Seo Tools For Wix

SEO Tools For Wix

Wix is a website builder that allows you to create and manage websites without any coding. It’s easy to use, and if you are looking for a way to build your website without having to learn how to code, then this is the right tool for you.

However, one of the main problems with Wix is that it does not have very good SEO tools. In fact, there are no SEO tools at all! If you want your website to rank well in Google searches, then this is not going to happen unless you take some extra steps to make sure that your site has all of the necessary elements that make it search engine friendly.

Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there that can help you with this process. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best SEO tools for Wix users so that you can start getting more traffic from Google searches right away!

Seo Tools For Wix

01. Wix SEO

We can’t help but be biased, but this free tool is like a one stop shop of SEO tools. It basically has everything you need all in one place. After answering some simple questions, the wondrous Wiz analyzes in a few minutes the SEO state of your website, and automatically issues a personalized plan with simple steps to improve your Google ranking. Everything is covered by this user-friendly tool, from writing the optimal SEO titles and descriptions to filling in your image alt text. Plus, if you’ve got a personalized domain, you can easily connect your website to Google and get indexed in just a click. It’s so good, even our friends at Google are talking about it: “For the Wix users, this [Wix SEO] is a pretty cool experience because they can see their page in the search results immediately after they have created it. There is no waiting, there is no wondering, ‘Am I on search or not?’ Within seconds, they’re on Google.” said Mariya Moeva. You can read more about the Wix & Google collaboration in this informative article. We know how daunting SEO may seem at the very start but with the Wix SEO on your side, you’ll be following the SEO brick road to success. Give it go, over here.

02. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service brought to you by Google. It’s a key tool any website owner should check out if they want to get serious about their SEO. Once you claim ownership, you’ll get access to a whole array of features that can help optimize your website, such as crawl reports, ability to submit a sitemap, and more. The juicy stuff happens in the ‘Search Traffic’ section. Click on ‘Search Analytics’ to find the top queries and pages that are getting the most clicks from Google. That’s valuable info right there, as once you understand which keywords you’re ranking for, you can focus on optimizing those pages or you can create new pages to cater to those search terms, and get even more traffic. And you must know that more traffic equals more mojo.

03. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a platform used to analyze your website’s performance. It enables you to track all sorts of info about your site such as, how visitors arrived on your site, how many people visit a specific page or how much time they spend viewing it. Knowing how your website performs will help you produce better content for your audience, which in turn will have a positive impact on your SEO. It’s also the place where you can get a sense of your organic traffic, meaning site traffic that wasn’t paid for through online promotion tactics. Not sure where to find it? Head over to the ‘Acquisitions’ section to understand the state of the organic traffic you’ve obtained. You can play around with the dates to see how your website’s organic performance has increased over time. Google Analytics might seem a bit technical at first, but it’s actually very intuitive. Check this out to discover everything you need to know about how to use Google analytics.

Google Analytics as a great SEO tools
Google Analytics as a great SEO tools

04. Ubersuggest

This is a very cool and free keyword tool that gives you plenty of ideas and suggestions for search terms you may not have thought of using. A quick reminder: keywords are two to five word phrases that are used by searchers when looking for something online. It’s super important to add the right terms to your website’s content, so that Google’s bots can identify you as a relevant result for a specific search. That’s exactly where Ubersuggest comes in. The tool is based off of Google’s Keyword Planner and Google auto-complete function. However, as opposed to Google’s planner (when not running active paid ads), this one gives you a more precise search volume, and you’re able to filter results. It can guide you to find better and more searched for terms that you can insert into your website’s content. For example, if you’re a landscape artist trying to get your website found online, you may discover that ‘gardener’ is a term that is more frequently used, and therefore preferable to add in your website.

