Most Searched Computer Keywords

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Computers and smartphones are two devices that have swept the globe. A computer, whether it’s a laptop, desktop, or Mac, is one of the most widely used gadgets today. A computer not only makes our life easier, but it also allows us to stay in touch with our loved ones, conduct commercial operations, and connect individuals.

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To reach out to your target audience, if you’re a computer manufacturing company or have a business that sells computers and other peripheral devices such as printers, Mac books, keyboards, and so on, you’d want to know which keywords containing the term ‘Computer’ do most users search for on Google.


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A List Of Most Popular Computer Keywords

RankComputer KeywordGlobal Monthly SearchGlobal CPCFind Related Keywords for Free
1what is cloud computing40,500$7.02 
2what is a computer33,100$0.71 
3how to build a computer18,100$2.35 
4what is computer science18,100$2.49 
5who invented the computer18,100$0.54 
6how to transfer photos from iphone to computer14,800$1.82 
7why is my computer so slow12,100$2.33 
8can my computer run it9,900$11.69 
9how to authorize a computer on itunes9,900$0 
10how to authorize computer for itunes9,900$1.41 
11what is a computer virus9,900$1.02 
12how to speed up computer8,100$2.27 
13what is computer networking8,100$0.25 
14when was the first computer invented8,100$1.49 
15how to hack a computer6,600$1.53 
16how to make your computer faster6,600$2.82 
17how to screenshot on computer6,600$0 
18how to transfer music from computer to iphone6,600$7.11 
19how to transfer pictures from iphone to computer6,600$2.41 
20how to wipe a computer6,600$4.20 
21what is a computer network6,600$0.38 
22how to clean computer screen5,400$1.97 
23how to format a computer5,400$0.04 
24how to make computer faster5,400$2.32 
25how to rotate computer screen5,400$1.72 
26what is computer hardware5,400$0.13 
27who invented the first computer5,400$0.84 
28how to build a gaming computer4,400$1.03 
29how to compute percentage4,400$0.52 
30how to connect computer to tv4,400$0.63 
31how to reboot computer4,400$0.08 
32how to speed up my computer4,400$2.49 
33how to speed up your computer4,400$3 
34how to start computer in safe mode4,400$0.54 
35how to transfer music from iphone to computer4,400$1.46 
36how to transfer music from ipod to computer4,400$2.03 
37how to transfer photos from computer to iphone4,400$1.15 
38what is computer engineering4,400$2.82 
39what is computer programming4,400$2.80 
40what is computer software4,400$0.31 
41when was the computer invented4,400$1.28 
42does my computer have bluetooth3,600$0 
43how does a computer work3,600$2.49 
44how to authorize computer on itunes3,600$0 
45how to backup iphone to computer3,600$13.34 
46how to change computer name3,600$0.06 
47how to check computer specs3,600$13.95 
48how to download pictures from iphone to computer3,600$0.94 
49how to download youtube videos to computer3,600$1.78 
50how to flip computer screen3,600$2.98 
51how to hack computers3,600$0.64 
52how to make my computer faster3,600$3.08 
53how to record your computer screen3,600$1.96 
54how to reset a computer3,600$5.81 
55how to reset computer3,600$0.09 
56how to think like a computer scientist3,600$2.60 
57what is quantum computing3,600$1.99 
58who made the first computer3,600$1.07 
59how do computers work2,900$1.99 
60how do i authorize my computer for itunes2,900$0 
61how to build your own computer2,900$1.11 
62how to clean a computer screen2,900$1.58 
63how to clean your computer2,900$2.78 
64how to connect iphone to computer2,900$4.38 
65how to download photos from iphone to computer2,900$0.73 
66how to format computer2,900$0.02 
67is my computer 64 bit2,900$0.01 
68when were computers invented2,900$2.17 
69how do you screenshot on a computer2,400$0 
70how to authorize computer itunes2,400$0 
71how to clean computer2,400$2.72 
72how to factory reset a computer2,400$0.87 
73how to get photos from iphone to computer2,400$1.58 
74how to get pictures from iphone to computer2,400$1.11 
75how to make a computer2,400$1.31 
76how to record computer screen2,400$1.91 
77how to reset your computer2,400$2.49 
78how to take a screenshot on a computer2,400$0 
79is computer science hard2,400$4.89 
80what is a computer program2,400$0.74 
81how much do computer engineers make1,900$6.13 
82how to assemble a computer1,900$0.18 
83how to backup computer1,900$6.58 
84how to clean up your computer1,900$4.02 
85how to connect printer to computer1,900$1.66 
86how to connect two computers1,900$0.51 
87how to find computer ip address1,900$0.02 
88how to flip a computer screen1,900$0 
89how to import photos from iphone to computer1,900$0.83 
90how to reboot a computer1,900$4.58 
91how to reformat a computer1,900$0.05 
92how to reset computer to factory settings1,900$0 
93how to save youtube video to computer1,900$0.35 
94how to save youtube videos to computer1,900$0.35 
95how to scan from printer to computer1,900$1.19 
96how to sync iphone to computer1,900$3.99 
97how to take screenshot on computer1,900$0.03 
98how to text from computer1,900$3.54 
99how to transfer itunes library to another computer1,900$2.97 
100how to transfer video from iphone to computer1,900$1.09 
101how to transfer videos from iphone to computer1,900$1.09 
102how to use a computer1,900$0.92 
103how to wipe your computer1,900$7.79 
104is my computer 32 or 64 bit1,900$0 
105what do computer engineers do1,900$3.96 
106what does a computer engineer do1,900$4.98 
107what is a computer server1,900$5.03 
108what is a quantum computer1,900$0 
109what is computer memory1,900$0.34 
110what to do with old computers1,900$2.15 
111when was computer invented1,900$0.02 
112when was the first computer made1,900$2.16 
113why does my computer keep freezing1,900$2 
114how a computer works1,600$1.88 
115how do i take a screenshot on my computer1,600$0 
116how to become a computer programmer1,600$6.53 
117how to change computer password1,600$1.57 
118how to connect phone to computer1,600$1.81 
119how to download music from youtube to computer1,600$0.70 
120how to download youtube videos to your computer1,600$0 
121how to draw a computer1,600$0 
122how to factory reset computer1,600$0 
123how to find computer name1,600$0 
124how to increase computer speed1,600$2.14 
125how to lock computer1,600$0.02 
