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Bloggers Bloggers WordPress Plugin is a content creation tool that allows bloggers to create their own 360-degree interactive content and embed them into their websites. To visualize the amazing possibilities, check out Hello World and the numerous videos that show various possible uses and ways to publish 360-degree content with this plugin.

Image Creation Tools
Let’s start our list of digital content creation tools with some tools focused on creating and editing images.

  1. Adobe Spark

adobe spark – digital content creation software
Adobe Spark is a fast content creation software that lets you easily combine text, images, and video content for better storytelling online.

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  1. BeFunky Graphic Designer

be funky fast content creation software
If you’re looking for a way to quickly create collages and other photos, BeFunky Graphic Designer can help. You can also make cards, banners, brochures, and posters with this fast content creation software package.

  1. Canva

content creation tools for social media imclude canva
Canva is one of our favorite tools, making it easy to create and edit customized images for sharing on social media, illustrating blog posts, and much more. It’s an essential content marketing tool for many professionals.

  1. Fotor

free content marketing tools – fotor
Looking for photo editing, photo effects, and image retouching? Try the templates and tools from Fotor to make graphic design easy.

  1. Image Quote

handle content creation for social media with Image Quote
As the name suggests, Image Quote (previously known as Instaquote) is all about helping you create quote graphics by adding words to images. This is a mobile app, available for both iOS and Android.

  1. Pablo

6 Pablo by Buffer – digital content creation tools
If you’re looking for content creation tools for social media, then Pablo, by Buffer, is a good choice. It makes it easy to combine beautiful images with text, and includes filters. You can add your own logo, too.

  1. Photo Collage

photo collage is digital content creation software
Photo Collage opens with a blank canvas where you can add your photos and arrange them. You can also add text. It includes a handy tool to create your collage automatically if you don’t want the hassle of arranging the images yourself.

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  1. Pixlr

8 Pixlr Web Apps
Pixlr is another useful free content creation tool. It’s available in three flavors:

A quick tool for adding fun filters
Pixlr Express, which includes more image editing
The full Pixlr Editor, which has many of the same functions as professional image editing software like Photoshop

  1. Quotes Cover

content creation for social media with quotes cover
You don’t have to login or sign up to use Quotes Cover. This free digital content creation tool lets you easily create quote graphics online. And you can use their designs as a starting point, making the process pretty quick.

  1. Quozio

quozio is fast content creation software
Quozio is another tool to help you speed up content creation for social media by making it easy to create quote graphics. Just enter your text in a box, say who said it, and you’ll soon have plenty of choices with different backgrounds and fonts. Sharing buttons are available just below, which keeps the process simple.

  1. Snappa

content creation tools for social media – snappa
The next on our list of free content marketing tools is Snappa. This web app is a full-featured drag and drop image editor, which lets you add and edit effects with a slider. You can upload your own graphics, and save designs in folders.

  1. Stencil

Stencil content creation tools
Stencil streamlines content creation for social media. This fast, simple app lets you easily combine photos, icons, and more to create your own images. And it includes templates and quote graphic templates, too.

Video Creation Tools
Our next selection of free visual content creation tools is all about video.

  1. Animaker

content creation tools – animaker
Want to get the effect of a studio-created animated video without the hefty price tag? That’s what Animaker offers. You can create multiple video types including explainer videos, whiteboard videos, and even infographic videos.

  1. iMovie

visual content creation tools – imovie
If you’re using iOS or MacOS, then iMovie is likely one of the best free content creation tools you can use. This app makes it easy to create and share videos, and to make Hollywood-style video trailers.

  1. Lumen5

lumen5 is a visual content tool
Lumen5 is one of the more interesting visual content creation tools on our list. That’s because it uses artificial intelligence to let you create a video from text. Enter a URL and the software will create videos to match, including photos and music. This is definitely one to keep an eye on.

  1. RawShorts

use rawshorts as a visual content creation tool
RawShorts is a drag and drop video editor designed to make it easy to create animated and explainer videos. It includes templates for many industries which users can select and customize. And it’s easy to add other media, transitions, and audio to your video creation.

  1. Soapbox

Soapbox by wistia
Soapbox is a Chrome extension from video hosting service Wistia. It lets you create and share videos in your browser window, with no technical skills required. The extension also includes a split-screen view, allowing you to record your webcam and your screen at the same time.

  1. VideoShop

digital content creation tools – videoshops
VideoShop lets you add music, sound effects, and voiceovers to your videos. You can also combine and edit clips, and add filters and transitions. Plus it’s easy to share your creations on social media. This app is available on iOS and Android.

