Best Apps For Galaxy Note 20

Our favorite apps for making the most of your Galaxy Note 20!

Have you recently picked up a new Samsung Galaxy Note 20? If so, you’re probably pretty pumped about all the features you’ve gotten from this new phone. With a 120Hz display and Full HD+ resolution, you can expect a super smooth and high quality viewing experience that really puts the fun into scrolling through your social media feed. And with 128GB of storage, there’s no shortage of space to download all your favorite apps!

To help you take full advantage of what this new device has to offer, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite apps for using on the Galaxy Note 20.

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Best Apps For Galaxy Note 20

Good Lock
Good Lock is a first-party Samsung app that lets you make major changes to parts of your phone’s operating system. It’s actually more like a suite, containing different apps that customize various features on your Note 20.

You can theme the Quick Setting menu, change the recent apps UI to a list, and so many more nifty little personalizations. It’s a must-have for any Galaxy user.

Galaxy Store Link: Good Lock (free)

App 2SoundAssistant
For those who want to customize the audio experience, you will need SoundAssistant. Created by Samsung, this app lets you adjust various aspects of the UI related to sound. This includes adjusting the number of presses on the volume rocker to reach maximum volume, making the volume menu vertical, and adding an equalizer to the volume panel.

Galaxy Store Link: SoundAssistant (free)

App 3Edge Touch (Note 20 Ultra)
Because curved edges are prone to accidental touches, another app you’ll want is EdgeTouch. This app lets you create zones along the side edges that will not register touches. For the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, this a must-have app.

Galaxy Store Link: EdgeTouch (free)

App 4VLC for Android
The Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are among the few phones that can record in 8K. While the built-in video player can handle playback, it is pretty limited in features.

VLC for Android is a much better video player and one of the only third-party options that supports 8K. It can play nearly any video you throw at it and has native casting support if you want to watch it on the big screen as long as you have a Chromecast Ultra, NVIDIA Shield, or Cast-supported TV.

Play Store Link: VLC for Android (free)

App 5Tidal
Here’s something you probably didn’t know: your Galaxy Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra is capable of streaming ultra high quality (UHQ) audio with up to 32-bit sound. Not many streaming music services support such a high quality, so you might be missing out. This is where Tidal comes in, with audio quality that can max out your Note 20.

Play Store Link: Tidal (free)

App 6Any 120 Hz Game (Note 20 Ultra)
The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a 120 Hz display. When supported, every second, the screen displays 120 frames, making animations and transitions smoother. You can kind of get a sense of this when scrolling around, but only when you play a game do you feel the difference.

Even better, 120 Hz displays have been a thing in Android for quite some time, so there are already quite a few games that will render in full, glorious 120 fps. Mobile Mode Gaming has an extensive list of all supported games at the link below.


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