
Although it’s tough to beat the visual spectacle coming from the Bloom plugin, Popup Domination does a great job of making comparable designs. You can find optin forms with countdown timers, multiple fields, images, beautiful colors, and animations. You can also go for the standard email optin themes or change it to something unique like an optin form with a redirect to another page.

As mentioned, all of the Popup Domination plans have the same features. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about missing out on something from another plan. This means A/B testing is there for all customers, along with analytics, popup triggers, and exit popups.

Best Features from this WordPress Lead Generation Plugin
The Popup Domination template library offers a wide range array of options, with varying colors, styles, sizes, locations, and functionalities. So, you might have a Yes/No popup, or anything from email optins to timers and progress bars.
The pricing makes it easy to decide on which package you should go with. All of the features are included in each plan so you only need to worry about how many views your optin form popups are going to see.
I really enjoy the redirect themes, which are popup forms to send people to other places like sales and affiliate pages.
You receive all of the essentials like exit-intent popups, popup triggers, and A/B testing, all without having to pay too much.
Since the app is installed by pasting in simple HTML code, you don’t have to worry whether or not Popup Domination has a plugin or add-on for your website platform. This way, just about everyone can enjoy Popup Domination.

  1. GetSiteControl
    As you’ll notice in the GetSiteControl plugin’s graphic below, it creates far more than your standard popup forms. You also get surveys, follow buttons, share tools, chat boxes, and more. The vast majority of companies will do just fine with the free version, but you might think about upgrading to the Premium or Pro plans if needed. The free option provides all widget types, frequency settings, unlimited widgets, custom colors, and scheduling, all for one site. You pay $19 per month for the Plus plan, but it supports more monthly views and you get things like integrations, start triggers, and exit popups. Finally, the Pro plan allows for unlimited views and for the managing of multiple users and user access rights.

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GetSiteControl WordPress plugin
GetSiteControl WordPress plugin
As I mentioned, I feel like most individuals and organizations will feel comfortable at first with the free plan. It comes with a chat widget for speaking with your customers and providing quick customer support. There’s also a subscribe widget for building your email list, and that pairs nicely with the over 25 email integrations. Besides the email lead generation tools, you’ll be able to generate surveys for feedback and contact widgets for people to send in emails.

The promo widget is ideal for sending out any kind of notification, such as promotional messages like sales and discounts. You can also find some social sharing and following buttons in this plugin, removing the need to download a completely different plugin for the same purpose.

Best Features from this WordPress Lead Generation Plugin
The GetSiteControl plugin delivers quite the punch in the free version, with optin forms in nine widget positions, and features like scheduling, custom colors, real-time stats, and responsive widgets.
This is more than a WordPress lead generation plugin, since it provides other excellent features like the contact widget, promo widget, share buttons, and chat box.
GetSiteControl has the option to activate exit-intent popups, which are essential for keeping people on your website.
The Google Analytics integration ensures that you receive the best information about your optins.
The GetSiteControl plugin automatically matches the optin form colors to the colors on your website.
You can play around with the A/B testing to see which of your strategies works best.
The surveys are nice for getting a feel for what users like about your site. You can even integrate these with your lead generation tools, like in an email marketing campaign.

  1. SumoMe
    The SumoMe platform is one of the more well-known WordPress lead generation plugins on the market. It’s best to go to the main Sumo website to get a full idea of what’s offered and to understand how much you could be paying. For smaller websites, Sumo makes sense if you’d like a handful of email collection tools with autoresponders, visitor targeting, and email campaigns. However, that free plan is limited to 200 subscribers, so you’re going to run out of room fast if your company is growing.

After that, the Sumo suite is pretty darn impressive. However, the pricing jumps up quickly. For instance, the Professional plan is meant for bloggers and consultants. It sells for $24 per month and still only allows for 750 subscribers. But you start to get into more advanced features like A/B testing, click triggers, and browser push notifications.

