Best Apps For House Cleaning

Reviewed and ranked, the best apps for house cleaning are here. Use this list to find apps suited to every house keeping task. House cleaning is a task just about everyone has to do. Whether you’re straightening up after your family or doing an extra thorough ‘spring cleaning’ before friends stop by, there’s no doubt that some form of regular maintenance is required to keep your home in tip-top shape. Perhaps the idea of spending your day off, ridding the office or cleaning the house is something you’d rather avoid, but we all know that though it may be effortless to let things go for a bit, it always ends up seeming like a more daunting task than it should have been. With a little planning and effort, however, you can make sure that your weekly, monthly or annual cleanings don’t feel like chores at all!

9 Best Cleaning Apps To Help Organise Home Cleaning Tasks

Best Apps For House Cleaning

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Best Cleaning App for Families: OurHome
OurHome app on iPhone

What We Like
Easy to use.

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Perfect for the entire family, kids included.

Free with no ads.

What We Don’t Like
No functioning calendar view.

Kids need an email address to use the app.

When keeping the home clean is more than one person’s responsibility, you need an app to keep track of chores and other tasks. OurHome is a great app for families and large households. You can assign chores and reward family members for task completion, all in one app. Add a cleaning task, assign it, then watch them choose a reward once complete.

You can view progress across the board, add items to a shared grocery list, send messages about tasks, set task reminders, and stay in sync across multiple devices. When a task is complete, tap the bubble to check it off your to-do list.

OurHome is free to use and download without ads.

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Best Housekeeping Widget: Do!
Do! app on iPhone

What We Like
Minimalistic design.

Easy to add tasks quickly.

Add a widget to your phone’s home screen.

What We Don’t Like
Must double-tap to complete tasks.

Lots of ads unless you pay to remove them.

A housekeeping to-do list should be simple, easy to use, and ready to view at a moment’s notice. The Do! app gives you the look and feel of a paper to-do list, complete with unique paper and pen sound effects. Plus, tasks are easy to add and view using the Today widget for your device.

To organize your to-do list, add a color-coding system, perfect for keeping track of bathroom cleaning tasks versus kitchen cleaning tasks.

Do! is free to download for Android and iOS devices with in-app purchases. The premium option removes ads and allows for unlimited task groups.

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Simplest Housekeeping App: Home Cleaning
House Cleaning app on iPhone

What We Like
No distracting bells and whistles.

Complete list of housekeeping chores to keep you on track.

What We Don’t Like
The app moves a bit slow when moving down the checklist.

No Android version.

The Home Cleaning app is a complete checklist of housekeeping tasks to keep you on track. From kitchen cleaning tasks to the bathroom and beyond, following this list will have you on your way to a clean home. The app is simple, allowing you to check off tasks as you complete them.

As bonuses, there’s a budget sheet that allows you to enter your family’s budget for the month and a contact sheet to enter important phone numbers.

House Cleaning is free to download for iOS devices with in-app purchases.

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Reward Kids for Completing Chores: Homey
Homey app on iPhone

What We Like
Set goals for everyone in the app quickly and easily.

Pay inside of the app to transfer allowance or rewards for chores completed.


What We Don’t Like
Due to the banking connections that make the app work, there’s a monthly or yearly subscription requirement.

Limited free features.

Do you have kids that complete chores around the house to earn an allowance? Keeping your kids involved in housekeeping teaches them tasks they’ll need for the future. Homey makes assigning tasks and transferring allowances simple and quick with one app.

Each family member has their own account to keep track of their tasks. When logging in, kids can view their assigned tasks, wallet, and more.

Homey is free to download for iOS and Android devices with in-app purchases. For complete functionality and unlimited family members, you’ll pay $4.99 a month or $49.99 per year.

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Properly Care for Your Garments: Laundry Day
Laundry Day app on iPhone

What We Like
Scan clothing tags with the built-in scanner.

Make sense of laundry symbols on garments.

What We Don’t Like
Icons are small on the screen and may be difficult to read.

