These are best apps for Executive assistants that we recommend. Some of these apps mentioned in this article . We have also looked at our curated list of best mobile apps for professionals and included the ones that are relevant as mobile apps for Executive assistants. There are also some good websites listed for reference. We have purposefully not included the personal concierge app since it is a paid service and does not give any concrete results without the membership.


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“The platform that manages everything”

As an executive assistant, you don’t have the luxury of losing track of details.

The pillars of any successful organization, executive assistants are responsible for ensuring business processes run as efficiently as possible. Answering phone calls, following up with prospective clients, preparing meeting materials, and completing administrative tasks all require an enormous amount of organizational ability.

Don’t let data silos or departmental disconnect be the reason your executive misses a deadline. The “executive assistant” for executive assistants is

We recently surveyed over 1,273 executive assistants in our State of The Executive Assistant Facebook group and found that was voted their favorite project management tool. Here are a few direct quotes from the survey:

“Great way for multiple people to stay up to date on the same task.”

“We just started using & it has been a great way for everyone to see what projects are being worked on, who is working on it, etc. It has been very beneficial for us & has helped prove the need for an additional employee.”

“ has helped every department in our company become more organized and improved communication within the teams. I am still new to and working with my Executive to find the best layout.”

How it works

Monday’s cloud-based platform allows executive assistants to keep their organizations as productive as they can possibly be. Using’s interface, you can make a visually pleasing board of task cards: adding checklists, due dates, collaborators, and workflows so everyone in your team is always in sync.

Savvy EAs use to give their colleagues peace of mind knowing that you are on top of everything (because we already know you are).

Why we love for multitasking and organizationSign up for a free trial without any financial commitmentColor-code your tasks so you can evaluate your work at a glanceView your projects in a calendar mode your executives never miss a deadlineAssign tasks to other stakeholders and track their progress in one spotEliminate tedious tasks via automated workflows without coding skillsIntegrate all apps on one platform so launches are never delayedCentralize your data so anyone can access important information at any time, even if they need to check from’s convenient mobile app on the go

2) Office Otter

“Never miss a to-do again”

Office Otter turns your conversations into tasks in one click, even when you’re on the go, making this a must-have tool for all Executive Assistants.

How it works

Office Otter makes it easy to create a free account and start utilizing its to-do list superpowers. Once you create your account, you can add it to all your messaging platforms such as text, Slack, email and Siri.

Why we love Office Otter for multitasking and organizationSave an average of 10 hours per week by having a streamlined to-do list Prioritize your tasks by urgency with different labels Quantify your effectiveness and efficiency with automated reporting based on completed tasksFree and paid versions available

3) Cabinet

“An all-in-one tool that’s built for efficiency & productivity — and built just for Executive Assistants”

Cabinet is the Executive Assistant software that makes your work stream a dream. Assistants are the creative problem solvers, the behind-the-scenes MVPs, and the glue that holds everything together. Cabinet’s streamlined EA software platform leads to fewer mistakes and smarter support.

How it works

Cabinet’s powerful, automated scheduling tool integrates with Outlook and G-Suite calendars to enable you to offer times to people with just a couple of clicks. Say goodbye to tediously typing out time-zones and to clunky calendar holds.

Why we love Cabinet for multitasking and organizationQuickly offer availability from the calendar, automatically convert time zones, and track all of the times you’ve offered to folksSupercharge your To-Do List with customizable labels and the ability to group tasks by specific execsMonitor your efficiency with time-tracking and analytics that allow you to see (and show executives) exactly how much you’re achieving with your timeCreate profiles for each executive filled with important dates, milestones, travel rewards, preferred hotels, favorite restaurants, meeting preferences, and more

4) Favro

“Simple, beautiful project planning to stay on top of work”
Favro is a visual project planning and execution tool that helps you stay on top of work to get work done.

With Favro, you can bring clarity to work with clear visual cues about work status and progress. That way your team of assistants know exactly what’s happening and what’s coming next.

Pro-Tip: Use Favro’s project dashboard section to give your executive(s) an overview of the time spent on a particular task/event. Many EA’s in our State of the Executive Assistant FB group say that this type of transparency is what helps them when it comes time to ask for a raise.

How it works

Favro helps you plan work using drag-and-drop timelines and Kanban boards. You can add detailed instructions to tasks, add comments, and even include file attachments. And, task checklists can make sure that even the tiniest details aren’t missed.

Why we love Favro for multitasking and organization

Favro makes it super easy to communicate and collaborate with your EA or VA team. Plus, it’s intuitive interface means adjusting work schedules is as easy as drag-and-drop.

Get a visual overview of work with color-coded projects, milestones, and task tagsMatch your workflow using fully-customizable timelines and Kanban boardsUnlimited Plan timelines14-day free trial – Use code SNACK when you sign up to receive 25% off

5) The Assist

“The free weekly newsletter that helps you get sh*t done”

The Assist is a weekly email newsletter that delivers tips, tricks, and advice assistants need to knock out more essential to-dos while also developing personally and professionally.