SumoMe WordPress plugin
SumoMe WordPress plugin
If you’d like unlimited subscribers, you have to jump to the Small Business plan for $59 per month. This adds some content upgrades and a chat box for customer support. The final plan is called eCommerce and that’s listed at $199 per month. It has discount codes and a Shopify integration. As you can see, Sumo isn’t cheap. However, it’s built for turning your leads into customers and convincing them to buy more often.

Best Features from this WordPress Lead Generation Plugin
Sumo offers a free plan that supports up to 200 subscribers and basic email integrations.
Several plugins come with the Sumo service, including WordPress, Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Magento.
The email optin forms are modern and flexible, with a powerful builder for customizing it however you want.
You receive more than just email optin forms with the full suite packages. For example, some of the plans have content analytics, social sharing buttons, and other interesting tools like heat maps.
One of the main reason we like Sumo is because of the fullscreen welcome mat. This covers the entire screen and prompts people to sign up for your email list (or complete some other task) before moving onward.
All of the tools are consolidated into one area of the dashboard. Some of them also integrate with each other, making for a fluid workflow.

  1. Hustle
    Similar to Elegant Themes, WPMUDEV sells memberships instead of individual products. So, you would pay $49 per month (after a 30-day trial) and receive all of the plugins needed for complete website development. This includes everything for security, marketing, SEO, performance, and more. Therefore, the Hustle plugin is also thrown in with this premium membership. However, Hustle also has a free version, with popups, slide-ins, embeds, and custom content ads. Most of these are quite limited in the free version (like one free email optin form,) but you can always upgrade to the monthly fee if you need more.

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Hustle WordPress plugin
Hustle WordPress plugin
I personally don’t think the free version is that usable for the majority of businesses, so I’m going to mainly cover the premium features. Overall, the plugin is meant to turn your website visitors into loyal subscribers or leads, using slide-ins, social sharing, and popups. The forms grab attention and work well with all of the major email providers. You can take a prebuilt layout and tweak that to fit your own brand, while also using the metrics to understand how many leads you’re bringing in.

The WPMUDEV pricing isn’t exactly the cheapest, but you know you’re at least getting an incredible selection of plugins. I like it best for developers and agencies. Those with one or two sites can skip it.

Best Features from this WordPress Lead Generation Plugin
There’s a free Hustle plugin to test and see if you like it at all.
The WPMUDEV membership gives you access to over 100 plugins, not just Hustle.
The Hustle templates are modern and minimal, allowing you to quickly design them and make sure they don’t bother your customers that much.
The simple design options are great for keeping your forms consistent with your brand.
You also gain access to some social sharing buttons.
One of the more unique features is a slide-in that still reveals itself when the user has an adblocker activated.
You have the option to catch visitors before they leave with the exit-intent popups.

  1. Thrive Leads
    Thrive Leads is another very popular lead generation and optin form plugin in the WordPress community which boasts an incredible feature set. The same team builds and develops Thrive Themes, but you can use the plugin with any theme. They have always been very conversion-focused when it comes to building products, which is a huge bonus! If there is a way to maximize conversions, you can count on these guys to implement it into their plugin.

It has almost every optin form you could think of and integrations with all the popular email marketing providers. It also includes advanced reporting, an A/B testing engine, and actionable reporting and insights. If you are a data junkie, this is probably the lead generation plugin you should go with. 1 license is $67 or you can get 5 licenses for $97. If you’re interested in using other Thrive WordPress products you can get instant access to everything they have with a $19/month membership.

Thrive Leads WordPress plugin
Thrive Leads WordPress plugin
Best Features from this WordPress Lead Generation Plugin
The plugin is driven by data and conversions.
Has 40+ direct API integrations: MailChimp, Drip, MailGun, SendGrid, Postmark, GetResponse, Aweber, and many more.
9 optin form types: Lightbox Overlay (Popup), 2-Step Optin, Optin Widget, In-Content Form, Ribbon, Slide-In, Screen Filler, Content Lock, and Multi-Step Forms.
Amazing optimization rules to put your CRO on auto-pilot.
Tons of advanced targeting options.

