Is Bluehost Seo Tools Start Worth It

Bluehost SEO Tools Start is an SEO solution that’s perfect for those who are new to search engine optimization and want a tool that will help them understand the basics of SEO while helping them improve their web presence. It has some basic features that you can use to optimize your website. For example, you can use it to check your site’s ranking, monitor keywords, and build sitemaps.

Bluehost SEO Tools Start is a good option for beginners who want to learn about SEO and how to optimize their websites for search engines. It’s not as comprehensive as other tools on the market, but it does have all the essential tools you need to get started with optimizing your site.

Is Bluehost Seo Tools Start Worth It

Is Bluehost SEO Tools Start Worth It? Do You Need It? (Review)

While you are on the Bluehost website, you might have also seen that it also offers various Bluehost SEO tools. We will be seeing a complete tutorial about Bluehost SEO tools Start package and their benefits.

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When you head over to the billing section of Bluehost, you will see there is an addon called “Bluehost’ss SEO tools start”.

Is Bluehost SEO Tools Start Worth It? Should you pay the money to get these tools? We will be seeing all these things.

First: Sign Up For BlueHost

If you already purchased your account from BlueHost, then you can skip this step and proceed to the following section.

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What Is Bluehost SEO Tools Start Package?

Bluehost offers many SEO tools (not for free). You can add the Bluehost’s SEO tools start kit as an add on.

It offers many features to analyze your website. Thereafter, you can also submit your website to major search engines like Google and Bing.

Talking about analyzing, they will give you a complete personalized marketing report about your website’s optimization. It will have all the details on what changes you will have to make to rank on Google.

Additionally, it has a keyword discovery tool where it will suggest the right keywords to rank on Google. You can also use those keywords.

In the same way, Bluehost provides many more features to analyze and rank your website. We will be seeing them in detail in the next section.

What Are The Advantages/Benefits Of The Bluehost SEO Tools Start? (Review)

Let’s talk about the benefits of Bluehost SEO Tools Start pack. For that, we will see each of its features in detail. In this way, you will get a complete idea of the tools.

Start Section

This will give you the Bluehost SEO tools score for your website. This is calculated by considering various factors. The algorithm will analyze all the parts of your website and will give you a score accordingly.

Your end goal should be to increase this Bluehost’s SEO tools score for better results. For that, you will need to improve all the sections.

Search Engine submission

The next tool feature we will get here is the search engine submission option. As the name says, you can submit your website to all major search engines in one click. It will submit your website to Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

All search engines will take their own time (usually 3 to 12 months) to rank a brand new website.

Visitor Details

Bluehost SEO tools start package also includes visitor details. It will give you an overview of your visitors.

This includes things like your visitor’s location and the traffic source. The traffic source will give you an idea about how users are finding your website.

In simpler words, it will tell you whether they have come to your website directly, through the search engine, or by any referral website.


Of course, you won’t be checking each term to see where your website stands.

The rankings tab will give you a quick overview of the ranking of your website. You can see the number of keywords for which your website is ranking.

If your primary keyword is not on the list yet, you can work more on that particular page.

Site Review

The first strike that comes to your mind after reading “Review” will be the “User review”, right? Well, this is not about the user review.

The site review section will give you details about all the issues on your website. It will tell you whether you are missing the SSL certificate or if your page is too slow.

In simpler words, it is a technical review of your website from an SEO perceptive.

Search Engine Optimization

When you fix the issues from the site review section, you might be wondering how friendly your website is, right?

The search engine optimization section will give you an in-detail understanding of the structure of your website and it will tell you how SEO-friendly your website is.

It will check all the titles, meta descriptions, links, and other stuff to see how SEO-friendly your website is.


The next part is the content of the website. If you want to start a blog, you might have heard a lot of times – Content is the king. It is. So, you need to focus on your content especially if you are running a blog.

Here, the tool will check your content and will give you some suggestions to improve your content and make it more SEO friendly.


Google and most of major search engines are now focusing on mobile-first websites. If your website is not mobile-friendly, chances are that your website will never rank. This particular feature will check your website in mobile and tablet versions.

Thereafter, it will give you the details of the same. If your site is not responsive or it takes more time, it will notify you.


It’s the backlink count to your website. Bluehost SEO tools start pack also has a backlink analyzer which they call it “Popularity”. It will tell you about all the links that are coming to your website.

Lastly, it will give you a total count of the links.

Social Media

Social presence is necessary whether you see it from the user’s perceptive or search engine’s perceptive. Bluehost will measure the social presence of your website. It will tell you how often your website is shared on various social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

It will give you a count of the times your website is shared. So, if it is less, you can add more share buttons on your website and encourage users to share your website or blog post on social media.

Bluehost SEO Tools Start Pricing

The next question that comes to your mind is: What are the Bluehost SEO tools start pricing?

Bluehost SEO tools Start plan will cost you $1.99 a month and are billed annually.

You will not see the pricing directly on the web hosting plans. Instead, when you head over to the billing section, you will be asked to add the Bluehost SEO tools Start pack as an add-on to your web hosting plan.

If you pick the option, you will be charged $23.88 per year. Please note that even if it says the pricing per month, the billing is done annually. So, you will have to pay for the entire year at once.

As for the Bluehost billing cycle, it can be changed so you can pay per month, but only after the first renewal.NOTE: You should know that Bluehost money guarantee doesn’t offer refunds for its addons.

4 Free SEO Alternatives For Bluehost SEO Tools Start Kit

There are many free Bluehost SEO tools start alternatives that you can have a look at. Some of the free tools offer more features than Bluehost paid tools.

Alternative 1 – Semrush (Free Trial)

The first feature of Bluehost was to give a personalized marketing report about your website.