Each issue features carefully curated, to-the-point takeaways on technology solutions, empowerment resources, assistant strategies and so much more. Plus, with personal stories and insights sourced directly from a thriving EA community, the Assist also provides a thriving support network.

How it works

Simply sign up for the newsletter at and then look forward to receiving issues every Tuesday.

Why we love The Assist for multitasking and organization

In addition to providing weekly fresh tips on multitasking, organization, and more, The Assist:

Welcomes and answers community questions and feedbackShares stories to help you feel connected to other assistantsHooks you up with deals and exclusive offers

6) Nifty

“The glue between planning and execution”

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep complex initiatives as well as daily to-do’s organized and actionable, it literally doesn’t get easier than Nifty. The software is broken down into six modules that truly provide an all immersive hub for teams of all sizes: project homescreen, milestones, tasks, discussions, docs and files.

Nifty is a multiple Gartner Award-winning platform that aligns your entire organization. Famously easy to use yet powerful and flexible, Nifty becomes your team’s communication and execution hub, no matter the task at hand.

How it works

Roll your tasks into big-picture milestones that automate progress as individual efforts are completed. Collaborate with others via tasks, project discussions, and even a direct messenger to keep all of your work in a single space.

Why we love Nifty for multitasking and organization

Nifty comes preloaded with templates that are built for EA’s here and are easy to customize to fit your workflow.

For all of its capabilities, Nifty is very easy to learn and useBuilt in docs, including a two-way Google Doc, Sheet, and Presentations bring your notes, content, and specifications directly into your workspace.Automations take care of managerial work such as status updates and task assignments, letting you focus on the important stuffBuild roadmaps with Nifty’s milestones which are phase-based Gantts that roll up tasks into actionable steps and automate progress as the tasks are completed.


“Automatic Meeting Notes”

Otter automatically transcribes your audio into text. Text notes full of timesaving ways to search, find, and share with your team no matter where they are. Otter has several integrations with apps like Zoom that make collaboration and remote work faster and more efficient.

How it works

Otter Live Notes lets Zoom call participants create live interactive transcripts directly in Zoom or after a meeting. Otter Live Notes is a powerful tool for those working remotely with a level of collaboration in real-time that rivals any in-person office meeting.

Why we love for multitasking and organization is the top rated speech-to-text transcription app for good reason. This tool will become your FAVORITE secret weapon for multitasking and organization. Every meeting you sit in on can be cataloged into folders and organized in a way that allows you to quickly send pertinent information when called upon from previous video calls.

Pro-Tip: Many EAs use to automatically transcribe call notes for virtual meetings which will allow you to work on other tasks during a call you would previously have to manually take notes for.

Price: Starts at $9.99/month cancel anytime. Learn more at Plan’s pricing page.

Free trial? Yes, with limited usage and features. Get started.

Notable features:

Live Notes for Zoom meetingsTranscribe audio in real-time for meeting minutesImport audio and videoSync audio & video from DropboxIdentify speakers

EA Tools & Software For Recognition and Engagement7) Nectar

“Reinforce great work anytime, anywhere”

Nectar helps organizations reinforce great work – anytime, anywhere through its top-rated recognition & rewards platform. Managers and frontline employees alike are able to send meaningful recognition rooted in core values. Streamline your incentives including awards, spot bonuses, birthdays, work anniversaries and wellness challenges to maintain a connected culture.

How it works

Enable everyone in your organization to send shoutouts, spot bonuses and awards in real-time. Employees can choose from hundreds of reward options including gift cards or branded swag.

Why we love Nectar for recognition and engagementNo contracts or implementation fees. Also has a free tier if you’re just getting started and don’t need all the bells and whistlesIntegrate Slack, Microsoft Teams and your other software (HRIS/SSO) to make recognition more seamless than ever!Hundreds of reward options including a custom swag storefront. Your branded swag is “on-demand” and shipped directly to the end-user once ordered with zero admin overheadIncorporate wellness challenges that reward employees for participating

8) Kazoo

“Let’s make work better”

Make recognition a daily habit.

Kazoo is an employee experience platform that provides all the tools you need to engage your team. Use the simple interface to manage recognition, rewards, surveys, insights, and more.

Learn how Patagonia leveraged Kazoo to live up to their values. According to this case study,

“Patagonia leans on Kazoo to develop a performance management strategy worthy of its powerful business values and celebrated culture.”

How it works

Launch the platform and let it encourage recognition and gather insights for you. Continuous performance management and surveys let you adapt programs in real time.

Why we love Kazoo for recognition and engagement

Kazoo integrates seamlessly into your workflows and brings a wealth of other insights for improving culture.

Performance managementPeer-to-peer recognitionEngagement surveys


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