No free version.

Ever wondered what those symbols mean on the laundry tag of your clothes? They each mean something specific for the care of the garment. With Laundry Day, you scan these symbols and receive care instructions based on the selection. Or, select the symbols manually to see care suggestions.

Simple instructions such as “do not wring” and “do not bleach” make caring for your clothing easier than ever, saving you time.

Laundry Day costs $.99 to download for iOS devices.

Get paid to clean houses app is a great company to look for housekeeping jobs on your own because it is a site specifically built for this specific reason. As of October 2021, their job postings page has over 10,000 housekeeper jobs across the United States of America.

A homeworker can search the application by location to find jobs that are close to their home. This helps reduce commute times and fuel costs which can reduce your profits.

If you want to clean part-time or full-time, it’s worth your time to download the app. You could make quite a few dollars cleaning in a very short amount of time and thus send money back to Mexico or your home country.

They have listings for part-time house cleaning jobs and full-time housekeepers. Search by location to find a job near you.

Read our complete guide to is a site dedicated to finding caregivers for potential clients, including in-home caregivers. They give you the ability to post your profile, what you charge per hour and what specialties you have. Users can then contact you directly to offer you work. users have the option to request a background check for prospective cleaners which may require a valid driver’s license, depending on the state you are in. On you will not only find jobs for house cleaning but any household-related work.

Read our complete guide to

Properly allows «professionals» (those who provide services) to search for and accept jobs through Properly’s marketplace for house cleaning and other household-related work.

A professional is expected to provide a high-quality service. However, the incentive is to earn a higher rate of pay. The company backs this practice with its Properly Marketplace guarantee. This guarantee ensures that clients can trust the professionals they hire.

It’s easy to review each job on its merits. This way you know exactly how much you’ll pay and the tasks you’ll have to complete.

This saves a lot of time. It also ensures that the professional and the client are always on the same page.

It pays the cleaner appropriately automatically as soon as the last task on your list is completed. This makes it easy to build a regular and loyal customer base.

Read our complete guide to Properly.

Online Job Directories
Many online job directories, from FlexJobs to,, or Snagajob, have house cleaning jobs. These sites allow you to search by job type, read job descriptions, set alerts when new jobs become available in your area, and apply directly through the site.

Read our fantastic guide to the 10 best online job search websites.

Cleaning Service Companies (also called: House Cleaning Agencies)
House or home cleanings service companies such as the super-popular Molly Maid, Merry Maids, and many others are often looking for new team members who are reliable and efficient. These companies offer deep cleaning services, as well as standard house cleaning services, and specialized cleaning and can offer perks to new employees.

Molly Maid
Molly Maid is a house cleaning franchise opportunity. It helps its members recruit and attract repeat customers in need of house cleaning services. Molly Maid franchisees have a 97% customer retention rate. This is extremely impressive if you want regular cleaning work.

Most Molly Maid members have a regular work schedule. There is support from a business coach with plenty of resources to help build a solid business.

The initial set-up costs of establishing a Molly Maid franchise vary depending on your location and a few other factors. There may be an initial investment of $100,000 or more.

But, the Molly Maid brand has significant appeal and the company helps you get up and running quickly.

The average Molly Maid salary is about $18,000 per year for house cleaning services.

Read our guide to Molly Maid

Read our extensive guide to Merry Maids

In the United States, there are thousands of house cleaning companies, if you want to see which ones are available in your area to look for work, ask for information or send them your information to be considered you can use Yelp to locate them, we have found that this method is easier than the phone book, just go to Yelp and type in your location and choose «home cleaning» as the type of service. You will be able to see their websites as well as their phone numbers and find cleaning companies near you.

Along with Molly Maid and Merry Maids, the most famous cleaning companies with the most employees in the United States are MyClean, Broomly, Tidy, Maidpro, Maids, MaidBrigade, The Cleaning Authority, and USA Clean Master.