126how to move itunes library to new computer1,600$2.60 
127how to remove virus from computer1,600$1.72 
128how to restore computer1,600$2.73 
129how to restore computer to factory settings1,600$0 
130how to save youtube videos to your computer1,600$0 
131how to take a screenshot on computer1,600$3.70 
132how to transfer photos from ipad to computer1,600$0.57 
133how to transfer photos from phone to computer1,600$4.26 
134how to upload photos from iphone to computer1,600$0.89 
135how to wipe a computer clean1,600$4.48 
136is my computer on1,600$3.11 
137what is a computer worm1,600$0.06 
138what is computer coding1,600$3.41 
139what is computer literacy1,600$0.58 
140how do i transfer photos from iphone to computer1,300$1.21 
141how fast is my computer1,300$3.51 
142how much do computer programmers make1,300$11.14 
143how much does a computer cost1,300$0.65 
144how much does a computer engineer make1,300$5.42 
145how much is a computer1,300$0.61 
146how to authorize a computer for itunes1,300$0 
147how to check your computer specs1,300$13.92 
148how to clean a computer1,300$3.60 
149how to clean my computer1,300$2.56 
150how to compute standard deviation1,300$0 
151how to copy dvd to computer1,300$1.42 
152how to deauthorize a computer on itunes1,300$0 
153how to defrag a computer1,300$1.08 
154how to defrag computer1,300$0.96 
155how to download music from computer to iphone1,300$1.64 
156how to download music to computer1,300$1.63 
157how to fax from computer1,300$10.78 
158how to find computer specs1,300$0 
159how to find the ip address of a computer1,300$2.09 
160how to find wifi password on computer1,300$3.68 
161how to fix a computer1,300$3.65 
162how to fix a slow computer1,300$4.52 
163how to get videos from iphone to computer1,300$1.97 
164how to make your computer run faster1,300$2.80 
165how to post on instagram from computer1,300$3.35 
166how to put pictures from iphone to computer1,300$2.48 
167how to start a computer in safe mode1,300$0.01 
168how to transfer music from computer to ipod1,300$0.65 
169how to transfer pictures from phone to computer1,300$6.41 
170how to transfer songs from computer to iphone1,300$6.79 
171how to turn off find my iphone from computer1,300$0 
172how to upload pictures from iphone to computer1,300$1.36 
173what are computer cookies1,300$0 
174what are cookies on computer1,300$0 
175what bit is my computer1,300$0 
176what can you do with a computer science degree1,300$18.70 
177what computer should i buy1,300$0.51 
178what does compute mean1,300$0 
179what does it stand for in computers1,300$0 
180what is a computer monitor1,300$1.04 
181what is a computer mouse1,300$2.02 
182what is green computing1,300$0.29 
183what is my computer ip address1,300$0.39 
184what is the brain of the computer1,300$0.61 
185what makes a computer fast1,300$3.42 
186what was the first computer1,300$2.03 
187who created the first computer1,300$1.56 
188who invented the computer mouse1,300$1.42 
189why is my computer slow1,300$3.06 
190why won t my computer turn on1,300$0.11 
191how do you spell computer1,000$0.33 
192how much electricity does a computer use1,000$1.90 
193how much ram does my computer have1,000$2.66 
194how old is my computer1,000$0.02 
195how to authorize a computer on itunes mac1,000$0 
196how to backup your computer1,000$5.46 
197how to check computer temperature1,000$4.41 
198how to clean up computer1,000$2.21 
199how to completely wipe a computer1,000$6.91 
200how to connect computer to wifi1,000$0.95 
201how to crash a computer1,000$0.52 
202how to deauthorize itunes on a dead computer1,000$0 
203how to download pictures from phone to computer1,000$14.34 
204how to fix computer1,000$4.22 
205how to flip your computer screen1,000$0 
206how to get music from iphone to computer1,000$1.80 
207how to get pictures from computer to iphone1,000$10.59 
208how to get rid of computer virus1,000$6.68 
209how to import photos from computer to iphone1,000$3.55 
210how to import pictures from iphone to computer1,000$1.54 
211how to improve computer performance1,000$1.47 
212how to jailbreak without computer1,000$0.10 
213how to lock your computer1,000$0.03 
214how to make a computer game1,000$2.77 
215how to make computer run faster1,000$3.30 
216how to network computers1,000$0.15 
217how to put pictures from computer to iphone1,000$0 
218how to reboot your computer1,000$2.71 
219how to reset my computer1,000$0.02 
220how to restart a computer1,000$2.78 
221how to restart computer1,000$0.02 
222how to restore your computer1,000$0.13 
223how to rotate your computer screen1,000$0 
224how to save a youtube video to your computer1,000$0 
225how to scan to computer1,000$0.61 
226how to screen shot on computer1,000$0 
227how to see computer specs1,000$0 
228how to transfer contacts from iphone to computer1,000$1.19 
229how to turn computer screen1,000$2.33 
230what are cookies on a computer1,000$0 
231what are cookies on the computer1,000$0 
232what are my computer specs1,000$7.24 
233what computer do i have1,000$0.69 
234what is a desktop computer1,000$0.81 
235what is a mainframe computer1,000$0.18 
236what is a server computer1,000$4.64 
237what is computer forensics1,000$3.55 
238what is computer hacking1,000$2.06 
239what is my computer1,000$0.64 
240what is service computation date1,000$0 
241what kind of computer do i have1,000$0.09 
242who created the computer1,000$0.01 
243are we too dependent on computers880$0 
244can my computer run windows 10880$2.28 
245how can i speed up my computer880$2.79 
246how do i defrag my computer880$1.49 
247how do you authorize a computer for itunes880$0 
248how do you take a screenshot on a computer880$0 
249how many bits is my computer880$0 
250how much does a computer programmer make880$11.15 
251how much gold is in a computer880$0 
252how much is my computer worth880$1.77 
253how to backup computer to external hard drive880$10.56 
254how to become a computer engineer880$4.25 
255how to build computer880$1.23 
256how to buy a computer880$0.82 
257how to change password on computer880$1.10 
258how to check my computer specs880$10.05 
259how to clean your computer screen880$1.69 
260how to connect tv to computer880$0.20 
261how to copy music from iphone to computer880$1.41 
262how to factory reset your computer880$0 
263how to fix slow computer880$3.55 
264how to get rid of a computer virus880$4.81 
265how to hack a computer password880$0.89 
266how to hack into a computer880$4.60 
267how to hack someones computer880$1.49 
