Pre Post Seo Online Seo Tools

SEO is not just a set of rules and guidelines that you should follow when you’re creating your website. SEO is a way of thinking and a way of life.

When it comes to SEO, there are many different tools that can help you achieve the results you want.

One of the most important tools that every SEO expert uses is Ahrefs. This tool allows you to see what your competitors are doing on their websites and how they’re ranking in Google search results for specific keywords and phrases.

Pre Post Seo Online Seo Tools

e know you are searching for a comprehensive SEO solution that can handle everything from rank monitoring, link analytics to complete SEO project management. Many multi-purpose programs now include their toolsets for additional study and insight, so try out a trial period or demo before determining which one is ideal for you.

A great website that includes all the SEO tools is These all-in-one SEO tools are great for keeping track of several projects and campaigns since they have everything you need in one spot.Now let’s see how this website works and what feature this website providing to us.

What Is Prepostseo?

What Is Prepostseo?

Prepostseo is a Pakistan-based SEO firm. Prepostseo’s mission is to create original content for search engines, SEO, websites, and blogs. The majority of the services on this webpage are accessible to use, and you do not need to login to use them.

You may use the accessible version of this website even though some features are premium and demand a paid service.

Some of the top tools of Prepostseo

1. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker

Pre-Post SEO provides on their homepage many online tools, among them a duplication checker. The application uses a high-level search technique to recognize your work quickly.

Pre-Post SEO is a basic program that allows you to enter a text field for analysis by submitting a file or copy-paste.

It is more effective than Turnitin. It examines online-available data on search engines, in addition to the student’s stored thesis, to check for plagiarism.

This plagiarism detector uses an innovative algorithm to recognize information that has been copied or paraphrased. It offers a link to plagiarized sources if it detects plagiarism.

2. Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing Tool

Students, authors, and SEO specialists might benefit from his website. The tool is available in seven lingoes and comes with a Chrome extension that can use straight in the browser.

You may also make changes to the output result before storing it. It changes words and idioms such that paraphrases separate from the original.

It functions similarly to a Quillbot, and word processor. If you don’t like automated swapping of synonyms, you may add your terms.

This paraphrase tool is search engine friendly. It will also look after SEO content without affecting the layout of keywords.

3. Article Rewriter

Article Rewriter

It’s a simple and valuable tool for individuals who wish to rewrite information by giving it a new structure while keeping the same notion.

The greatest tool for rewriting content in less than a minute is the Prepostseo article rewriter. This spinner will assist you in creating 100% original articles.

It analyses the supplied text and then performs the required adjustments to create a new shape of the information provided without affecting its meaning, thanks to the employment of complex algorithms in its creation.

This program is entirely free to use. You may get the plagiarism-free text by spinning any article or text file. You are not required to pay anything to utilize this tool.

4. DA PA Checker

DA PA Checker

The most excellent tool for checking a website is the DA and PA checker. The DA PA tester is a straightforward tool that anybody may use.

There’s no need to go through a series of lengthy lessons. This DA PA checker tool assists users in determining a website’s DA score.

This DA PA checker is a reliable alternative of Moz pro. You may rely on the domain authority score once it generates. Backlinking specialists and anybody who wants to learn more about a website may utilize the DA PA checker.

5. Online Text Editor

Online Text Editor

If you’re searching for an editor to assist you in generating SEO-optimized content, Prepostseo’s online word processor is the place to go.

This online text is available to everyone for free and requires no registration or sign-in. This edit pad does not require any installation or lengthy downloads.

This program is simple to use if your device has network connections. There’s no need to go through any installation files. Aside from SEO, this tool can use for various.

6. Image to Text Tool

Image to Text Tool

The freeware Prepostseo OCR scanning application is well-known for converting photos into usable formats fast and efficiently.

This internet service is free to use and does not require a login to use daily. You will ask to provide no email address to receive the completed file for usage.

For tests, students frequently photograph book pages and notes. Due to poor camera quality, these images are often blurry text extracted from low-resolution and fuzzy photos using the text extractor.

Multilingual support provides through the image-to-text converter. It can convert pictures into text in over 30 different languages.

7. Grammar Check

Grammar Check

Prepostseo is one of the most fantastic and most widely used grammatical and syntax checkers. This program is a top checking tool because of its high-quality features and excellent results.

Around 250 advanced mistakes are said to be checked by the Prepostseo. Professional authors, novices, and students all gain and are supported equally.

You may have access to it for free. It’s a premium free grammar checker with many features that any writer would require for professional writing checks.

It not only highlighted the errors but also explained them in a separate bar. This explanation explains why the term is inappropriate or incorrect.


For students and bloggers, Prepostseo is a fantastic resource. The free tools assist you in optimizing your website, such as ensuring that your material is free of plagiarism.

Before publishing a post, the Prepost SEO plugin examines the article’s SEO sc ore and suggests ways to enhance the page’s SEO.

