Social Media Marketing Tools Workshop

Social media marketing is a great way to get your name and product out there, but it can be tricky. You need to know what you’re doing and how to do it.

That’s where this blog comes in! We’ll give you tips on how to get started with social media marketing, as well as how to use all the different tools out there to make sure that your content gets seen by as many people as possible.

Social Media Marketing Tools Workshop

1. Introduction to Social Media Strategy

Buffer Skillshare Class - Social Media Marketing Strategy

Offered by: Skillshare

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Created by: Buffer

Topics include:

  • Getting started with social media
  • Finding your voice
  • Creating content
  • Curating content
  • Using the right marketing tools
  • Paid advertising strategy

Skill level: Beginner – Intermediate

About this course:

We’re super excited to bring you our very first Skillshare class on social media marketing strategy! This 45-minute, straightforward class will help you create a rock solid foundation for your business or brand on social media.

Whether you’re looking to foster brand awareness, increase website traffic, or drive sales, learn how to craft a simple social media strategy to achieve your goals on Facebook and Twitter. From finding your voice to paid advertising, Brian Peters (Digital Marketing Strategist at Buffer) walks through his process for custom social strategies.

Bonus: We’re offering our community members two free months of Skillshare here (allowing you to access our class for free starting today!):

2. Introduction to Social Media Advertising

Introduction to Social Media Advertising - Buffer Class

Offered by: Skillshare

Created by: Buffer

Topics include:

  • Demystifying key terms and vocabulary
  • Setting campaign goals
  • Targeting audience segments
  • Developing compelling copy and visuals
  • Iterating and optimizing campaigns for long-term success

Skill level: Beginner – Intermediate

About this course:

We are proud to introduce our brand new Skillshare class on social media advertising! This is a follow-up to our first Skillshare class (above) and will cover everything marketers and businesses need to know about succeeding with social media ads.

This introductory class is perfect for marketers, brands, small business, freelancers, and everyone looking to harness the potential of paid social advertising. By the end, you’ll be ready to run your first social media ad campaign — and connect with customers, convert views into action, and drive impact for long-term business success! Brian Peters (Digital Marketing Strategist at Buffer) walks through his process for custom social media advertising strategies.

Bonus: We’re offering our community members two free months of Skillshare here (allowing you to access our class for free starting today!):

3. What Is Social?


Offered by: Coursera

Created by: Northwestern University

Topics include:

  • Social trends
  • Defining target audiences
  • Data analysis

Skill level: Beginner

About this course:

“What Is Social?” is a massive open online course (MOOC) for business owners, executives, and marketing professionals who want to significantly improve their abilities to grow their social media strategy using effective, proven methodologies. In short, it’s a really awesome, action-based intro to social media.

The exciting part with this hands-on class is that you not only get to hear about ways to grow your professional persona using social media, but you will actually do it! “What Is Social” is the first in a six-course specialization offered by Northwestern University (a top university in the United States). Once you finish this first course, you can continue on with the next steps of the track: Social Media Marketing: How to Profit in a Digital World. (The first course is free; the full track costs $426.)

4. Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring with Coursera

Offered by: Coursera

Created by: Eric Schwartzman

Topics include:

  • Keyword filtering
  • Google related searches
  • Using Google Alerts and its benefits
  • Identifying influencers and content curation possibilities
  • Monitoring strategies for Facebook, Twitter, and more

Skill level: All Levels

About this course:

This free social media class on how to monitor what your audience and customers are saying online is for marketers looking to keep a finger on the pulse of their community. Whether you’re just starting out in social media or are a seasoned veteran, this course has actionable social monitoring takeaways for people of all skills levels.

The course provides detailed examples of monitoring in action, allows you to get an overview of the different social media monitoring tools available for use, and strategies for how you can use what you’ve learned and apply it to your own social media program.

5. The Business of Social

The Business of Social Course

Offered by: Coursera

Created by: Northwestern University

Topics include:

  • Discovering where social media “fits in”
  • How to tie social media to real business results
  • Managing and measuring a successful social media program

Skill level: Beginner – Intermediate

About this course:

“The Business of Social” is for businesses owners, marketers, and social media managers looking for ways to tie social media directly into real business growth objectives. In other words, those looking to drive real, measurable value from a social media strategy and program.

Instead of focusing on how marketers can create great content for social media, this class more focuses on how exactly to measure your social investments in terms of time, cost, and opportunities.

5. Social Media Ethics

Social Media Ethics

Offered by: Coursera

Created by: Eric Schwartzman

Topics include:

  • How to use good judgement when using social media for work
  • What constitutes ethical behavior on social media
  • Demonstrating consideration for others on social media

Skill level: Beginner

About this course:

Have you ever wondered what it means to use social media effectively and ethically? This free course on “Social Media Ethics” provides the framework for social networking and engaging in ethical conversations online for all professionals and employees. Touching on local, State, and Federal laws, it takes the guessing game out of what is and is not legal on social media for employees of businesses.

6. Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking up Clients

Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking Up Clients

Offered by: Udemy

Created by: Brian Yang

Topics include:

  • Common social media myths and mistakes
  • The art of using Facebook Groups
  • Attracting YouTube subscribers and creating engaging videos
  • Creating quality (not spammy) content for social media

Skill level: Intermediate

About this course:

The tagline for this social media class is “picking up clients with social media in 48 hours or less.” Which points to the fact that this instructor dives into intermediate social media strategies. Moving beyond more beginner tactics like setting up social media accounts and basic posting strategies, this class assumes that you already know those things and provides details on how to best use the channels that you’re already familiar with.

