Real Estate Web Design Software

You know you need a web design software, but you don’t know which one to choose. That’s why we’re here to help.

We’ve reviewed the top real estate web design software and found the best options for you, so you can make an informed decision. In this article, we’ll tell you what to look for in a real estate web design software, as well as review each option and see which one is right for you.

Real Estate Web Design Software

Websites are a must for marketing and showcasing properties, as well as producing leads for agents. According to 2019 data from the National Association of REALTORS®, 51% of buyers found their home online and 28% found it through their real estate agent.1 

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Real estate website design companies plan and build websites for real estate agents, brokerages, and realty teams. 

The best real estate web design companies help agents and agencies project the right image. They help brokers showcase their properties and attract potential clients—both buyers and sellers—so they can secure more listings and close more deals.  

We reviewed more than a dozen different real estate website design companies and evaluated each based on the services they offer, pricing, reviews, and more. After evaluating each provider, we chose those best equipped to help real estate professionals. Here are our top picks.


Agent Image


Agent Image was founded in 1999 and has launched over 20,000 websites. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Design People, Inc. and has offices in California and Hawaii. It is a business-to-business provider specializing in the real estate industry that helps real estate professionals increase their business. Agent Image knows the industry, the terminology, what clients and agents expect, and is up to date on the technology. The company is our choice for best overall website design company because it specializes in web design for real estate, so it knows what agents and brokers need. It also offers robust features in addition to website design and has earned numerous positive reviews.

Some Agent Image features include:

  • Web development and hosting
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Lead generation and email marketing
  • Branding and interactive presentations
  • Full IDX: Integration with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and saved search capabilities
  • Listings inventory management 

Agent Image has customer reviews that are overwhelmingly positive. Customers rave about the amazing customer service, responsive and professional nature of the employees, and creativity of the designers. The company offers everything from simple sites to complex fully customizable sites, so pricing varies. Typically there will be a setup fee and monthly fees. You must contact them to discuss pricing.


Real Geeks


Founded in 2010, Real Geeks has offices in Dallas and Hawaii. Its mission is to build powerful software that incorporates modern technology but is still easy to use. It specializes in the real estate industry and helps real estate professionals generate more business. Real Geeks is our runner-up because it offers a multitude of features and services that are helpful to agents and clients and it was created specifically for the real estate industry. 

Some of Real Geeks’ features include:

  • Generates, captures, and manages leads
  • Fully integrated and customized IDX websites
  • Manages online marketing campaigns and social media marketing
  • Automated follow-up texts 
  • Built-in customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Drip campaigns
  • Property valuation tool
  • Market reports

Real Geeks customers appreciated that it was easy to use and affordable, but some customers thought the support team wasn’t responsive enough. Pricing for Real Geeks depends on your agency size and what type of website features you need. Speak with a sales rep to get an idea of what they would charge to meet your needs.


Luxury Presence


Luxury Presence is a venture-backed company that was founded by Stanford business school alumni and is used by more than 20 of The Wall Street Journal’s top 100 real estate agents. Many of these clients have more than $1 billion in sales. The company is our top choice for real estate website design for luxury properties because it specializes in luxury real estate and produces sites with custom designs and beautiful layouts. It’s also used by Compass and Sotheby’s International Realty. 

Some of Luxury Presence’s features include:

  • SEO services
  • Video production
  • IDX websites
  • Agent and property-specific sites
  • On-demand lead generation
  • Instagram service
  • Copywriting
  • An exclusive network of elite agents

Because it’s a new company, Luxury Presence doesn’t have many reviews but customers seem pleased with the sites it produces and the responsiveness of the designers. Pricing varies depending on the complexity of the site and features included, as well as the number of design elements. As this is a luxury market minded company, the prices tend to be higher.


Diverse Solutions


Diverse Solutions is our choice as best for integrations of all the real estate website design companies we reviewed. This is because it not only can be integrated with the MLS, but can include geomapping, customizable tools, and a traffic option. The company was founded in Tustin, California, in 2005 by friends working in the real estate technology field and was acquired by Market Leader in 2016. The company is especially well-known for having a large IDX coverage, with over 700 MLS feeds in both the U.S. and Canada. 

Some of Diverse Solutions’ features include:

  • IDX website for agents and brokers
  • Tracking and analytics tools
  • Lead capture
  • Traffic tool which predicts and guarantees a certain amount of traffic to your site
  • Geomapping features with live map results and search boxes
  • Plug-ins can be added on to existing websites 

Diverse Solutions has mostly positive reviews among real estate professionals. Customers liked the website’s performance, custom search features, and its updates. However, some agents didn’t like the slow loading and error messages they experienced with the service. 

