Online Collaborative Tools And Processes

-Collaboration is a key component of the modern workplace. It’s how we get our work done, and it’s how we make sure that everyone has the information they need to do their job well. That’s why we’re here today: to talk about the tools and processes you can use to collaborate with your team.

Online Collaborative Tools And Processes

People can’t collaborate if they don’t communicate. From instant messaging to video conferencing tools (the best alternative to face-to-face meetings), there are many options for team collaboration tools:

1. Flowdock

Flowdock is a group and private chat platform. Its most interesting feature is its team inbox which aggregates notifications from other channels, like Twitter, Asana and customer support tools.

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2. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is an online video conferencing software that allows users to schedule meetings and share screens. It’s one of the most popular video tools with millions of users.

3. Slack

Slack is a popular and well-crafted platform offering instant messaging, file transfers and powerful message search. It has many features and dozens of integrations with other tools like Trello and Intercom.

4. WebEx

Cisco’s WebEx provides personalized video meeting rooms where users can to host and join meetings. People can use WebEx for team collaboration, webinars, training and customer support.

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Manage projects and tasks

Project management tools are critical. Who can coordinate effectively when they can’t monitor task progress or keep track of objectives?

5. Asana

One of the most well-known project management tools, Asana allows users to assign tasks to other members, add followers to projects and monitor deadlines. It’s very useful as a to-do list or calendar for strategic planning.

6. Dapulse

Dapulse is a collaboration tool that helps you communicate, set objectives and assign tasks. Its big advantage: it has a great visual design so it’s easy to understand and work with.

7. ProofHub

ProofHub is a work management tool that offers a comprehensive suite of collaboration and project management functions. On this platform, you can organize files, plan and monitor projects and discuss with colleagues and stakeholders. ProofHub also lets you review and approve files through an online proofing tool.

8. Redbooth

Redbooth is an easy-to-use project management tool. Its platform allows users to plan and collaborate through many functions from video conferencing to creating Gantt charts.

9. Trello

Trello has an intriguing interface that resembles solitaire (you can even drag task cards across columns, just like you would playing cards). It’s easy to learn and works well for monitoring projects and assigning tasks. Trello also makes using Agile, Scrum and other project management frameworks easy.

10. Wimi

Wimi offers users their own ‘unified workspaces’ where teams can manage projects and share files and calendars. You can control access in each workspace with a rights-based system. Wimi Drive, their file syncing software, helps you make the most out of cloud technology.

11. Milanote

Milanote is one of the qualified tools that can be used for serving numerous purposes including blogging. Using this tool, you can organize creative projects and place them into excellent visual boards. It will provide you a feel like you’re working on the wall in a creative studio. Milanote would be a great fit too for designers who work remotely.

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Create together

A task isn’t always one person’s responsibility. Sometimes team members need to create together. These are the best collaboration tools:

12. Codingteam

Coders can easily collaborate when writing their code through platforms like Codingteam. It offers a free ‘software forge’ that encourages visibility and collective code building.

13. Igloo

Igloo is a company intranet that allows people to communicate and get work done. Its wiki allows colleagues to share information and ideas.

14. Google Docs

Google needs no introduction. Google’s collaboration tools include its Docs and Sheets services, which are designed to allow teams to edit files at the same time and save all their changes automatically.

15. Quip

Quip started off as a mobile app and released a desktop version later. Teams can import and work live on different file types. Edits are saved automatically and its chat, comment and checklist features make collaboration easy.

best collaboration tools



What would it mean for your productivity if you never had to check email, Slack, Salesforce, and Excel just to track down information about one project?

Whether you’re working in the office, from home, or from across the globe, helps your entire team stay in sync. This work operating system (Work OS) keeps all of your work clearly organized on one visual platform everyone can access.

Without any coding skills, you can customize so that it works best for your team. Automate data entry, workflows, and other repetitive tasks, so you can focus on more meaningful work. Then assign tasks so nothing falls through the cracks.

Plus, we surveyed 1,273 executives that use collaboration tools on a regular basis. And they voted as their favorite platform.


