Free WordPress Plugin For User Registration And Login

See plugins that allow you to create a registration and login form for your website, with the ability to add fields for user name, email address, password, and password confirmation.

You can also set up an optional field for displaying a custom message after successful login. This is a great tool for building a simple user management system on your website!

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Free WordPress Plugin For User Registration And Login

If you need to register users on your website, you must use the best WordPress free registration plugin.

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Making users or customers register is the first priority for any business owner. All you need is a front-end registration form on your site. And you can create one without any trouble with the help of WordPress registration plugins.

In this article, we’ve listed the best WordPress registration plugins that are available to you. But before that, let’s learn why a WordPress registration plugin is essential for every website.

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Why Do You Need a WordPress Registration Plugin?

7 Best WordPress Free Registration Plugins

  1. User Registration
  2. Profile Builder
  3. RegistrationMagic
  4. UsersWP
  5. Ultimate Member
  6. WP User Frontend
  7. Registration Forms

Why Do You Need a WordPress Registration Plugin?

Although WordPress provides you an option to manually register users, it’s not feasible for large websites with thousands of active users. Using a WordPress registration plugin allows you to register users on your site in a time-efficient and systematic way.

In the first place, you can create a custom registration form for your site with the help of a WordPress registration form builder. While creating the form, you can customize the form fields according to your requirements.

Moreover, you can assign the user roles automatically through the registration form which saves so much time. Other than that, a WordPress registration plugin offers various user approval methods, spam protection, user reports, and so much more. So, why miss out?

If you’re tight on budget, there’s no need to worry. You can just use a WordPress free registration plugin that lets you register users on your website effortlessly.

We’ve explored 7 of the best free WordPress plugin for user registration and login below. So, let’s get started right away.

7 Best WordPress Free Registration Plugins

  1. User Registration

    User Registration plugin is undoubtedly the best WordPress free registration plugin out there. It’s super user-friendly with its simple and intuitive design. The plugin allows you to create a WordPress registration form in a few clicks.
    Because of the easy drag and drop form builder, creating a registration form with the desired form fields is a piece of cake. You can easily add multiple rows and columns to your form.

Moreover, the plugin comes with a front-end profile account page for users. Not to mention, the users can edit their own profile, change passwords, log out, and more.

Besides that, there are various form settings that allow you to customize the functions of your registration form. Although the free plugin is self-sufficient, it’s extendible with 14 premium add-ons that add more functionalities to your custom registration forms.

Key Features:

  • Fully compatible with WooCommerce
  • Assign default user roles
  • In-built login form available
  • Google reCAPTCHA support (v2 and v3)
  • User data export in CSV
  1. Profile Builder

    Profile Builder Best Free WordPress Plugin for User Registration and Login
    If you want a WordPress free registration plugin that allows users to easily modify their user profile then, Profile Builder is the plugin for you. With the use of shortcodes, you can easily create front-end login, user registration, and edit profile forms.

There’s even a list of shortcodes that the plugin provides for displaying forms. For example, you can use the shortcodes [wppb-register] for the registration form and [wppb-edit-profile] to edit the profile form.

Similarly, you can restrict pages and posts on your site with Profile Builder. It also enables you to assign user roles, both default and custom roles, during registration.

Key Features:

  • Set specific profile fields as visible in front-end
  • Enable email confirmation during registration
  • Redirect users after registration or login to desired page
  • Customizable user login widget
  • Invisible reCAPTCHA support
  1. RegistrationMagic

    RegistrationMagic is next on our list as the best free WordPress plugin for user registration and login. Despite being free, it offers tons of features that are more than enough for creating a custom registration form. You can then replace the disable the default WordPress registration form, and display the custom registration form in its place.

Besides that, you can track form submissions and analyze stats from the admin dashboard. What’s more, you can even accept payments with PayPal integration.

All in all, you can make a simple or complex registration form free of charge using RegistrationMagic.

Key Features:

  • Send bulk emails to users
  • Add custom fields to WooCommerce checkout registration form
  • Create new user roles
  • Enable users to download form submissions
  • Let users reset their password
  1. UsersWP

    If you’re looking for a lightweight plugin that won’t hamper your site’s performance, try UsersWP.

This free WordPress plugin for user registration and login is one of the best available. Thanks to its compatibility with major page builders like Divi and Elementor, making the process of creating registration forms and user profiles much more convenient.

