Online Group Booking System

The Group Booking System is a booking tool for your business. It allows you to manage and track bookings, as well as customer information. The Group Booking System allows you to create groups and manage their members, as well as create events and manage them.

Online Group Booking System

Make group scheduling quick and hassle-free with Appointy

Group booking software to schedule team meetings, classes, & events seamlessly while efficiently managing attendee information, payments, reminders and more!GET STARTED NOW!

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A client selecting an appointment slot for a group through Appointy's booking portal
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4-step setup to help you get started in minutes

Steps to start taking group appointments with Appointy

150+ professionals and business owners use Appointy for their group scheduling requirements

Group classes icon

Group Classes

Tutors, professors & academic institutes can schedule classes with multiple students at once & organize parent-teacher meetings, doubt sessions, etc. for their students!

Group meetings icon

Group Meetings

Schedule in-person and remote team meetings, demos, client presentations, conferences, and more hassle-free and host multiple invitees in the same session

Events & workshops icon

Events & Workshops

Conveniently host seminars, workshops, charity events, and more with Appointy! Attendees can easily sign up for the event and reserve a seat for themselves

Group Activities icon

Group Activities

Appointy gives you the flexibility to schedule group fitness trainings, yoga and zumba sessions, guided group tours, art and cooking lessons, and more!

Group Appointments icon

Group Appointments

Beauty & wellness business owners, retail stores, supermarkets etc. can offer group consultation sessions, holiday season group appointments, party slots, and more!

Virtual group sessions icon

Virtual Group sessions

Conduct virtual events, webinars, business consultation sessions, online trainings & more with our Zoom integration. The meeting details are sent via email & text notifications

More features to help you simplify appointment scheduling and business management

Appointy’s online scheduler reduces admin time spent on manually handling group appointments so that you can focus on delivering better client experiences

Calendar scheduler icon

Calendar Scheduler

View your upcoming group appointments & member details with an intuitive, color-coded calendar. Schedule new sessions in a click or reschedule with a simple drag-and-drop

Booking Rules icon

Booking Rules

Limit the no. of appointments clients can make in a day/week, set advance cancellation/ rescheduling notice, & automatically allocate service providers to appointments with intelligent-routing

Timezone Scheduler icon

Timezone Scheduler

Intelligent timezone detection ensures that your clients living in different timezone can view the availability in their local timezone and reserve a spot accordingly

Appointment Notifications icon

Appointment Alerts

Send automated alerts to all group members whenever an appointment is confirmed or updated. Customize these with important details & reduce no-shows with automated email or text reminders

Online Payments icon

Online Payments

Accept prepayments for group bookings & make it easier for clients to pay for all the group members in one go using our integration with popular gateways like Stripe, Square, and Paypal

Reporting & Analytics icon

Reporting & Analytics

Track and analyze key business metrics like no. of groups registered weekly/monthly, monthly sales, staff productivity, client satisfaction, etc. with our detailed reports & analytics dashboard

Inbuilt CRM icon

Inbuilt CRM

Store important attendee data like appointment history, past purchases, intake form details, feedback, etc. under dedicated client profiles using our inbuilt CRM & use this data to deliver better sessions

Mobile App icon

Mobile App

Access Appointy from anywhere across all devices. Manage all group appointments, staff schedules, & reminders even when you are away from your desk via our group scheduling app for Android and iOS.

free online booking system for clubs

Advanced Calendar

There are only so many hours in a day but there’s no limit to how many resources or people you may wish to book.

Unlike most booking systems, Shlott streamlines the calendar by showing the time across the top and resources down the side. This allows you to add as many resources as you like while making sure the calendar is quick and easy to view and interact with.

A simple but powerful interface allows you to quickly change days and adjust how many hours are shown at once in real-time.

Image of the calendar on Shlott Free Booking System

Simple Member Management

Easily invite new members to your group by simply entering their email address. Shlott comes with several membership types so you can automatically manage permissions.

Keep your members updated with the latest information about your group by creating posts on the Noticeboard.

Image of simple member management form on Shlott

Bookings, Rentals, Appointments and more

Shlott has no assumptions on how your group is structured which makes it highly flexible.

The ability to book resources, people or both at the same time means Shlott can manage everything from Bike Rentals to Salon Appointments.

Image of a Free Booking in Shlott

Take Shlott with You

Shlott works seemlessly on all mobile phones and tablets using built in browsers such as Safari and Chrome. Native iOS and Android apps coming soon.

Wherever you are connect with Shlott to book your favourite resources

Whatever School, Group, Club or Syndicate you run, your members will have 24×7 access to your resources. Keeping your business running at all hours


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