  • Sign up for a free trial without entering your payment details
  • Download pre-designed templates perfectly suited to your workflows
  • Get the “bird’s eye view” of multiple projects in one convenient location
  • Check your progress at any time from the mobile app
  • View your projects in a calendar mode so you never miss any deadlines
  • Assign new tasks to available team members so no one is overloaded
  • Automate your workflows without coding
  • Integrate all of your other apps on one unified platform


  • Mobile app can be cumbersome, but they are working on it constantly
  • More content on advanced concepts

2. Nectar

Nectar is an award-winning employee recognition & rewards platform that bolsters online collaboration. It creates a simple, standardized way for organizations to give out recognition, spot bonuses, awards and wellness challenges all within budget. This includes peer to peer recognition as well as manager to direct reports.

With Nectar, you can reinforce great work anytime, anywhere through an interactive recognition feed. Keep morale up, teams connected and promote your company’s core values in an online working environment.


  • Connects with your other tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams and more to make recognition as seamless as possible
  • Has a robust rewards engine with hundreds of global gift card options or branded company swag
  • Has a free tier along with paid plans

Explore pricing and features to find the Nectar plan that best fits your team.


  • Wish there was more functionality on the free tier
  • Reward options are limited outside of the US, UK or Australia

3. Bonusly

Make visibility a priority this year with Bonusly. This online collaboration platform gives managers, executives, and employees the ability to see and celebrate great work through an easy-to-use interface. Helping to create a culture where recognition is part of your day, Bonusly encourages employees to recognize their colleagues and promotes workplace collaboration.

Using this team collaboration software is a breeze, as it integrates seamlessly into the other online communication tools at your business. You can use it on a daily basis without feeling like you’re doing any extra work!

Bonusly’s 360-degree recognition also makes teamwork visible to everyone and empowers employees at all levels of your company. You can show appreciation for each other and build stronger working relationships while incentivizing a culture of online collaboration.


  • Analytics point out team members’ strengths
  • Make it easy for managers and leaders to gather, understand, and act on employee feedback with fun, lightweight surveys of all types.
  • Easy onboarding meaning employees can start using it on their first day
  • Best suited for teams/companies of 100+
  • Automated custom rewards for employee milestones and completed projects


  • No free plan, but they do offer a free trial here
  • Expanding list of rewards

4. Favro

Remote and asynchronous teams face communication challenges that in-office teams don’t. With Favro’s stopwatch-style timer, teams can track time and see real-time updates from their desktop, web browser, or mobile device.

A virtual dashboard lets them view activity scores, enable optional screenshotting, and set productive and unproductive apps and websites for each member of their team. Integrations with over 30 popular project management, help desk, and HR apps make Favro even more powerful for growing teams.


  • Beautiful UI/UX
  • Simple tracking
  • Unlimited screenshots
  • Automated timesheets
  • Customizable invoices
  • Easy team payments


  • Relies on integrations
  • If you’re looking for just a time tracker, there are free options that don’t provide the same features Favro does but are cheaper.

5. Teamwork

Teamwork was built so you can manage ALL your client work in one platform. From invoicing, to time tracking, to unlimited client access, everything you need to run your client services is in Teamwork.

Teamwork gives you the tools and reports you need to maximize resources and never miss a billable minute again. Get a bird’s eye view of every project, from milestones to capacity planning, budgeting and time tracking and more.

Break work and projects into tasks and layers of subtasks – so nothing slips through the cracks and everyone knows what to do and when it’s done.


  • Signup for a free 30-day trial of Teamwork with no commitments
  • Teamwork has the growth-focused features like time tracking, custom client permissions, assigning tasks to multiple people and more
  • A user-friendly learning curve and the essential features (like reports and resource management)
  • Teamwork has the collaboration, client features and robust flexibility necessary for managing multiple complex projects
  • Solid functionality so your team can manage large, complex projects without the learning curve and limitations
  • Collaborate in real-time with your team and clients to get your questions answered and projects delivered on time & on budget.


  • UX can be a bit cumbersome, but they are currently working on an overhaul

6. Empuls

Empuls is a holistic employee engagement solution that aims to improve company culture & bring the entire digital workplace to life.

