Screencastify Chrome Extension For Teachers

As a teacher, you face a lot of challenges. The days are long, the students are loud and energetic, and your classroom can be filled with distractions.

That’s why we created Screencastify: a Chrome extension that helps teachers record videos of their lessons so they can easily share them with parents and other stakeholders.

With Screencastify, you can create a video in less than 10 seconds. Just hit the Record button, start teaching, and then stop recording when you’re ready. You can also use our built-in editing tools to trim out any unnecessary parts or add annotations over top of the video clip.

Screencastify is perfect for teachers because it lets them record and share their lessons without having to worry about complicated equipment or software. It’s also great for parents because it gives them an easy way to see exactly what goes on in class each day!

Screencastify Chrome Extension For Teachers

Screencastify for Remote Teaching | Tech & Learning

One of the most exciting things about using the Google Chrome browser in your classroom is the rich ecosystem of extensions. 

These small but powerful enhancements add new layers of functionality, with tools to make any webpage or document interactive, organize your favorite learning resources, elevate your students’ writing, create beautiful math equations, and more. 

All Google Chrome extensions can be found in the Chrome Web Store, and they work on any platform or device that runs Chrome (including Windows, macOS, and Chromebooks). And since they function as an extension of your web browser, you don’t have to worry about making room on your devices for large files. 

We’ve rounded up 10 must-have Google Chrome extensions for teachers and students below. They’re an excellent complement to other classroom technology tools you depend on, but they offer plenty of helpful features on their own. If any of these weren’t on your radar already, you’ll definitely want to give them a look!

1. Screencastify

Screencastify is a powerful video creation suite featuring a screen recorder that teachers can use to create screencasts, or videos that show what’s on your screen as you narrate (or even as you present from your webcam). With Screencastify, you don’t need specialized, expensive software to record, edit, and share videos. You can do it all, as well as assess student understanding, with our browser extension and start with the click of a button.

Benefits for Teachers and Students: Screencastify has all sorts of uses in and outside the classroom, and it’s incredibly useful in the flipped classroom where teachers have to create regular video content for at-home consumption. Use it to quickly create lecture content and tutorials, give and receive student feedback, share student progress with parents, and just about anything else you can imagine. 

Students benefit by being able to watch and re-watch video content at their own pace. You can also incorporate Screencastify into video assignments, helping them develop digital media literacy and presentation skills.

Learn more about the newest features for Screencastify below!

2. Google Keep

Google Keep is a web clipper that’s kind of like your own private Pinterest board. It’s a digital whiteboard space where you can save just about anything you want to access later (like URLS, text, and images from the web) and have that content sync across devices. You can take notes on content you save, label notes, and more.

Benefits for Teachers and Students: Teachers can use Google Keep to stay organized. Breakthroughs and important ideas about new strategies or approaches don’t always occur at ideal times. But with Google Keep, you can jot those ideas down, grab articles, templates, and charts, and keep them organized in a structure, no matter where you are.

Pricing and Offers: Google Keep is completely free to use, with no upsells or premium tiers. It does require a Gmail account, and content stored in Keep uses up some of your Google account’s total storage space.

Get the Google Keep extension.

3. EquatIO

Math teachers, rejoice! Finally, a simple and straightforward way to create digitized mathematical equations and formulas — even quizzes. Math teachers know the headaches that math typography can bring. EquatIO lets you skip complicated languages like LaTeX and simply create (or use LaTex syntax as needed).

Benefits for Teachers and Students: EquatIO allows math teachers to easily create equations and problems for students to grapple with. Teachers can type, handwrite, or even dictate equations, and EquatIO turns them into properly formatted equations that can be copied into other programs like Word. 

Pricing and Offers: EquatIO is available as a Google Chrome extension, as a standalone Windows and Mac app, and as an integration with different learning management systems (LMS). 

The free version offers quite a lot, but advanced features and integrations (including Google Slides and Sheets and LMS integrations) require a paid site license. Individual teachers can also get a “free for teachers” license with a tool set that lands somewhere between free and premium.

Get the EquatIO extension.

4. Kami

Kami calls itself a digital classroom tool with a complete assignment workflow. In practice, though, it’s essentially a document markup tool. It can turn a variety of files, like word docs, PDFs, slideshows, and images, into interactive content with live annotations. These annotations can include drawings, audio, and video content.

Benefits for Teachers and Students: Using a PDF within your lessons is great in theory. But in practice, there may be a lot of awkward scrolling, zooming in and out, and general fidgeting. And in the end, students are still left staring at a static, silent screen.

With Kami, you can annotate over PDFs and turn them into engaging lessons. Add interactive questions and media to a PDF and make the classroom come alive again.

