Best Apps For Hotel Deals

Finding the best hotel deals can be difficult, especially with all of the last-minute discounts and offers currently available online. With websites like Groupon and Hotel Tonight, it’s almost impossible to find a hotel that isn’t offering some kind of discount. But if you’re looking for more specific things such as luxury hotels in Paris or boutique hotels in New York, it’s now even more difficult to find what you’re looking for.

12 Best Hotel Booking Apps of 2022 - Get Cheap Deals on Rooms

Best Apps For Hotel Deals

  1. One: Night
    One- night

One Night is on top of the list of hotel-booking apps available. It is an app that allows you to do last minute hotel booking at an unbeatable rate.

It has a feature where the app timeline displays you insider tips every hour to give you amazing experience of hotel and the city as well. Insider tips like best wall art around the corner, place to visit nearby, or to today’s special drink at the bar. This app is available for both Android & iOS devices.

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One Night starts its check-in time from 3 PM. So, you can make your bookings on the same day. This app is available for both Android & iOS devices.

Android: Download Here

iOS: Download Here

  1. HotelQuickly -Best Hotel Deals
    HotelQuickly -Best Hotel Deals

Now you can book your hotels more smartly with the HotelQuickly app. With more than 20,000 hotels to book at the lowest prices available. Earlier, HotelQuickly focused on the Asia-Pacific region. But now, this app is globally available for all the travelers in more than 15 major countries.

This app comes in 8 languages and has a 24/7 customer support, for any inconvenience. You can also get additional discounts by referring your personal invitation code to your friends and relatives. It has tier system in which you get additional discount by becoming the silver, gold, and platinum member, which depends on how many times you have booked the hotel through the app in a year. It is easier to get a room at short notice with this app. For checking-in on the same night, you can still book hotel at a last minute on the app. This app is available for both Android & iOS devices.

iOS: Download Here

  1. HotelTonight: Book Amazing Deals at Great Hotels
    HotelTonight- Book Amazing Deals at Great Hotels

This is a must have app for frequent travelers. It was specially made for the last-minute travelers, who just want to make the last-minute hotel bookings. With the best rates & everyday deals from the top-rated luxury hotels, book yourself a room in just a few clicks.

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HotelTonight is affiliated with 15,000 hotels in more than over 35 countries across Europe, North America & Australia. You can book a hotel up to 100 days in advance at some specific locations. This app is available for both Android & iOS devices.

Android: Download Here

iOS: Download Here

  1. Priceline Hotel Deals, Rental Cars & Flights
    Priceline Hotel Deals, Rental Cars & Flights

This is the best money-saving app for travelers. Priceline can book hotels super quickly. There are every day exclusive deals available on the app. In addition, with hotels, you can also rent cars and book flights on discounted price. It offers up to 40% off on selected hotels. There is a feature in app called Express Deals, that allows you to book a hotel nearby in a very few steps. This app is available for both Android & iOS devices.

Android: Download Here

iOS: Download Here

  1. Expedia Hotels, Flights & Cars
    Expedia Hotels, Flights & Cars

Expedia is the complete package for anyone who is travelling. It allows last minute hotel booking from the app. Not only hotels, you can also book flights and grab a car on rent from Expedia. There is no cancellation fee to change or cancel any hotel booking or reservation made from the app.

Expedia provides an additional discount of 30% on hotel bookings, if the booking has been made through the Expedia app. This app is available for both Android & iOS devices.

Android: Download Here

iOS: Download Here

  1. Orbitz – Flights, Hotels, Cars
    Orbitz – Flights, Hotels, Cars

Now with Orbitz app, discover a home away from home. This app allows you to sort and book hotels by deals, ratings, price, and more. Not only hotels, you can even grab a ride on rent & can also book flights from the app.

You can save up to 40% on mobile exclusive hotel deals on booking your hotel from the application. You can make the last-minute hotel booking, with free cancellation. It has simple & secure booking process with 24/7 customer support available. Once your check-in into the hotel, you can also book local tours to explore the city well from within the app.

Android: Download Here

iOS: Download Here

  1. Travel Deals Travel Deals

Now find a great deal with With over 1.5 million properties across the globe, allows you to manage your bookings on the go. allows travelers to not only book hotels, it also allows travelers to book apartments, vacation houses, tree houses, and even igloos. You can search and sort a hotel by attraction, landmark or by price in just a few clicks. provides 24/7 customer support in more than 40 languages for the great experience.

