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Social media marketing has become an essential part of most marketing strategies, and it’s no surprise. With a billion people using Facebook every month, you can’t afford not to be there. It’s a huge audience that’s engaging with your brand, so take advantage of it!

You’ve probably heard the term “social media marketing” before, but what does that mean? It means using the power of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more to help grow your business. It’s easy—you just post fun videos, photos or text that tells people about your company or product. You can even use these platforms to answer customer questions and help them find what they’re looking for.

What’s great about social media marketing is that it’s free! All you have to do is learn how each platform works so you know what kind of content will work best for you. For example: on Twitter you only have 140 characters to work with so try posting short messages with graphics (images). On Facebook videos get the most views so try posting those instead of photos (or both!).

Social Media Marketing Tools Za

How do you stay on top of your social marketing tasks? From creating and scheduling content to analytics, it can be difficult to imagine how many jobs social media marketers have to complete every day.

If you want to level up your social media marketing game, you need to invest in the right tools for this job. Fortunately, there are a lot of effective social media tools available on the market to help. These tools can help you manage and optimize your social media posts, measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, get actionable insights to improve your online presence, and reach the right audiences at the right time.

Here are 10 of the best social media marketing tools to transform your skills:

  1. Finteza

Finteza offers an advanced analytics system with a huge focus on conversion optimization that provides detailed information on your social media campaigns. The tool monitors different levels of the health of traffic to your site from all channels. Finteza sorts all your traffic from social media automatically.

You can see which pages attract more clicks from Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, which channels send traffic that converts, and how you can replicate this success. The tool also shows details such as site traffic and site errors.

Finteza also builds conversion funnels to better understand how social media users are intersecting with your site and show the steps from coming visitors to your website and converting them into loyal customers. On top of all, you can use the retargeting option to re-engage your users and show targeted content to customers who have previously had an experience with your brand.

2. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an all-inclusive SEO platform for social media marketers that helps you control your social media communications with scheduled publishing and monitoring tools. The tool includes a good social media management tool that allows you not only to increase your social media rankings and engagement but also auto-post social media content to your social channels.

The tool monitors Facebook and Twitter analytics and shows the best time and the type of content to engage with your audience. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to shift from Facebook to Twitter or from one account to another one while you manage different accounts. It is easy to use and analyze as all your data is stored in one place.

3. Crello

Crello is a free and simple graphic design tool that helps you create engaging designs for social media. Whether you’re creating a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, an Instagram story, or any other type of online content, Crello is packed full of templates and design ideas to fit your projects.

The other great thing about the tool is that you can save all your graphics in your account using the tab “My designs”. This is done automatically while you’re creating and you can create your designs in advance to post on social media. The tool also comes with video and text-based tutorials.

4. Visme

Visme is an all-in-one visual content creation tool for marketers to create stunning presentations, images, animations, banners, and infographics within minutes. The tool offers a variety of templates, stock photos, videos, icons, and shapes for your social media content. You can also embed third-party content like YouTube videos, quizzes, forms, or surveys.

One of the beauties of working with Visme is its ability to make any element interactive for your projects. As Visme is cloud-based, you can download and publish your designs in different formats. You can also access detailed statistics of views and visits to your projects in one place. That is great because you can get a clear picture of your engagement levels, especially when users decide to embed or share your content on their own websites.

5. Awario

Awario is one of the most popular social media listening tools that covers the major social media platforms, monitors the Internet for mentions of specific keywords, and collects them in one simple dashboard. The tool offers a wide range of useful features like flexible Boolean search, deep-dive analytics, and reports, etc.

One of its best features is the ability to detect potential leads on social media when users are asking for advice or recommendations. You can also spy on your competitors to figure out who might be unhappy with their products or services and you can offer them a good alternative to make them happy. Awario’s reports come with sentiment analysis that will help you realize what people are saying about you and how they are doing that.

6. BuzzSumo

Doing research is vital for social media marketing. BuzzSumo is a powerful research tool that will help you understand how your content is performing and who’s spreading the word. On top of all, the tool offers a variety of valuable features to find influencers in your niche, detect the most shared content on social media channels, spy on competitors, research new keywords and trending topics for your projects.

