Jet Seo Tools

Jet SEO Tools helps businesses check their website for technical SEO issues and optimize their pages for search engines. This tool helps business owners and marketers from around the world to improve their rankings in search results and get more traffic to their websites.

How to use Jet SEO Tools?

You need to enter your website URL, choose a country and a device (desktop or mobile), and press the “Submit” button. After that, you will see your website audit with an overall score, total number of problems and warnings, as well as critical errors. By clicking on each type of errors in the report, you can review them in details and learn how to fix them.

Jet Seo Tools

The SEO Tools can be enabled from your dashboard or directly from within WP Admin.

From go to Tools → Marketing → Traffic and activate the “Enable SEO Tools to optimize your site for search engines” option under the “Search engine optimization” section.

From wp-admin go to Jetpack → Settings → Traffic and activate the “Customize your SEO settings” option under the “Search engine optimization” section. Once enabled, the various settings will be available for editing directly from the wp-admin dashboard.

Custom Title Formats

To help improve your search page ranking, you can customize how your content titles appear for your site by going to Tools → Marketing → Traffic. From the “Page Title Structure” section, you can reorder items such as “Site Name” and “Tagline”, and also add custom separators between the items. The inserted tokens are dynamically updated to match your site. As an example, the “Site Title” token will be replaced with your actual site title while the “Archive Title” will be generated based on the post type.

Front Page Meta Description

Meta descriptions are a general overview of the contents of your site. Search engines sometimes use this information to determine the site’s relevance for specific searches. This meta description setting applies to your site’s front page only.

They have limited space on search result pages — about 160 characters (although search engines may display more based on the search query). You can use this tool from Portent to calculate and preview your description.

Social Previews

Before you publish your new post or page, you can use the Social Previews feature to preview what it will look like on search engines and social media.

Have questions? Feel free to contact us for more personalized assistance.

Privacy Information

This feature is deactivated by default. It can be deactivated at any time from the WP Admin dashboard. Visit Jetpack → Settings → Traffic and look under the “Search engine optimization” section. In the dashboard, visit Tools → Marketing → Traffic to find the “Search engine optimization” section.

Data Used
Site Owners / UsersFor activity tracking (detailed below): IP address, user ID, username, site ID and URL, Jetpack version, user agent, visiting URL, referring URL, timestamp of event, browser language, country code.Site VisitorsNone.
Activity Tracked
Site Owners / UsersWe track when, and by which user, the feature is activated and deactivated. We also track when, and which, configuration settings are modified.Site VisitorsNone.
Data Synced (Read More)
Site Owners / UsersWe sync options that identify whether or not the feature is activated and how its available settings are configured.

seo outreach tools

1) Majestic SEO

One of the best brand positioning tools out there right now is Majestic SEO. This special software can do what other tools can’t. It ensures the most accurate link or backlink quality that you need to win the game of SEO.

Basic opportunities

Majestic SEO uses Trust Flow and Citation Flow that represent the quality and the quantity of the links. It also has a significant amount of filters, search tools, and the ability to choose the best options suitable for you. So, if you want to learn more about SEO and marketing, this software is worth trying out. 

What’s special? 

Majestic will show you the rank of your page and determine the quality and visibility of your links in the general space. A crucial characteristic of this source is the accuracy of determining your site’s position.

Majestic SEO


Prices range from $50 to $400, depending on the selected plan.

Why use it?

Such a basic tool will allow you to analyze the environment and adopt the right strategy of cooperation and connection with various companies and people. With Majestic, you can also solve many problems associated with the work of backlinks. This is a key point for your brand promotion.

2) SE Ranking

This universal platform contains all the necessary SEO tools for promotion and active outreach campaigns. From here, you can get a lot of useful information and make the maximum profit for your business. 

Basic opportunities

Let’s dive into the features SE Ranking provides in its list of services.

  • Keyword search, ranking, and tracking will help you find the best blog for your cooperation.
  • Full Website Audit feature will evaluate websites against all essential parameters, including technical errors, loading speed, internal links, etc.
  • With the Backlink Checker tool, you can get your competitors’ backlinks and learn what channels they use to increase their search engine authority.
  • The Backlink Monitoring feature will provide you with an automatic import of backlinks and their detailed analysis, helping you find fruitful ways of creating outreach campaigns.
  • You can compare the visibility rating of your website for specific keywords with that of your competitors.
  • You’ll be able to come up with a marketing plan and a global business development strategy for your outreach campaign.
  • Using this software will lead to a better understanding of how much influence social media has on the audience.

