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All in One SEO Tools is a comprehensive WordPress plugin that offers complete SEO functionality. The plugin allows you to optimize your website for search engines, increase the number of visitors, and get higher rankings on Google. This is a fully featured plugin that can handle all of your SEO needs.

With All in One SEO Tools, you can optimize your posts, pages, and whole site with just a few clicks. You can also track your keyword rankings, generate XML sitemaps, fix broken links on your website, and much more. The plugin comes with all of these features packed into one package; it’s easy-to-use and highly customizable so you can make it work exactly how you want it to!

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All In One Seo Tools

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Top 12 Artificial Intelligence Tools & Frameworks you need to know
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A Data Science Enthusiast with in-hand skills in programming languages such as Java & Python.
10 / 12 Blog from Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence has facilitated the processing of a large amount of data and its use in the industry. The number of tools and frameworks available to data scientists and developers has increased with the growth of AI and ML. This article on Artificial Intelligence Tools & Frameworks will list out some of these in the following sequence:

Artificial Intelligence Tools & Frameworks
List of AI Tools and Frameworks
Scikit Learn
Auto ML
H20: Open Source AI Platform
Google ML Kit
Artificial Intelligence Tools & Frameworks
The development of neural networks is a long process that requires a lot of thought behind the architecture and a whole bunch of nuances that actually make up the system.

AI – Artificial Intelligence Tools & Frameworks- edureka

These nuances can easily end up getting overwhelming and not everything can be easily tracked. Hence, the need for such tools arises, where humans handle the major architectural decisions leaving other optimization tasks to such tools. Imagine an architecture with just 4 possible boolean hyperparameters, testing all possible combinations would take 4! Runs. Retraining the same architecture 24 times is definitely not the best use of time and energy.

Get a better understanding of the AI Tools and frameworks from the Artificial Intelligence Course.

Also, most of the newer algorithms contain a whole bunch of hyperparameters. Here’s where new tools come into the picture. These tools not only help develop but also, optimize these networks.

List of AI Tools & Frameworks
From the dawn of mankind, we as a species have always been trying to make things to assist us in day to day tasks. From stone tools to modern day machinery, to tools for making the development of programs to assist us in day to day life. Some of the most important tools and frameworks are:

Scikit Learn
Auto ML
H20: Open Source AI Platform
Google ML Kit
Scikit Learn
Scikit-learn is one of the most well-known ML libraries. It underpins many administered and unsupervised learning calculations. Precedents incorporate direct and calculated relapses, choice trees, bunching, k-implies, etc.

Scikit learn – edureka

It expands on two essential libraries of Python, NumPy and SciPy.
It includes a lot of calculations for regular AI and data mining assignments, including bunching, relapse and order. Indeed, even undertakings like changing information, feature determination and ensemble techniques can be executed in a couple of lines.

For a fledgeling in ML, Scikit-learn is a more-than-adequate instrument to work with, until you begin actualizing progressively complex calculations.

On the off chance that you are in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, you have most likely found out about, attempted or executed some type of profound learning calculation. Is it accurate to say that they are essential? Not constantly. Is it accurate to say that they are cool when done right? Truly!

The fascinating thing about Tensorflow is that when you compose a program in Python, you can arrange and keep running on either your CPU or GPU. So you don’t need to compose at the C++ or CUDA level to keep running on GPUs.

tensorflow- Artificial Intelligence Tools & Frameworks- edureka

It utilizes an arrangement of multi-layered hubs that enables you to rapidly set up, train, and send counterfeit neural systems with huge datasets. This is the thing that enables Google to recognize questions in photographs or comprehend verbally expressed words in its voice-acknowledgment application.

Theano is wonderfully folded over Keras, an abnormal state neural systems library, that runs nearly in parallel with the Theano library. Keras’ fundamental favorable position is that it is a moderate Python library for profound discovering that can keep running over Theano or TensorFlow.

It was created to make actualizing profound learning models as quick and simple as feasible for innovative work.
It keeps running on Python 2.7 or 3.5 and can consistently execute on GPUs and CPUs.