If you are looking for something interesting to share on social media, BuzzSumo can sort the list based on the most Facebook or Twitter shares in your niche. Moreover, the tool shows the list of the most influential people on social media channels to reach out to.

If you are looking for a good writer, you can find the best-performing content related to your topic, detect who gets a lot of shares and the author of this content. Then you can reach out to this author and see whether he or she will write for your site.

7. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a powerful social media management platform with a rich feature set. The tool offers a user-friendly interface, valuable post-management and monitoring tools, high-quality reports and in-depth analytics for your projects.

The tool allows you to bulk schedule posts through different social media channels and accounts. You can also curate and find content from several industries, and optimize post times based on a queue for each.

Its calendar feature allows you to track all your social publications and reschedule posts by using the dragging and dropping option. SocialPilot includes a lot of integrations such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to let you visualize the growth of your target audience.

8. NapoleonCat

NapoleonCat is a multifaceted platform that helps you schedule, publish, monitor, and analyze your social media marketing through different channels from a single interface. The tool allows you to solve different social media problems: reduce response time on social media, stimulate pre-sales conversations, and automatically answer typical questions.

I love NapoleonCat for its ease of use, intuitive dashboard, and customization options. The tool offers a wide range of valuable features, including Social Inbox, auto-moderation, advanced analytics, scheduler, collaboration features to build a clear workflow, and Help Center. It really speeds up the overall process of social media moderation and makes your work simply easier.

9. Feedly

Feedly is an amazing tool that aggregates the top content in your niche from industry blogs and publications into a single and easy-to-digest platform. The tool helps you make your collaborative process easier.

Its AI bot serves as a research assistant that learns your habits and shows articles that you want under a Priorities tab. You can customize your experience (bookmark, share, schedule, and save your favorite sources) to separate the feeds by interest.

10. Ingramer

Instagram plays a crucial role for online businesses to increase brand awareness and drive sales. Ingramer offers a rich marketing toolkit for Instagram promotion. The tool can curate your content, increase the number of followers, and analyze your main competitors. Its Direct Module feature can set up auto-replies based on trigger words and manage bulk messaging.

Ingramer can schedule and publish your content, images, Instagram Stories, and Carousels. It contains over 12 million hashtags updated on a regular basis. With the downloading feature, you can save any type of content from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for re-use. The tool also gives insights into any public account on Instagram and monitors its content and activity.

Bottom Line

Today there are a lot of great tools available on the market. The most important thing is to find the tool that supports your social media marketing efforts and suits your business needs.

These social media marketing tools can help you publish content, automate posting, and improve engagement. Even if you don’t have a big budget, you can choose some free tools from the list to promote your business on social media platforms

best social media software

The vast majority of small businesses use social media as a marketing tool, and it’s easy to see why. Social media platforms like Meta, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram have hundreds of millions of users. Having a cohesive social media presence allows small businesses to speak to customers where they’re at.

However, with so many prominent platforms out there, managing multiple social accounts can be an absolute nightmare. After all, business owners would have to find the time and energy to log into multiple social media accounts, write a post for each, and schedule them as needed throughout the day. This is simply not feasible for many small businesses that operate with a handful of employees. With that in mind, many small businesses turn to social media management platforms that let them create a comprehensive social media strategy they can manage all in one place.

Investopedia compared all the top social media management platforms available today to see which ones offer the best tools and features for companies that want to expand their reach across all the major networks. If you’re in the market for a platform your company can use to get ahead, keep reading to learn more.

The 8 Best Social Media Management Software of 2022
Best Overall: Sprout Social
Best for Analytics: Hootsuite
Best All-in-One Tool: Zoho
Best for Automation: MeetEdgar
Best for Large Team Collaboration: Loomly
Best Integration: Sendible
Best Budget Option: Buffer
Best for Small Teams: SocialPilot
Best Social Media Management Software
Sprout Social
What Is Social Media Management Software?
What Is The Most Effective Social Media Platform?
What Are The Expected Costs Of Social Media Management Software?
Sprout Social
SproutSocialSIGN UP NOW
We chose Sprout Social as our best overall due to the platform’s usability, publishing features, and analytics across all major social media platforms. This provider also offers one of the longest free trials in the business.