05. Keywords Everywhere

This cool Chrome extension will make it seem like you’ve got a sixth sense for seeing keywords. They will start popping up in all sorts of places such as Google search results, Google Trends, Answer the public (see next tool) and more. How does the extension work? It essentially gives you the ‘global’ (not geographically specific) search volume of keywords that appear on pages. The search volume, which is the amount of average monthly searches, lets you know how popular search terms are. And the higher the number, the better your chance of more people potentially finding your website or blog’s content on Google. Be careful though, as higher also means more competitive. If you’re a photographer, the search term ‘photography’ may have a high search volume, but it would be too difficult to rank for.

06. Answer the Public

Don’t be intimidated by the impatient fella’ on the homepage. This software lets you find out which questions people are asking about pretty much any topic on the planet. If you’re stuck with content ideas for your next blog post, it’s bound to come in handy (so is the Ubersuggest tool mentioned above). Just write a broad topic in the search box, related to your business of course, and click ‘Get Questions’. You’ll get access to a huge list of questions and topics that can be a great source of inspiration. Why it so valuable? Knowing what people are asking about your biz’s topic will allow to get a better insight about what your audience’s needs and questions are, and how you can provide them with solutions. Let’s say, you own a plant shop and you’re looking for your next article topic to post on your website’s blog. Just fill in the tool’s search box with the word ‘plants’, and it will start raining keywords. Halleluyah!

Great as an SEO tool that will help you find keywords.

07. in Incognito

Using the incognito option in your Chrome browser makes you feel like a detective on CSI. But actually, it’s one of the greatest ways to get Google’s unbiased results page. You see, when you use Google Chrome to surf the Net, you’re probably signed in with your personal email and you don’t regularly clear your browsing history or cookies. This means that Google knows a lot about you and your preferences. Creepy, but true. So when you open an incognito window, and you ‘Google’ something, it’s like browsing on a clean slate. This way you’ll get access to the impartial results, and you’ll be able to better suss out your competition. By searching ‘incognito’ you can check out the content that is currently ranking and understand if there is anything you can do to create something that is more complete, or more valuable to searchers.

08. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a great tool to find out how well your content performs on all social media channels. How does it work? You enter the web address of a piece of content, and it shows you how many shares you’ve got on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin. You might think to yourself, “What does this have to do with my SEO?” You’re right, the links that you get from social media channels don’t have the same power as the links from external websites. But they do help bring more traffic to your site, and more traffic is awesome for SEO. In addition, if many readers share a certain piece of content, it means that they’ve enjoyed it and spent more time on your site. Again, a great SEO boost. Public notice: do not underestimate the power of social media.

09. Moz toolbar

This handy toolbar is an essential SEO tool to get really good insights about any website, including your own. It analyses the competitiveness of a domain by giving it a score (1 to 100) called Domain Authority (DA). The score is calculated using various metrics, and will basically tell you how much SEO juice a website has. You can use the extension when trying to figure out if you’ll be able to rank with your content or if it’s too competitive. How? Check your own domain authority score, and compare it to those that appear on the search results for your keywords. If the score of the pages that appear is around the same range, then your chances of ranking will be better. Aside from this, you can go into full nerd analysis mode and check all sorts of other information about a site such as: on-page elements, including title and description, headlines, and amount of characters for each element.

Buzzsumo as a content discovery tool
Buzzsumo as a content discovery tool

10. Email Hunter

Always wanted to be a stalker? Now you can! Just kidding… well sort of. This tool allows you to find anyone’s email address in a click. It comes in handy when reaching out to bloggers and online influencers. Indeed, website owners don’t always have this info readily available on their ‘Contact’ page. But why would you get in touch with strangers in the first place? Nowadays influential bloggers and online magazines can seriously amplify your content and help increase your website’s exposure in the realm of the Internet. More than that, when high-quality websites refer to your site, Google will take notice and grant you with a generous SEO boost. If you’re not sure how to go about it, you can check out our guide to find the best outreach marketing tactics.

wix seo booster

SEO is free on Wix and provides you with free tools and powerful SEO features. Wix SEO tools will enable your website to rank best at the top of the search engine.

· With Wix, SEO features are built in the SEO wizard; this saves time. Hence it would be difficult to skip these SEO steps.