Theano- Artificial Intelligence Tools & Frameworks- edureka

Course Curriculum
Machine Learning Course Masters Program

What sets Theano separated is that it exploits the PC’s GPU. This enables it to make information escalated counts up to multiple times quicker than when kept running on the CPU alone. Theano’s speed makes it particularly profitable for profound learning and other computationally complex undertakings.


caffe – Artificial Intelligence Tools & Frameworks- edureka

‘Caffe’ is a profound learning structure made with articulation, speed, and measured quality as a top priority. It is created by the Berkeley Vision and Learning Center (BVLC) and by network donors. Google’s DeepDream depends on Caffe Framework. This structure is a BSD-authorized C++ library with Python Interface.

It allows for trading computation time for memory via ‘forgetful backprop’ which can be very useful for recurrent nets on very long sequences.

mxNet – Artificial Intelligence Tools & Frameworks- edureka

Built with scalability in mind (fairly easy-to-use support for multi-GPU and multi-machine training).
Lots of cool features, like easily writing custom layers in high-level languages
Unlike almost all other major frameworks, it is not directly governed by a major corporation which is a healthy situation for an opensource, community-developed framework.
TVM support, which will further improve deployment support, and allow running on a whole host of new device types
If you like the Python-way of doing things, Keras is for you. It is a high-level library for neural networks, using TensorFlow or Theano as its backend.

Keras – Artificial Intelligence Tools & Frameworks- edureka

The majority of practical problems are more like:

picking an architecture suitable for a problem,
for image recognition problems – using weights trained on ImageNet,
configuring a network to optimize the results (a long, iterative process).
In all of these, Keras is a gem. Also, it offers an abstract structure which can be easily converted to other frameworks, if needed (for compatibility, performance or anything).

Artificial Intelligence Training


Pytorch- edureka

PyTorch is an AI system created by Facebook. Its code is accessible on GitHub and at the present time has more than 22k stars. It has been picking up a great deal of energy since 2017 and is in a relentless reception development.

CNTK allows users to easily realize and combine popular model types such as feed-forward DNNs, convolutional nets (CNNs), and recurrent networks (RNNs/LSTMs). It implements stochastic gradient descent (SGD, error backpropagation) learning with automatic differentiation and parallelization across multiple GPUs and servers. CNTK is available for anyone to try out, under an open-source license.

Auto ML
Out of all the tools and libraries listed above, Auto ML is probably one of the strongest and a fairly recent addition to the arsenal of tools available at the disposal of a machine learning engineer.

As described in the introduction, optimizations are of the essence in machine learning tasks. While the benefits reaped out of them are lucrative, success in determining optimal hyperparameters is no easy task. This is especially true in the black box like neural networks wherein determining things that matter becomes more and more difficult as the depth of the network increases.

Auto ML- Artificial Intelligence Tools & Frameworks- edureka

Thus we enter a new realm of meta, wherein software helps up build software. AutoML is a library which is used by many Machine learning engineers to optimize their models.

Apart from the obvious time saved, this can also be extremely useful for someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience in the field of machine learning and thus lacks the intuition or past experience to make certain hyperparameter changes by themselves.

Jumping from something that is completely beginner friendly to something meant for experienced developers, OpenNN offers an arsenal of advanced analytics.

It features a tool, Neural Designer for advanced analytics which provides graphs and tables to interpret data entries.

H20: Open Source AI Platform
H20 is an open-source deep learning platform. It is an artificial intelligence tool which is business oriented and help them to make a decision from data and enables the user to draw insights. There are two open source versions of it: one is standard H2O and other is paid version Sparkling Water. It can be used for predictive modelling, risk and fraud analysis, insurance analytics, advertising technology, healthcare and customer intelligence.

Google ML Kit
Google ML Kit, Google’s machine learning beta SDK for mobile developers, is designed to enable developers to build personalised features on Android and IOS phones.

Course Curriculum
Machine Learning Course Masters Program
Weekday / Weekend Batches
ML kit – edureka

The kit allows developers to embed machine learning technologies with app-based APIs running on the device or in the cloud. These include features such as face and text recognition, barcode scanning, image labelling and more.

Developers are also able to build their own TensorFlow Lite models in cases where the built-in APIs may not suit the use case.

With this, we have come to the end of our Artificial Intelligence Tools & Frameworks blog. These were some of the tools that serve as a platform for data scientists and engineers to solve real-life problems which will make the underlying architecture better and more robust.

