Best Apps For Galaxy S9

Are your kids constantly asking you for the newest app? Do you get tired of setting down the phone to see what’s new? The Galaxy S9 is here to make all your lives easier. The S9 is a great phone for everyone in your family. With its long battery life, sophisticated camera and easy-to-use apps you will wish you had bought it years ago.

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Best Apps For Galaxy S9

  1. Unified Remote
    Unified Remote app for galaxy s9 plusThe one and only remote for your computer.’ You can control your PC with your Android device, by connecting your phone, with your computer via Bluetooth. The →Unified Remote application allows you to use your device as a single/multi-touch mouse, you can mirror your desktop screen on your phone that allows you to access, browse, and manage your files.

It also facilitates you with remotely turning your computer on/or off as per your requirement. It is simple to use, and perfect to make it easier for you to swap between your phone and computer.

  1. Flexispy Android Mobile Tracking App

Once put in, FlexiSPY Android App silently takes complete management of the Android mobile phone or tablet – letting you spy on all its communications and activities from any laptop with an online browser or our first-of-its-form mobile viewer app FlexiVIEW.

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FlexiSPY’s unique options include the flexibility to hear and record dwell phone calls & phone environment, in addition to VoIP calls made on Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and many more.

Monitor a cellphone’s location and replay its historic movements. Export paths for use in other applications like Google Maps.

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  1. Xender
    file transfer appWe all can agree that it’s a bit of a hassle to carry USB cable, just to transfer files between your phone and PC. However, with →Xender application, you can transfer files from between your mobile and PC, without even your mobile data. It is 100 times faster than normal Bluetooth speed, that eventually saves your precious time.

Xender allows you to share any file type without any restriction on number of files you can exchange in a day, or file size. There is also no need to install PC software installation, and it supports cross-platform transferring.

  1. Google Duo
    video calling appGoogle Duo is one of the best video calling application. This app is a user-friendly interface, that allows its user to video call with their friends or family with just a tap on this app. It is as simple as dialing a simple call. It’s fast, simple and helps us with video calls with an ease.

→Google Duo’s unique ‘knock-knock’ feature lets have a live preview of the person you are calling. It also allows you to make audio-only calls, when you are not free or comfortable with making a video call.

  1. PicsArt
    PicsArt Photo StudioPicsArt is one of the most widely used photo editor application, that offers you lots of options to customize your photos It has a number of amazing features, that transforms your picture into a beautiful memory. This app comes with Collage maker that enables you to make amazing collages, and Sticker maker lets you create stickers, that you can use and share with your friends.

When it comes to usability, the →PicsArt can be easily used by layman users, but can also be used by professional, as this also includes some professional brushes, and drawing tools. This makes it perfect for professionals to add their touch to pictures,

  1. Feedly
    feed gathering app galaxy s9The internet is like a hub, which contains a huge amount of information, that makes it difficult for one person to grasp each and every information that’s available. However, what if you can filter the information that gets presented to you? I am sure you will like this concept. →Feedly just do that for you. You can select topics that interests you, and via Feedly, you can get hold of information available on any blog, magazine, or through channels.

Feedly is being used and many professionals, students, or learners, It is an open source application, using which you can add any RSS feed and can read it anytime you want, by just entering related URL.

  1. Shazam
    music apps galaxy s9 plusThis is actually a fun application rather being useful. It can instantly identify any sound playing in your surrounding area. For that you just to keep your phone closer to the source of that song, and it will automatically capture that song, and you play that song later on your own phone.

You can also and add your favorite song to your Spotify playlist., and purchase songs via Google play music, etc. If you love songs, you will surely love this app as well.

Shazam not only detects any song, once it detects the song you are looking for, it will show you its related tracks, lyrics, video clips and much more!