If you want unrestricted access to the tools, you should consider purchasing one of the premium plans, which is inexpensive and helpful.

prepostseo summarizing tool

Text Summarizer - #1 Summarizing Tool

Summarizing Tool is an AI-based tool that sums up the long text into the shortened one. Summarized text usually has the key sentences that are an overview of the whole context.
To understand this tool better, here is the definition by
“Summarizing is defined as taking a lot of information and creating a condensed version that covers the main points”.
Summarizing tool can convert the 3-4 paragraphs into a single paragraph with just a single click.
Here is an example of how the above tool condensed 1000+ words into 200 words

Original Content:
Original Content
Summarized Content:

Whether you want to summarize for educational career or official use, the Prepostseo’s Text Summarizer is very helpful.
This is because this tool is accurate and efficient for making an overview of an article.
Our Text Summarizer is developed with advanced algorithms that work to understand your content and then generate an overview of your written words.
Remember, this tool doesn’t change the meaning of the actual content instead it just understands the whole content and finds the best overview.
Here are some of the amazing features of this tool:

• Set Summarization Percent
This is not obvious that this summary generator would auto summarize the text in random lines instead you can set the percentage of the length of the summarized content.
For example, if you want 50% of the summarized content then below this tool, you can use the feature of setting the required percentage.
Between 0 and 100, you can easily select any number to get the content according to your requirements.

• Show in Bullets
This is a button below the tool that can help you to get the format according to your desire. When you are summarizing the content, clicking this button will make your result in the bullets.
This is usually helpful when you have made a presentation and you want to convert this presentation into a quick overview for preparation.

• Show Ranking Wise
This feature helps you to make a sequence in your content according to the ranking. If the sentence is more optimized then it would get more ranking score.
Through clicking this button, the result will generate the sequence from the highest scored sentence in the first position.

• Show the best sentence
The best sentence feature would tell you the sentence that has the highest score according to our algorithms.
If you have written a lot of sentences and you want to get the best one then this feature is beneficial for you.

Best Sentences

• Show top sentences
This is just like the best sentence but in more quantity. This option features the top sentences according to your required numbers.
Once you check this option, you have to enter the number of sentences you need. Once you write, it will generate the top sentences according to the score of each sentence.

Ranked Sentences

How is the article summarizing the tool works?
Our Text Summarizer uses AI-based algorithms to understand your content and then proceed for selecting the most appropriate sentences.
The algorithms give the score to each of the sentences according to its optimization, selection of words, structure, and accuracy.
According to the score, the tool understands the importance of these sentences where it can also find the sentences which is informative.
Later, these informative and important sentences are gathers to make the summarized content. Later, the algorithms automatically proofread the writing and notice any error to remove.

Uses of Text Summarizer
The uses of this text summarizer are not specific but still, here are some of the common uses of this amazing tool:

• Students
In an educational career, students usually have to find a summary of different assignments. This tool can help them to make the summary best as well as complete their assignments on time.

The students also use this tool for making their presentation ready. In the presentation, the group of students usually gathers a lot of data and then use this tool to make the best content out of it.

• Teachers
Teachers, when to make the teaching material, usually have a lot of research but they need to make it short. If they start making it manually then there are chances that this would decrease the accuracy and take a lot of time to write and then proofread it.
For this, the tool can be beneficial as it just takes moments to generate a quick overview of the content.

• Journalists
In journalism, the professional usually focus on making the headline capable of explaining the whole story. Now, when they cover an event, they can’t explain the whole event through writing as it would take pages to explain a full-day event.
However, through this summarizer, they can easily generate the summarized text and submit for publication. This will let the whole event be covered in just a few paragraphs.

• Editors
The editors usually have a lot of burden of reviewing articles and understanding the stories. For this, they can paste the long stories into this online text summarizer to know the actual theme of the story.
This would increase their productivity as they would know the meaning of the articles in a quick time.

• Press release
On electronic media, few seconds are provided to cover a whole story but the reporter usually gives pages for each of the stories. However, the press release maker usually utilizes this tool to generate the press release that suits them best.
This way, the whole story can be covered with just some lines but the meaning would be the same.

• Writers
Whether writing for the blog or for the cause to sell guest posts, the writers usually need to add the conclusion at the end of the article.
For this, they can use the summarizer tool to generate friendly content which is just the overview and can be read quickly.

Rules of summarizing
Whether you are summarizing manually or with the utilization of a tool, the following rules should be the application to your summarizing:

When summarizing, make sure you are covering all the points in the actual context to maintain the concept of the writer.
Your summary should be concise including the informative concepts only. Do not include the unessential passages in your summary.
The summary can represent the author’s idea. The original idea shouldn’t be inaccurate.
Don’t repeat any points more than once. You should also not add your points.
Combine the ideas of the original content while it should be matching with the other sentences.
In summary, you should use the words of the category instead of the object. (Like using “Fruits” instead of Bananas, Apples)
Paraphrasing vs Summarizing: What’s the difference?
• Paraphrasing
Paraphrasing is converting the context from the source into your words while the actual meaning of the content remains the same. Paraphrased material is almost the same in quantity as it is in the original content.

• Summary
The Summary is the conversion of the long passage into your own words but only including the main points of the content. The Summary is much shorter than the original passage and it is capable of explaining the whole passage with few sentences.

How to use Prepostseo’s text summarizer?
Well, the design of this text summarizer is very friendly especially for the visitors because you don’t have to register to use this tool.
However, this tool allows the submission of content through two ways including

Through pasting the content in the tool
Through uploading in different formats (doc/ Docx/ PDF/ txt)
Once you paste or upload the file, you get the options of selecting different features like ranking wise selection or bullet making.
After selection, the tool would generate the new content for you that is the overview of the long article.


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