Seo Tools For Chrome Browser

SEO is a huge part of web design. In order to get your website to rank, you need to optimize it for search engines.

You can use tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to get an idea of where you stand with SEO. You can also use Chrome extensions to help you with the process. This article will go over some of the best SEO tools that are available on Chrome extensions.

Seo Tools For Chrome Browser

7 Essential SEO Browser Extensions & Plugins

If you’ve been a marketer for, say, more than five minutes, you know SEO is important. In fact, 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else. And since Google owns 90% of all searches, it’s easy for marketers to spend hours optimizing every day. This makes saving time where possible key to a busy marketer’s workflow.

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Thankfully, when it comes to improving SEO and maximizing your time, there’s a Google Chrome extension for that. In fact, there are many of them, and most can be used right in your browser.

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To help you navigate the crowded world of Chrome extensions, we’ve come up with 21 of our favorites for SEO. Most are compatible with Firefox and Safari as well, and each of them keeps track of most of the analytics for you. Because less time fussing over SEO means more time for finding the perfect dog GIF to share with your team.

Chrome extensions are helpful when looking for ideas to improve SEO strategy and seeing the analytics of competitors instantly. Some even have the ability to make colorful graphs and charts for us visual folks to make presentations and comparisons a breeze.

1. MozBar

  • Price: Free; MozBar Premium, free 30-day trial, then paid plans from $99/mo
  • Chrome extension

MozBar allows its users to check SEO within their browser using just one click. MozBar provides metrics while viewing any webpage, and allows users to export SERPs into a CRV file and access analytics. Upgrading to MozBar Premium offers functions like analyzing keyword difficulty, page optimization, and digger SERP metrics.

2. Keywords Everywhere

  • Price: Free
  • Chrome extension

Keywords Everywhere is a tool that shows three different information types for keywords on Google: monthly search volume, cost per click, and Google Adwords competition. By having this extension installed, going back and forth from Google Keywords to your open browser page is a thing of the past, as it’s an in-browser extension.

3. GrowthBar

  • Price: Free for 5 days, then $29/mo
  • Chrome extension

GrowthBar is a simple chrome extension that gives you instant access to critical SEO data points about any website and unlocks the growth channels and keywords that are working for them. 

The tool allows you to explore best performing keywords, keyword ranking difficulty score, domain authority, backlink data, page word count, Facebook ads and more.

4. SimilarWeb

  • Price: Free
  • Chrome Extension

Offering traffic and key metrics for any website, SimilarWeb is a popular extension that allows users to see statistics and strategy for any website while searching the internet with one click. This extension is helpful for those looking for new and effective SEO strategies, as well as those interested in analyzing different trends across the market.

5. Redirect Path

  • Price: Free
  • Chrome extension

Microsoft Word’s infamous red squiggly line that alerts their user of improper grammar has an SEO doppelganger: Redirect Path. This extension flags 301, 302, 404, 500 HTTP Status Codes, Meta, and Javascript redirects catching potential issues immediately. It also shows other HTTP headers and server IP addresses.

6. SEO Meta in 1 Click

  • Price: Free
  • Chrome extension

SEO Meta in 1 Click displays all meta tags and main SEO information for a web page with just a single click. This includes the lengths of titles and descriptions, URL, headers in order of appearance, and the number of images without alt text.

7. BuzzSumo

  • Price: Free
  • Chrome extension

Need SEO tracking for social? BuzzSumo’s got you covered. This extension allows you to easily track shares and top-performing content on social media pages. Using BuzzSumo can help aid in future SEO decisions and check the backlinks you provide on your pages.

8. Hunter

  • Price: Free Basic plan, then paid plans start at $49/mo.
  • Chrome extension

Hunter makes it easy to find contact information instantly in your browser. This process, named “Domain Search,” is accessible by an icon in Chrome. Hunter finds all the email addresses related to a website.

9. Mangools

  • Price: Free 10-day trial, then the basic plan starts at at $29/month
  • Chrome extension

Check the SEO strength of websites with Mangools, which offers you the top SEO metrics of websites using Moz and Majestic. Access premium features such as the self-described “Google SERP on steroids” function, aiding with keywords, backlinks, and profile analysis.