  1. Tiny Scanner
    PDF Scanner AppTiny Scanner will you feel like you actually have a tiny and portable scanner in your pocket. You can scan any type of document and can save the same in an image format or PDFs. It comes with various scanning features like color, black and white, grayscale, etc. →Tiny Scanner helps you with managing, saving and editing those scanned documents or image like adjusting page size, cropping corners of documents etc.

It’s fast, simple and useful application, that can used by employees, students, or any genre. Tiny scanner also offers you document security by providing passcode access.

  1. Google Translate
    Google TranslateGoogle Translate enables you to translate from one language to another via the easy user interface. It offers translation between 100s of languages. Using the →Google Translate application, you can translate between 59 languages while you are offline. You can also use your camera to capture any text from a billboard or any hoarding, and directly translate into some other language.

You can also draw any character on your phone’s screen, instead of typing to get instant translation. Your translation, your way! You can also speak and get that sentence translated to any other language.

  1. Quiver
    3D Coloring AppQuiver is a 3D coloring application. This application transforms the ancient way of color into an augmented reality based coloring that offers a 3D effect to your drawing and much closer to reality. This app was basically designed for children to offer them a fun way to experience coloring.

→Quiver also provides you in-app printing and saving your work of art. After completing your work, you can watch your artwork magically comes to life Additionally, this app offers you to play games with your animated characters, and also can capture photos or your artwork.

Best apps for samsung galaxy s10

10 Most Recommended Apps For Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e
You might have already got the news that Samsung launched four different mobiles to extend their “S” series and they are Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, and S10 5G. Although the S10 5G won’t be available in most of the countries, you can purchase other three smartphones from being almost anywhere in the world. If you are about to purchase or have purchased any of the devices in the upcoming sale, you should check out some of the recommended apps that you can install in these mobiles.

Most Recommended Apps For Samsung Galaxy S10
The apps mentioned below are compatible with Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e.

1] Browser: Google Chrome
Almost every internet-capable Samsung mobiles come with their native browser. However, most people do not like that since it is buggy and it doesn’t fulfill all the requirements. Therefore, Google Chrome is suitable for most people. Of Course, you need to have a good amount of RAM as well as storage, but that is all it needs. From smoothness to security, you can find everything in Google Chrome.

However, if you are concerned about your online privacy, security, trackers, etc. you can opt for some secure browser for Android.

2] Note-Taking App: Evernote
In this busy world, people have become forgetful. If you are one of them and you want to manage everything well, your Smartphone can help you out with the help of smart apps. Evernote is not only an excellent note-taking app but also it helps you create a shareable list so that you can collaborate with friends or any team members. The user interface of Evernote is uncluttered and therefore, you should not find any problem using it to organize your notes.

3] List Maker: Google Keep
Google Keep Best Google Chrome Extensions to Increase Productivity
Not only note-taking app but also Google Keep is a list maker, and it gained popularity as a list maker app only. From a very low-end phone to very high-end mobiles such as Galaxy S10 or so, you can install Google Keep in any mobile. As this app is powered by Google, you should not find any issue while using it. You can use colors to categorize notes, add labels/tags, create plat text note, make bullet point list/checkbox, etc. The most important thing is you can share a list privately if someone has a Google account.

4] Professional Video Recorder: FiLMic Pro

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ have triple camera setup on the rear side. On the other hand, the Galaxy S10e comes with the dual-camera setup. In simple words, they offer a top-notch image and video quality. If you do not like the inbuilt video recording system, and you want to use your phone camera as a professional video recorder, you can use FiLMic Pro app. Although this is quite costly, it worth every penny. It comes with tons of functionalities, and you will be amazed to check them out.

5] Document Scanner: CamScanner

Nowadays most people use digital document instead of physical documents. If you have a paper document and you want to scan it but your scanner is not working, or you do not have a scanner, you can use the CamScanner app to get the job done. CamScanner lets you scan any document and convert it to PDF so that you can share it with someone. The quality of the scanned document is not bad, and you should not have any complaint regarding that. Although this app is free, you can unlock all the options by spending a couple of dollars to purchase it.


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