  1. Capture & Convert
    Capture & Convert comes with 5 “widgets” for marketers to add to their toolkit:

Email to Unlock widget – use their email widget for your standard email capture (newsletter, etc.) or as a means to gate a content upgrade (ebook, checklist, etc).
Follow to Unlock widget – entice visitors to follow you on social media. This is one of the few WP plugins that support YouTube and Instagram.
Share to Unlock widget – “lock” a content upgrade behind a widget in exchange for a share on social media.
Call to Action widget – if you’re looking to promote a new case study, product or blog post, use this widget to insert a banner into your blog posts to drive traffic to your desired location.
Floating widget – this widget sits unobtrusively in the bottom corner of a visitor’s screen. Always in sight, never annoying.
The form template library features dozens of clean, sleek and on-trend design templates that are ready to go out of the box. They also built in the ability to customize forms as well. It’s easy to match your fonts, colors, add in logos and custom images to your widget’s design.

There are premium versions of the plugin as well. The free version lets you use it on one site only, has limited form templates, and includes access to 3 of 5 widgets. The premium versions (starting at $19/month) give you access to more templates, all widgets, and use on more sites.

Capture & Convert WordPress plugin
Capture & Convert WordPress plugin
Best Features from this WordPress Lead Generation Plugin
There’s a free version of Capture & Convert which has more than you need for everyday WordPress tasks.
It runs on shortcodes, meaning you can easily customize it to offer personalized opt-ins
With the premium versions, plenty of options to customize the forms and make them match your branding.
The plugin is lightweight.
Good support, even for the free version.

  1. HubSpot WordPress Plugin
    This is the plugin for you if you’re looking for a free, all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer service plugin. With HubSpot WordPress Plugin, you have several options to capture leads on your website. Once those leads are in, they are automatically stored in the free-forever HubSpot CRM. You can then use this contact database to further track information or segment it for email marketing campaigns.

HubSpot WordPress Plugin
HubSpot WordPress Plugin
With this plugin, you can create lead capture forms, popups, top banners, and slide-in boxes. Simply use the drag-and-drop form builder to build the form and control what information you collect from your leads.

Beyond forms, HubSpot can also help you generate leads via its free live chat module. This module allows your team to interact with website visitors and offer real-time sales information or customer support.

Best Features from this WordPress Lead Generation Plugin
Choose which pages you want your popups displayed on with HubSpot’s advanced filtering based on your visitors’ behaviors.
Live chat and chatbot builder capabilities for lead generation.
Built-in analytics and dashboard.
Free-forever, unlimited CRM included in the plugin, to help store and manage your leads and contacts.
300+ native integrations including Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, Stripe, and more.
Works great with Zapier, so you can easily connect your tools together.
Additional Resources
Looking for more lead generation strategies? Check out these 20 lead generation ideas that brought 200,000 leads. Or if you run an online store, here are some unique ecommerce strategies. If you want to find the best e-mail marketing software for your business, I’d recommend you check out our articles about Mailchimp and its alternatives.

Which of the WordPress Lead Generation Plugins is for You?
As you can see, not all WordPress lead generations plugins are made the same. Some have numerous features and full suites, while others are more like opt-in form libraries.

If you still have some questions about which plugin to go with, take a look at our suggestions below.

For the simplest, lightweight WordPress lead generation plugin – Holler Box.
If you want the best-looking optin forms – Bloom or Elementor.
For the simplest pricing – Popup Domination.
If you’re a conversion focused data junkie – Thrive Leads.
For a full suite with optin forms and other tools like chat boxes and surveys – GetSiteControl, SumoMe, or Elementor.
If you run an agency of development company and need a lead generator for many sites – Hustle.
And that’s all we have to say about WordPress lead generation plugins! If you have any questions about this article, or if you’d like to explain your experiences with some of the plugins, let us know in the comments below.

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