Excellent user dashboard lets you manage your social networks in one place
Utilize Social Media Optimization tools
Analytics and reports help you manage your user engagement and return on investment (ROI)
Scheduling tools make creating posts a breeze
Free 30-day trial
Expensive standard plan
Limits to how many social profiles you can manage
We chose Sprout Social as the best option for businesses based on the array of scheduling tools and analytics they offer, their mobile app for iOS and Android, and their paid promotion tools to help you expertly boost Meta posts. One major benefit you get with Sprout Social is a 30-day free trial with any of their plans. If you’re unsure of the value of this software, this free trial gives you a full month to try it out.

This software currently supports all the major social media platforms, including Meta, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, making it an excellent choice for all-in-one management. There are three paid plans to choose from:

Standard: $89 per month
Professional: $149 per month
Advanced: $249 per month.
Sprout Social says their Professional plan is most popular since it lets you manage up to 10 social media accounts in one place. It also comes with an all-in-one social box, social content calendar, response rate and time analysis reports, analysis tools for Twitter hashtags, and plenty more valuable tools. With any of their plans, you also get a mobile app to manage your social media accounts on the go.

The Standard plan includes many of the features of the Professional plan, yet you can only manage up to five social profiles if you choose this option.

HootsuiteSIGN UP NOW
Hootsuite earns high rankings for its tracking tools and analytics. This software lets you analyze trends and engagement in real-time. Their analytics tools extend to both regular posting and social media ads.

Professional plans start at just $49 per month
Free plan available
Connects with 20+ social networks
30-day trial available
Some analytics reports are at an additional cost
Plans can be costly if you have a lot of social profiles or spend a considerable sum on ads each month
Free plans have limited tools
Hootsuite made our ranking as best for analytics because they offer some of the most comprehensive analytics and social media tracking tools on the market today, including customizable reports and team productivity reporting.

While paying more for detailed analytics and reporting can cause the cost of Hootsuite to swell, having access to this information can be crucial for businesses that rely on social media for the bulk of their marketing efforts.

Hootsuite has four paid options:

Professional: $49 per month
Team: $129 per month
Business: $739 per month
Enterprise: Varies (it’s for larger or more complex institutions)
The starter Professional plan can be a good option for small businesses because it allows you to manage 10 social profiles in one place. You also get unlimited scheduling, although you’re limited to one user. The Team plan is available for up to three users, and you can manage up to 20 social profiles in one place.

Note that all plans from Hootsuite come with unlimited scheduled messages, unlimited auto-scheduling, a publishing calendar, a social inbox, and plenty of other tools. You can also try two of Hootsuite’s four plans free for 30 days, which is a major benefit if you prefer to try before you buy.

Zoho SocialSIGN UP NOW
Zoho stands out as an all-in-one tool consumers can use to run the social aspects of their business in one place while managing their email, projects, accounting, and webinars.

Zoho offers a CRM product that lets you manage your email, projects, accounting, and more under one umbrella
You can integrate their social media management platform, which works with all major social media networks
Social media planning for individuals starts at $10 per month
A free edition with limited features is available with an option to upgrade
Plans for agencies start at $230 per month, which is on the expensive side
Plans for individuals and businesses only include one to three team members, with more users requiring an additional monthly spend
Zoho made our ranking as the best all-in-one tool based on the CRM product they offer in addition to social media management software. You can utilize Zoho to store and manage your email, create and oversee products, and take care of accounting all in one place. Zoho also offers comprehensive social media management software you can buy separately or integrate for full all-in-one management.

When it comes to their social media management software, Zoho offers three plans for businesses:

Standard: $10 per month
Professional: $30 per month
Premium: $40 per month
Each plan lets you publish and schedule posts across multiple platforms, access summary reports and analytics, and access a Bitly integration & URL shortener. The Standard and Professional plans are limited to one brand and one team member, but both plans let you add additional team members or social channels for an additional cost.

A free plan with limited functionality is also available. With the free plan, you get access for one team member and brand and the ability to publish multiple posts in one place. Zoho also offers social media software for agencies that manage at least 10 different brands under their business umbrella.