10. Google Trends

  • Price: Free
  • Chrome extension

Trends is part of Google Webmaster Tools, a set of extension tools for building websites and integrating them with Google. Trends presents analytics, using graphs, on the top searches in Google (from Taylor Swift to Kim Kardashian) from across several countries. Trends can help you identify the SEO performance on your website.

11. SEMrush

  • Price: $99/mo.
  • Chrome extension

SEMrush presents itself as a dashboard, reporting on domain performance, as well as that of individual pages. One of its prime features is its SEO toolkit, which allows its users to analyze backlinks and watch keyword rank. It also provides on-page SEO suggestions, fitting itself into an SEO strategy nicely.

12. Serpstat

  • Price: Free Lite data, then $69 for the basic paid plan
  • Chrome extension

By using Serpstat, you can instantly check the SEO of your website as well as competitors’. After clicking the in-browser icon, you’ll be able to receive a full SEO audit of a domain. Serpstat has three sections: On-page SEO parameters, page analysis, and domain analysis.

13. Ahrefs

  • Price: $99/mo for Ahrefs Lite
  • Chrome extension

With their SEO toolbar in Chrome, Ahrefs examines website properties and produces keywords, links, and ranking profiles that offer SEO improvements on your website. To receive a detailed report on an SEO metric, just click on it.

14. Check My Links

  • Price: Free
  • Chrome extension

Aptly named, Check My Links does just that with one click, scanning through webpages for broken links. A huge time saver when designing link-heavy web pages, the extension makes sure the links are working properly, notating when links are broken.

15. NinjaOutreach Lite

  • Price: Free
  • Chrome extension

The free extension from NinjaOutreach makes browsers capable of advanced data mining. It offers various SEO functions such as webpage URL, title, links, meta descriptions, follower counts on social media, and monetization techniques.

seo meta chrome extension

If you do any SEO work, chances are you spend a lot of time in your browser checking out SERPs to survey the landscape for potential keyword targets and on websites making sure your landing pages are providing users exactly what they’re looking for.

Fortunately, Chrome has a bunch of extensions to help make life easier for SEOs. From SEO-specific tools to more general productivity extensions, we’ve laid out the 5 Chrome extensions we find most useful when working on SEO projects here at Seer.

  1. SEO META in 1 Click
    This handy chrome extension enables users to quickly view basic SEO information about a page. Clicking on the extension while you’re on a webpage will give you the: title tag, meta-description, canonical tag and more. While these are probably the most common information you’d use the extension for, it also information on page headers, image.

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Where this extension separates itself from other similar apps, is in the “Tools” tab. Here, you’ll find links to other tools and platforms such as Google’s Mobile-Friendly test tool and Google’s PageSpeed tool. The extension will even pre-populate these tools with information from your current page to make using them even easier.

  1. Keywords Everywhere
    While SEO specialists everywhere were disappointed when the Keywords Everywhere extension stopped providing keyword search volume for free, the extension still provides useful information while navigating the SERPs. If you’re keyword research process includes manually inspecting the SERPs to get a sense of the intent behind a keyword, Keywords Everywhere

Though it’s no longer free, Keywords Everywhere does still offer users the ability to pull in search volume for keywords directly into their browser for a low cost. It the extension is a primary part of your keyword research workflow, it’s definitely worth checking out.

  1. Redirect Path
    Redirect Path is a handy extension for SEO that provides information to users on the exact path your browser takes to reach the page you’re currently looking at. This can be especially useful for finding one-off redirect chains or 302 redirects where you’d ideally want a 301.

pasted image 0 77

To find redirect issues at scale, though, Screaming Frog is still your best bet.

  1. View Rendered Source
    As more and more websites make the transition to JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular, viewing the source code of a page doesn’t necessarily give you the information you might be looking for. The View Rendered Source extension renders the source code on your chosen URL and will even highlight the differences between the raw and rendered code so you can easily see the difference.

This can be especially useful for sites that have placeholder title tags and descriptions in place prior to the page fully rendering so you can ensure your optimized metadata is being rendered.

  1. Scraper
    The Scraper extension helps you get information from web pages and download it directly into an Excel or Google sheet. Right-clicking on an element on a page, you’ll see an option to “Scrape Similar”. This will then find similar elements on the page that you can then scrape information from. This can be especially useful for tasks like scraping YouTube video titles from an account page or grabbing all of the H2 headings from a long piece of content


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