Diverse Solutions offers several tiers of pricing:

  • WordPress IDX: $99.95 setup fee plus $49.95 per month for the Basic version or $74.95 per month for Pro 
  • Mapping IDX: $99.95 setup fee and $69.95 per month
  • Traffix Workx: $199.95 setup fee and $299 per month


IDX Broker


If you’re looking for a website but don’t need a CRM or already have one that you use, then IDX Broker is a great option. It offers basic website design services to real estate agents and brokers and is our top choice for a real estate website design company without a CRM. IDX Broker is a subsidiary of software company IDX, LLC which was founded in 2003. It offers customizable home searches and lead management and specializes in the real estate field. 

Some of IDX Broker’s features include:

  • IDX agent sites protected with SSL
  • Mobile optimized sites
  • Customization options
  • Market reports
  • Agent, team, and office packages

The company has mostly positive reviews, and customers like that it is easy to use, affordable, and gets the job done. 

Pricing for IDX Broker is tiered and is broken down as follows:

  • IDX Broker Lite: $100 setup fee plus agent plans starting at $50 per month, teams starting at $70 per month, or office plans starting at $100 per month
  • IDX Broker Platinum: $100 setup fee, plus agent plans starting at $80 per month, teams starting at $100 per month, and offices starting at $130 per month

Keep in mind that IDX Broker doesn’t include customer relationship management, so users will need to be used in addition to another CRM.




Placester was founded in 2008 by a real estate agent. Their academy and resources are used by over 450,000 people. It’s the only website provider that is part of the REALTORS Benefits® program and it’s raised over $100 million in funding. The company is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and offers seamless MLS integrations. Placester is our top choice for best price because it offers reasonable prices, National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) member discounts, customization options, and lead generation tools, as well as CRM. 

Some of Placester’s features include:

  • IDX websites
  • CRM and email marketing
  • Lead management and tracking
  • External lead routing and uploads
  • Open house sign-in app
  • Website and page templates

Placester has mixed reviews with customers liking the customer service and NAR discounts but others complaining about being charged the wrong amount. 

Placester offers tiered pricing as follows:

  • Starter Plan: $80 a month for NAR members, responsive, website, code-free site editor, IDX listing display tools, simple CRM & autoresponders, testimonial display, unlimited posts and pages, and online support
  • Advanced Plan: $150 a month for NAR members, everything in the starter plan, luxe website designs, advanced design controls, custom landing pages, advanced lead capture, 3rd party integrations, and phone support
  • Office Builder Plan: $300 a month, everything in the advanced plan, agent & office roster pages, agent profile pages, office detail pages, websites for agents, and basic CRM & autoresponder for the agents

What Is a Website Design Company?

A website design company is a business that designs websites for individuals and businesses. Web design companies give their clients a professional online presence where users can obtain information on the site’s owner and what services they offer. In the case of websites specifically for real estate professionals, sites also typically allow clients to view properties available on MLS directly from the website. 

However, a website design company doesn’t guarantee leads and it isn’t a replacement for a Multiple Listing Service. 

How Does Real Estate Web Design Work?

Real estate web design works by creating an attractive, professional, easy-to-use site that showcases agents, their listings, and their brokerage and offers some home search functions. Agents and brokers use web design services to drive traffic to their businesses, create an online presence, and showcase their listings and past sales. Clients use these sites to find agents to work with, look for houses in their desired areas, save home searches, and even use property valuation tools to find out approximate home values. 

How Much Does Website Design Cost?

Websites range from basic sites with IDX functions to fully customized sites with luxurious layouts, multiple pages, and robust features—and prices vary accordingly. Users can opt for a basic site with a setup fee of around $100 and ongoing cost of $50 per month or spend multiple thousands for a site designed for luxury properties. Typically, setup fees are paid to the real estate web design company upfront, with additional monthly fees required to host and maintain the site. 

What Are Key Elements in Real Estate Web Design?

Web site design is different for every industry, and real estate professionals need to include certain key elements in their sites in order for them to be as effective as possible. It’s important to include MLS integrations, easy search tools, photos that are well-presented and organized, as well as lead generation, tracking and management, mapping tools, marketing campaigns, and CRM integration. However, a more basic site won’t include all of these features, and some brokerages provide a CRM so agents may use that plus a separate company for their website design. 

Is Web Design Worth the Cost?