Pricing and Offers: Kami’s basic extension requires you to create an account but is completely free to use. For more advanced integrations with Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology — and to unlock advanced annotation tools like audio and video — you’ll need to upgrade to a $99-per-year teacher plan. Custom plans for schools or entire districts are also available.

Get the Kami extension.

5. InsertLearning

If Kami lets you mark up and annotate PDFs, InsertLearning does the same thing to actual webpages. This powerful EdTech tool helps you engage learners like never before. You can turn any webpage into a discussion, instruction, or assessment opportunity, inserting engagement questions, videos, sticky notes, and more.

Benefits for Teachers and Students: There’s so much useful content on the web. But turning that content into something thought-provoking or gradable? That can be a challenge. InsertLearning transforms websites into interactive spaces chock full of questions and prompts, helping to increase your students’ lesson comprehension and get them talking.

Pricing and Offers: InsertLearning has a free tier that supports an unlimited number of students but only two concurrent lessons. For $40 per year, an individual teacher can have unlimited lessons and unlimited students. A school-based license includes training for users.

Get the InsertLearning extension. on Apple PodcastsListen on SpotifyListen on Google PodcastsListen on Overcast

6. Grammarly

Grammarly is a Chrome extension and standalone web app that intelligently analyzes any text you write for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and conciseness, all in real-time. 

The premium tier is far smarter than the spelling and grammar checkers in your favorite word processor, and while it’s not foolproof, it can save you (and your students) from embarrassing mistakes and polish your writing.

Benefits for Teachers and Students: Grammarly doesn’t just fix mistakes. It teaches users better strategies for writing and helps them sharpen their grammar skills. This is, of course, quite valuable to teachers and students alike.

Pricing and Offers: The basic tier of Grammarly is free to use, both as a Chrome extension and as a web tool. For more clarity and tone insights, word choice suggestions, the plagiarism detector, and more, you’ll want Grammarly Premium for individuals ($12 per month) or Business for multiple educators ($12.50 per user per month). There’s also Grammarly @edu, a solution built for schools and educational institutions.

Get the Grammarly extension.

7. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid acts as a smart classroom writing assistant. If you’ve tried Grammarly and found it too simple because of your advanced skill level (or your students’), ProWritingAid should be your next step.

Benefits for Teachers and Students: As users write, self-edit, or peer review, they’ll learn to strengthen their reports and stories with precise, engaging language. The built-in plagiarism checker is a big help in vetting student work, too.

Pricing and Offers: ProWritingAid does offer a limited free tier, and you can get a full year of Premium for $79 or a lifetime subscription for $399 (there are also monthly subscription options). Add plagiarism checking for another $10 yearly or $100 lifetime.

Get the ProWritingAid extension.

8. Pocket

Pocket offers a “capture anything” service that’s very similar to Google Keep. Save anything online (articles, videos, screenshots, and more) to Pocket from the toolbar or with a keyboard shortcut.

Benefits for Teachers and Students: Many teachers use Pocket to save, tag, and share educationally valuable articles they discover across the web. Pocket keeps all your exciting finds clean and organized.

Pricing and Offers: Pocket is free, but ad-supported. To ditch the ads and get a permanent library with full-text search, you can get an annual premium membership for $44.99.

Get the Pocket extension.

9. QR-codegenerator

QR-codegenerator is a handy tool for turning any URL into a QR code without any complicated steps. You can adjust the color and size of the code and even create QR codes from regular text. (Did you know you can also generate QR codes for your videos with Screencastify?)

Benefits for Teachers and Students: Placing a QR code on a printed document that gets sent home can be a great way to get students or parents to exactly the right site or resource with minimal confusion. Of course, this requires that families have the ability to read QR codes (the camera on many smartphones and devices can read them).

Pricing and Offers: QR-codegenerator appears to be a completely free resource with no premium or paid tiers.

Get the QR-codegenerator extension. 

10. Smallpdf

Adobe lets you read and comment on PDF files for free with its Acrobat Reader app. But if you want to start creating or editing PDFs, rearranging pages, or merging or splitting documents? Then the company wants you to pay a small fortune for Acrobat Pro. Smallpdf lets you do most of that for free, within a handy Chrome extension.

Benefits for Teachers and Students: Teachers can create, edit, split, convert, merge, and compress PDFs without a costly Adobe subscription. So can students, if they need to.

Pricing and Offers: Smallpdf’s free tier gives you 21 powerful editing tools but limits you to two documents per day and includes ads. An unlimited Pro account costs $9 per month, and custom school-wide plans are also available.

bandicam chrome extension

To record your computer screen, you can either install a screen recording program for that or skip the installation hassles and use one available online. If you use the web-based online screen recorders or screen recorders for Chrome, you do not have to download and install software on your PC, all you do is add the extension to your web browser, and you are good to go. People use screen recorders for Chrome to edit mp3s, record social media videos, and other minor tasks. However, it is very difficult to find a good screen recorder for chrome. Most of them are not quite what you are looking for and you will only get a bad-quality addon program or desktop-based launcher program. We have researched and compared the 5 best screen recorders for Chrome to help you find an ideal fit for your needs.