All you need for this course is an active Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit account and you’ll be on your way to learning the secrets behind picking up clients on social media.

7. Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint Social Media Course

Offered by: Facebook

Created by: Blueprint eLearning

Topics include:

  • Facebook Terminology and Know-How
  • Best Practices for Facebook & Instagram Posting
  • Optimizing Facebook & Instagram Advertising
  • Creating a quality Facebook Page and experience

Skill level: Beginner – Advanced

About this course:

Perfect for small businesses, marketers, agencies, and advertisers, Facebook Blueprint is your one stop shop for everything there is to know about running successful advertising campaigns using your Facebook Business Page. This huge resource of free, self-paced social media classes will cover best-practices and top strategies used by the world’s largest brands.

With Facebook becoming very much a “pay-to-play” platform, this is the perfect opportunity for businesses and marketers to fully grasp everything there is to know about ensuring that your advertising dollar stretches as far as possible.

8. Social Media Quickstarter

Social Media Kickstarter with Constant Contact

Offered by: Constant Contact

Created by: Constant Contact

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • And more!

Skill level: Beginner

About this course:

All social media managers and marketers start somewhere. This free social media class from Constant Contact is a great resource for those who are looking to dive into the world of social media without all of the complications. It offers a step-by-step guide to building a presence on almost every social media platform you can think of.

For those unsure if social media is right for you or for your business, this class is a great way to dip your toes in and start small with social media marketing. Who knows, you may find that social media is just right for you!

Free Online Marketing Courses to Boost Your Digital Marketing Know-How

9. Email Marketing for E-Commerce

Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Offered by: Skillshare

Created by: Mailchimp

  • Email marketing automation
  • Email marketing optimization
  • Email marketing personalization

Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

About this course:

Marketers and social media professionals with a basic understanding of how email marketing works will love this free online course from Mailchimp. Perfect for those of you on the go, it’s a 25-minute, highly tactical class on developing the basic email marketing principles that you may already be familiar with.

By the end of this email marketing course, you’ll have a great understanding of how to create engaging email marketing campaigns and how to optimize your strategy in order to increase business revenue.

10. Marketing in a Digital World

Marketing in a Digital World

Offered by: Coursera

Created by: University of Illinois

  • How tools such as smartphones and 3D devices are changing the marketing sphere
  • How power is shifting from companies and brands to consumers
  • Offering product ideas that stick in a digital world

Skill level: Beginner

About this course:

“Marketing in a Digital World” is one of the most popular free marketing courses on Coursera – with more then 100,000 students enrolled to this date. Taught by a professor at the University of Illinois, this class focuses on the transformation of marketing strategies an tactics into a digital-first world. Specifically, how technology is putting the power of marketing into the hands of the consumer.

This marketing course is perfect for marketers looking to understand where the marketing field is today and how you can leverage new-age strategies to attract customers. And for those who are keen to continue their learning, this course is part of a larger Digital Marketing Specialization for the University of Illinois.

social media workshop ideas

If you use social media then you know it’s an ever-changing challenge. Both you and your team need to stay up to date on what works and what the trends are. One great way to do that is to hold regular workshops where you and the other members of your company who use social media can exchange ideas and information.

Here are five hot workshop topics that can help you make the most of social media.

Building Relationships

Social media is all about establishing relationships and cultivating them. The trouble is, managing those relationships isn’t always easy. It takes authenticity, timeliness, and a great deal of attention. Like all talents, maintaining that type of interaction is easier for some people than it is for others. Luckily, the skills that are needed to do just that can be learned.


A big temptation when using social media is to try to tell people what they want to hear. Today’s social media users, however, are savvy and can spot inauthentic content immediately. When you tell stories, you have to dig a little deeper, so your content is more likely to ring true. The fact is, being an effective storyteller can be hard.

Generating Leads

Let’s be honest, using social media as a marketing tool is about getting sales. If you aren’t using it effectively, then you’re wasting your time. Knowing the strengths and weakness of each platform, what type of content works best, and how to leverage it, is critical in meeting your goals. You also need an actual strategy for converting leads into paying clients or customers. Without it, you are eliminating a form of hope marketing – hoping that your audience will do what you want them to do even though you didn’t get them clear direction.

Using Facebook Live

If you believe that your social media content should be fresh, unique, and authentic (spoiler alert—yes, you should believe this), and you are not taking advantage of Facebook Live, then you’re missing out. Live broadcasts can increase your brand awareness, highlight the elements of your products and services, and drive traffic to your page.


The trend toward using video is not new. Neither are the challenges of incorporating video into your social media strategy. It’s important that your team understands your video strategy and how to keep it consistent with your brand.

Keeping yourself and your team up to date on the trends and issues driving social media success offers a great deal of value. You’ll help your team stay interested and excited, you’ll improve engagement with your social media followers and, with any luck, you’ll increase sales.

If you would like to learn more about how to use social media effectively or get help planning your workshops, we can help. Ready for one on one training on social media marketing? Looking for the right social media trainer for your team? Book me for a free discovery session:

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