So, creating an online community of users is fast, secure, and cost-efficient. Better yet, you get two add-ons, Social Login and reCAPTCHA absolutely free of cost.

Key Features:

  • Assign custom user roles
  • Create unlimited forms for your site
  • Customizable Users Directory
  • Place custom menu items in user profiles
  • Password recovery and reset forms
  • Get UsersWP Now!
  1. Ultimate Member

    Ultimate Member is another WordPress free registration plugin, perfect for creating a membership website. The plugin allows your users to register through front-end registration forms and become members of your site effortlessly.

Along with creating registration forms with custom form fields, you can use this plugin to create an advanced online community thriving with members. Plus, you’re able to build beautiful front-end user profiles for all your members as well.

Also, Ultimate Member is highly extendible with a range of paid extensions that adds more functions to your forms. So, you can create a vibrant website where users can sign-up, become a member, and manage user profiles effortlessly.

Key features:

  • Member directories available
  • Conditional logic for form fields
  • Show author posts in user profiles
  • Conditional navigation menus
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop form builder
  1. WP User Frontend

    WP User Frontend WordPress Free Registration Plugin
    WP User Frontend is yet another WordPress free registration plugin that’s perfect for managing members, user profiles, and post submissions. It includes a front-end dashboard, editor, and uploader which allows users to edit their profile and create new posts without any trouble.

Moreover, the plugin lets you create multiple registration forms, and display them on your site using the Gutenberg block editor. Or, you can copy and paste the shortcode provided for each form to any WordPress page.

With this plugin, you can also enable certain user roles to create posts from the front end. Likewise, you can set post status, post messages, and even update post button text.

Key Features:

  • Custom redirection after login
  • Schedule forms and limit entries
  • Easily import/export forms
  • Create subscription packs to receive payment
  • Allow users to upload attachments
  1. Registration Forms
    Registration Forms WordPress Free Registration Plugin
    Registration Forms enables you to create mobile responsive registration forms for your WordPress site with a drag and drop builder. Since this free plugin is compatible with PayPal Standard, you can accept payments through the registration forms as well.

Moreover, you’ll be able to moderate user registrations through the dashboard and verify users before granting them access to your site. You also get user and admin email notification templates that you can customize as per your needs.

Key Features:

  • Password-less registration
  • Enable invite-based registration
  • Basic content restriction available
  • Shortcode support
  • Allows to import/export form data

Creating a custom registration form is essential for every website may it be e-Commerce, blog, or software-based. And with the help of a good WordPress free registration plugin, you can upgrade the way you register users.

The plugins we’ve mentioned come with a unique set of features despite the few similarities. So, you can simply choose the one that fits your website requirements best.

However, we recommend the User Registration plugin. It enables you to create a free sign-up form for WordPress without needing any coding skills. That’s not all. You can even create survey forms and contact forms with this drag and drop form builder.

Best free wordpress plugin for user registration and login

If you are running a membership site, forum site, or WooCommerce site, you must need a WordPress user registration plugin to get your members registered to your website to extend their user experience and functionalities.

You might think that the WordPress User Registration plugin only helps your user create an account on your site. Instead, it helps you get organized data and detailed account data about your customer to help you analyze and grow your business strategy.

If you use a WordPress user registration plugin, you can add custom fields, conditional logic, file upload options to your user registration forms. However, these plugins also help you to add or Captcha for better spam protection, create user profiles, user roles, and much more.

Anyone can make their user login and registration process much smoother and organized with the help of a WordPress User registration plugin. A WordPress user registration plugin can tighten the security layers to your login pages.

You may find it too hard to get the best one, but that is time-consuming. Besides, there are tons of plugins out there, and it’s growing day by day. We have done the research and collected the best WordPress User Registration Plugins to save you valuable time.

6+ Best Free User Registration Plugins to consider in 2023

User Registration

Are you looking for one of the best front-end WordPress user registration plugins? Try User Registration. It provides you with the Drag & Drop feature to add and remove any field you need to create your user registration form.

It is lightweight enough to let your site remain fast and create any registration form you want. You can create an unlimited number of registration forms and place them in your posts and pages using shortcodes.

If you want to create a form real quick, use their professionally designed form templates, and it saves time from creating one from scratch. The Form Designer also allows you to design the forms to match your site using the Style Customizer.