268how to hook up computer to tv880$0.89 
269how to jailbreak iphone 4 without computer880$0.31 
270how to learn computer programming880$1.77 
271how to make a computer faster880$2.54 
272how to make a computer in minecraft880$0 
273how to make my computer run faster880$2.31 
274how to move music from computer to iphone880$0 
275how to move music from iphone to computer880$1.39 
276how to record sound from computer880$0.79 
277how to reformat computer880$0.05 
278how to remotely shutdown a computer880$9.90 
279how to restart your computer880$0.03 
280how to restore computer to earlier date880$0.02 
281how to restore computer to factory880$0 
282how to rip a dvd to your computer880$2.33 
283how to rip dvd to computer880$1.24 
284how to take a computer screenshot880$0.02 
285how to transfer text messages from iphone to computer880$3.27 
286how to turn computer screen upside down880$0 
287how to unfreeze a computer880$0.03 
288is computer science for me880$3.31 
289what does a computer programmer do880$13.55 
290what does ram stand for in computers880$0 
291what is a computer engineer880$1.66 
292what is a computer processor880$0.65 
293what is an all in one computer880$0.82 
294what is computer information systems880$11.99 
295what is computer ram880$0.03 
296what is ram in a computer880$0.15 
297what is ram on a computer880$0.38 
298where to buy computers880$1.31 
299why does my computer freeze880$2.70 
300why does my computer turn off by itself880$0 
301why does my computer turn on by itself880$0 
302why is my computer running slow880$3.20 
303how to jailbreak iphone without computer721$0.07 
304can my computer run this game720$0 
305does my computer have a virus720$5.03 
306how do i backup my computer720$4.48 
307how do i backup my iphone to my computer720$1.98 
308how do i rotate my computer screen720$0 
309how do i speed up my computer720$1.89 
310how much do computer scientists make720$12.15 
311how to backup my computer720$4.95 
312how to clean computer keyboard720$1.38 
313how to clear computer cache720$0 
314how to connect a computer to a tv720$0.43 
315how to connect a printer to a computer720$2.06 
316how to connect ipad to computer720$0.85 
317how to connect your computer to your tv720$0.63 
318how to copy a dvd to my computer720$1.09 
319how to copy music from ipod to computer720$1.56 
320how to defrag your computer720$1.56 
321how to dispose of old computers720$2.60 
322how to download a youtube video to your computer720$0 
323how to download dvd to computer720$0.91 
324how to find ip address on computer720$0.07 
325how to know if your computer has a virus720$6.26 
326how to make a computer virus720$1.43 
327how to program a computer720$1.66 
328how to protect your computer720$2.13 
329how to remotely access another computer720$13.90 
330how to reset a computer to factory settings720$0 
331how to reset computer password720$1.44 
332how to restart computer in safe mode720$0.01 
333how to restore a computer720$0 
334how to save photos from iphone to computer720$1.18 
335how to scan document to computer720$7.49 
336how to scan from computer720$2.71 
337how to share files between computers720$14.87 
338how to stream from computer to tv720$2.27 
339how to sync photos from iphone to computer720$0.34 
340how to tell if your computer has a virus720$8.25 
341how to text from a computer720$4.63 
342how to transfer files from one computer to another720$3.32 
343how to transfer itunes library to new computer720$0 
344how to transfer music from computer to android720$0.59 
345how to transfer photos from computer to ipad720$0.36 
346how to turn your computer screen720$0 
347how to unlock a computer720$2.07 
348how to unlock computer720$0.22 
349how to update computer720$1.23 
350how to watch tv on computer720$2.84 
351how to wipe computer720$4.02 
352how to wipe computer clean720$4.08 
353what do computer scientists do720$5.30 
354what do you need to build a computer720$1.88 
355what does a computer scientist do720$3.16 
356what does computer mean720$0.24 
357what is a computer programmer720$3 
358what is a notebook computer720$1.17 
359what is my computer name720$1.50 
360what is the best computer720$1.13 
361what is the best computer to buy720$1.97 
362what is the best gaming computer720$1.03 
363what is the cloud computing720$11.48 
364when did the first computer come out720$0 
365who invented the personal computer720$0.01 
366who made the computer720$0.01 
367why is my computer running so slow720$2.43 
368can i fax from my computer590$13.67 
369can i run it on my computer590$0 
370can i text from my computer590$2.93 
371how big was the first computer590$0 
372how do computer viruses work590$21.38 
373how do i reboot my computer590$11.20 
374how do i restore my computer590$1.48 
375how do i wipe my computer590$4.09 
376how do you say computer in spanish590$0 
377how good is my computer590$0 
378how much are computers590$0.54 
379how to authorize my computer for itunes590$0 
380how to back up computer590$10.83 
381how to backup a computer590$6.73 
382how to become a computer hacker590$0.27 
383how to boot computer in safe mode590$0.13 
384how to build a computer desk590$1.17 
385how to build a computer from scratch590$1.42 
386how to build your own gaming computer590$1.31 
387how to check computer specs windows 7590$23.08 
388how to clean up my computer590$3.12 
389how to compute variance590$0.02 
390how to download music from iphone to computer590$1.51 
391how to download music to your computer590$1.67 
392how to fax from a computer590$10.61 
393how to find your computer specs590$0 
394how to flip the computer screen590$0 
395how to get pictures from phone to computer590$0 
396how to get rid of virus on computer590$5.05 
397how to hack school computers590$2.05 
398how to put computer in safe mode590$0 
399how to reimage a computer590$0 
400how to remove cookies from computer590$0 
401how to reset computer to factory settings windows 7590$1.13 
402how to reset iphone without computer590$0 
403how to restore a computer to factory settings590$0 
404how to restore my computer590$2.22 
405how to root your phone without a computer590$0.02 
406how to save pictures from iphone to computer590$0.92 
407how to save text messages to computer590$1.85 
408how to send text from computer590$4.13 
409how to send text message from computer590$4.13 
410how to speed up a computer590$3.41 
411how to start your computer in safe mode590$0 
412how to transfer itunes to another computer590$0 