What’s special? 

The advantages of this platform are obvious. This is a complex of services and opportunities for creating the best outreach campaign that will be effective and profitable. Consistency and balance in this matter are important, and SE Ranking can provide you with the entire range of necessary tools for this.


There’s a 14-day free trial. Paid plans start at $39 per month, and there are many discounts for longer subscription periods. For example, buying a subscription for a year, you will get 20% off. Besides, right on the website, you can use the online calculator to choose the best plan, depending on your needs and requirements.

se ranking

Why use it?

This is the best option for an outreach campaign. You will get access to a huge number of keywords, which will influence your queries and your site’s search rankings. Comprehensive social media management will give you a complete analysis of bloggers and public figures. Besides, with this tool, you’ll be able to choose the right ways to promote and announce your services or products.

3) is a terrific, innovative tool for automating SEO cold outreach. It will help you organize your data, find the prospects you need, reach out to them, and bring your offer directly to their inbox.

email verification

Basic opportunities

What options can this tool provide? Let’s figure it out:

  • Email Finder. Before you start sending emails to claim unlinked mentions, get more backlinks, offer guest posts, and just reach out to bloggers, you need an email list you want to contact. This is where this tool comes in handy. Email Finder can find email addresses by domain, name, social URL, or filters (job title, location, and so on). 
  • Email Verifier. helps you detect old and invalid email addresses individually or in bulk. After all, no one wants to risk their sender reputation and have a high bounce rate, right?
  • Email Drip Campaigns. This feature makes communication with clients and partners much easier. With its help, you can automate your email campaigns and adjust them based on your needs and wishes. You can define the timing and number of outgoing emails yourself.

What’s special? 

One of the advantages of this platform is that it can be used as a Google Chrome extension. Besides, it has plenty of integrations (Zapier, Pipedrive, etc.), which will help you finally put things in order in your business correspondence.


Both free and premium offers are available in the pricing policy of this tool. Paid deals start at $39 per 1,000 credits. When you buy an annual plan, you will receive a discount, which is also more beneficial for you.

Why use it?

This is a godsend for your SEO outreach campaign. It’s a full set of tools that are already collected with years of experience and ready to use. This will give you a total understanding of the process and lead to smoother cooperation with public people all over the world.

email finder

4) Followerwonk

The next interesting product on our list is the Followerwonk web platform. It is specially designed to work with Twitter and is famous for its effectiveness and high ratings.

Basic opportunities

What does this tool do? It’s a Twitter analytics tool that helps businesses with bio searching, analyzing and organizing information, targeting influencers, tracking followers, analyzing competitors, and more.


What’s special? 

Here are some of the advantages of this tool:

  • Free version available
  • Direct connection to Twitter
  • Ease of determining active and inactive users, as well as the location of subscribers to the account
  • Comparison of Twitter accounts that helps find overlaps and target new leads


There’s a free plan. The paid option will set you back $29 monthly.

Why use it?

This platform is essential if you are using a social network like Twitter regularly. It’s the primary tool for maximizing benefits, so you will be impressed with the results.

5) Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a powerful platform for discovering content, as well as finding influencers, authors, and creators based on your queries, expectations, and interests. This is a useful tool that is needed in every outreach campaign. 


Basic opportunities

  • Content discovery and analysis by industry, interest, and topic
  • Advanced influencer search by size and filters
  • Huge database and individual approach

What’s special? 

Let’s consider some of the benefits of this application:

  • Individual analysis of each influencer and content
  • Ability to use a dedicated monitoring application
  • New content notification function


There’s a 30-day free trial. As for the premiums, customers can choose from several tariff plans:

  1. Pro: $99 per month
  2. Plus: $179 per month
  3. Large: $299 per month
  4. Enterprise: from $499 (a custom plan)

Why use it?

This platform makes a powerful analysis of content, so you can immediately understand whether a blogger is the right fit for you to cooperate or not. The analysis takes into account everything: information content, advertising content, photo and video materials, audience and age, location, trends, and so on.

6) BuzzStream

Once you try BuzzStream’s trial plan, you won’t be able to let go of it. It is used to find, organize, and maintain cooperation with public figures and important people. 