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Animation Tools
Want to make short animations to liven up your content marketing? These content creation tools will help.

  1. Boomerang

Boomerang from Instagram
Boomerang is a video app from Instagram, available both as a standalone app and within the Instagram app itself. It allows you to take short stop motion videos, and share them on Instagram. These are a highly engaging and popular content format on that platform.

  1. Biteable

biteable visual content creation
Biteable lets you create up to 5 videos per month in its free plan, and publish them to YouTube and Facebook. It says it’s the simplest way to create a video. You can easily choose from pre-made templates, styles, and soundtracks, or create your own. And you need just one click to share to your favorite social media platform.

  1. Google Photos

free content marketing tools – google photos
Google Photos has a built-in Assistant that works with the photos you upload to automatically create short movies and animations. If you want more control, you can also create them yourself from within the cross-platform app.

  1. Powtoon

powtoon is a well known visual content creation tool
Powtoon bridges the gap between videos and presentations, making it easy to create appealing visual content in only a few minutes. These are an excellent way to get attention and engage your audience.

  1. Renderforest

If you’re looking for a way to create visual content fast, RenderForest is a good option. This cloud-based animation and video maker helps you quickly make intro videos, explainer videos, presentations, infographics, and much more.

  1. RendrFX

RendrFX is a paid service, but you can create up to 3 watermarked videos for free. Add your content to the site’s many templates, and you’ll soon have an engaging video you can use anywhere.

Infographic Creation Tools
Next, it’s time to look at tools for infographics, which are one of the most engaging visual content formats.

  1. Easel.ly

easelly is one of the free content creation tools
Easel.ly aims to make it simple to create infographics by using pre-made templates and adding photos, images, and charts. The free version gives you access to 10 templates, but you’ll get hundreds more with a paid plan.

  1. Google Charts

google charts
While Google Charts doesn’t exactly let you create infographics, it’s a great tool to support infographic creation. That’s because it lets you visualize data by creating and customizing multiple chart formats.

  1. Infogram

If you’re looking for interactive visual content creation tools, Infogram is worth a try. In the free version, you get access to 37 types of interactive infographics plus 13 types of maps, and you can use drag and drop to create a stunning infographic.

  1. ThingLink

free content marketing tools – thinglink
ThingLink is another piece of digital content creation software with a focus on interactivity. You can embed images, video, 360° content, maps and more for a truly immersive experience.

  1. Venngage

Venngage makes it easy to create infographics via a three-step process. First, choose a template, then add elements, and finally, customize your design. Some functionality is reduced in the free plan.

  1. Visme

use visme for visual content creation
If you want to get started with infographics, Visme has a lot to offer. It includes several templates, charts and widgets that you can use to create your infographic. However, you’ll need to upgrade for an even wider range and additional organizational features.

Screen Capture Tools
If you need fast content creation software, a screen capture tool’s a great way to illustrate something for your audience. Here are some worth checking out.

  1. CloudApp

use CloudApp for visual content creation
CloudApp is a favorite on the OptinMonster team because it’s the tool we use for creating screenshots, screen recordings, and animated GIFs. It’s simple to use and allows unlimited screenshots, even in the free version. You can also easily share and store images.

  1. Awesome Screenshot Awesome screenshot
    Awesome Screenshot is a browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that lets you quickly capture web pages and add annotations. You can store, organize, and share images, too.
  2. Firefox Screenshots Firefox Screenshots
    Recent versions of the Firefox web browser include the built-in Firefox Screenshots tool. This lets you take a photo of a part of the screen, the visible screen area or the whole web page with just a couple of clicks. You get online storage for images, too.
  3. Kap

digital content creation tools – kap
If you need a digital content creation tool for MacOS, then Kap could be useful. It’s an open-source screen recorder that’s fast, functional, and easy to use.

  1. Nimbus Capture

Nimbus Capture
Nimbus Capture is another browser screenshot tool that allows you to capture and edit screenshots. It works with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge, as well as on Android, PCs, and Macs.

  1. Windows Snipping Tool

windows snipping tool
The Snipping Tool built into Windows is another easy way to create screenshots. You can use different types of screen captures and can highlight, annotate, and remove URLs from snips.

Meme Creation Tools
Whether they’re cat pictures or screenshots from movies, it’s hard to imagine the web without memes, so here are some visual content creation tools to help you create your own.

  1. iMeme

imeme visual content creation software
iMeme is a digital content creation software for making memes. It includes 50 common memes, or you can use your own photos. You can also customize the text. There’s just one downside: there’s no built-in sharing. You’ll have to download your newly created meme and share it manually.


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