Best Apps For Galaxy Fold 3

The Galaxy Fold 3 is finally here, and it looks to be a game-changer in the world of smartphones. With the ability to fold into a smaller, handheld device and unfold into a tablet, the Galaxy Fold 3 is all about maximizing screen space, which means you’ll want to use your new phone as much as possible! That’s why we’ve compiled some great apps that are perfect for all the things you can do with your new phone!

Best Galaxy Z Fold 3 Apps: Everything you need to make the most out of your Fold  3 – Phandroid

Best Apps For Galaxy Fold 3

  1. Google Duo + Samsung Notes
    If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use video calling app, Google Duo is preloaded on your Z Fold3 and connects with your existing Google account. Of course, you can use any videoconferencing tool of your choice. But before you start your video call, consider also opening Samsung Notes from the Edge Panel.

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You can position Samsung Notes in the lower half of your workspace by tapping the three dots at the center of the screen, followed by the circular arrows. Google Duo (or your preferred videoconference tool) should be at the top of the screen. Flex the phone and you’re ready to video chat and take notes. This pairing works even better when you add a foldable-compatible S Pen, which allows you to take notes by hand and convert your writing to text — instantly — among many other S Pen benefits on the Z Fold3.

  1. Microsoft Outlook + PowerPoint
    As you compile a sales deck or report, you might find yourself pulling text and images from your inbox — and refreshing every few minutes for incoming pieces. You can use Multi-Active Windows to work between Outlook on the left side of your screen and a PowerPoint presentation on the right, both optimized for the foldable tablet form factor. Remember, your Z Fold3 also has drag and drop functionality, so you can easily move images and large blocks of text using your finger or the optional S Pen.

Businessman adds images to presentation with drag and drop feature.

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint + Samsung Gallery
    Creating a presentation from photos you took on your phone? The Z Fold3 gives you an express lane to add these photos to your slides. Microsoft PowerPoint and Samsung Gallery work well together — split vertically or horizontally, whichever you prefer. When you’re done building your deck, proofread your presentation in full screen by sliding the center bar between the two apps in the direction you want PowerPoint to fill.
  2. Samsung Notes + Social Media (+ Samsung Gallery)
    Content creators know the more efficient way to write and edit a post for social media is to use a note-taking app like Samsung Notes. With your drafted post in Notes on one side and a social app adjacent, you can publish seamlessly without any back-and-forth. Drag and drop is helpful here, too. And if you want to turn your Z Fold3 into a complete social media machine, add Samsung Gallery to the equation for an image-text-publish trifecta.
  3. Phone + Samsung Notes + Calendar
    Just because you’re on a phone call doesn’t mean you can’t use your phone for other tasks. As you talk to colleagues or customers, Multi-Active Windows can help keep the conversation fluid. With your call on speaker or connected to your Galaxy Buds, open up the Z Fold3 to tablet mode and pull up Samsung Notes to jot down important points. Whether you’re confirming deadlines or scheduling a follow-up, you’ll probably want Calendar open as well.

Best keyboard app for z fold 3

. Set up your Fingerprint Scanner
This one is pretty obvious, and chances are that you already set up a fingerprint when you went through the initial setup process. In the event that you didn’t, here’s where you’ll need to go in order to set up the fingerprint scanner.

Open the Settings app.
Scroll down and tap Biometrics and security in the left panel.
Tap Fingerprints on the right panel.
Enter your PIN or passcode, if prompted.
Tap Add fingerprint.
Follow the on-screen instructions.

One big recommendation that we have with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is to set up multiple fingerprints. Sit back and think about the different ways that you use or pick up the Fold 3, and what fingers might be the most convenient to unlock the phone. For example, I have the following options set up:

Right thumb (same for every phone)
Left index finger
Left middle finger
By setting up multiple fingerprint scannings, it’s so much easier to quickly unlock the phone, regardless of how I pick it up.

  1. Get rid of Bixby and re-claim your Power Button

It’s been years now, and Samsung just can’t seem to find it in itself to ditch Bixby. The voice assistant has been improved over time, but it still doesn’t hold a candle to the likes of Google Assistant or even Amazon Alexa.

By default, Bixby can be activated by long-pressing the side key, but this forces you to go into the notification shade just to activate the power menu. Here’s how to change that:

Open the Settings app.
Scroll down and tap Advanced Features.
Tap Side Key in the left panel.
Under Press and hold, tap Power off menu.
If you want to tinker around with the Side Button settings even more, you can set custom apps to open when the button is double-tapped. Just enable the Double Press toggle, select Open app, tap the Gear icon, and pick your app.

  1. Customize your Home Screen

Customization is key to Android on the whole, and with two different displays, you’ll want to make sure your Home Screen matches your style and needs. The following steps for customizing your Home Screen applies to both the Cover Screen and Main Display.

Long press on an empty space on your Home Screen.
Tap Settings.
Go through each of the following options:
Home screen layout
Home screen grid
Apps screen grid
Folder grid
The only catch here is that you’ll need to close your Z Fold 3, unlock it, and follow the steps if you want to customize the Cover Screen. And obviously, unfolding the Fold 3 and following the steps above will apply to the main display.

How to use custom icon packs on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

  1. Pin the Taskbar
    With a display as big as the Galaxy Z Fold 3, it’s only natural for you to want to easily access your most-used apps from wherever. Technically, this is already possible thanks to Edge Panels, but Samsung has introduced an all-new Taskbar that takes things up a notch.

Open the Settings app.
Scroll down and tap Advanced Features.
Tap Labs.
At the bottom, tap the toggle next to Pin your favorite apps.
Now that it’s been enabled, here’s how you can actually activate and use this taskbar.

Swipe from the left or right to reveal your Edge Panels.
Tap the three lines at the bottom of the panel.
Tap Pin.

Your screen will automatically adjust to make room for the new taskbar. By default, you’ll have quick access to recently-used applications, along with some of your favorites. But if you want to customize the row taskbar full of apps, here’s what you’ll need to do:

Tap the Pin icon at the bottom of the taskbar.
Swipe in on the edge of the display to reveal the Edge Panel.
Tap the three lines at the bottom of the panel.
Tap Edit.
Drag and drop apps from the list onto the panel.
Once completed, press the back button in the navigation bar, or swipe to go back.
Tap the three lines again.
Tap Pin.

  1. Jump into Good Lock

We’re not going to dive into every little nook and cranny of Good Lock here. However, once you become more familiar with what your Z Fold 3 can do, Good Lock is the next place to go.

Good Lock is the hub for a series of modules that can be installed and used to customize just about every aspect of your Samsung phone. It’s here where the idea of the “Labs” section in the Settings app was born, but it’s continued to grow in popularity and functionality.

In order to download Good Lock, just hit the button below from your Galaxy Z Fold 3 to download it in the Galaxy Store. From there, you’ll want to fire it up and will be presented with the following modules:

Home Up
Keys Cafe
Theme Park
Nice Catch
One Hand Operation+
Sound Assistant
Each of those modules must be downloaded separately, but you can do so right from the Good Lock app. From there, just start customizing and tinkering away to build the ultimate personalized setup.


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