You can check out the AI and Deep Learning with TensorFlow Course that is curated by industry professionals as per the industry requirements & demands. You will master the concepts such as SoftMax function, Autoencoder Neural Networks, Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) and work with libraries like Keras & TFLearn. The course has been specially curated by industry experts with real-time case studies.

Got a question for us? Please mention it in the comments section of “Artificial Intelligence Tools & Frameworks” and we will get back to you.

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10 Best All-In-One SEO Software With Powerful Features
September 28, 2021 by Ryan Sobbe
Updated on May 8th, 2022

Best All-In-One SEO Tools
Looking for the best software to support your SEO efforts under one roof? Here’s a list of the best all-in-one SEO software tools to manage and improve your search presence.

What to Look For in All-In-One SEO Software
Consider these factors when choosing the best all-in-one SEO software:

Keyword research features for finding key phrases to create content around.
Rank tracking features for tracking keyword positions on major search engines.
Site auditing features for uncovering on-site issues on-page opportunities.
Competitor analysis features for analyzing links, rankings, and traffic data.
Reporting features for regular updates on SEO performance over time.
The extensive SEO tools below include functionality that covers many of the primary SEO tasks related to researching, tracking, analyzing, optimizing, and reporting.

Top All-In-One SEO Software Overview
Here is an overview of the top all-in-one SEO software (described in detail below):

Semrush – Best complete all-in-one SEO platform.
SE Ranking – Best low-cost all-in-one SEO software.
SEO PowerSuite – Best desktop all-in-one SEO software suite.
Mangools – Best beginner SEO tools with all-in-one features.
Ahrefs – Best SEO tools for extensive competitor analysis.
Serpstat – Versatile all-in-one SEO toolkit.
SpyFu – Competitive SEO keyword research tools.
BrightLocal – Local SEO all-in-one tools and services.
Rank Math – Best WordPress all-in-one SEO plugin.
Surfer SEO – Best on-page content optimization tool.
Find out more about these top all-in-one SEO tools and their features below.

What Are the Best All-In-One SEO Tools?
Based on using and trying these all-in-one SEO tools for managing SEO campaigns over the years, here are 10 of the best all-in-one SEO tools for 2022:

  1. Semrush
    Image Source: Semrush
    Semrush is an all-in-one SEO software that covers every major aspect of SEO alongside tools for content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and social media marketing. Perform keyword research, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, site auditing, keyword rank tracking, and more.

Semrush All-In-One Features

One of the largest databases of accurate fresh Google keyword data including estimated monthly search traffic, insight into how difficult keywords are to rank for, and Google Ads related cost-per-click (CPC) data.
Visually appealing rank tracker tool with daily position updates, features for tracking and comparing your website search rankings side-by-side with competitor rankings, and tracking desktop and mobile SEO rankings.
Detailed site audits to detect on-site technical SEO issues, on-page optimization issues, SEO opportunities, and monitor the health of your site’s backlink profile.
Perform deep competitor analysis and find link-building opportunities with one of the largest databases of website and backlink data, including link anchor text used, new and lost links, estimated organic search traffic, competitor search rankings, and related historic trends.
Create and schedule customized SEO reports for over 50 metrics.

A complete set of SEO tools.
User-friendly interface and helpful suggestions.
In-depth site audits and progress tracking.
Organic search data and PPC data included.
Comprehensive keyword and backlink data.
Unique link-building tool for managing outreach.
All plans include daily ranking updates for tracked keywords.
The free account provides limited access to some tools.
Free trial available.

Tracking keywords across many locations or clients can get costly.
Data and rank tracking for Google only.
Semrush Plans & Pricing

Semrush Plans & Pricing
You can try the Pro or Guru Semrush pricing plans free for 7 days. Get a full refund if you decide to cancel or downgrade your subscription within the first 7 days. After the trial period you get to keep a free account, however, you are limited to a small number of searches, requests, keywords, report features, and site page crawls each day.

Semrush for All-In-One SEO

Semrush is an industry-leading multi-purpose SEO platform that I recommend and use daily for rank tracking with daily updates, complete site auditing, complete reporting features, and valuable keyword and backlink research data.


I recommend Semrush for all-in-one SEO software if you have the budget. Semrush provides the most in-depth combination of data related to keywords, competitors, content, and link research, alongside daily rank tracking and detailed reporting options.

