Seo Software For Linux

When it comes to SEO, Linux is the answer.

Linux is a free-to-use operating system that allows you to access your computer’s functionality in a way that’s fast, secure, and highly customizable. It’s also a great option for SEO professionals who want to stay on top of their game without spending too much money or time.

Before we get into some of the best SEO tools for Linux, let’s discuss why you should use Linux over Windows or Mac OS.

Seo Software For Linux

These tools help you uncover opportunities and identify issues that are preventing you from earning visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). That is not it, your visibility in this competitive market also depends a lot on efficiently you can use the SEO tools, and if you are somebody who is just starting, finding the best SEO tool can be challenging.

But don’t you worry! We have for you compiled a list of 40+ simple SEO tools you can use for your business and that too for free. Lets’ check them out one by one.

1. Answer the Public



If you are looking for an SEO tool to help you with keyword search, Answer the Public has all your answers. You can put in any keyword and this tool will give you an extensive list of questions that is being searched around by people helping you use the right words on your website.

Answer The Public

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2. Google Analytics

An article on SEO without mentioning an offering from Google is inconceivable. Google Analytics is one of the best free SEO tools that the world can have. It provides a lot of data on the performance of your websites like location demographicsnumber of site visits, and traffic sources.

Digital markets can use Google Analytics to figure out what content works best and what doesn’t.

Google Analytics

3. SEOlyzer

SEOlyzer is a crawlerlog analysis tool. It’s simple and can be used by digital marketers of any experience level. With this tool, you can do real-time analysis and correct whatever is impacting your SEO immediately. The tool also lets you get results for different categories of your pages.



For every search item, can generate more than 750 long-tail keyword suggestions, and surprisingly you would not even have to create an account with them.

It can help you create your content around the most searched keywords, increasing your visibility, thus giving you an edge over your competitors.

Keyword Tool

5. Moz Link Explorer

One of the best tools to analyze your website link and as simple as its name. You just need to enter your page link and Moz Link Explorer will present to you a robust analysis of your link including the list of the most linked-to pages.

Moz Link Explorer

6. SEO Web Page Analyzer


SEO web page analyzer dissects the layout and content of your website, evaluating the build quality as well as the content quality from the perspectives of accessibilityusability, and search engine optimization. It assigns a score for each of the elements and categorizes it as pass or fail.

SEO Web Page Analyzer

7. JSON-LD Schema Generator

With Schema Generator, you can create your custom codes so that your reviewswebsite contentsevents are displayed as per your choice in Google’s search results. You can simply follow the how-to steps on the website and you are good to go.

Schema Generator

8. Rich Results Test

Another SEO tool from Google, the Rich Results Test tool not only lets you troubleshoot your structured data but also does a comparative analysis of your data with your competitor’s structured data. You can also share the results with your team members or anybody by using the share button.

Rich Result Test

9. Similar Web

Similar Web is one of the best competitive analysis tools available for free. You can enter any domain, be it yours or of your competitor, and check out details like traffic sourcesthe number of page visitstypes of page engagements, and so on.

Similar Web

10. SEO Site Checkup

SEO site Checkup is a health checkup of your website. You can check your website for different factors like the Sitemap testHeadings tag TestSEO Friendly URL TestBacklinks testSocial Media Test, and so on. This SEO tool is a one-stop-shop for all your SEO needs.

SEO Site Checkup

11. Screaming Frog

The Website and its functionality are as fancy as its name. Screaming Frog is a website crawler that can help you improve onsite SEO. With screaming frog, you can find broken linksdiscover duplicate contentidentify redirect chainsview URLs that are blocked by meta robots or robots.txt.

Screaming Frog

12. Google Search Console


Another powerful SEO tool from Google is Google Search Console. This SEO tool helps you analyze your website basis what queries brought people to your website, how many clicks did your website receive, and your position on Google search. Sitemaps and URLs can also be submitted for crawling.

Google Search Console

13. SERP Simulator

With the SERP simulator, you can preview how your page would appear in Google’s search results. You can download existing Metadata using its fetch featuresave and share your work, easily copy Google snippet tool data in excel or sheets.

SERP Simulator

14. Beam Us Up

Beam Us Up is a free SEO crawling software that lets you find errors on your website easily and efficiently. It also helps you quickly identify duplicate pages so that you can fix them up. With this SEO tool, you can crawl with no limits, and that too for free.


15. Bing Webmaster Tool

Comes with a host of features, Bing Webmaster is a must mention. Some of its features include site explorerURL inspectionSEO reportssite scansRobots.txt tester, and so on.

Bing Webmaster Tool

seo software free download

SEO PowerSuite complete tools for SEO

One-stop SEO software.

Looking for SEO solutions to help your site rank on Google? SEO PowerSuite holds enough tools for an SEO campaign of any caliber. It’s got everything crucial for the SEO industry: from an SEO analysis tool to keyword research tools, to backlinks checkers, to content editors, to PPC ads optimization, and much more. Frankly, there is no SEO tool available elsewhere that’s not already a part of SEO PowerSuite. With its intuitive UI and a wealth of pro-level features, it’s a perfect SEO tool for newbies and SEO experts alike.

DOWNLOAD FOR FREECompetitive pricing.

SEO PowerSuite covers all search engines and offers unlimited sites, keywords, and backlinks to track, and the best part is that many of those features are available for free. The catch? There isn’t any. Because it’s a desktop SEO tool, we don’t have to pay for hundreds of servers to process your data. That’s why SEO PowerSuite is at least 3X cheaper than other SEO software tools — and infinitely more flexible and feature-rich. The cross-platform software meets the needs of anyone in the industry, be it an individual SEO professional or a large SEO agency.


Rank Tracker with unlimited keyword tracking
Tools to automate SEO workflow

Automatable tasks.

A 2-minute setup is all it takes to automate your SEO jobs, from rank tracking, site audits, and backlink checks to reporting. SEO PowerSuite lets you schedule tasks at any time and frequency — have all the research done and SEO data ready by the time you walk into the office. Millions of SEO issues are tackled daily with our customizable automation software.


If you have experience with search optimization tools, then you probably know they tend to be very controlling over the ways you can manipulate their data. Not us. We give you every single option there is. You can choose search engines and locations, sort and filter the data to get revealing SEO insights, customize the way SEO analytics is presented, and even export it to be used elsewhere across businesses and SEO campaigns.

Track local SEO competition
Create branded SEO reports

Branded SEO reports.

SEO PowerSuite’s reports are white-label, customizable, and responsive, so they look their best on any device. Sharing is super easy too: a click of a button will upload your report to the cloud and give you a shareable link. The automatic report mailer will deliver reports to clients on your schedule, as a direct link or attachment, in a plain text or custom HTML email. Set this up and watch your client relationships improve dramatically


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