413how to transfer music from ipad to computer590$1.72 
414how to transfer text messages from android to computer590$1.05 
415how to turn computer screen sideways590$0 
416how to update itunes on computer590$0 
417how to wipe a computer windows 7590$5.61 
418how to write computer code590$7.73 
419is computer science a good major590$9.18 
420what do computer programmers do590$10.85 
421what does computation mean590$0 
422what to do when your computer freezes590$7.50 
423what type of computer do i have590$0 
424what year was the computer invented590$2.78 
425where in the world is carmen sandiego computer game590$0 
426where to buy a computer590$1.26 
427where to buy computer parts590$1.46 
428where to recycle computers590$2.35 
429who built the first computer590$0 
430who makes lenovo computers590$0.93 
431why does my computer keep crashing590$16.51 
432why does my computer keep restarting590$0 
433why is my computer fan so loud590$0 
434why is my computer so loud590$0 
435can i send a fax from my computer480$7.25 
436how do i clean my computer480$2.14 
437how do i connect my computer to my tv480$0.75 
438how do i make my computer faster480$2.21 
439how do i reset my computer480$0 
440how do i start my computer in safe mode480$0 
441how do i sync my iphone to my computer480$0.14 
442how much does it cost to build a computer480$0.44 
443how much power does my computer use480$4.53 
444how to authorize computer480$0 
445how to backup ipad to computer480$10.72 
446how to brighten computer screen480$0 
447how to change computer name on mac480$0 
448how to connect apple tv to computer480$0.64 
449how to connect my computer to my tv480$0.51 
450how to defrag my computer480$1.23 
451how to download itunes on computer480$0 
452how to draw on the computer480$1.81 
453how to factory reset my computer480$0 
454how to fix a computer screen480$3.82 
455how to fix computer screen480$7.97 
456how to fix my computer480$3.08 
457how to get a free computer480$0.76 
458how to get computer out of safe mode480$0 
459how to get music from ipod to computer480$1.70 
460how to hook computer to tv480$0.66 
461how to make your computer not sleep480$0 
462how to put together a computer480$0.53 
463how to reboot my computer480$0.02 
464how to remove computer virus480$2.98 
465how to reset car computer480$0.02 
466how to reset computer to factory480$0 
467how to reset your computer windows 7480$0 
468how to restore computer to previous date480$0 
469how to restore your computer to factory settings480$0 
470how to scan a document to my computer480$2.03 
471how to send pictures from computer to iphone480$1.18 
472how to take a screen shot on computer480$0 
473how to text from your computer480$3.46 
474how to transfer itunes to new computer480$0 
475how to transfer music from computer to ipad480$0.08 
476how to transfer songs from ipod to computer480$2.09 
477is computer engineering hard480$0 
478what are computer glasses480$1.41 
479what contribution did ada byron make to computing480$0 
480what does it stand for computers480$0 
481what does ram do for a computer480$0 
482what is the best desktop computer480$0.82 
483what to do when computer freezes480$0.72 
484when was apple computer founded480$0 
485where is my computer on windows 8480$0 
486which of the following is considered to be computer hardware480$0 
487why does my computer keep shutting down480$0 
488why is my computer beeping480$2.76 
489why is my computer screen sideways480$0 
490can my computer run skyrim390$9.53 
491how can i make my computer faster390$2.23 
492how do i reset my computer to factory settings390$0 
493how do you know if your computer has a virus390$7.56 
494how do you record your computer screen390$1.67 
495how much does a computer scientist make390$15.02 
496how much is an apple computer390$0.72 
497how much memory does my computer have390$1.18 
498how much power does my computer need390$0.53 
499how to clean out your computer390$4.69 
500how to clear a computer390$0.64 
501how to deauthorize a computer390$0 
502how to delete cookies on computer390$0 
503how to fax from your computer390$13.12 
504how to flip computer screen upside down390$0 
505how to get a virus off your computer390$4.50 
506how to hook up a computer to a tv390$0.71 
507how to image a computer390$0 
508how to make a gaming computer390$0.94 
509how to move music from ipod to computer390$1.53 
510how to reset a computer windows 7390$0 
511how to reset a dell computer390$0.72 
512how to reset my computer to factory settings390$0 
513how to reset your computer to factory settings390$0 
514how to say computer in spanish390$0 
515how to transfer music from computer to itunes390$0 
516how to transfer vhs to computer390$0.73 
517how to wipe my computer390$0 
518what is a computer cookie390$1.92 
519what is a service computation date390$0 
520what is bonjour on my computer390$0 
521what kind of computer do i need390$1.43 
522what to do with an old computer390$2.14 
523what to look for when buying a computer390$1.89 
524when is the best time to buy a computer390$1.13 
525where was the computer invented390$0 
526why do computers slow down390$2.41 
527how do i factory reset my computer320$0 
528how do i restore my computer to factory settings320$0 
529how do you reset a computer320$0 
530how to check computer specs windows 8320$0 
531how to clean up a computer320$3.10 
532how to completely reset a computer320$0 
533how to get virus off computer320$5.99 
534how to remove a virus from your computer320$4.25 
535how to restore computer to factory settings windows 7320$0 
536how to wipe your computer clean320$3.05 
537what does eniac stand for in the computer world320$0 
538what does pc stand for computer320$0 
539what is computer science major320$2.93 
540what type of model is a computer game320$0 
541what year was the first computer invented320$0 
542where can i sell my computer320$3.04 
543how do i authorize a computer for itunes260$0 
544how do i transfer music from computer to iphone260$0 
545how to reset iphone 4 without computer260$0 
546how to transfer itunes from one computer to another260$1.30 
547how to authorize your computer for itunes210$0 
548how to jailbreak without a computer210$0 
549how to reset iphone 5 without computer210$0 
550how to reset a windows 8 computer170$0 
551how to reset computer to factory settings windows 8170$0 
552how to get to my computer on windows 8140$6.40 
553how to restore computer to factory settings windows 8140$0 
554how to build a gaming computer 201540$0 