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It also allows you to refer the invitation code to friends and family that helps in earning additional discounts. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Android: Download Here

iOS: Download Here

  1. – Hotel Reservation Hotel Reservation

This app allows you to plan, book, and manage your stays when away from home. It has the most simple, fast and secure process to book hotel at last minute. If you have already booked 10 nights from the app, as a reward, it will make your 11th night stay free, which means no taxes and fees.

There is a feature ‘Tonight’s Local Deal’, where you can get exclusive deals in the area you are travelling. You can even save and compare the list of your favorite hotels. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Android: Download Here

iOS: Download Here

9.KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars
KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

Kayak is an application where it searches among hundreds of platforms for hotels and displays the list of last minute booking hotels available at the lowest prices. It is also a complete package where you can book your hotel & flights, rent a car, or plan a trip. The one in all combination of planning, booking, and travelling.

Kayak is an individual subsidiary of the Booking Holdings Inc., who is a world leader in travels and tours. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Android: Download Here

iOS: Download Here

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  1. Trivago: Hotels & Travel
    trivago Hotels & Travel

Trivago, is a hotel booking app, which is the best way to book a hotel at a very last minute. It has an advanced feature filter where it analyzes more than 700 thousand offers present online. Out of which you can compare and find rooms of your choice based on the price, locality, and availability. It also provides you with the special additional discounts at some of the locations. This is the best money saving app for last minute hotel booking. This app is available for both Android & iOS users.

Android: Download Here

iOS: Download Here

So, this was all folks! This was the list of 10 Hotel Booking Apps In 2022. Now you can download and install the apps given above and you are all set to make a last-minute hotel booking from your phone. Stay safe and happy journey to all!

If you found this helpful, please let us know. You can also drop your feedback in the comment section below.

App to find cheap hotels last minute

HotelQuickly (iPhone / Android)

HotelQuickly is all about size and speed. With over 20,000 hotels in its inventory spanning the Asia-Pacific region, the app really shines for travelers seeking a more flexible schedule. While HotelQuickly allows you to book up to a year in advance for rooms, the best hotel deals are generally be found the day of your stay, when the app prepares deals from all of its destinations and offers a lowest price guarantee. You can book a room until 4am for check-in that night, making it perfect if your flight arrives late or you’re in a bind.

One Night, Sixty SoHo
Photo: SIXTY SoHo
One Night (iPhone / Android)

“The night begins at 3pm.” At least that’s what One Night claims, their tagline directly supporting their model of only offering same-day bookings. The app’s beautifully image-driven interface and assortment of enticing luxury hotels bears a similar air to HotelTonight, though their offering of hotels is considerably more curated. What’s the reason for the stricter curation? One Night is operated by Standard International, the parent behind the trendy Standard Hotels, and their selection shows it. On top of all of the Standard properties, One Night has hand-selected other properties based on their approach to design and lifestyle experiences, resulting in user experience that’s deliberately limited yet highly appealing. If you like what you get at one One Night hotel – perhaps SIXTY SoHo, pictured above – you’ll probably like what you get from all of them. Though their properties are currently only available in Austin, LA, Miami and New York, One Night assures they’ll be adding more cities throughout the year.

Technology in the travel space changes rapidly, so expect these apps to pivot and adapt in the coming months and years. We’ve already seen HotelTonight, which launched by strictly offering same-night bookings (a la One Night) in 2011, expand to a seven-day booking window, a move that many hoteliers did not enjoy. Though One Night has explicitly said they have no plans to do the same, only time will tell whether they choose the same path of expansion.

One thing is for certain. As Airbnb’s continual growth adds mounting pressure to hotels around the world, creative solutions like these last minute booking apps will only continue to flourish.

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Beximco Adopts Cutting Edge Technology In The Fast Changing Textile And Garment Industry
Beximco Group
Beximco GroupBRANDVOICE| Paid Program
Sep 1, 2021,11:12am EDT
Bangladesh’s leading textile and apparel maker embraces advanced manufacturing and use of innovative technology to make its mark on the global stage.

Global textile and apparel makers are accelerating their digital transformation amid intensifying competition from online fashion brands and booming demand for e-commerce in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic that has kept consumers at home as cities around the world went into lockdowns to curb the coronavirus from spreading.

Beximco office front
With the pandemic upending the fashion industry, Beximco—Bangladesh’s leading textile and apparel maker—is leveraging innovative technologies to gain global market share and deepen relationships with customers in the fashion and retail industries.