Basic opportunities

Let’s check the features of this particular tool.

The major function of the platform is, of course, the collection of data about potential customers. You can create your database, and the CRM will automatically update it. You even don’t need to control this process! Besides, you will immediately have access to a database of personal emails and links to profiles on social networks. 

BuzzStream can also help segment your lists based on various parameters. This can be the number of followers, social status, reach, and topic — anything that can become the main reason for your choice of this or that contact.

What’s special? 

The advantages of BuzzStream include the following:

  • Synchronization with email. You can immediately schedule mailings and advertising campaigns without worrying that some messages may get lost.
  • Convenient email templates. You can save a lot of time with them 🙂
  • Subsequent campaign planning. BuzzStream will help you choose the direction and vector that will be the most attractive to you.
  • Reports. This is a great advantage, as you will be able to see all the results and productivity and make strategic planning.


BuzzStream’s cost is $24 per month, but you can always try using it for free for 2 weeks. 

Why use it?

You will be impressed with the capabilities of this CRM and won’t regret purchasing the full version. It will give you a set of valuable tools for outreach: contact info discovery, email tracking, templates, automatic follow-ups, all kinds of reports, link monitoring, and even more.

Having a proper working plan and connection with your partners will help you get much more profit and a more professional attitude for creating strategies for your outreach campaign. 

7) MailTag

MailTag is a special extension provided by Google Chrome that you can use right in your browser. This software is a great choice for your business’ outreach department.


Basic opportunities

MailTag is designed to control and synchronize your emails, advertising campaigns, and information strategy. You can use it to search and filter emails; the extension provides an excellent opportunity to stay in touch with your clients and partners even offline.

What’s special? 

  • It’s easy to set up and use
  • MailTag perfectly synchronizes with Gmail and your Google account


Unfortunately, a free version of MailTag is not available, but you can try its 14-day free trial version to determine whether you want to use it. Paid subscriptions start at $12.99 per month.

Why use it?

In your outreach campaign, it can be an invaluable tool. If you set up this application correctly, it will greatly ease your efforts and make your work process much more enjoyable. Try it!

8) Klear

Klear is one of the most convenient and high-quality tools for working with bloggers and public figures. Communication in this format is necessary if you are going to promote your product through social networks.


Basic opportunities

Klear offers you special monitoring of topics of interest, as well as tracking of useful contacts and bloggers that could potentially be the right fit for you.

What’s special? 

This tool boasts sophisticated algorithms and efficient AI. All you need to do is to add your range of interests and topics to the program, and it will find the content you need. Among the advantages, there is also a full analysis of information in the form of graphs and visualization of query statistics. 

Another advantage is the Fakespot technology, which helps distinguish between real subscribers and bots. As you know, bots and fake subscriptions only aggravate impression statistics based on social media algorithms, so this aspect is crucial.


As for the price, this is a rather flexible solution. This influencer discovery tool offers customized prices, depending on the volume of your order.

Why use it?

Since it’s a great information platform for obtaining data on a variety of public and influential personalities, it’ll help promote your campaign. You will see a detailed analysis of the profile of any blogger and decide whether you should start cooperation with this person and whether it will be profitable for you.

9) Traackr

Traackr is an affordable and easy-to-use tool for working with public people. It will help you constantly monitor all bloggers or streamers with whom you work and see how they affect sales in your business.


Basic opportunities

The app accurately determines the reach and relevance of the blogger based on Facebook statistics and analytics, which is key to determining their relevance in your promotion strategy.

What’s special? 

There are a few advantages one can’t remain indifferent to:

  • Comprehensive analytics of publications and content
  • Detailed planning of your advertising campaign


This system of record for data-driven influencer marketing has no standard plans; everything is discussed on an individual basis.

Why use it?

You need this tool if you have chosen the path of promotion through mass and social networks. Without proper analytics, you will simply waste your budget.

10) Crystal Knows

Crystal Knows is an analysis app with impressive AI that predicts people’s personalities using their online footprint. This tool helps determine the behavior of the business client and takes into account a lot of detailed information about the person that interests you.

crystal knows

Basic opportunities

Let’s take a look at the main features of Crystal.

The app is so smart that it can even identify personality traits and qualities. For your strategy to be successful, it’s important to understand in-depth and in detail who you are dealing with. 