Semrush does it for free. It will give you all the details of your website. Semrush will also give you a score based on how well your website is optimized thanks to their search engine visibility tool.

Thereafter, it will walk you through all the issues of your website. It has a complete list of the SEO factors. Besides the factor name, it will show you whether your website is optimized for that particular factor or not.

It has almost all the sections that you should see for SEO. You can see the loading speed, mobile-friendliness, and many others from a single dashboard.Start 7-day free trial 

Alternative 2 – Yoast SEO Plugin

This one is only for the people who are using WordPress. If you are a WordPress user, you should surely install Yoast SEO Plugin on your website. Yoast SEO plugin is the best tool that you can use for the on-page SEO of your web pages.

It will analyze the content that you post and will tell you what changes you need to make. All you need to do is enter the keywords and you are almost done. It will analyze the content and will tell you all the measures that you should take.

Alternative 3 – Google Search Console and Webmaster Tools

Google offers a free tool to check how your website is performing on Google. It’s Google Search Console. As it is provided by Google, the data is accurate and you can have peace of mind as none of the data is “Estimated”.

It gives you details about performance on Google, issues, and will also give you charts about the website. The performance section will give you a list of all the keywords that your website is currently ranking for. You can change the timeframe and see the older data. You can also use the “Google webmaster tool” to submit your sitemap.

Alternative 4 – Ubersuggest

The tool by Neil Patel is one of the favorite tools of many beginners as well as experts. It was completely free but now there are a couple of features where you will have to pay a small fee.

Even the free version is more than enough for most people. It will analyze your website and most importantly, it can tell you whether you will rank for a particular keyword or not. When you enter the keyword, it will tell you the competition for that keyword and will give you the data about the ranking websites.

So, Ubersuggest is pretty much all you need for a keyword discovery tool.

Verdict: Is Bluehost SEO Tools Start Worth It?

You surely have the answer to this question, don’t you?

We already discussed all the features you should know about Bluehost’s SEO tools and then gave you some of the free SEO alternatives. As you might have noticed, some of the free tools offer more features than Bluehost’s SEO tools Start Package.

So, the final verdict is that Bluehost SEO tools Start package is surely not worth the price you are paying. Even if it might look like a small price for many people out there, we recommend you not to buy the Bluehost SEO tools start add-on.

Even Sitelock or CodeGuard not worth the price you are paying. So, you can just purchase the web hosting plan from Bluehost, and then for the SEO, Marketing, and Security, you can get the third-party tools.

sitelock security bluehost

SiteLock helps protect more than just your website; it can protect your business. There have never been more threats to your website business than now. Hackers use malware, SQL injection, cross-site scripting and more sophisticated techniques to steal your customer data redirect your traffic, ruining your site’s reputation.

Protect your investment. Daily security scanning identifies vulnerabilities and protects your site against threats. The SiteLock Trust Seal provides customer confidence and has been proven to substantially increase your sales and conversions, with 70% of web visitors looking for a verifiable 3rd- party certification before providing personal data.

SiteLock has released its 2020 Annual Security Review. Check it out here. This article explains what SiteLock can protect you from.

SiteLock provides business website security:

  • Daily 360-degree vulnerability scanning
  • Automatic Malware Removal
  • Dashboard Reports
  • Alerts & Email Notifications
  • Dynamic Verifiable Security Badge
  • Web Application Firewall
  • CMS Vulnerability Patching

SiteLock’s 360-Degree Scanning

Unique lightweight technology searches for vulnerabilities in code and outdated applications without slowing down your site’s performance.

Scans Include:

  • Defacement
  • Database vulnerabilities
  • Application vulnerabilities
  • Drive-by Downloads

Instant Alerts & Reports

If a threat is detected, instant email and dashboard alerts let you take action before being blacklisted by search engines, which can destroy a site’s reputation and credibility.

On-Demand Expert Services

Don’t have the expertise to remove malicious files or implement the recommended steps to prevent intrusions? No problem – our team of expert technicians is on-call and ready to clean and secure your site.

Verifiable SiteLock Trust Seal

Display the SiteLock security seal on your site, and your visitors will know your site is safe, and that you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect them. This has been proven to increase sales and site conversions.

Key Information

SiteLock is a website security monitoring tool for small and medium-sized businesses. SiteLock monitors websites for the following issues and vulnerabilities and alerts you of any issues:

  • Search Engine/Browser Blacklisting
  • Spam Blacklisting
  • Application vulnerabilities
  • SQL Injection vulnerabilities
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities
  • Virus Scanning
  • Network vulnerabilities

SiteLock also verifies a business’s reputation:

  • Domain ownership
  • Phone verification
  • Postal address verification
  • SSL certificate validity
  • Third-party trust seal

Security Value Proposition

  • Website attacks are on the rise, coming from many new sources. Each day, small businesses are increasingly being targeted, as they are less likely to be secured.
  • Loss of search engine traffic or ranking can be devastating
  • A customer data breach could literally shut down these businesses
  • SiteLock provides security scanning and remediation services for small businesses
    • Reputation monitoring
    • Proactive security vulnerability scanning
    • Automated Malware Removal
    • 3rd-party security validation
    • Easy-to-use dashboard

Trust Seal Proposition

  • With security now top-of-mind for consumers, over 70% of online customers look for a security seal before providing data to a website
  • SiteLock’s security shield has been shown to increase conversion by 15% in A/B tests

For more information on contacting SiteLock support, please see SiteLock Support.

For further assistance, you may contact our Chat Support or Phone Support via 888-401-4678. You may also refer to our Knowledge Base articles to help answer common questions and guide you through various setup, configuration, and troubleshooting steps.


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