MeetEdgar stands out due to its automation and scheduling features. They even offer continuous posting, which means they will automatically curate and reshare relevant posts on your social media accounts.

Excellent automation and scheduling features let you set your social media and forget it
Free trial for seven days
Analytics for engagement and response
Edgar Lite plan starts at just $19 per month
Only integrates with Meta, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram
Most affordable plan only lets you work with three networks
No central inbox for messages or managing comments
MeetEdgar wins for best automation because they are set up to help time-strapped businesses automate their accounts. This software lets you generate posts using a browser extension, set up category-based scheduling that saves you time and effort, and executes continuous posting that ensures you’re constantly engaging your audience.

With MeetEdgar, you also get access to an unlimited content library, which the platform will shuffle and schedule for you on your behalf. You can also set up your account to automatically upload your newest content, and you can use an automatic link shortener that helps you save space when you share your content on social media.

MeetEdgar offers two main plans:

Edgar Lite: $29.99 per month
Edgar: $49.99 per month
Both plans offer similar tools, although the Edgar Lite plan only lets you integrate with three social media accounts. The more expensive plan also offers 1,000 recurring scheduling time slots per week versus just 10 with the Edgar Lite plan. Either way, you can try MeetEdgar for free for seven days.

Loomly is our top pick for large team collaboration due to its comprehensive plans for teams of up to 26 people. All plans also come with core features such as audience targeting, post preview, automated publishing, analytics, and more.

Try it out free for 15 days
Base plans start at just $26 per month
Manage and share all your social assets in one place
Real-time optimization of posts
Plans for large teams can be costly
Companies with large ad spend may have to upgrade to a more expensive plan regardless of their team size
Loomly is an excellent option for large teams that want to collaborate on a social media strategy. While their base plan is only accessible for up to two users, their top-tier plan for businesses can include up to 30.

Core plans from Loomly include the following:

Base: $26 per month (2 users)
Standard: $59 per month (6 users)
Advanced: $129 per month (14 users)
Premium: $269 per month (30 users)
Enterprise: Price available upon request
This pricing is only available if you pay for a year of management upfront; you’ll pay more if you want to pay for your plan monthly. As you compare options, you’ll also note that each tier of management software has a cap for ad spend, so you will have to use the Premium plan if your business spends $5,000 or more on ads with Meta.

All plans from Loomly let you post unlimited content and come with core features like audience targeting, automated publishing, post sponsoring, interaction tracking, and basic analytics. You’ll also get chat and email customer service with each of their plans. A 15-day free trial is also available regardless of which tier of coverage you want to try out.

We chose Sendible as best for integration based on the sheer number of platforms you can use it with. As a Sendible customer, you can integrate with Meta, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business (GMB), YouTube, WordPress, Canva, Google Analytics, Google Drive, and so much more. In total, Sendible allows you to integrate with 17 different platforms or tools.

More integration options than some other providers
Useful social media dashboard lets you monitor your social game in one place
Starter plans start at $25 per month
You can save 15% if you pay for a year of management upfront
14-day free trial available
Basic plans are for one user only
No free option available
Sendible earned the top spot in our ranking in terms of integration since it lets you sync with all the top social media networks and popular tools like Canva, Google Analytics, and more. This lets you manage almost all aspects of your social media strategy in one place, saving you time along the way.

Sendible offers four plans for companies of different sizes:

Creator: $25 per month
Traction: $76 per month
Scale: $170 per month
Expansion: $340 per month
However, you do have to pay for a year of software access to secure these low prices, or you’ll pay about 15% more for your plan on a monthly basis.

All plans from Sendible include at least 10 queues, content publishing, workflow tools, bulk scheduling, keyword tools, and an inbox for engagement and monitoring. However, more expensive plans include more queues and users, and the ability to include a larger number of social profiles for management purposes.

The good news is that all social media management plans from Sendible offer a 14-day free trial. You can also cancel at any time.

Buffer scored well in our ranking because their plans start at just $5 per month. You can try any Buffer plan free for 14 days, and there’s a free plan for one user that lets you access three social channels and create 10 scheduled posts.