It helps HR leaders, CHROs, and CXOs to effortlessly execute key activities such as award workflows, budget automation, and industry-endorsed real-time surveys. With many key features such as communication feeds, messaging, and groups, the software equips employees to engage meaningfully with their peers and aligns them with the organization’s shared values.

Empuls also enables organizations to constantly measure and analyze the levels of employee satisfaction by keeping track of Employee NPS and thus helping them improve the overall employee experience and drive higher productivity. Explore pricing and features to find the Empuls plan that best fits your team.


  • Empuls is self serve & DIY and makes it extremely easy for HRs to get started within a day.
  • HRs can also start from existing tools like HRIS, Slack, Teams, Gsuite & more seamlessly.
  • Comes with rich features to engage employees through game mechanics, contests, water coolers, one on one feedback, peer & social recognition, and a wide variety of benefits like rewards & perks.
  • Good for small & medium size companies


  • No free plan, but they do offer a free trial
  • Expanding list of rewards

7. Nifty

True collaboration is where communication meets action. If you’re planning in one place and discussing in another — where is the collaboration truly occurring?

Nifty is the award-winning project management tool that closes the gap between communication and action to serve as the all-in-one remote office you and your team have been looking for. Packed with easy-to-use project management tools as well as direct and group messaging experiences, Nifty is the glue between planning and execution.


  • Build roadmaps with Nifty’s milestones which are phase-based Gantts that roll up tasks into actionable steps and automate progress as the tasks are completed.
  • Timeline, Kanban, List, and Swimlane views let teams of all types visualize their work in the way that suits them best.
  • Tags scale across tasks, docs, and files in all projects to create scalability within the workspace
  • Built in docs, including a two-way Google Doc, Sheet, and Presentations bring your notes, content, and specifications directly into your workspace.
  • Overviews, Workloads, and All Tasks give automated managerial insight on project and portfolio health and make managing resources across projects as simple as can be.
  • Project Discussions and Team Chat give opportunities for group and direct communications


  • API in the process of being opened


Otter automatically transcribes your audio into text. Text notes full of timesaving ways to search, find, and share with your team no matter where they are. Otter has several integrations with apps like Zoom that make collaboration and remote work faster and more efficient.

Price: Starts at $9.99, billed every month. Learn more on Plan’s pricing page.

Free Plan: Yes, with limited usage and features. Get started.

Here are just a few of the things we love about Otter and the one minus we could think of.


  • Otter integrated with Zoom making it quick and easy to add live comments, delegate tasks, and action items in real-time
  • Allow Zoom participants to add photos, audio, and highlights in real-time to create collaborative meeting notes
  • Get a text summary of your meetings instantly, no waiting for notes to be cleaned up. No delays, no loss in productivity
  • Search within and across all your transcribed conversations


  • Love that Otter is available on desktop and mobile we wish more of Otter Premiums were available in the free version

9. Chanty

Chanty is a simple team chat solution, with easy-to-use collaboration features, unlimited message history, and workplace apps to enable teams to foster healthy relationships through transparent and accessible communication.

It is a messaging tool that enables your team members to complete projects, activities, or tasks easier and faster. It also helps you consolidate all the information you need in one easy-to-use application.


  • Unlimited searchable message history
  • Inbuilt task manager
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Easy-to-start and easy-to-use

Explore pricing and features to find the Chanty plan that best fits your team.


  • Limited in custom integrations

10. Whereby


Whereby is the best way to meet over video. You don’t need to download an app or any software. Just choose your own personalized URL and meet using your browser – on mobile or desktop – in one click.

Whereby has a range of features to help you collaborate and communicate. Like Breakout Groups, virtual whiteboards with Miro, screen sharing and recording, and integrations with Google Docs, Trello and YouTube.


  • Voted ‘easiest to use’ video tool – start meetings in one click
  • Host meetings with up to 50 participants
  • No apps, downloads or installs required
  • Simple, beautiful design
  • Encrypted and secure video calls
  • Personalized meeting room with custom backgrounds and your company logo
  • Breakout Groups to run classes, virtual events, and workshops more easily


  • 45-minute time limit for meetings with more than 2 participants on the Free plans
  • Not as widely known as other video conferencing tools


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