Pandadoc Chrome Extension For Pipedrive

Pandadoc is a Chrome extension that helps you create and share beautiful, interactive documentation with your team.

With Pandadoc, you can organize and manage your documentation in one place, so you can focus on what matters most: building great software.

Pandadoc Chrome Extension For Pipedrive

Extend Pipedrive CRM with document generation and eSigning capabilities for end-to-end document workflow management in a single tool.

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Build proposals right in your CRM

Create and open documents associated with a Pipedrive deal, a contact, or organization. The template and content library make it easy to generate and customize new documents in minutes.

Document Generation

Collect eSignatures in a snap

Prospects can easily accept your proposals and eSign contracts immediately on any device or even in person. The integration allows you to send and receive signatures right from your CRM.


Automatically complete 
a quote

Autofill interactive quotes with accurate product and pricing data from your Pipedrive records. Collect a credit card or ACH payment after the quote is completed with the Stripe integration too.

Stripe - Integration

When we used to have a call, we used to use just our voices and website. Now we go through a customized document form with them, which only takes minutes. People are consistently blown away by our presentations.

Michael Cardwell

Michael CardwellFounder

Easily transfer deal details

Save time and reduce errors with variables that automatically populate documents with contact, opportunity, pricing, and product data right into your docs.

Tokens Client

Keep tabs on your doc status

Follow document statuses right in Pipedrive. Go a step further with document analytics that detail who and when someone opened, viewed, commented, and completed the document.

Revisions Activity Multilang

Get started now, no coding required

Download the PandaDoc browser add-on for Pipedrive and add some document templates to start. It only takes minutes to set up the integration and doesn’t require any fancy tech support.

Templates Library

Maximize integration benefits

The PandaDoc and Pipedrive integration has a wide-variety of features available to streamline workflows and increase efficiencies. Our help center articles are chock-full of helpful insights, frequently asked questions and how-to videos to ensure you’re up to speed on all of the great features the integration has to offer.Visit the Help Center

Maximize integration benefits

pipedrive marketplace

Integrate your favorite tools with Pipedrive
Connect Pipedrive with the tools your revenue teams use. Streamline your workflow by installing apps and uniting all your tools in one place, allowing them to work better together. Find your favorites in our growing catalog, or discover new apps to meet your needs in our CRM Marketplace.

Go to Marketplace

A growing collection of 300+ apps and integrations

Find apps fast with easy search and filtering

View descriptions with detailed screenshots and videos

One-click installation on dozens of new apps
Popular apps

Zapier is an automation tool that supports thousands of the most popular apps, like Google Sheets, Facebook Lead Ads and Todoist. In minutes, you can set up automated workflows (called Zaps) that turn Pipedrive into a sales workflow hub. You can create a new lead, update a deal’s status, attach a file to an account and more.

PandaDoc document automation software improves deal workflow, insights and speed while delivering an amazing buying experience. Streamline the process to create, approve and eSign proposals, quotes and contracts by connecting PandaDoc and Pipedrive.

Leadfeeder connects with your website to reveal companies that visit it and how they found you. Convert these visits into Pipedrive deals automatically and get updates about their website visits.

JustCall is a phone service for sales teams featuring a two-way Pipedrive integration. Level up your sales process with one-click dialing, automatic call logging, lifetime call recordings and insightful sales metrics inside Pipedrive. Start making local or international calls in a matter of minutes.

LinkPort is a free LinkedIn-to-Pipedrive contact importer that allows you to populate contact details – like name, email, phone, or organization – on Pipedrive without leaving LinkedIn. With just one click, you can fill your Pipedrive CRM with LinkedIn contacts.

Outfunnel is a marketing automation tool with a tight two-way Pipedrive integration. Automate your email marketing, track website visits, calculate lead scores and give your sales team more context about leads.

Integrations by Pipedrive

Keep yourself and your team up-to-date without having to schedule meetings, write lengthy emails or hunt down sales reps. Search Pipedrive contacts, organizations and deals without leaving your favorite communication tool.

Harness the power of QuickBooks, world-leading accounting software for small businesses. Create invoices in Pipedrive without having to send emails to your accountants or copy-paste data into QuickBooks.

Make information sharing between sales and the rest of your company’s teams effortless. This integration automatically creates a Trello task, list or board when you start, close or move a deal within a Pipedrive pipeline.

Connect with contacts and colleagues with the seamless Zoom integration for Pipedrive. Coupled with our calendar sync and Scheduler features, this app is ideal for remote working.

Reply to sales emails with the right information, keep your CRM updated and schedule meetings – all from your Gmail inbox. Pipedrive for Gmail works on your desktop in any internet browser.

Microsoft Teams
Stay on top of your deals with real-time updates in Microsoft Teams. Schedule and join video calls and set up the Teams bot to send automated notifications when something changes in Pipedrive.

Backed by a community of best-in-class technology brands
Pipedrive has joined forces with hundreds of third-party vendors to build a productivity-loving community. Integrate the tools you already use to keep everything in one place.

Our Marketplace is constantly growing, meaning your CRM software can scale with your business. Connect Pipedrive with big brand cloud applications, such as Zapier, Zoom and Slack, and keep your eyes on the horizon for even more exciting integrations to come.

Bridge the gap between sales and customer support
Provide a seamless experience for your customers by connecting sales and support teams to a central hub of customer information. With Pipedrive’s Marketplace integrations, information flows automatically between the tools you use, giving you access and insights across channels while boosting customer satisfaction.

Focus on what matters
Enable your sales reps and support agents to showcase their talents. Automatically collect contact details, synchronize external databases, track document engagement and more, so teams can focus on building relationships.

Communicate centrally
Manage lead and customer relationships better by bringing all your ongoing conversations together. Add integrations to access email inboxes, deals in progress and social media messaging in real time, all in one place.

See the full picture
Empower your support teams to help customers quickly with easy-to-access context. Gather cross-channel data, deal values, estimated close dates and contact history, and then store them against contacts inside your CRM.

Offer an exceptional customer experience with marketing automation integrations
A good CRM acts as the foundation of all outbound marketing activity. Every customer touchpoint can be stored, measured, analyzed and acted upon from one location.

Pipedrive’s Marketplace apps give you even more flexibility to automate both sales and marketing activity. Support marketing teams with streamlined campaign workflows and detailed insights. Generate more qualified leads for sales reps and help them personalize the customer experience.

Build custom integrations with Pipedrive’s API
Get enhanced CRM functionality and develop the ideal workflow for your team using Pipedrive’s powerful API. Our open API is available for developers who want to integrate tools that aren’t already on our Marketplace.

Thanks to Pipedrive’s free API clients, available in multiple programming languages, developers can focus on implementing business logic and integrate any tool quickly. Our in-depth documentation and supportive Pipedrive Developer Community will help you build the perfect integration, so your teams can work smarter.

Connect Pipedrive with other productivity, support, sales and marketing tools in your tech stack

Develop custom features and build custom integrations to suit your business needs

Determine the availability of your app by listing it as a public, private or unlisted app

Automate actions like new deal creation, follow-ups and appointment setting

Gain a deeper understanding of API concepts through tutorials and our Pipedrive Developer Community

Our API key is included free with every Pipedrive subscription.


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