Semrush recently upgraded its backlink analysis tool making it faster with more link data. The backlink tool is also free to use until 2022 when you sign up for a free account.

Check out my Semrush review to learn more about its key features in 2022.

Semrush Offer: 7-Day Free Trial

Try Semrush Free

  1. SE Ranking
    SE Ranking
    Image Source: SE Ranking
    SE Ranking is an affordable all-in-one SEO software with flexible plan options and an impressive set of features including site auditing, rank tracking, keyword research, competitor SEO analysis, a strong backlink checker, and link monitoring.

SE Ranking All-In-One Features

A quickly growing database of updated keyword data including estimated monthly organic searches, keyword difficulty scores, and estimated CPC data.
Reliable rank tracker with daily, 3 days, or weekly update frequency depending on the plan with features such as historical ranking data, SERP features, the share of impressions your website is getting in organic search results for a search query, and shareable guest links.
Built-in site auditing tools to check for SEO issues and opportunities including content analysis, link analysis, meta tags like meta descriptions, keyword density, page load optimization, and more.
Analyze competitor backlinks including new and lost links, the anchor text used in links, competitor site rankings, organic search traffic estimates, and monitor the activity of your website’s backlinks over time.
Powerful drag & drop report builder to create and schedule customized SEO reports for your sites or client sites.

Very affordable for an all-in-one SEO toolset.
A unique feature to track changes on any web page.
Reliable rank tracking for local keywords and locations.
Marketing plan feature for planning SEO efforts.
Plan options for daily ranking position updates.
Impressive report builder to create progress reports.
In-depth backlink and keyword data.
Free trial available.

Can take some time to get used to the interface and all the features.
The backlink checker could provide a bit more data.
Granular local data can be limited.
SE Ranking Plans & Pricing

SE Ranking Plans & Pricing
As shown above, SE Ranking pricing is really affordable with its flexible plan options. Plans start as low as $23/mo with access to all features plus 250 keywords tracked and weekly ranking updates, and even lower at around $18/mo with an annual subscription.

SE Ranking for All-In-One SEO

SE Ranking has been growing in popularity due to its affordability for its feature set. I plan to use SE Ranking for additional keyword and backlink data for the price.


I highly recommend SE Ranking if you’re on a budget or just starting out with SEO to gain access to keyword monitoring, site auditing, keyword research, backlink research, and reporting features almost on par with the amount of data Semrush or Ahrefs provides.

Check out my SE Ranking review to learn more about SE Ranking’s features.

SE Ranking Offer: 14-Day Free Trial

Try SE Ranking Free

  1. SEO PowerSuite
    SEO PowerSuite
    Image Source: SEO PowerSuite
    SEO PowerSuite is a desktop all-in-one SEO software suite that can be purchased as a bundle or each tool separately.

The powerful toolkit includes a comprehensive rank tracker, detailed website auditor, and in-depth backlink research and link management tools.

SEO PowerSuite All-In-One Features

Perform keyword research based on 19 different keyword suggestion tools, get metrics on keyword competition, search traffic, PPC stats, and other word quality factors.
The rank tracker lets you track ranking positions for an unlimited number of keywords across major search engines, check your website’s SEO rankings in Google Image search, video search results, and other potential rankings, position history graphs, schedule automatic rank checks, compare rankings alongside competitor sites, see SERP features, and see organic traffic data.
Complete on-page health audits based on dozens of search-related issues such as detecting broken links, HTML code errors, duplicate content issues, page indexing, page crawlability, and content optimization advice such as ideal keyword usage based on top ranking sites.
In-depth competition analysis features include one of the largest backlink databases as part of the SEO spyglass tool, domain age and authority metrics, traffic stats, uncover backlinks with insights based on 50+ link quality factors, and detect potentially harmful or spammy backlink sources.
Create customized SEO reports on links, ranks, traffic, and on-page data.

Affordable all-in-one SEO software suite.
Perform a complete SEO analysis with lots of data.
Advanced site auditing tool provides deep insights.
Track keyword rankings across many search engines.
Can use some features and see saved data while offline.
The free version is available to try with limited features.

Complex interface and features with a learning curve.
Additional costs for ongoing search algorithm updates.
Requires downloading to use.
SEO PowerSuite Plans & Pricing

SEO PowerSuite Plans & Pricing
SEO PowerSuite is currently $299 a year for full access to the all-in-one SEO toolkit. SEO PowerSuite is free to download and try with limited features. If you don’t need to run an all-around SEO campaign, you can also purchase the 4 tools separately.