Moreover, this plugin also supports the front-end profile account page, password change, log in and logout form, etc. Whenever a user gets registered, both users and the admin get an email notification.

Other cool features include an inbuilt login form, spam protection, form import-export, smart conditional logic, multi-step form, and much more.

Top Features

  • Drag & drop form builder
  • Unlimited registration forms
  • Multiple Column Design
  • Shortcode support
  • Import/export registration form
  • Spam protection
  • Email customizer
  • Translation ready
  • Advanced fields (Premium)
  • WooCommerce integration (Premium)
  • Conditional logic (Premium)
  • PDF form submission and file upload (Premium)

Price: Good news is that this WordPress user registration plugin is free though they also have a premium version. The premium version is needed when you want to try out the premium features. The premium version will cost you $69/year for a single site.


RegistrationMagic lets you create magical user registration forms in a snap of a finger and provides you the total control of user registration on your website. With the different predefined form fields, you can create various registration forms for your other users.

Using the plugin, you have the freedom of adding unlimited custom fields, assign users to a specific user role, allow users to attach files, showing form expiry countdown, and much more. If you want to create advanced registration forms, you can charge for each registration and offer different payment plans.

Since the plugin is user-friendly, it displays a popup that offers you a tour of the plugin and gets you familiar with every section and component of the plugin. It provides you 90 robust features with three extensions though the premium version offers extra 42 advanced extensions.

The exciting part of the plugin is that it features shortcodes for three dedicated ready-to-use sample forms, which you can copy and paste on your website’s custom pages. You can add a captcha for spam protection.

You will be thrilled even more to know that RegistrationMagic lets you do more besides creating WordPress user registration forms such as accept payments, track form submissions, analyze stats, etc.

Top Features

  • User registration dashboard
  • Unlimited registration forms
  • Multiple layouts
  • Spam protection
  • Email notification
  • File attachments
  • User roles
  • Custom Password restriction (Premium)
  • WordPress user Registration Auto-Approval (Premium)
  • Unique Custom Fields (Premium)
  • Submit Submission data to an external URL (Premium)

Price: Try the free version of this WordPress user registration plugin from the WordPress repository. The price or premium version is $89 for a single site per year.

Profile Builder

Profile Builder is one of the best all-in-one user profile plugins that helps you to create front-end login, user registration forms, and edit profile forms using shortcodes. The plugin also provides you with the Role Editor for managing user roles and restricting content based on users.

For managing user registration, it provides plenty of options. For instance, you can activate or deactivate email notifications, enforce advanced passwords, assign users to different user roles, admin approval for new users, and many more.

Profile Builder is more than a regular WordPress user registration form plugin since it allows you to create a front-end user profile area, front-end member directory, etc. You can also create a lightweight membership site.

As the plugin comes with a long list of features, some noteworthy features are the drag & drop form builder, Custom CSS support, Conditional fields, spam protection, multiple registration forms, and many more.

The shortcodes with the plugin are divided into front-end user registration, login, user profile & password recovery forms. All you need is to place the shortcodes within your posts or page sections. It is best for people who love working with shortcodes.

You can create an unlimited number of user registration forms and add endless custom fields. However, conditional logic is only available in the premium version.

Top Features

  • Drag & Drop user registration form builder
  • Shortcode support
  • Email confirmation
  • Redirect users after login
  • Roles Editor
  • Content restriction
  • Enforce minimum password strength
  • reCAPTCHA support
  • Conditional logic (Pro)
  • Multiple registration forms with different profile fields (Pro)
  • Advanced add-ons (Pro)
  • Email customizer (Pro)

Price: Use this fantastic WordPress user registration plugin for free. To access the pro features, purchase the plugin for €69 for a single site for a year.


If you’ve been looking for a WordPress user registration plugin that is entirely compatible with the famous page builders and Gutenberg block, UsersWP is the plugin you are looking for. This is what makes the plugin stand out from other plugins.

It is fully compatible with page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, Oxygen, and many other page builders. Like the rest of the plugin above, this plugin features front-end user profiles, user directory, login forms besides creating user registration forms.

Like the Profile Builder, UsersWP comes with various shortcodes. It offers multiple shortcodes for a registration form, user profile, author box, password change form, user directory, etc. These shortcodes are also available as blocks and widgets to facilitate the user with the page builders.

This plugin is lightweight & straightforward that offers you basic functionalities to create user registration forms and front-end user profiles. It takes seconds to set up and takes a few minutes to set up excellent user registration forms using an inbuilt drag & drop form builder.