In this day and age, it’s important for real estate professionals to have a strong presence online, so some form of web design is definitely worth the cost. Home buyers and sellers are looking for houses and agents online before they look at anything in person, so it’s important to have a strong, professional site. It is your first impression and you want to make a good one. If you’re a part-time agent, just starting out, or have a small budget, it’s fine to start with a simpler site and then upgrade later. 

How We Chose the Best Real Estate Website Design Companies

To build our list of the best real estate website design companies, we researched over a dozen different website design firms, focusing on those that specialize in real estate. We reviewed each company based on the things most important to real estate professionals, including features and services, pricing, customer reviews, and specialty, before narrowing the list down to our top picks. We compared search capabilities, CRM integration, email marketing options, lead generation and management, social media and SEO incorporation, and many other factors to select the best real estate website design companies.

luxury real estate website design

Designing a beatiful website instantly affects the perception of your customers. A consumer will treat a beautiful website differently by extending more trust, and a higher likelihood of positive perception. Here is our list of best luxury real estate website designs.

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1. Glenwood

Glendwood Website

Visit Website ›

Glenwood’s website is extremely sleek. It has beautiful, slow animations that add to its luxurious feel. Their content is all about values. Why their real estate is the way it is, and who they strive to be as a community. This creates an exclusivity factor that leaves you wanting to be apart of such a driven community.

2. Park Lane

Park lane Website

Visit Website ›

Park Lane uses matte photos and a significant amount of whitespace to create a crisp looking site that feels luxurious. Combine that with photos of customers “living the life,” and you create a website that creates envy. Finally, this website provides users with a very smooth user experience.

3. Millennium Tower

Millennium Tower Website

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The Millennium Tower website focuses not on information, but transformation. They focus on the lifestyle you could attain if you lived at their estate. Browsing their website, you know the vibe and the experience you are going to feel when you walk through their doors.

4. Verso

Verso Website

Visit Website ›

Verso pulls off charming and luxurious at the same time. It has a soft color scheme that is warm enough to be inviting, but still thoughtful. It is extremely easy to navigate, and keeps it simple throughout.

5. Villa Lion View

Villa Lion Vew Website

Visit Website ›

The Villa Lion View hero video that’s above the fold sells itself. You can see all of the luxurious amenities as it wastes no time showing each of them. As you scroll down, you can also quickly browse the different rooms types and nearby attractions with the smooth accordion drop downs.

6. April Group

April Group Website

Visit Website ›

April Group looks to attract forward thinking investors with its tech-inspired typography sleek design. They also show off past projects right away to prove they have been successful.

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7. GFI Partners

GFI Partners Website

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GFI Partners emphasizes how you can be successful with real estate investment if you use their services by showing how many people they have helped have great investments. They do this with plenty of case studies and smiling faces.

8. Buclines

Buclines Website

Visit Website ›

Black is the color of luxury, and Buclines uses it beautifully. Every photo and concept art they have includes dark accents that coincide perfectly. Finally, the luxurious typography brings it all together.

9. Lifespan

Lifespan Website

Visit Website ›

SHVO has a great black and white main color scheme, and accents it with gold (a top notch luxury color) and by colorizing parts of their black and white photos. It makes you feel like you will be investing in exclusive properties.

10. 277 5th

277 5th Website

Visit Website ›

The first thing that hits you is 277 5th’s bold typography. By contrasting this with a lot of whitespace, this websites exudes uniqueness. Also, with a video of the architect on the front page, you can feel the significance and livelihood in the design of the condos.

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11. The Waterfront

The Waterfront Website

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The Waterfront uses unique animations that promote a vibrant, harmonious lifestyle. It promotes luxury apartments with beautiful photos and concept imagery.

12. Williams & Williams

Williams Website

Visit Website ›

You know you are shopping exclusive properties when you browse Williams & Williams’s website. The amazing photography, properties, and black & gold color scheme combine for a great luxury website.

13. Sally Forster Jones

Sally Forester Jones Website

Visit Website ›

Sally Forster Jones promotes sophistication with an amazing above the fold video. They have bold typography that really stands out and guarantees a luxury experience.

14. Hurlingham Drive

Hurlingham Drive Website

Visit Website ›

Hurlingham Drive is a classical website that shows off a classic-old style. They do this by matching their estates classical style with classical serif typography, and bold, widescreen photography.

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15. James Weekley

James Weekly Website

Visit Website ›

James Weekley’s realtor site welcomes visitors with amazing, eye-catching imagery. This website focuses on finding the home of your dreams, and exceeds with its dreamy vibe.


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