· Wix SEO is comprised of an interactive plan. It guides you on links and making changes. It is easy to customize the articles to your preferences.

· Wix SEO has worked harder over the years. SEO boost providing improvements that best suit its users. SEO boost has enabled it to develop SEO features that are easy to use, even for small online businesses. When Owners who do not have much knowledge of SEO.

Every product in the market has its pros and cons. The pros and cons of a product enable you to determine if the product is the best fit for your business and preferences.

seo optimization
The pros and cons elaborate on how a product is different from other similar products in the market. Let us focus on Wix SEO tools’ pros and why you may consider using it for your business.

What Are The Pros Of Wix SEO?
Wix ranks as one of the best in website building. The pros of Wix are that;

  1. No coding is required- if you are new, this is a perfect tool for your small business or blog website.
  2. Built-in SEO- this ensures you only concentrate on the content and not to have to deal with plugins and widgets
  3. Google integration-When you with Google console helps you rank high on Google.
  4. Wix SEO is an excellent fit for small businesses- it is straightforward to use; hence you only focus on the contents.

It is essential to check out consumer satisfaction. A product you intend to use for your business purposes needs to meet your consumer. Consumer satisfaction reviews are crucial. Customer reviews enable you to check out if what the product offers is what you are looking for at work. Hence let us take some look at Wix SEO consumer reviews.

Rating of Wix SEO
If a website digital marketing Company has moved from Word Press to Wix. They have realized a significant shift in SEO boost as a result of this movement on his business website. The SEO expert Mark Preston elaborates on the success after the site moved to Wix SEO tools.

Wix SEO is after results. What every business owner wants is a positive result like Mark Preston. Wix SEO tools are here to outperform other competitors on search engines. It gives a pudding of what you need.

Cuts and bruises barbershop features even on Google map in London. The right choice of keywords, thanks to Wix SEO tools, favored success. Choose Wix for a rewarding business endeavor.

wix seo
SEO is a gross field of study. Gone are the days when you always needed a professional website developer. Wix SEO tools are to that help you with your website creation. Wix SEO is the solution you need. You give you a step by step guidance that enables you to build a fantastic website.

You will not face the need to hire a professional with Wix SEO tools. The people in Wix SEO will provide you with answers to your real questions. You will then realize your dream of creating a selling website platform.

Hence I want us to look at how to get the most out of Wix SEO. The tips to getting a higher ranking on search engines will no longer be a dream.

9 Easy Tips To Boost Your Website
Identify Your Audience
A good entrepreneur understands the market he targets. Getting into the market is a risk of making losses in any business.

For your website, you must teach your audience. A good writer speaks to the audience at the right time in the right way and with the correct information. You are better placed to reach your audience when you know its diversities. What are the age groups, sex, and any other characteristic of your target audience?

Understand what it is that your target audience wants. What is it that excites the consumers? What they want to hear from you;

With a clear understanding of your audience make a good researcher. You will deliver what your audience wants to hear. When consumers are excited, this increases traffic on your website through referrals and social sharing. If you can’t identify your audience then hire a professional website design agency to do the job for you.

Move To The Content
What content do you want to put out to your audience? Is it giving information or promoting your product. Focus on giving it a thought on the content you plan to deliver. Get into details of contents that your audience would be of interest. What type of content is attractive to your audience? Offer what your audience would enjoy reading.

Get Detailed About Keywords
Spend quality time on Google analytics. Search and decide which keywords to target and how best to rank them.

website keywords
Wix is a quick fix for you at first, but you need to know the details to get the best in keyword selection. Proper keyword search ensures you are at the top of search engines.

Use long keywords, shorter keywords—research more on what works for keywords formation. You may notice that shorter keywords may have many searches on Google than longer ones. But it means that there was the right choice and a good combination of the keywords.

Another important point would be to consider the location of your business. Including location in the key words makes you rank high in the search engines.

Right Domain Choice
Domain choice is dependent on several factors. What do you want to offer? You choose to customize your domain for your business.