Plans start at $5 per month
Free 14-day trial available
Free plan available
Works for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
Doesn’t integrate with as many major platforms as competitors
Free plan limited to three social profiles
Buffer is the best budget option for small businesses with few employees that want to manage social media without a pricey management plan. They offer a free plan that lets one user access three social channels. For an extra $5 per month, a Team Pack upgrade allows for unlimited social channels and unlimited users.

Either way, you can use a 14-day trial to get started, and all plans let you directly schedule posts on the platform. Other core benefits of Buffer’s plans include a posting scheduling tool, a link shortener tool, and optimization tools for hashtags, tags, and mentions across platforms. All plans also come with a browser extension, access to a mobile app, two-factor authentication, social media and email support, and access to the Buffer community.

SocialPilotSIGN UP NOW
We believe SocialPilot is best for small teams since their Small Team plan allows up to three users. By contrast, many competing software programs only allow one user on their more affordable plans.

Most affordable plan is $25.50 per month
Discount available if you pay for one year of usage upfront
14-day free trial available
Manage a minimum of 10 social media accounts with any plan
Must pay for a year upfront for lowest pricing
Basic plans don’t include as many tools or features
SocialPilot is the best option for businesses that want access to affordable social media software for more than one user. Their Small Team plan lets up to three users have access for just $42.50 per month.

In total, four plans are available:

Small Team: $42.50 per month (25 social media accounts; 3 users)
Studio: $85.00 per month (50 social media accounts; 5 users)
Agency: $127.50 per month (75 social media accounts; 10 users)
Remember that to access this special pricing, you have to pay for a year of access upfront after your 14-day trial.

All plans from SocialPilot come with features like unlimited scheduling, bulk scheduling, access to social media analytics, a browser extension, and customer support. Higher-tier plans from SocialPilot let you have more users, oversee more social accounts, manage more Facebook ad accounts, and gain access to special features like client management tools.

What Is Social Media Management Software?
Social media management software is crucial for businesses that want an effective social media marketing strategy. After all, social media is now used by more businesses than ever as a way to curate and engage with clients while spreading messaging about their products and services.

However, social media management programs also help businesses save time and money. Where you would otherwise have to manage each social media platform separately, social media management platforms let you create and schedule posts across multiple platforms in one place.

You can also access valuable engagement tools like idea generation, analytics, and integration with other software you use. Social media management software can even help you manage and reply to comments, gather user information for sales funnels, and target specific audiences with online ads to boost sales.

What Is the Most Effective Social Media Platform?
Different types of businesses may be better off focusing on specific social media platforms. A company that offers a budgeting app might do better with Meta since clients can click directly on ads, for example, yet a travel brand or a luxury clothing brand might do better with Instagram since it lets them lure users in with visual appeal.

Some say that Meta has a major advantage over other businesses, mainly due to the extraordinary opportunities you have when it comes to advertising to millions of potential customers in one place. Meta also offers incredibly targeted advertising tools, including the ability to create and manage multiple audiences based on customizable factors. However, the best social media platform can also depend on how businesses rely on and utilize ads.

At the end of the day, a social media management platform like the ones that made our ranking could be used to help you identify which platforms provide you with the best results. This is because these software programs offer analytics and reports on engagement, which can help you determine where your time, energy, and dollars should be spent.

What Are the Expected Costs of Social Media Management Software?
Social media management software can be free, but the free basic plans some companies offer come with minimal tools and are typically only good for one user. If you want more features and the ability to integrate with more platforms or manage more accounts, you can expect to pay $5 per month to $600+ per month. If you have a large company and you need many user profiles or access to more social media accounts across many brands, you may even need to pay more than that.

How We Chose the Best Social Media Management Software
For the purpose of this ranking, we looked for social media management software programs that let users access the broadest range of social media networks. We also checked for integration options with other tools and programs, and we gave preference to providers that let customers manage more social media accounts across as many networks as possible.

Price was also a big factor in our ranking. While we include many social media software program options that cost $100 per month or more, we gave preference to providers that offer an inexpensive or free option as well as a free trial.


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