Craigslist has a long history of listing job applications from people who once or part-time jobs completed. This can include a wide variety of house cleaning jobs for people who have the tools and transportation to get to the job on time.

One day you may be performing a deep cleaning. For example, after someone moves into a new apartment or after hosting a party. Another day you may simply be doing a standard cleaning. This helps a busy family stay on top of cleaning their home.

Most people who advertise these types of jobs invite cleaners to make a quote, so it is important to be competitive. It’s also a good idea to advertise your services on Craigslist to build a local client base and generate regular cleaning jobs. Just be aware of potential scams, use cash safely and confirm client details before doing any work.

Read our complete guide to Craigslist.

Wonolo is an amazing job board that is growing at lightning speed. Its recruitment model is simple and transparent, which is why customers consistently give high ratings to this app. When you face any difficulties, Wonolo’s friendly customer service is always there to help you.

busca casas para limpiar por tu cuenta con Wonolo
Wonolo App
The recruiting application team understands the market barriers that prevent job seekers and recruiters from getting a good opportunity. Companies want quality workers, and workers want trustworthy companies. Wonolo, which stands for «Work Now Locally,» provides a platform for both parties and helps talent reach their goal.

When you access the Wonolo app for iOS, Android, or, it means you have found a strong bridge between capability and growth. People from diverse backgrounds can access them and choose jobs and workers for their respective fields.

Open the app, choose jobs and if you want to try new things or change jobs, then the app has a variety of jobs for you. The applicant can find a stable and flexible job and choose part-time or hourly jobs.

Wonolo is currently available in Georgia, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Tennessee, Arizona, and Texas.

Read our full Wonolo review.

Thumbtack is a site that allows qualified professionals to post their specialties and bid on jobs of all types, including house cleaning.

Over 30,000 leads per day on Thumbtack.
No registration fee and no monthly subscription fee
You only pay when an interested client contacts you – starting at $1.50 per lead
It is possible to get a refund for the canceled job lead

The ThumbTack platform matches contractors with job opportunities in many different industries, such as office cleaning and house cleaning.

Each ThumbTack worker is an independent contractor over the age of 18 and must sign a formal contract. Other requirements may be necessary for certain types of work. As a cleaner, they are unlikely to apply to you.

ThumbTack has thousands of job openings at any given time and there are many cleaning jobs available.

All you have to do is register on the site. Fill out a detailed profile and they will match you with someone looking for your skills.

You pay a referral fee for each match. This is a small fee and the platform strives to get exact matches between clients and contractors.

Logging into the site allows you to review client job requests and offer a quote for your services. Thumbtack takes care of easy, secure online payment, so all you have to worry about is doing a great job.

There are two versions of the site, Thumbtack and Thumbtack pro. If you’re a local business owner or contractor, you’ll want to use Thumbtack Pro. If you’re a freelancer who wants to offer services yourself, you’ll want to use Thumbtack normal.

Read our complete guide to Thumbtack.

Full time or part-time? Just getting started with house cleaning jobs? You need a flexible option to fill those gaps in your schedule. is a great platform that can help you find the house cleaning jobs you need.

Signing up for HomeGuide is free. You can set your rates and connect with potential clients. Homeguide doesn’t charge you any subscription fees or commissions and you keep 100% of your earnings.

Read our full review of HomeGuide.

The Spotless app is another great resource for those looking for house cleaning or housekeeping jobs. The app matches homeowners with cleaners who are booked for work to clean a house.

Once the company receives a request, it queries its database to find a cleaner who is free to work in that time slot.

It’s a simple system. It’s fast, easy to use and the cleaner can earn about $10 per hour. The hours are flexible, which means you can easily work around your current commitments.

TaskRabbit allows people to accept jobs and miscellaneous tasks that users request through the app. This platform is very similar to Airtasker, which we have written about in the past.

There are many odd jobs available at any given time, including cleaning jobs.

These jobs can be of many types, from making light repairs to a house to running across town to waiting in line for a spot at an upcoming music concert.


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