Commonly Searched Information Technology Keywords
We’ll start with the high level queries people use to search for IT services. Many people searching for a information technology help type these terms into Google:

  • Information technology
  • IT company
  • Technical support
  • IT services
  • IT support
  • Network security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud services


To get potential clients to come to your website, and eventually to become customers, you want to rank for these common IT keywords. If you are optimizing a page for a local information technology business, you must include most of these terms in the title, description, headings, and page content, so long as they are relevant to your service offerings. Otherwise, you will have a hard time ranking in Google for searches related to IT services.

Add Location
Before or after your main keywords, add your location. For example, if you work in IT in Philadelphia, optimize for “Philadelphia IT consultant”.

Information technology differs from other businesses in that it may not be local; you may be able to help customers all over the world. It still doesn’t hurt to optimize your pages for your local area to draw in local clientele, however.

IT Services Keywords
Often, people search for the specific service they are looking for. For the information technology field, this can be services you provide or the technical issues that need fixing. Ranking for these keywords can bring clients to your website, as well as provide a wider breadth of IT keyword rankings to your site.

  • Cloud technology
  • Cloud storage solutions
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Cloud storage providers
  • Service cloud
  • Cloud architecture
  • Cloud server
  • Cloud hosting
  • Cloud computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Network security
  • IT security
  • Cybersecurity attack
  • Computer security software
  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Cybersecurity companies
  • Cybersecurity engineer
  • IT services
  • Information technology specialist
  • IT manager
  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Managed IT services
  • Technology consulting
  • Tech solutions
  • IT service management
  • Network infrastructure
  • Programming
  • Software developer
  • Computer programming
  • Dynamic programming
  • Computer programmer
  • Web designer
  • Website creation
  • Code developer
  • App developer

IT Questions People Are Asking
Here are a few questions people ask related to IT services which could be great blog posts or headings on your landing pages:

  • What is information technology?
  • Why is cybersecurity important?
  • What are the different types of IT services?
  • How much is an IT consultant salary?
  • What are the types of network security?
  • How do you improve network security?
  • What is cloud computing?
  • What are the benefits of cloud computing?

