Google Local Seo Tools

Google local SEO tools are tools that are designed to help your website rank higher in the search results of Google. Google is the most popular search engine and as such, getting your site to appear on the first page of Google Search is the best way to get traffic to your site.

Google has a very effective algorithm for determining which sites will appear on their front page. The algorithm is called a PageRank system and it looks at many different factors to determine if a site is worthy of appearing on the front page. One of these factors is keywords, which are words that are used within the content of your website. Another factor is links pointing back to your site from other websites.

Google Local Seo Tools

The importance of local SEO in digital marketing cannot be overestimated. Maintaining an online 

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presence is a very significant factor for both local and global businesses.

Local SEO tools can assist with improving your presence and engaging your audience. Local SEO tools can help track rankings, provide competitor insight, assist with developing SEO-optimized keywords, monitor performance, and encourage customer engagement.  

In this guide, we share some of the best local SEO tools on the market right now. From free  SEO tools like Google My Business tools within Semrush, there’s a solution for every business. Try one or all to achieve your business goals faster and easier!

1. Semrush Listing Management Tool:

The Listing Management tool makes it easier than ever to add and update your business data to the most prominent directories within and outside of the US. Once your listings are live, you can use the tool to track and make updates to them to ensure they remain accurate and unified across platforms. 

This comprehensive local SEO tool also allows you to monitor customer reviews, how well your business ranks in your target city, and your current local search performance across your target cities. You can even configure the tool to send you location reports via email, so you can stay on track without having to log into the tool.

local seo tools

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2. Growthbar (Chrome Extension):

Growthbar is a low-cost local SEO tool available as a standalone web app or as a Chrome extension. You can use the tool to track the position of the top keywords of a website, which can be useful for competitor analysis and local keyword research. 

Growthbar also provides insights into the domain authority of a website, so you can see and track your competitor’s authority. Use the rank tracker to track which domains rank for certain keywords, or appear often for certain queries. 

local seo tools

3. Georanker:

Georanker has a unique feature that tracks the ranking of websites by multiple locations across the world. It displays this information through heat maps with distinct colors to show locations where the website ranks high.

Users can utilize this information while planning targeted campaigns to improve or maintain this ranking. The local rank tracker shows users the exact position of their targeted locations. It also has a citation tool that allows users to determine the sources of the citations their competitors use. 

4. Yext:

Yext’s Review Monitoring feature integrates with third-party sites so you can track and respond to business reviews from every location into one dashboard. You can also grab any authentic first-party reviews directly from customers and add them to their website. 

Yext also provides robust tools to make your business listings compatible with voice search optimization.

local seo tools

5. Semrush Position Tracking Tool:

The Position Tracking tool tracks your website’s ranking for a custom set of target keywords. It’s a useful local SEO tool because it can also target a specific device type or geographic location. (However, there is a limit to the number of keywords you can track.) 

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Compare your overall performance (visibility and estimated traffic) to that of your competitors. With the Position Tracking mobile app, you can be up to date with all your position tracking campaigns immediately and while on the go. 

local seo tools

6. Synup:

Synup tracks your business performance on search engines, local directories, and review sites. Synup crawls over 200 local search engines and directories to find data inconsistencies, ensuring your citations are accurate. 

It can also help you track your web rankings and traffic, notifies you when people leave comments and allows you to respond to them, and syncs your location data across different sites. 

local seo tools

7. BiQ: 

BiQ offers real-time rank tracking for 1000 keywords. It supports multiple languages and has a mobile app for on-the-go monitoring.

You can also use it for keyword analysis that helps boost your visibility and rankings. Use the rank intelligence feature to discover the content gap between your business and your competitors. In addition to these features, BIQ can also help generate ideas on how to plan your content and marketing strategies.

local seo tools

8. Google My Business:

Google My Business is one of the best local SEO tools. Having one makes it easy for customers to locate information about your business such as an address or phone number.

Compare businesses, discover your local competitors, and monitor and respond to reviews. Google also includes a “book an appointment “ feature for customers, which can encourage them to engage with your listing further. 

local seo tools

9. Google Ads Keyword Planner:

Google Ads’ Keyword Planner tool has several features you may find helpful for Local SEO. Though you might use the tool to plan PPC campaigns, you can take note of the competition column that shows how competitive ad placement might be for your target keyword. 