SEO Powersuite for All-In-One SEO

While SEO PowerSuite costs an annual fee and requires downloading to your computer to use, you can use it offline unlike web tools, and the software suite is one of the more affordable SEO toolkits on the market for the number of features provided when breaking down the price monthly.


SEO PowerSuite is recommended if you want to gain a lot of detailed insight into on-page site audit issues, keywords, backlinks, and ranking data across many search engines.

I like to use SEO PowerSuite for complete site audits and additional competitor data. The amount of data and features offered for search optimization is comparable to Semrush.

Try SEO PowerSuite Free

  1. Mangools
    Image Source: Mangools
    Mangools offers a beginner-friendly all-in-one SEO toolkit that includes tools for keyword research, search engine results page (SERP) analysis, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and simple SEO reporting.

Mangools All-In-One Features

While not the biggest database, Mangools provides a keyword research tool that is intuitive and useful for quickly finding low-difficulty long-tail keyword opportunities and related metrics like search volume estimates, a unique metric for keyword difficulty calls LPS (link profile strength), and CPC numbers.
Basic rank position tracking tool with daily ranking updates, a clean user interface for quickly checking ranking increases and decreases, filtering options, and simple reporting, link sharing, and alert capabilities.
A SERP analysis tool for analyzing competitor sites in the search results, their domain and backlink strength for a specific search query result, and the SERP features such as rich snippets being displayed for the chosen keyword and search location.
Backlink analysis and site profiler tools you can use to scan your site and competitor sites for discovering backlinks, basic related metrics like citation flow and trust flow, and top traffic generating content.

A beginner-friendly suite of affordable SEO tools.
Simple and straightforward interface design.
Quickly find low-difficulty keywords to target.
Keyword search volumes with historical data.
Feature for saving keyword lists during research.
Insight into domain authority metrics of websites.
Free trial available.

Lacks features to track many competitors.
The keyword database is not as large as leading tools.
Mangools Plans & Pricing

Mangools Plans & Pricing
Mangools offers a 10-day free trial and plans start at $49/mo with options to save up to 40% with annual subscriptions. 48-hour money-back guarantee included.

Mangools for All-In-One SEO

Mangools provides a budget-friendly set of easy-to-use and visually appealing SEO tools that are useful for finding low-difficulty keywords and checking out competitor backlinks. I like using the keyword research tool side-by-side with other tools to get a better sense of ranking difficulty for keywords.

While not as extensive in data as other SEO software tools and lacks on-page site audits and reporting, the bundle of tools offers a lot of value related to keyword research and competitor analysis for the price.


Mangools is recommended if you’re looking for a beginner-friendly, affordable, and visually appealing set of SEO tools for keyword research, competitor analysis, and rank tracking.

Mangools Offer: 10-Day Free Trial

Try Mangools Free

  1. Ahrefs
    Image Source: Ahrefs
    Ahrefs is an extensive all-in-one SEO toolkit that provides one of the largest databases of competitive analysis data such as backlink and keyword research metrics, as well as site auditing and rank tracking tools.

Ahrefs All-In-One Features

One of the largest databases for discovering keywords and related metrics like ranking difficulty and website traffic estimates across Google and other search engines like YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and Baidu.
Solid rank tracker tool with helpful visuals of position history and distribution of rankings, SERP features, comparing competitor rankings side-by-side, and options for organizing keywords with tags and filtering.
Exhaustive website audit tool that checks your website for 100+ pre-defined SEO issues, provides an overall SEO health score, and gives recommended fixes.
Gain insight into off-page website data and competitor-related metrics such as referring domains and backlinks, internal and external links, link anchor text distribution, estimated organic traffic to pages, and organic search rankings.
Export data as CSV or Excel files for creating SEO reports.

Largest database of competitor domain research metrics.
Extensive backlink, keyword, and estimated organic traffic data.
Great for finding backlinks opportunities and keyword research.
See search traffic estimates for competitor pages and key phrases.
Detailed site audit to check for technical issues and opportunities.
Free account to audit your site and see its backlinks and ranking trends.