Features to look out for in a screen recorder for Chrome
Good screen recorders for Chrome allow you to capture real time displays on your monitor.
Below are tips on what you should look out for in your ideal screen recorder for Chrome.

Confirm the length of time you can record with the program. With some screen recorders for Chrome, you get only 5 minutes, with others, you get unlimited recording time.
Power and simplicity are crucial. While the online video recorder for Chrome should be powerful enough to record and edit high-quality videos, and despite all the exciting features we desire, the program must remain simple and easy for everyone to use.
You should be able to control viewers’ attention with pen tools, click highlighting, etc. using the online screen recorder for Chrome. These features are especially essential for software tutorials and walkthroughs.
Instant sharing to social media, cloud, YouTube, or exporting as mp3, mp4, GIF, and other file formats.
The screen recorder for Chrome should deliver recordings with no watermark.
Ability to not only capture entire windows, but also a selected area.
Record audio with video.

  1. Nimbus Video Recorder
    To start off this roundup of the best screen recorders for Chrome, here is a Chrome extension that simplifies screen recording. With Nimbus Video Recorder, you can capture anything on your browser page with merely the click of a button. This Chrome extension also lets you upload your videos and images fast. Nimbus Video Recorder has some pretty neat features, some of which include the ability to watermark your recordings, convert recordings between formats like GIF and MP4. You do not need additional software to make Nimbus Video Recorder work correctly. Apart from watermarking captures, you can also use this tool to perform basic editing functions, such as cropping and trimming recordings.

Nimbus Video Recorder for Chrome

It only records Chrome screens.
The file uploading is slow.

  1. HYFY Screen Recorder
    HYFY Screen Recorder is a Chrome extension that also records mic audio, as well as the movement of your mouse pointer and cursor. Feature-wise, it is similar to Nimbus Video Recorder above. You can capture full-screen videos and perform basic editing with it. To use HYFY Screen Recorder, all you need to do is click “Record.” On successful recording of your screen, this Chrome extension gives you a link to the video, with which you can share anywhere by simply pasting this link. Also, HYFY Screen Recorder is fully integrated with HipChat and JIRA. And one crucial difference between HYFY Screen Recorder and other Chrome extensions is that you get top-notch technical support when things go wrong. You need this, because you can’t really rely on screen recording Chrome extensions.

HYFY Screen Recorder for Chrome

The paid version does not record unlimited video lengths; you only get an hour of recording time.
The free version limits you to only 4 minutes of recording time.

  1. Hippo Video
    This Chrome extension was developed with marketers in mind. This is because it allows you to add a nice little form for lead generation. Also, Hippo Video does not only record what it sees; you can select either the 360p or 1080p, giving you more control over your captures. Hippo also lets you customize your recordings in many ways. You can change the video resolution, aspect ratio, size of the webcam, and show or hide screen markups and sensitive information that may have been captured in the recording.

Hippo Video for Chrome

The videos are watermarked. To remove the watermarks costs $29 monthly.
The free plan allows you to host only 3 videos.

  1. Loom Video Recorder
    Loom is another Chrome Screen Recorder that gives you control over how your images are captured. When you begin to use this tool, the first thing you would notice is how easy it is to use it. Although this tool does not pack most of the features you get in a desktop application, it supports popular software like Outlook, Google, and Slack. Further, Loom allows you to choose whether you want to use the webcam or only record your screen in desktop and tab modes.

This screen recorder for Chrome does not limit the length of recording you get, and the webcam sports a Flip Camera function that gives you a reversed image in order to eliminate the mirror effect. It also lets you trim, change aspect ratio, video resolution, hide/show markups, change webcam size, and share videos right from its interface.

Loom Video Recorder for Chrome

You have to pay $10/month to use the complete features. You can get better for less or even free.

Best Alternative Screen Recorder for Chrome

Screen recorder Chrome extensions work great for light work or for fun. However, they are not ideal for professional work or business. To record a website in high quality, use Bandicam, a professional and reliable screen recording program. Instead of using a Chrome extension, going for the real deal will serve you way better.

Unlike the Chrome extensions here, Bandicam is not limited to capturing only Chrome screens. With this amazing program, you can record or take screenshots of Skype video calls, webinars, presentations, and everything displayed on your monitor, together with the sound from the computer or audio input from the mic. Still not convinced, you don’t have to take my word for it; you can try it out yourself free of charge. Yes, despite the power and features, the tool is completely free to use. If you need to record your screen for any reason, you are better off going for this desktop software.


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