“Global competition is increasing with the rise of fast fashion and digital only players,” says Syed Naved Husain, Group Director and CEO of Beximco. “Traditional retailers are under financial pressure and players such as Amazon and Primark—are fast moving and at the forefront of the digital economy and are gaining market share. Retailers that can adapt and change quickly, such as Zara and Target, are doing well, but they want to work with suppliers who can also change and adapt quickly.”

Beximco has been quick to adapt technological innovation, one of its hallmarks since it began operations over 26 years ago. The company employs advanced design, manufacturing and distribution solutions to add value to its customers’ businesses across the entire value chain. It’s a one-stop shop that gives clients best in class service with flexibility, agility and speed.

“We’ve taken a very proactive approach to the implementation of production technologies and processes that have the greatest impact on efficiency and product quality,” says Group Chairman of Beximco, A. S. F. Rahman. “We collaborate closely with our customers across the entire value chain. Beximco also invests in the education, training and skills development of all its employees, enabling them to support the production of differentiated value-added garments.”

Smart Fabrics
One area Beximco has excelled in is its use of “smart fabrics,” or textiles that leverage technology for fashion or design purposes. About 45 percent of apparel companies surveyed by McKinsey in February 2020 are looking to integrate more innovative materials into their products, a trend McKinsey describes as “materials revolution.”

Beximco makes use of performance fabrics that can be engineered to integrate features such as thermal management, quick drying, extra durability, antimicrobial, odor free, or UV protection. In partnership with brands such as Zara, U.S. Polo Assn, Land’s End and Marks & Spencer, the company makes garments that look stylish for work, but wearable for outdoor and sports activities because of features such as allway stretch, temperature regulation and reinforced seams.

3D Design Solutions
Beximco also utilizes 3D design technology to efficiently showcase samples to clients. The digital solution—developed by fashion design sof tware firms CLO and Browzwear—enables realistic garment simulations.

Using the software, designers can make virtual samples, see how the designs fit on models and show them to buyers at different locations, without cutting any fabric. This speeds up the design process and enables the designers to save time and resources, while identifying potential issues with the fit and pattern.

“3D processes will result in reduced approval timelines and less fabric wastage, enabling Beximco’s designers to be more creative and have closer collaboration with their counterparts at the brands,” says Husain.

SmartLab New York
Beximco customers in the U.S. can even access the company’s cutting edge technology at its SmartLab in New York. Designers and product developers who visit the SmartLab are able to develop garment washes that fit their requirement on the spot, and digitally transfer their chosen wash recipe to Beximco in Dhaka for bulk production.

The company is also building a network of “urban factories” that will help designers develop and produce a small batch of orders for trials or test marketing. These facilities can make up to 1,000 pieces of garments for quick-to-market and prebulk-buying runs.

“This will save customers travel and shipping time and provide them with many of the same capabilities in New York as would be available in Dhaka,” says Husain. “The SmartLab New York also allows fashion design students in the U.S. to practice creating washes and looks using the SmartLab software and immediately see their designs in actual fabrics.”

Beximco’s technology initiatives help to slash manufacturing lead times and retailers’ time to market, allowing the company to cater to fast evolving fashion trends. Recognizing the firm’s capabilities, Zara Women exponentially boosted its orders with Beximco.

Fighting Covid-19
The company’s agility and flexibility was put to the test as Covid-19 spread rapidly last year. At the height of pandemic, Beximco quickly pivoted to make fabrics for the manufacture of personal protective equipment (PPE).

The company leveraged its existing strengths in technical fabric, sewing and large scale manufacturing to launch Beximco Health—a new division dedicated to making PPE materials for the production of surgical and isolation gowns, coveralls, as well as N95 masks. The new division built a new facility, with clean room and PPE testing lab, on the group’s 20-acre (80,900-square meter) campus in a very short period of time.

PPE factory
Since advanced PPE testing facilities were limited in Bangladesh, Beximco formed a strategic partnership with Intertek UK to create an on-site laboratory. The 12,000-square feet (1,100-square meter) Centre of Excellence PPE Lab conducts physical, chemical and microbiological testing, enabling Beximco to obtain PPE certifications fast. Following its launch, one of the first shipments was the delivery of 6.5 million PPE gowns to the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the U.S.

“The new Beximco facility marks an important step in the diversification of the global supply chain, especially for healthcare equipment,” says Earl R. Miller, the U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh, who personally witnessed the shipment of the PPE gowns to the U.S. from the airport. “Beximco instantly saw the dangers of this dependence and invested to meet the challenge, and it’s not the first time Beximco has risen to the challenge posed by a disrupted supply chain.”



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