Starting cost of the SEO software might be high for some.
Additional cost to upgrade keyword tracker update frequency.
Lack of on-site content optimization features.
Lacks reporting features beyond exports and email alerts.
Ahrefs Plans & Pricing

Ahrefs Plans & Pricing
Ahrefs offers a trial for $7 that gives you access to all features of the plan for 7 days. Ahrefs monthly plans start at $99/mo or 2 months free with an annual subscription.

Ahrefs for All-In-One SEO

Ahrefs is a top SEO toolkit for competitor website analysis and backlink research. Ahrefs provides one of the largest databases for backlink and keyword data while still providing rank tracking, site audits, and deep keyword research features.

While the data is strong if you’re focused on competitor research, Ahrefs only provides spreadsheet exporting of data and rank tracking alerts so spending time creating custom reports outside of Ahrefs is required, and daily rank tracking is a paid add-on.


Ahrefs is recommended for deep competitor analysis and off-site SEO research alongside other SEO software, so you still have access to features related to on-page optimization, reporting, and daily rank tracking at a lower price.

Try Ahrefs

  1. Serpstat
    Image Source: Serpstat
    Serpstat is a cost-effective all-in-one SEO platform that includes over 30 tools for marketing, SEO, and PPC. Important SEO features include site auditing, analyzing competitors, checking backlinks, keyword research, rank tracking, and more.

Serpstat All-In-One Features

Comprehensive keyword research data including key terms and their search volume estimates, competition strength, find keywords opportunities by searching competitor pages, and check out related terms and questions in an easy-to-scan interface.
Dependable rank tracking tool that includes daily ranking updates, keyword SERP features, historical position data, insights into traffic distribution among website domains, market share fluctuations, and keyword grouping by tags.
The site audit tool detects and categorizes website issues based on low, middle, and high priority, provides a website optimization score, and tracks changes over time.
Competitor research features include robust backlink data, insight into the top sites in a niche, data on top-performing competitor pages including their keyword rankings & estimated search traffic, and monitoring of their progress over time.
Schedule automatic daily, weekly, or monthly SEO reports and create notifications about changes in projects.

Complete SEO software with many tools for the price.
Large database for researching long-tail and low-volume keywords.
Convenient side-by-side visuals for analyzing competitor websites.
Competitor analysis for finding keyword ranking opportunities.
See traffic share of tracked phrases for competitor sites.
Good price-per-keyword for tracking a high volume of words.

Can be slow to process large amounts of data.
Takes some time to understand all the options.
Serpstat Plans & Pricing

Serpstat Plans & Pricing
Serpstat offers free account creation with basic access to tools. Serpstat monthly plans start at $69/mo and longer-term subscription discounts are available.

Serpstat for All-In-One SEO

Serpstat is a reliable multi-purpose SEO software that’s relatively affordable for tracking a large number of keywords. While Serpstat doesn’t provide as large of a backlink database as Semrush or Ahrefs and offers less sophisticated features and filtering options, it’s a solid all-in-one toolset for the price.


Serpstat is recommended for tracking a high volume of keywords for a low price while gaining access to a large set of reliable features covering SEO, SEM, and PPC.

Try Serpstat Free

  1. SpyFu
    Image Source: Spyfu
    SpyFu is a suite of research-focused competitive analysis tools for SEO and PPC. Search engine optimization tools include keyword research, backlink research, competitor website analysis and rankings, keyword rank tracking, and SEO reporting.

SpyFu All-In-One Features

Research new keyword opportunities either by searching a query or by analyzing competitor websites, and gain insight through metrics such as ranking difficulty, monthly searches, cost per click estimates, related words, and keyword SERP analysis.
Functional rank tracking with position history, weekly ranking updates, and keyword grouping options for organizing data.
Competitor analysis features include competitor ranking history, top pages, keywords, backlinks, and monitoring competing domains for keyword ranking changes.
Create detailed custom SEO reports.

A user-friendly tool for researching SEO & PPC keyword data.
Helpful competitive intelligence tools for the price.
The free plan provides unlimited searches but limits search results.

Data estimates are sometimes off.
Lack of data for specific areas.
SpyFu Plans & Pricing

SpyFu Plans & Pricing
SpyFu monthly plans start at $39/mo with discounted annual plans also offered. SpyFu provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

SpyFu for All-In-One SEO

While SpyFu lacks on-page site auditing features and related reporting, SpyFu is a nice choice if you’re looking for affordable competitor analysis tools for SEO & PPC with the ability to track keyword rankings and report on competitor insights.