The Most Searched Computer Keywords In Google

RankComputer KeywordsGlobal Monthly SearchCPCFind Related Keywords for Free
1computer associates2,240,000$0.21“computer associates” related keywords
2brain computer interface1,000,000$0.32“brain computer interface” related keywords
3personal computer1,000,000$0.54“personal computer” related keywords
4computers1,000,000$0.67“computers” related keywords
5affiliated computer services450,000$1.14“affiliated computer services” related keywords
6computer science corporation368,000$2.03“computer science corporation” related keywords
7computer desks246,000$1.35“computer desks” related keywords
8computer based training246,000$1.54“computer based training” related keywords
9desktop computers201,000$1.11“desktop computers” related keywords
10computer scientists201,000$3.83“computer scientists” related keywords
11cloud computer201,000$9.70“cloud computer” related keywords
12apple computers165,000$0.46“apple computers” related keywords
13computer monitors165,000$0.80“computer monitors” related keywords
14computer repairs165,000$4.87“computer repairs” related keywords
15computer games135,000$0.26“computer games” related keywords
16tablet computers135,000$1.05“tablet computers” related keywords
17quantum computers110,000$0.36“quantum computers” related keywords
18dell computers110,000$0.78“dell computers” related keywords
19gaming computers110,000$1.65“gaming computers” related keywords
20history of computers90,500$0.98“history of computers” related keywords
21computer engineering90,500$5.96“computer engineering” related keywords
22computer engineers90,500$5.96“computer engineers” related keywords
23computer keyboards74,000$0.51“computer keyboards” related keywords
24mac computers74,000$0.61“mac computers” related keywords
25super computers74,000$0.69“super computers” related keywords
26computer chairs74,000$1.71“computer chairs” related keywords
27computer stores74,000$1.96“computer stores” related keywords
28types of computers60,500$0.33“types of computers” related keywords
29computer cases60,500$0.44“computer cases” related keywords
30computer mice60,500$0.49“computer mice” related keywords
31computer mouses60,500$0.49“computer mouses” related keywords
32computer parts60,500$0.53“computer parts” related keywords
33computer tables60,500$0.75“computer tables” related keywords
34hp computers60,500$0.80“hp computers” related keywords
35computer networking60,500$1.28“computer networking” related keywords
36computer software49,500$0.22“computer software” related keywords
37computer hardware49,500$0.42“computer hardware” related keywords
38computer speakers49,500$0.51“computer speakers” related keywords
39computer shops49,500$0.95“computer shops” related keywords
40all in one computers49,500$1.28“all in one computers” related keywords
41computer viruses49,500$1.60“computer viruses” related keywords
42laptop computers49,500$3.27“laptop computers” related keywords
43computer programmers49,500$5.66“computer programmers” related keywords
44computer programming49,500$5.66“computer programming” related keywords
45parts of computer40,500$0.10“parts of computer” related keywords
46best buy computers40,500$0.76“best buy computers” related keywords
47generation of computer40,500$0.93“generation of computer” related keywords
48mini computers40,500$1.15“mini computers” related keywords
49computer stick33,100$0.36“computer stick” related keywords
50what is a computer33,100$0.71“what is a computer” related keywords
51computer wallpapers33,100$1.28“computer wallpapers” related keywords
52computers for sale33,100$1.29“computers for sale” related keywords
53next computers27,100$0.39“next computers” related keywords
54computer systems27,100$0.47“computer systems” related keywords
55mouse computer27,100$0.52“mouse computer” related keywords
56first computers27,100$0.53“first computers” related keywords
57full form of computer27,100$0.85“full form of computer” related keywords
58small computer desks27,100$1.20“small computer desks” related keywords
59computer courses27,100$1.26“computer courses” related keywords
60computer glasses27,100$1.56“computer glasses” related keywords
61computer backgrounds27,100$1.58“computer backgrounds” related keywords
62computer source22,200$0.07“computer source” related keywords
63computer knowledge22,200$0.28“computer knowledge” related keywords
64computer architecture22,200$0.34“computer architecture” related keywords
65best desktop computers22,200$0.54“best desktop computers” related keywords
66asus computers22,200$0.78“asus computers” related keywords
67computer screens22,200$0.79“computer screens” related keywords
68cheapest computers22,200$0.82“cheapest computers” related keywords
69cheap computers22,200$0.97“cheap computers” related keywords
70gateway computers22,200$1.32“gateway computers” related keywords
71computer graphics22,200$1.94“computer graphics” related keywords
72computer prices18,100$0.24“computer prices” related keywords
73definition of computer18,100$0.27“definition of computer” related keywords
74computer accessories18,100$0.34“computer accessories” related keywords
75computer definitions18,100$0.42“computer definitions” related keywords
76computer components18,100$0.44“computer components” related keywords
77scan computers18,100$0.45“scan computers” related keywords
78computer history18,100$0.51“computer history” related keywords
79lenovo computers18,100$0.66“lenovo computers” related keywords
80pc computers18,100$0.74“pc computers” related keywords
81acer computers18,100$0.76“acer computers” related keywords
82computer towers18,100$0.82“computer towers” related keywords
83computer images18,100$0.96“computer images” related keywords
84computer literate18,100$1.01“computer literate” related keywords
85mainframe computers18,100$1.23“mainframe computers” related keywords
86computer languages18,100$1.43“computer languages” related keywords
87how to build a computer18,100$2.35“how to build a computer” related keywords
88computer vision18,100$2.44“computer vision” related keywords
89computer hope18,100$3.15“computer hope” related keywords
90computer tech18,100$5.18“computer tech” related keywords
91computer technician18,100$5.18“computer technician” related keywords
92computer security18,100$7.21“computer security” related keywords
93computer apps14,800$0.09“computer apps” related keywords
94free computer games14,800$0.24“free computer games” related keywords
95computer processors14,800$0.33“computer processors” related keywords
96computer icons14,800$0.34“computer icons” related keywords
97computer world14,800$0.36“computer world” related keywords
98introduction to computers14,800$0.36“introduction to computers” related keywords
99computer generations14,800$0.56“computer generations” related keywords
100msi computers14,800$0.65“msi computers” related keywords
101old computers14,800$0.77“old computers” related keywords
102other world computing14,800$0.80“other world computing” related keywords
103father of computer14,800$0.82“father of computer” related keywords
104computer memory14,800$0.95“computer memory” related keywords
105computer skills14,800$0.96“computer skills” related keywords
106best computer14,800$1“best computer” related keywords
107computer programs14,800$1.14“computer programs” related keywords
108notebook computers14,800$1.30“notebook computers” related keywords
109building your own computer14,800$1.33“building your own computer” related keywords
110gaming computer desks14,800$1.36“gaming computer desks” related keywords
111chip computer14,800$1.41“chip computer” related keywords
112micro computers14,800$1.61“micro computers” related keywords
113computer science degrees14,800$12.34“computer science degrees” related keywords
114computer clipart14,800$2.12“computer clipart” related keywords
