Highlands Web Design Software

Web design software for small businesses is offered by Highlands Web Design Software. In order to make it simpler for small business owners to construct and administer their own websites, a team of engineers launched this company in 2014. Since then, they have developed into one of the most dependable names in the market and are now utilized daily by a huge number of small enterprises all around the country.

Highlands Web Design Software

At Highland, we combine our passion for great customer experience and deep technical expertise to build digital products that make an impact.

When working on your code and alongside your team, we focus relentlessly on building software that delivers long-term value to your organization.

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Web Application Development

Our proficient team of highly skilled web developers craft interactive, beautiful, and performant web applications that are designed to meet your purpose and specific business challenges.

Custom Software Development

We design and develop user-centric software that makes online experiences transformative, business activities streamlined, data processing smarter, and customer and employee connections stronger.

Digital Product Development

From exploring a new market, generating meaningful ideation, validating product-market fit, and building high-quality software products—we make a bottom-line difference to your business: through human-centered research, design, and build.

Complex Integrations

Whether you’re migrating legacy systems, or joining systems together through APIs, we’re experts in architecting unified systems.

Their Approach to Software Development

Highland has been building custom software for over twenty years. During that time, we’ve carefuly refined how we help clients bring their vision to life.

Discovery & Design

Product managers and customer experience researchers work side-by-side with our technical team to ensure we’re building the right thing. We use rapid prototyping and ongoing testing to build-in learning and user feedback throughout the entire development process.

highland solutions

Highland Solutions helps its clients create and execute competitive digital experiences for their customers. Since 1999, the company has brought competitive levels of creativity, technical expertise, and methodology to all its client engagements. Headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois.

Clients of Highland Solutions work in manufacturing, healthcare, education, efficiency, and transportation. The company is proud to offer its clients services in product and service design, customer experience consulting, CRM technology, custom web and mobile software, as well as its products SugarCRM, OutSystems, and Act-On.

Highland Solutions’ values include, putting people first, staying curious, being transparent, and being open. The company’s team is highly skilled, experienced, and committed to finding great solutions. Highland Solutions seeks to hire passionate and inspired professionals to join its team of dedicated problem solvers. As an employer, the company provides a competitive salary, paid holidays, paid vacation and sick time, disability insurance, 401k retirement planning, and profit sharing. The Highland Solutions office is located in downtown Chicago and offers a collaborative, supportive work environment. Paid company lunches, office supplies, and work outings are regular occurrences. As a flexible employer, the company has offered freelance jobs in the past.

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