Moreover, the plugin provides Social Login and ReCAPTCHA extensions for free. There are also premium add-ons like MailChimp, myCRED, Profile Progress, Easy Digital Downloads, and many more.

Top Features

  • Drag & Drop form builder
  • Custom form field
  • Login form
  • User profiles
  • User directory
  • Shortcode support
  • Social Login and ReCAPTCHA as free extensions
  • bbPress add-ons support (Premium)
  • Easy digital downloads integration (Premium)
  • Realtime notifications (Premium)
  • Multisite on user registration (Premium)

Price: Get this simple WordPress registration form for free. For the premium add-ons, you have to pay $99 every four months.

Easy Registration Forms

Easy Registration Form is another brilliant WordPress user registration plugin that lets you create any form, from contact forms to user registration forms.

Creating a simple to complex form is also possible using Easy Registration Forms. You can even create multi-step or multi-page registration forms too. With their drag & drop form builder, anyone can effortlessly create unique unlimited forms using unlimited custom fields.

The forms created with the plugin are 100% responsive. Therefore, it works perfectly only on any device. You can even add conditional logic to show or hide specific fields based on the other field values. It also restricts user access to content as per the user roles.

Furthermore, You also get to define if you want to get notifications for every new form submission. Other features include GDPR tools, analytics tools, collect payments, reCAPTCHA configuration, etc.

Top Features

  • Drag & Drop form building interface
  • Multi-page form
  • Custom user meta filed integration
  • User registration notification
  • User role-based form access
  • Membership plans
  • Responsive form design
  • Submission views (Premium)
  • GDPR compliant (Premium)
  • Accept payments (Premium)
  • Conditional logic (Premium)

Price: Get the free version from the WordPress repository. The premium version will cost you $59 for a single site.

WP User Manager

If you want a premium and highly flexible WordPress user registration plugin, WP User Manage would be the perfect pick for you. It provides you complete control over your user registration forms since the plugin is flexible enough.

You can easily embed your registration form in any place using shortcodes. Furthermore, the plugin also lets you create user registration emails, display member directories, define content restrictions based on user roles, etc.

For user roles, WP User Manager allows you to modify each user’s functions and capabilities. You can even create new user roles or duplicate the existing rules. You can also let your user update their password from their account page.

Whenever a new user registers on your website, both you and your user get email notifications. Plus, you can even modify the notification email. Moreover, the plugin also provides you with a custom widget to display user data and forms in the sidebar.

Top Features

  • Front-end forms
  • Custom email notifications
  • Custom avatars
  • Shortcode editor
  • Password management
  • Custom redirects
  • Roles editor
  • Custom fields (Premium)
  • Custom Registration form (Premium)
  • Private content (Premium)
  • Social login & Registration (Premium)

Price: For the free version, you do not have to pay a single penny. Download the free version from the WordPress repository. The premium version will cost you $149/year for a single site.

Pie Register

Last but not least, we have the Pie Register, which helps you create a better-looking user profile, user registration forms, and many more.

It features fantastic options like membership fees, two-step authentication, block users, role-based redirection, etc. The plugin has the drag & drop functionality for creating online forms. Therefore, you can easily customize the look of your form and use any custom fields.

One of the plugin’s outstanding features is invitation-only registration, allowing users to join only those who have the invitation mail. You can also create advanced forms using conditional logic.

You can also add customizable login security by adding Captcha, which also works for spam protection. For more security concerns, this plugin allows you to set up an unsuccessful login attempt limit.

Besides, you can define the time limit to log in again after a while when a user exceeds the maximum unsuccessful login attempts and locked out from login or registration. Adding a custom user role is also possible, along with creating one.

Top Features

  • Front-end user profile & login
  • Verify and moderate registrations
  • Add redirection link after sign-up and login
  • Invitation only registration(Premium)
  • Custom user roles(Premium)
  • Auto-generate new password
  • Spam protection and Captcha support
  • File upload(Premium)
  • Admin email notification templates(Premium)
  • Auto-login after registration(Premium)

Price: The free version is downloadable from the WordPress repository. The premium version is much cheaper than any other plugin on the list. The cost of a license for a single site for a lifetime is $39.99.

All the plugins are equally capable enough to fulfil the essential purpose of creating user registration forms.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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