SpyFu is recommended for affordable competitor research, keyword tracking, and competitor analysis reporting features.

Try SpyFu Free

  1. BrightLocal
    Image Source: BrightLocal
    BrightLocal offers a suite of all-in-one local SEO tools and services including local search audits, local rank tracking, Google My Business audits, online reputation and review management, citation building services, and local business data aggregator services.

BrightLocal All-In-One Features

BrightLocal offers affordable citation building and data aggregator services to syndicate public business info, citations, and your website link across a large network of sites such as business directories to help improve your local search visibility and potentially rankings.
Reputation management tool with features to create review request campaigns through SMS, email, and shareable links, an option to upload customer details in bulk to quickly request reviews, create automated follow-up messages, and choose from over 80 sites for customers to leave reviews on.
Track local business SEO rankings on Google Maps in a bird-eye grid view and track organic keyword positions on Google and Bing in a simple ranking table interface.
BrightLocal’s SEO toolkit and services are helpful and affordable for multi-location local businesses looking for convenient management of business citations, online reviews, business listings, and local search presence across all business locations.

Very affordable for local SEO tools and services.
Easy setup for managing multiple locations or clients.
Unique visuals for racking local keyword rankings.
Great citation building service for the price.
Helpful customer support.
Free trial offered.

Lacks off-site competitor analysis features.
Lacks advanced site auditing features.
BrightLocal Plans & Pricing

BrightLocal Plans & Pricing
BrightLocal offers a 14-day free trial, monthly plans start at $29/mo, and annual billing offers 2 months free.

BrightLocal for All-In-One SEO

While BrightLocal lacks on-page site audits, keyword research, and backlink research features, the platform provides useful tools for tracking local keywords, generating online reviews, and affordable services for building local citations and managing listings across business locations.


BrightLocal is recommended for local businesses, especially those with multiple locations that are looking to improve local search presence at scale. I had a great experience managing local business locations in the past with their help.

BrightLocal Offer: 14-Day Free Trial

Try BrightLocal Free

  1. Rank Math
    Rank Math
    Image Source: Rank Math
    Rank Math is a user-friendly WordPress SEO plugin with a large number of features for WordPress sites. The all-in-one WordPress plugin provides helpful settings and features for setting up a reliable technical SEO foundation for a WordPress site and optimizing page content for search engines.

Rank Math All-In-One Features

Add keywords to track right inside the WordPress dashboard with Rank Math’s built-in rank tracking features, connect Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) and Google Analytics, and get email reports or create reports for clients depending on the Rank Math plan.
Rank Math analyzes your page content for a target keyword based on 30 known factors and provides content optimization suggestions within the WordPress editor.
Preview how a page or post appears in search results such as its meta title or SEO title and meta description to ensure an optimized search appearance, preview how potential rich snippets could display, and preview page appearance when shared on social media networks.
Automatically creates and updates an XML sitemap file for your site, options to adjust RSS feed content, an advanced schema markup generator for marking up your page with structured data code to give Google more context about a page, and instantly notify search engines when pages are published.
Helpful link management features for detecting broken links (404s) and creating link redirects when necessary.

The free version is packed with features to optimize WordPress sites.
Quickly check for broken pages (404s) and links that redirect.
Automatically generate a sitemap file and schema code.
Page optimization suggestions in the WordPress page editor.

The paid version is required for tracking keywords and dashboard analytics.
The paid version is required for the custom schema builder.
Rank Math Plans & Pricing

Rank Math Plans & Pricing
Rank Math offers a free version of its multi-purpose SEO plugin with limited features. Paid plans start at $59 per year and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Rank Math for All-In-One SEO

While Yoast SEO and All In One SEO plugins are good alternative WordPress SEO plugin options, Rank Math is the best WordPress plugin for foundational SEO features while keeping the plugin fast and lightweight compared to the alternatives.


The Rank Math WordPress plugin is recommended for its optional settings, adjustments, and suggestions for enhancing WordPress sites for SEO.

Yoast SEO was the original WordPress SEO plugin I used, but now I prefer the Rank Math Pro plan for its advanced Schema markup generator and built-in site analytics in the WordPress dashboard.

