Best Apps For House Plants

The right plant lighting, water, and soil are key to the success of any plant. But you don’t have to be a green thumb to achieve better results than your average office greener. It takes some work but you can keep your plants in top form all year long. Here are 10 best app recommendations for your house plants by Houseplant Guru Apps staff accountant Marigold Jest.

The Best Apps for Plant Care and Identification - Bob Vila

Best Apps For House Plants

Best overall: Planta
Free on iOS. In-app purchases available for premium features.

Your living room and bathroom might have different light exposures, and Planta helps you keep track of that.
Your living room and bathroom might have different light exposures, and Planta helps you keep track of that. Credit: Planta
Planta is a great one-stop-shop for all your plant problems — but only if you have the premium upgrade.

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Still, there’s plenty to love about what the app offers for free: You can log the different species of plants you have at home, manually keep track of the light intensity of the room in which they’re placed, and get push notifications about when you should water them based on the weather in your area. The app’s best free feature? Detailed instructions about different watering methods — water over the soil, bottom watering, or water bath — based on your baby’s needs.

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Looking for more? The premium version will give you a boatload of other helpful tools. With the upgrade, you’ll get fertilizing, misting, repotting, and pruning instructions and reminders. You’ll also get features that use your phone camera to automatically identify plant species and estimate the light levels in your rooms. But there’s more! You get overwintering instructions, care guides and articles, as well as plant recommendations based on your skills and your home’s environment.

The premium upgrade is available at $7.99 a month, $17.99 for three months, and $35.99 for a year.

Best free app: Florish
Free on iOS.

You have to pay extra to get a light meter on most apps. But you get that for free on Florish.
You have to pay extra to get a light meter on most apps. But you get that for free on Florish. Credit: Florish
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Florish may not have nearly as many features as Planta, but it’s got plenty of goodies for a completely free app.

Manually enter your plant babies’ species into the app, and you’ll get a brief description of what your plants should look like when they’re healthy, care instructions with their water and light preferences, and a list of common issues that cause them to fall ill. But the app doesn’t just tell you what your plants need; it also teaches you to fulfill those needs with watering reminders and plant care tips.

The light meter is what makes this app stands out, though. Not quite sure if your room has bright, medium, or low light? This feature uses the phone camera to estimate light intensity in different areas in your home and to recommend plants based on those light settings. But really, it’s just a useful tool for determining whether the plants you already have are getting the right amount of light. If you’re not a fan of camera-enabled light meter, you can also determine light levels around your home with a three-question plant quiz.

Best plant care app android

  1. Blossom
    3 Images
    Camera function in Blossom app
    Identification result in Blossom app
    Plant care advice in Blossom app
    This app is great for helping you identify your plants. It contains a database of over 10,000 plants you can identify via your own photos. These include leafy plants, flowers, succulents, and trees.

Thus, there’s no need to scroll through a list of plants trying to find the one that looks like yours, because you can simply take a picture of your own plant and easily upload it to the database. After this, the app will try to identify your plant, and it usually does well with this. Monsteras, Snake Plants, Bonsais, Hyacinths—this app can identify them all, and in good time.

However, be mindful that while the database may be large, it still has some limitations. Certain rare or less commercially available plants haven’t been uploaded to the database yet, so you may occasionally be unable to use this app for identification.

Also keep in mind that you can only snap three plants per day without paying for the premium version of the app. For the average plant owner, the free version should usually be enough. However, Blossom certainly makes up for any shortcomings with its other great features, such as watering reminders and useful plant facts.

Download: Blossom (Free, subscription available)

  1. PlantHub
    2 Images
    PlantHub water scheduling page
    PlantHub watering list
    PlantHub is great for scheduling your plant watering. If you own more than a few plants, you know how difficult it is to keep on top of when each one needs its dose of water. PlantHub makes this process easy by allowing you to create your own list of plants, with their own watering times and amounts.

Bear in mind that you need to know exactly which plants you have and when they require watering to use this app. But the ease with which it allows you to create a simple watering schedule makes it a useful addition to your phone.

Another great feature is the beautiful gallery of plant pictures that you can use as your phone wallpaper at no cost. From flowers, to trees, to stunning waterfalls, you can grab yourself a gorgeous wallpaper through PlantHub, on top of all the other great features offered.

Download: PlantHub (Free)

  1. Planta
    3 Images
    Planta plant location page
    Planta pot specification page
    Planta care commitment page
    Planta is the most in-depth in this list when it comes to your plant’s health. Before even adding your plant to your personal gallery, Planta will ensure it has all the necessary information on your green friend, including its location, its pot, and its last watering. Planta also focuses on you as a plant owner, collecting information on your own knowledge and commitment levels.

Once you’ve answered all the relevant questions, Planta allows you to add plants according to their location, such as the kitchen, living room, or porch. Planta categorizes your plants by location, making it easier for you to keep on top of which plants need care in each location. Planta will then advise you on when you water your plant, and allows you to upload your own pictures of your plant.

However, some features, such as fertilization advice, are limited to the app’s premium version. However, the app’s free version is great for most plant owners to start out with.

Download: Planta (Free, subscription available)

  1. Plantiary
    3 Images
    Plantiary plant watering list
    Plantiary plant care page
    Plantiary plant selection
    Plantiary offers a fully viewable schedule of plant watering—similar to any calendar app, but with a green twist. The app offers a list of plants, as well a search option for specific queries, so that you can find your plant and add it to your schedule.

Unlike some of the other apps mentioned here, Plantiary also offers a fertilization option. This allows you to choose if and when your plant needs to be fertilized, whether this fertilization repeats, and what time in the day you’d like a reminder.

The app does have a premium version that allows you to access such features as pruning, topdressing, and harvesting. But since those are usually for more advanced plant owners, the app’s free version is suitable for most beginner or intermediary plant parents.

Download: Plantiary (Free, subscription available)

  1. Wateria
    3 Images
    Wateria plant watering selection
    Wateria plant list
    Wateria identification option
    The last app on this list is great for organizing your watering schedule in style. Not only is Wateria colorful and enjoyable to look at, but it offers a super-simple process by which you can add plants to your watering list. It even offers a range of avatars that you can select for each plant.

Though this app doesn’t have some of the additional features of others we’ve looked at, like fertilization reminders or locational organization, it is perfect for those who want basic scheduling and reminder features without any of the added fuss. The app also offers a plant identification feature, though you are required to install Google Lens for it.


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