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In a small town, a small-town witch is forced to work magic with a man she once loved, but his return triggers a series of supernatural disasters. In the beginning, nine years ago, Vivienne Jones decided to rid herself of the boy who had dumped her of the only way she knew how: by putting a curse on him. Her spell  was performed after drinking copious quantities of vodka, so she wasn’t particularly optimistic it would be successful.

After Rhys Penhallow finally appears at the annual fall festival in Graves Glen, Georgia, this year’s destination for both witches and normal people, Vivi wonders if her hex might have worked too well.

When she starts out, it’s easy for her to dismiss various bizarre occurrences as mere coincidence, but after Rhys asks her to help him recharge the town’s secret code lines and it goes wrong, they realize they face much bigger issues than just a simple curse.

Suddenly, Graves Glen is threatening to devolve into total chaos, from possessed wind-up skulls to a talking cat to a ghost in the library. It doesn’t help Vivi that her attraction to her ex makes it so easy for her to relapse into old habits and feelings. The more often Vivi and Rhys have to work together to put out small magical fires, the more inviting it is to see if they can pick up where they left off nine years ago-if Vivi is ever able to forgive Rhys for her heartbreak.

Though the end of Sterling’s novel may feel rushed, the overall experience is crisp, sweet, and irresistible, reminiscent of a perfectly cooked caramel apple, and will draw readers into a world of whimsical magic. It’s a wickedly funny romcom about second chances, family, and love.


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