Check out our guide to using Google Keyword Planner for SEO and PPC Campaigns for an in-depth look into the Keyword Planner tool and its many uses. 

local seo tools

10. Google Search Console:

Google offers the Google Search Console to help you ensure your website remains Google-friendly. You can also use it to check the keywords Google ranks your site for and the number of pages Google has indexed from your site.

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The tool can also show you the number of clicks and impressions your website receives. The mobile usability section shows any usability issues your mobile site or pages are currently experiencing. Check for additional errors and other indexing issues that your website is having dynamically and take action to solve them. 

Check out our definitive guide to Google Search Console for an in-depth look at GSC.


11. Google Analytics:

This web analytics service tracks and reports web traffic to users. Google Analytics report service shows the number of people that visit your site daily. The third-party referrals option enables you to see the third-party websites that sent you traffic.

You can also track session duration, bounce rate and pages per session and also get insights from demographic data to use in your overall marketing strategy. 

local seo tools

12.  Google Trends:

Google Trends is mainly used to compare keyword popularity and track event-triggered increases in the keyword search volume.

Though it’s not a traditional SEO tool, it offers users helpful data like search volume index and the geographical information of the users. Businesses can use this data to create targeted campaigns and plan new ways to outrank competitors. 

Google Trends also includes what searches are likely to lead people to your website.

local seo tools

Local SEO solutions can boost online marketing strategies for businesses that have physical locations. Driving traffic online is never a straightforward task; there are several powerful factors to track if you want to receive more traffic. With the right local SEO tools, you’ll save yourself time and resources while improving your engagement with your audience.

free local seo tools

Local SEO used to be easy. A few months ago, all that you needed to do to lack in the seven pack was smack your category to your Google Places page, go out there and get a few dozen citations.

With competition heating up, it becomes very important that you use the best tools of the trade to ensure that you’re ranking above your competition in the box.

1.Local SEO Checklist

This is by far the best tool you can have in your arsenal. The Local SEO Checklist gives you a simple step-by-step checklist that you can use to better track your optimization efforts.

The most interesting thing about this tool is that it tracks your progress as you go, even if you close your browser and re-open it and as long as you don’t clear your browser cache.

2. Google Structured Data Inspector

The Google Structured Data Testing Tool tells you exactly what content on your website is marked as well as errors that it may find in the way your schema-ed content is marked up.

This is especially useful if you’ve done some work in the past, or parts of your website have schema that you’re not sure is being read and interpreted properly.

3. Unamo SEO’s Multiregional Tracking

While the entire SEO platform isn’t free, this free add-on feature lets you track keywords in multiple locations from the same campaign.

You can check the success of a keyword in multiple locations and pivot your SEO strategy accordingly. It removes the burden of having to track specific keywords across different search engines in different campaigns or projects.

3. Schema Creator

The schema creator from RavenTools is a great tool if you’re looking to generate schema without the hassle of having to read through all the documentation over at the website.

What really impressed me about this tool was it’s ease of user. Pretty much anyone can use and operate this tool to generate schema for their website.

4. 51Blocks Local Search Toolbox

This handy toolkit from 51Blocks does multiple Local SEO factor checks at the same time. The tool is very useful for you to automatically check on major factors that affect your performance in Google Local and other directories.

5. does a scan of your business on the top 12 directories and tells you where you’re listed as well as information about whether you’re listed accurately in these top directories.

The site also tells you which category you’re listed under as well as whether you have media present on your listings. Additionally, GetListed also tells you of any errors it finds on the listings it scans.

6. Synup Listings Scan

The Synup software scans your business listing on over 100 local directories as well as different review sites to show you how you’re present.

The listings section of the tool shows you a snapshot of how you’re listed across the web. Additionally, you can drill down to each listing to see exactly how you appear on each website. The “Reviews” section of the tool shows you reviews from across the web about your business.

7. Free Review Monitoring is an excellent new services that monitors your reviews on all the major review sites for free on a daily basis. It also sends out an email to you everyday with new reviews as they are crawled. You can also set up the tool to monitor your competitors’ reviews.


The free version of the tool creates a simple review page that you can use to request reviews from your clients.

Getting more reviews is an integral part of Local SEO and this tool comes in very handy for that. Unfortunately, the free version of doesn’t include their review funnel functionality.


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