115computer shares14,800$2.90“computer shares” related keywords
116computer coding14,800$3.12“computer coding” related keywords
117computer forensics14,800$9.02“computer forensics” related keywords
118computer applications12,100$0.23“computer applications” related keywords
119parts of a computer12,100$0.27“parts of a computer” related keywords
120computer microphones12,100$0.58“computer microphones” related keywords
121computer mics12,100$0.58“computer mics” related keywords
122computer fans12,100$0.61“computer fans” related keywords
123analog computer12,100$0.64“analog computer” related keywords
124computer power supply12,100$0.68“computer power supply” related keywords
125computer desktops12,100$0.76“computer desktops” related keywords
126computer hacking12,100$0.81“computer hacking” related keywords
127cheap computer desks12,100$0.97“cheap computer desks” related keywords
128best gaming computers12,100$1.12“best gaming computers” related keywords
129build a computer12,100$1.17“build a computer” related keywords
130microsoft computers12,100$1.17“microsoft computers” related keywords
131computer sales12,100$1.23“computer sales” related keywords
132computer bags12,100$1.24“computer bags” related keywords
133white computer desks12,100$1.33“white computer desks” related keywords
134refurbished computers12,100$1.34“refurbished computers” related keywords
135computer speed test12,100$1.77“computer speed test” related keywords
136computer science engineering12,100$3.07“computer science engineering” related keywords
137computer technology12,100$4.59“computer technology” related keywords
138how to authorize a computer on itunes9,900$0“how to authorize a computer on itunes” related keywords
139computer games free download9,900$0.15“computer games free download” related keywords
140computer operator9,900$0.17“computer operator” related keywords
141computer exchange9,900$0.29“computer exchange” related keywords
142computer arts9,900$0.31“computer arts” related keywords
143computer logos9,900$0.31“computer logos” related keywords
144invention of computer9,900$0.33“invention of computer” related keywords
145razer computers9,900$0.36“razer computers” related keywords
146computer basics9,900$0.46“computer basics” related keywords
147computer pictures9,900$0.46“computer pictures” related keywords
148computer peripherals9,900$0.48“computer peripherals” related keywords
149define computer9,900$0.53“define computer” related keywords
150best all in one computers9,900$0.56“best all in one computers” related keywords
151computer worms9,900$0.57“computer worms” related keywords
152evolution of computers9,900$0.57“evolution of computers” related keywords
153computer discount9,900$0.61“computer discount” related keywords
154computer gaming chairs9,900$0.62“computer gaming chairs” related keywords
155microphones for computers9,900$0.64“microphones for computers” related keywords
156computer universe9,900$0.82“computer universe” related keywords
157computer jobs9,900$0.86“computer jobs” related keywords
158human computer9,900$0.86“human computer” related keywords
159computer ram9,900$0.87“computer ram” related keywords
160cheapest gaming computer9,900$0.89“cheapest gaming computer” related keywords
161ram computers9,900$1.08“ram computers” related keywords
162computer armoires9,900$1.09“computer armoires” related keywords
163new computers9,900$1.33“new computers” related keywords
164computer cabinets9,900$1.51“computer cabinets” related keywords
165computer information systems9,900$12.56“computer information systems” related keywords
166computer labs9,900$2.12“computer labs” related keywords
167computer futures9,900$2.50“computer futures” related keywords
168computer repair services9,900$2.55“computer repair services” related keywords
169computer recycling9,900$3.22“computer recycling” related keywords
170computer servers9,900$3.29“computer servers” related keywords
171computer stands9,900$3.99“computer stands” related keywords
172computer city8,100$0.06“computer city” related keywords
173computer tricks8,100$0.43“computer tricks” related keywords
174different types of computers8,100$0.44“different types of computers” related keywords
175the first computer8,100$0.46“the first computer” related keywords
176the art of computer programming8,100$0.61“the art of computer programming” related keywords
177best computer monitors8,100$0.66“best computer monitors” related keywords
178infinite computer solutions8,100$0.73“infinite computer solutions” related keywords
179cheapest desktop computer8,100$0.78“cheapest desktop computer” related keywords
180cheap gaming computers8,100$0.81“cheap gaming computers” related keywords
181digital computer8,100$0.87“digital computer” related keywords
182computer news8,100$0.88“computer news” related keywords
183best computer games8,100$0.91“best computer games” related keywords
184used computers8,100$1.01“used computers” related keywords
185custom computers8,100$1.08“custom computers” related keywords
186computer building8,100$1.11“computer building” related keywords
187computer tablets8,100$1.16“computer tablets” related keywords
188glass computer desk8,100$1.16“glass computer desk” related keywords
189computer cleaner8,100$1.38“computer cleaner” related keywords
190computer backpacks8,100$1.41“computer backpacks” related keywords
191desktop computers deals8,100$1.41“desktop computers deals” related keywords
192wallpapers for computer8,100$1.78“wallpapers for computer” related keywords
193computer chips8,100$1.87“computer chips” related keywords
194masters in computer science8,100$16.01“masters in computer science” related keywords
195computer love8,100$2“computer love” related keywords
196how to speed up computer8,100$2.27“how to speed up computer” related keywords
197central computers8,100$3.20“central computers” related keywords
198computer science courses8,100$3.32“computer science courses” related keywords
199computer classes8,100$3.50“computer classes” related keywords
200computer animation8,100$5.06“computer animation” related keywords
201delta computer systems6,600$0“delta computer systems” related keywords
202how to screenshot on computer6,600$0“how to screenshot on computer” related keywords
203computer shortcuts6,600$0.08“computer shortcuts” related keywords
204computer zone6,600$0.14“computer zone” related keywords
205computer ethics6,600$0.22“computer ethics” related keywords
206computer books6,600$0.29“computer books” related keywords
207computer chess6,600$0.30“computer chess” related keywords
208computer music6,600$0.33“computer music” related keywords
209computer dictionary6,600$0.35“computer dictionary” related keywords
210computer organization6,600$0.35“computer organization” related keywords
211computer gaming6,600$0.48“computer gaming” related keywords
212computer motherboard6,600$0.57“computer motherboard” related keywords
213computer ports6,600$0.59“computer ports” related keywords
214computer for kids6,600$0.66“computer for kids” related keywords
215pictures of computers6,600$0.67“pictures of computers” related keywords
216computer hard drives6,600$0.82“computer hard drives” related keywords
217computer parts store6,600$0.82“computer parts store” related keywords
218cheap computer monitors6,600$0.86“cheap computer monitors” related keywords
219best buy desktop computers6,600$0.91“best buy desktop computers” related keywords
220desktop computers for sale6,600$0.99“desktop computers for sale” related keywords
221linux computers6,600$1.03“linux computers” related keywords
222black computer desk6,600$1.08“black computer desk” related keywords
223computer cables6,600$1.10“computer cables” related keywords
224computer wiki6,600$1.13“computer wiki” related keywords
225computer crimes6,600$1.34“computer crimes” related keywords