Try Rank Math Free

  1. Surfer SEO
    Surfer SEO
    Image Source: Surfer SEO
    Surfer SEO is a leading SEO tool suite specializing in content planning, keyword research, page auditing, and content optimization features based on top ranking competitor page content and NLP (natural language processing) algorithms. Content optimization suggestions are based on analyzing ~50 pages and 500+ factors for a target keyword.

Surfer All-In-One Features

Enter a keyword into the content planner tool to discover relevant topic clusters made up of related phrases to write about, including estimated search traffic for each keyword.
Based on your target keyword, the content planner surfaces the most relevant topic ideas and related phrases to create well-organized website content around.
Surfer SEO will reverse-engineer search results for your target keyword and show you the elements that make up the top-ranking pages for that word. Surfer then gives you a page optimization score based on these findings. Element examples include related keywords used, questions, the total number of words, headings used, images, and more.
Follow Surfer’s on-page suggestions to optimize your content to the extreme for search engines and users alike. Similarly, use Surfer SEO’s additional site audit tool to uncover other potential SEO issues and opportunities for your site’s existing content such as prominent terms your old content might be missing and internal linking opportunities.
Surfer SEO provides a free Chrome extension for checking keyword data and estimated search volume right in Google search results, and another Chrome extension for integrating the Surfer content editor with WordPress and Google Docs.

Excellent user interface for optimizing content.
Quickly find out what topics and keywords to write about.
Leading SEO software for optimizing on-page word usage.
In-depth topic and keyword research for content planning.
Advanced auditing of website pages based on competition.

A bit expensive for beginners or small projects.
The learning curve to understand all features.
Surfer Plans & Pricing:

Surfer SEO Plans & Pricing
Surfer SEO monthly plans start at $49/mo with annual plan options up to 17% off and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Surfer SEO for All-In-One SEO

Surfer is a state-of-the-art content optimization tool that provides features for researching, planning, and optimizing written content for search engines and users, based on analyzing over 500 factors.


Surfer SEO is highly recommended if you want to feel confident that you are creating top-quality content around a topic and target keyword in your niche.

Surfer gives you the data to understand if you’re content is comprehensive enough on a topic compared to your competitors and what people are searching for.

I use Surfer for optimizing every page of content on this blog, including this one!

Check out my Surfer SEO review for details on features and pricing.

Offer: 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try Surfer SEO
All-In-One SEO Tool Comparison Table
All-In-One SEO Tool: Strength:
Semrush Complete All-In-One SEO Software
SE Ranking Affordable All-In-One SEO Tool Suite
SEO PowerSuite Desktop All-In-One SEO Software Suite
Mangools Simple SEO Tools with All-In-One Features
Ahrefs Extensive Competitor Analysis Tools
Serpstat Versatile All-In-One SEO Toolkit
SpyFu SEO Competitive Research Tools
BrightLocal Local SEO All-In-One Tools & Services
Rank Math WordPress All-In-One SEO Plugin
Surfer SEO Content Analysis & Optimization Software
Comparing Top All-In-One SEO Tools
Why Use All-In-One SEO Tools?
All-In-One SEO software tools make managing SEO strategy and efforts easy.

Here are 10 benefits of using all-in-one SEO tools:

Research keyword opportunities.
Analyze competitor rankings.
Monitor website link profiles.
Find keyword and link gaps.
Audit sites for technical issues.
Optimize on-page elements.
Track keyword rankings.
Save money using fewer tools.
Less team training is required.
Share complete SEO reports.
Conclusion & Recommendations
You can’t go wrong with one of the all-in-one SEO tools recommended above.

These top SEO tools are complete enough in features to manage most SEO efforts.

I recommend Semrush as the ultimate all-in-one SEO tool in terms of the number of reliable features and data provided. Otherwise, I recommend SE Ranking for low-cost all-in-one SEO software and Semrush alternative with many similar features and in-depth data.

Ahrefs is another strong choice if you really want to focus down on link building and competitor analysis and not as much on on-page site auditing or daily rank tracking for the price. SEO PowerSuite also provides great tools if you don’t mind desktop SEO software.

BrightLocal is recommended alongside one of the above tools (that provide competitive analysis and site audit features) for scaling the SEO efforts of local business locations, managing local listings, local reputation management, and review generation campaigns.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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