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Small Seo Tools Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism checker is an online tool that helps writers, bloggers, and webmasters to check for plagiarism. It scans and compares files against the submitted text to detect plagiarism.

Words Limit For Our Plagiarism Checker is Explained Below:

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Visitors  (Free but Unregistered)1000 words
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What is plagiarism?

As Wikipedia says,

“Plagiarism is the representation of another author’s language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions as one’s own original work.”

According to Merriam-Webster,

“To steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own : use (another’s production) without crediting the source”

For details check

How does our plagiarism checker work?

It works better than Turnitin. Apart from the student’s archived thesis, it scans online-available data on search engines to check plagiarism.

It has an advanced algorithm that allows our plagiarism detector to find copied or paraphrased content. After finding plagiarism, it provides the link of plagiarized sources.

We have developed this plagiarism checker to identify all types of plagiarism i.e.  Incremental, patchwork, and accidental plagiarism.

How to use this tool?

It offers a simple interface. Follow the steps below:

  • Copy your text and paste it in the given input box.
  • You can upload a file too. Click on Select File button to upload a document from local storage.
  • If you want to exclude specific URL, click on Exclude URL button and paste the URL in the input box.
  • Select the language to check plagiarism in any other language.
  • Hit the Check Plagiarism button to complete plagiarism detection. 

On completion, you’ll get:

  • Percentage of plagiarized content
  • Percentage of unique content
  • Exact phrase match
  • Matched sources
  • Paraphrased match percentage
  • Words count, and
  • Readability


Some of the key features of our duplicate content checker are given below:

1. Upload File to Check Plagiarism

Upload files from local storage to check for plagiarism. It offers support of various file types such as doc, docx, pdf, txt, etc.

2. Chrome Extension

Prepostseo plagiarism checker offers a Google Chrome Extension to find duplicate content onine.

3. Ensured Content Safety

The content you check on Prepostseo is 100% safe and secure. We respect your intellectual property and don’t save the content in any repository.

4. Plagiarism Reports Generation

You can download reports in HTML and PDF format. Click on the Download Report button to get the full report.

5. Results with sources & Percentage

  1. It underlines the text and gives source of plagiarism.
  2. It gives percentage of plagiarized and unique content.Plagiarism checker with percentage

6. Make it Unique 

After checking for plagiarism, click on Make it Unique button.

This our paraphrasing tool to paraphrase your content to avoid plagiarism.

7. Deep Search with 

Prepostseo plagiarism checker uses its own deep search algorithm to check plagiarism by conducting deep web searches all over the internet.

8. Multiple language support

You can check plagiarism in French, Dutch, Spanish and many other languages.

9. Mobile Apps

You can download mobile app in your phone and check plagiarism anywhere. It offers:

  • Android App
  • iOS App

10. Plagiarism Remover

Prepostseo plagiarism remover option helps you to remove duplicate content. It works sentence wise and makes your text 100% unique.  

Prepostseo plagiarism Detector can be used by


Students can use this plagiarism checker to find out if their assignments and submissions are free from plagiarism.


Teachers can use this tool to check if their students are submitting the original work or just copying it from the internet.


Researchers have to publish a lot of material for their research.

They should make sure that their publications and research is original, and they are not accidently publishing plagiarized content.

best free plagiarism checker small seo tools

The plagiarism checker free utility offered on SmallSEOTools’ is second to none due to the advantages it provides to its users. From students to teachers, researchers, writers, publishers, and bloggers, everyone can gain the top benefits of SmallSEOTools’ plagiarism detector, which include the following:

Quick and Hassle-Free

The plagiarism checker online tool available on this platform is a super-fast utility that generates results within a matter of seconds. For using this plagiarism detector, the users won’t have to follow any convoluted procedure. The user-friendly interface of this facility makes the process to check plagiarism free from all kinds of intricacies.

Multi-Platform Supportive

Our plagiarism detector is a web-based tool that can be accessed through any kind of device. You won’t have to install a plugin or software for checking duplication with this plagiarism checker online utility. Whether you have an Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, or Mac device, you can easily access our online plagiarism remover and figure out the instances of plagiarism in a couple of clicks. All you need to check plagiarism online on SmallSEOTools is to connect your device with a stable internet connection.

Free of Cost

There are no costs involved with the usage of SmallSEOTools’ duplicate content checker. The users aren’t asked to pay a single penny for the consumption of this online plagiarism check service. No matter how many pieces of text you need to check for plagiarism, you can use this plagiarism detector as many times as you desire without facing any restriction or paying any charges.

Find Matching Sources

When it comes to detecting plagiarism, everybody desires to know about the links from where their text matches. The best free plagiarism checker by SmallSEOTools not only detects the plagiarized portions of your text but also provides you with a list of sources from where your entered text is matching. If you want to keep the list of matching sources as evidence, you can download the plagiarism scan report for free with a single click.


A list of key features:

1. Billions of web pages

This tool has the ability to check plagiarism by matching your content against billions of webpages on the Internet. Once you upload your content, it will automatically run it against every existing content on the web within seconds, making it the most sophisticated yet fastest plagiarism scanner you’ll ever come across in your lifetime.

2. Automatic rewriting feature

It has an option for automatically rewriting the content you run on it in just one click. If your content contains plagiarized work, all you have to do is click on the rewrite option and you’ll be taken to our auto-paraphrasing tool, where your content will be updated immediately. This is a built-in feature available right inside the tool for absolutely free.

3. Multiple document formats

Our similarity checker allows you to upload different formats of documents including .doc, .docx, .txt, .tex, .rtf, .odt, and .pdf. This means it does not matter what format your content takes, as long as it is digital, our tool will do the rest of the work.

4. URL integration

With this free online plagiarism test tool, not only are you able to upload different formats of documents, you can also check plagiarism via a website URL. Simply enter the webpage URL and click the “Check Plagiarism” button and you’re good to go.

5. Reporting option

Our anti-plagiarism engine comes with a reporting option which allows you to download a report of the plagiarism search you run. This means you now have some sort of evidence to send across to the relevant parties and a record to keep. Awesome!

6. Sharing option

How about an option for sharing the plagiarism report generated? Would you like that right INSIDE the tool, too? Well, we got you covered!

7. Multiple languages

This feature allows you to check plagiarism on documents in other languages other than English. So whether your content is written in русский, 日本語, italiano, français, Português, Español, Deutsche, 中文, our tool can speak your language.

8. Cloud compatibility

Live in the cloud? Our originality checker is able to check content from the cloud, including Google Drive and Dropbox. Simply choose where your content lives in the cloud and pick the particular piece of document you want to run, and our copyright checker will do the rest.

9. Local storage

If your content is rather local, living in a file within your computer, then you can upload it directly from the local storage.

10. Percentage gauges

Once you’ve uploaded your content and clicked to check for plagiarism, our duplication checker will show you, in percentages, the levels of both plagiarized and unique content in the document. For example, it’ll let you know that 82% of the content is unique while 18% is plagiarized.


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