226computer laptop6,600$1.37“computer laptop” related keywords
227computer laptops6,600$1.37“computer laptops” related keywords
228personal computer definition6,600$1.40“personal computer definition” related keywords
229how to hack a computer6,600$1.53“how to hack a computer” related keywords
230computer printers6,600$1.55“computer printers” related keywords
231computer monitor stands6,600$1.83“computer monitor stands” related keywords
232computer deals6,600$1.87“computer deals” related keywords
233computer center6,600$1.98“computer center” related keywords
234touch screen computer6,600$2.09“touch screen computer” related keywords
235touch screen computers6,600$2.09“touch screen computers” related keywords
236computer running slow6,600$2.15“computer running slow” related keywords
237computer runs slow6,600$2.15“computer runs slow” related keywords
238speed up computer6,600$2.35“speed up computer” related keywords
239how to make your computer faster6,600$2.82“how to make your computer faster” related keywords
240embedded computers6,600$3.45“embedded computers” related keywords
241computer geeks6,600$3.51“computer geeks” related keywords
242how to wipe a computer6,600$4.20“how to wipe a computer” related keywords
243computer services6,600$4.38“computer services” related keywords
244computer repair shops6,600$4.68“computer repair shops” related keywords
245computer systems analysts6,600$5.81“computer systems analysts” related keywords
246open computers5,400$0“open computers” related keywords
247computer symbols5,400$0.03“computer symbols” related keywords
248how to format a computer5,400$0.04“how to format a computer” related keywords
249family computer5,400$0.10“family computer” related keywords
250computer terms5,400$0.17“computer terms” related keywords
251games for computer5,400$0.20“games for computer” related keywords
252basic computer5,400$0.29“basic computer” related keywords
253razor computers5,400$0.29“razor computers” related keywords
254computer virus definition5,400$0.31“computer virus definition” related keywords
255first personal computer5,400$0.32“first personal computer” related keywords
256computer information5,400$0.33“computer information” related keywords
257computer input devices5,400$0.34“computer input devices” related keywords
258computer names5,400$0.39“computer names” related keywords
259computer games for kids5,400$0.42“computer games for kids” related keywords
260speakers for computer5,400$0.43“speakers for computer” related keywords
261keyboards computer5,400$0.46“keyboards computer” related keywords
262computer test5,400$0.49“computer test” related keywords
263no sound on computer5,400$0.62“no sound on computer” related keywords
264kids computers5,400$0.68“kids computers” related keywords
265computer cameras5,400$0.71“computer cameras” related keywords
266alien computers5,400$0.74“alien computers” related keywords
267gamer computer5,400$0.75“gamer computer” related keywords
268structure and interpretation of computer programs5,400$0.77“structure and interpretation of computer programs” related keywords
269computer brands5,400$0.78“computer brands” related keywords
270basic computer skills5,400$0.81“basic computer skills” related keywords
271computer stickers5,400$0.83“computer stickers” related keywords
272free computers5,400$0.85“free computers” related keywords
273fun computer games5,400$1.07“fun computer games” related keywords
274computer magazines5,400$1.12“computer magazines” related keywords
275linux computer5,400$1.40“linux computer” related keywords
276computer simulation5,400$1.47“computer simulation” related keywords
277good gaming computer5,400$1.50“good gaming computer” related keywords
278small computers5,400$1.56“small computers” related keywords
279how to rotate computer screen5,400$1.72“how to rotate computer screen” related keywords
280computer companies5,400$1.76“computer companies” related keywords
281how to clean computer screen5,400$1.97“how to clean computer screen” related keywords
282modern computer desks5,400$1.98“modern computer desks” related keywords
283best computer science schools5,400$13.38“best computer science schools” related keywords
284faxing from computer5,400$17.78“faxing from computer” related keywords
285how to make computer faster5,400$2.32“how to make computer faster” related keywords
286computer training5,400$2.42“computer training” related keywords
287computer maintenance5,400$2.69“computer maintenance” related keywords
288computer solutions5,400$2.69“computer solutions” related keywords
289your computer is low on memory5,400$2.94“your computer is low on memory” related keywords
290images of computers5,400$3.06“images of computers” related keywords
291slow computer5,400$3.30“slow computer” related keywords
292computer workstations5,400$3.56“computer workstations” related keywords
293computer science careers5,400$3.82“computer science careers” related keywords
294online computer science degree5,400$30.41“online computer science degree” related keywords
295computer science rankings5,400$5.84“computer science rankings” related keywords
296computer science major5,400$9.32“computer science major” related keywords
297computer screen upside down4,400$0“computer screen upside down” related keywords
298computer jokes4,400$0.06“computer jokes” related keywords
299how to reboot computer4,400$0.08“how to reboot computer” related keywords
300computer output devices4,400$0.14“computer output devices” related keywords
301computer cartoon4,400$0.16“computer cartoon” related keywords
302computer inventor4,400$0.16“computer inventor” related keywords
303computer fonts4,400$0.17“computer fonts” related keywords
304computer cpu4,400$0.22“computer cpu” related keywords
305shutdown computer4,400$0.26“shutdown computer” related keywords
306computer types4,400$0.28“computer types” related keywords
307ups for computer4,400$0.28“ups for computer” related keywords
308computer depot4,400$0.37“computer depot” related keywords
309components of a computer4,400$0.38“components of a computer” related keywords
310reboot computer4,400$0.39“reboot computer” related keywords
311rebooting computer4,400$0.39“rebooting computer” related keywords
312computer remote4,400$0.42“computer remote” related keywords
313computer all in one4,400$0.46“computer all in one” related keywords
314coolest computer cases4,400$0.47“coolest computer cases” related keywords
315learn computer4,400$0.52“learn computer” related keywords
316how to start computer in safe mode4,400$0.54“how to start computer in safe mode” related keywords
317computer warehouse4,400$0.57“computer warehouse” related keywords
318computer drawing pad4,400$0.59“computer drawing pad” related keywords
319computer specs4,400$0.59“computer specs” related keywords
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321how to connect computer to tv4,400$0.63“how to connect computer to tv” related keywords
322mouse for computer4,400$0.67“mouse for computer” related keywords
323gaming computer cases4,400$0.69“gaming computer cases” related keywords
324types of computer software4,400$0.81“types of computer software” related keywords
325computer scanner4,400$0.83“computer scanner” related keywords
326computer operating systems4,400$0.85“computer operating systems” related keywords
327home computers4,400$0.88“home computers” related keywords
328computer education4,400$0.95“computer education” related keywords
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333introduction to computer science4,400$1.03“introduction to computer science” related keywords
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355server computer4,400$2.66“server computer” related keywords
356computer doctors4,400$2.67“computer doctors” related keywords
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