This program is also capable of providing strategic advice. With a list containing the capabilities of a particular person, you can immediately understand what type of emails to send to your mailing list, how to contact the suggested leads, and how to choose the best action plan.

What’s special? 

The advantages are also clearly visible here:

  • A huge number of sources that are provided for analysis — the application analyzes all client’s social networks
  • The ability to integrate with social networks of partners
  • Instant data synchronization


Even a free plan is enough for high-quality work, but monthly and annual subscriptions are also available.

Why use it?

Personality information is your strength. So, the use of this resource is extremely necessary to obtain structured analysis and complete data about the person with whom you see cooperation in the future.

11) is the DIY SEO platform that can help you get to the top of Google without having to hire an SEO expert.

Basic opportunities

This website checker covers all stages of SEO campaigns of any scale, gives detailed tips on how to improve the search visibility of your websites, and helps track your overall SEO progress.

What’s special?

  • Easy to use design for non-SEO business owners;
  • Real-time monitoring of the changes on the website. It’s easy to assess whether the number of bugs has dropped after fixes or how many new bugs have appeared after some work;
  • Instant email alerts when something critical happens with the website;
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console integration;
  • SEO assistant;
  • Free Sitechecker Chrome extension.


The free plan includes one active website and can scan up to 150 URLs.

The price starts at $29 per month for one website and 1,500 URLs, 150 keywords, and 3,000 backlinks per account. It can be increased to the Startup plan for $49 with five websites, 5,000 URLs, 500 keywords, and 5,000 backlinks per account. With the Growing plan for $99, you can check ten websites, 50,000 URLs, 1,000 keywords, and 10,000 backlinks per account.

Why use it?

Sitechecker analyzes your search performance every day and updates the to-do list based on changes happening in the website content, website rankings, or backlinks.

12) JetOctopus

JetOctopus is a visual technical SEO toolkit designed to make technical SEO for large websites easy and data-driven. It’s a valuable piece of software to monitor and improve the SEO health (crawling, indexation, logs analysis, and everything in between) of your enterprise website.

It gives you a big picture of your website’s SEO problems in easy-to-understand visuals so you can prioritize the best optimization opportunities right away. Create segments, compare crawls, monitor live logs, and draw insights to improve your SEO strategy.

Basic opportunities

JetOctopus is the perfect technical SEO toolkit for big websites with thousands to millions of pages to crawl and index. It consists of three tools: Crawler, Logs Analyzer, and GSC Keywords.

The Crawler helps you resolve duplicate content issues, 404 errors, define Hreflangs, etc. The GSC Keywords tool gets full data from your Google Search Console, helps resolve keyword cannibalization issues, and a lot more. The Log Analyzer enables you to minimize your crawl budget waste, increase the number of valuable pages visited by Googlebot, and boost your website’s indexation.

What’s special?

JetOctopus boasts some serious advantages:

  • Lightning-fast crawl speeds at up to 250 pages per second
  • Extremely user-friendly dashboards and comprehensive SEO reports
  • It’s cost-effective and easier to use compared to similar tools on the market
  • The content analysis tool helps identify and resolve duplicate content
  • It easily integrates with Google Search Console


There’s a free 7-day trial available. The Crawler tool starts at $30 per month to crawl 100K pages, whereas the Log Analyzer tool starts at $60 per month to log up to 100K pages. The GSC Keywords tool starts at $60 per month as well.

You can buy each SEO module separately or choose the All-Inclusive bundle (at $120 per month) that includes all these tools, plus training call, onboarding, and support.

Why use it?

JetOctopus is one of the fastest and most affordable website crawlers and logs analyzer software available today. It simplifies technical SEO and makes it easy to monitor your website’s health with intuitive charts and detailed reports on various SEO aspects of your site.

13) Teamwork

Teamwork is a project collaboration software that helps manage outreach tasks and track everything in one system rather than multitudes of Excel sheets. 


Basic opportunities

Teamwork is jam-packed with features that make it ideal for tracking your outreach efforts. 

With its task lists, you can break your outreach down into tasks and sub-tasks; an example might be the main task to build links to a target page broken down into sub-tasks to find prospects, contact them, create content, etc.

Teamwork also has a board feature that helps you visualize tasks such as content writing. Pitched several guest posts? Put them on the board and move them through various stages, from pitch accepted to brief needed, draft written, etc. With the board feature, you can manage your “content factory” seamlessly.


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