Domain names that are good are short and include keywords. When your domain name includes keywords, you rank high on Google.

Choose a domain that will help you when SEO comes into the picture. Buy a domain that will be beneficial when it comes to SEO.

Make Use Of Your Metadata Descriptions
Metadata is essential in helping you rank high in search engines. A good Meta description is of good length and incorporates keywords.

A short description of what your product is about is the Meta description. Use it to its optimal by ensuring you convince the buyer why they should click on you.

It should be short at most 160 words. But longer descriptions may also work to your advantage. When you choose your keywords right and their distribution it becomes visible to search engines.

Make the Meta description of your sales representative. A sales representative always has all answers to possible questions from clients.

Let your Meta description wear the confidence of a sales representative. To ensure that the metadata is ideal with only a few words in it, keep it catchy. Good Meta descriptions increase consumer’s engagement and satisfy their curiosity.

Optimize Your Page URL
A crazy online movement in 2020 has seen that 93% of online activity starts on search engines. Used is Google. Cooking, fashion, and health all question people have regarding that. Everyone believes Google has answers to all their questions.

Here let us make the dream of finding what they are looking for a reality. Let’s please their curiosity in the URL. As search engines crawl over your website, ensure that the URL contains the keywords. It helps your URL to be on the first page of the Google search.

Google Snippet preview
How many times do you go past the first page of the Google search results? The answer would be or never.

Aiming to appear on the first page is the goal of every website owner. What you do differently makes the main difference. Research further on how to create a URL that will not make the search engines hover past you.

How Strategic Are Your Links?
Surprisingly as it may seem, search engines hover around the text on your website looking for keywords.

Consider linking your keywords. It is a secret that linked keywords have higher chances for a search engine pick. Use both internal and external links for you to stand out. At the same time, these search engines crawl through the text on your website.

Anchor links are a must-have, but it is important to have a balance of both internal and external links. Consider the proper distribution of keywords with anchor links. Two to four internal and external links per 600 words would be a good start for ranking high.

Optimize Images
Images catch a glimpse of the eye, optimizing your content with images. As search engines crawl through content with images, stand a higher chance. Images give great insight into the deeper part of the issue.

Some food images would entice someone to get to read more. Of course, search engines do not want to give the consumer a half-cooked cake.

A full well-cooked cake would be the best suit for every consumer. That is why search engines would land on your page that has images to meet the curiosity of the consumer.

But search engines will not see the images. A short description with the incorporation of keywords makes you take the lead

Ensure Mobile-Friendliness
Most, if not all, online users use mobile devices. Making your website mobile-friendly makes it easy for many people to find you.

Theuser-friendliness of any product in the market makes it a choice of many as a common visitor at a supermarket people tend to go to the cashier who does faster and makes the line move faster.

responsive design
A business that serves clients as per their needs carries the day. I am a strong believer that making your mobile work-friendly will make you stand out. In the crawling journey of search engines, making it easier for search engines to find.

Mobile phones are of use to different people for different reasons, including studies. When you understand what you are offering and to who is essential. Is important to keep your consumers at per with what you offer

  1. Take Your Time to Make SEO Friendly Headlines
    I am seated in my academic writing class on reflection writing. The tutor required everyone to post the topic they intended to write about.

How beautiful it felt when she chose my title. She said she would definitely read what I had to say in reflection writing.

Write titles and subheadings that make the reader say I have to read this. Create curiosity, and the reader attracts their attention. By keeping them glued to find out what your juicy topic is all about. Make the headlines juicy and pregnant with keywords—an SEO expert definitely advice on this.

So, Are You Ready to Boost Your Website?
Do not stop if you rank at a good level on search engines. Some people stop at that while more people are getting into the online business. They put their best foot forward; they will surpass you if you get too comfortable. SEO Wiz for your small business will help it grow. It will grow from small to competitive levels; it is only a starting point to more and more learning. These key tips will enable boost website to grow, and your business will finally pay off.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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