Best Apps For Houseplants

Best Apps For Houseplants is a blog with reviews and recommendations of best apps for improving the health, appearance and well-being of indoor plants. Here you can find useful tips, interesting trivia and real stories about healthy houseplants that become fantastic additions to a modern life. Each entry has pictures and descriptions of plants I have in my home office or apartment. The blog is suitable for all ages and most houseplants. Its mission is to help readers make informed decisions while shopping by giving them the information they need to choose the most appropriate plant and care program for their lifestyle in an entertaining, narrative way.

Best Apps For Houseplants

Best overall: Planta
Free on iOS. In-app purchases available for premium features.

Your living room and bathroom might have different light exposures, and Planta helps you keep track of that.
Your living room and bathroom might have different light exposures, and Planta helps you keep track of that. Credit: Planta
Planta is a great one-stop-shop for all your plant problems — but only if you have the premium upgrade.

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Still, there’s plenty to love about what the app offers for free: You can log the different species of plants you have at home, manually keep track of the light intensity of the room in which they’re placed, and get push notifications about when you should water them based on the weather in your area. The app’s best free feature? Detailed instructions about different watering methods — water over the soil, bottom watering, or water bath — based on your baby’s needs.

Looking for more? The premium version will give you a boatload of other helpful tools. With the upgrade, you’ll get fertilizing, misting, repotting, and pruning instructions and reminders. You’ll also get features that use your phone camera to automatically identify plant species and estimate the light levels in your rooms. But there’s more! You get overwintering instructions, care guides and articles, as well as plant recommendations based on your skills and your home’s environment.

The premium upgrade is available at $7.99 a month, $17.99 for three months, and $35.99 for a year.

Best free app: Florish
Free on iOS.

You have to pay extra to get a light meter on most apps. But you get that for free on Florish.
You have to pay extra to get a light meter on most apps. But you get that for free on Florish. Credit: Florish
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Florish may not have nearly as many features as Planta, but it’s got plenty of goodies for a completely free app.

Manually enter your plant babies’ species into the app, and you’ll get a brief description of what your plants should look like when they’re healthy, care instructions with their water and light preferences, and a list of common issues that cause them to fall ill. But the app doesn’t just tell you what your plants need; it also teaches you to fulfill those needs with watering reminders and plant care tips.

The light meter is what makes this app stands out, though. Not quite sure if your room has bright, medium, or low light? This feature uses the phone camera to estimate light intensity in different areas in your home and to recommend plants based on those light settings. But really, it’s just a useful tool for determining whether the plants you already have are getting the right amount of light. If you’re not a fan of camera-enabled light meter, you can also determine light levels around your home with a three-question plant quiz.

Most informative: Blossom
Free on iOS. In-app purchases available for premium upgrade.

Care guides for your plant babies? Check. Fun listicles for discovering new plants? Also check.
Care guides for your plant babies? Check. Fun listicles for discovering new plants? Also check. Credit: Blossom
If you’ve ever tried to Google a question about your plant, you’ve probably come across a few tips by The Spruce at some point. Good news: They have a whole app dedicated to your plant babies. And let me tell you, it’s oh-so neatly designed.

Best app for plant care

Tending after houseplants might offer you a reprieve from digital screens, but plant apps can actually be helpful resources for foliage enthusiasts. You’ve probably Googled a plant question and found yourself on a gardening subreddit before, but did you know that there are excellent plant apps out there that can help you troubleshoot plant problems and identify new plants? From PictureThis to Gardenia, here are the best apps to help you care for all of your greenery.

Taking picture of plants
Sid Verma/Unsplash
Whether you’re a new plant parent or a seasoned one browsing obscure plants at your local nursery, PictureThis will help you identify that mysterious houseplant labeled “tropical foliage.” After you snap a picture of your plant and upload it onto the app, you’ll get an ID as well as care tips. The app can diagnose plant problems and give you suggestions for treatments, too. You’ll also have the opportunity to browse through helpful plant guides and consult the app’s team of botanists for questions you might have. And, of course, you’ll be able to set reminders for watering, fertilizing, and other plant-related chores.

Where to download: App Store, Google Play

It happens to even the most diligent plant lovers: the days pass by, and your droopy plant on the brink of death reminds you that it desperately needs water. The Planta app might be your remedy if you worry about neglecting your plants. It allows you to set reminders for watering, fertilizing, cleaning, and repotting so that you’ll never forget about your plants again. The care recommendations, of course, differ based on where you live and the time of year. You can also upload pictures of your plants over time to track their growth patterns.

Where to download: App Store, Google Play

It doesn’t get any more intuitive than PlantSnap, which is perfect for identifying plants when you’re out and about. The name says it all: You snap a picture of your plant, and you’ll get the intel you need. As soon as you load up the app, it takes you straight to a camera where you can take a picture of the plant you’re trying to identify. There are 600,000 plants in its database, and the app can identify up to 90 percent of known plant species. Once it identifies the plant, it’ll show you the name as well as a link to with information about it. Plus, PlantSnap also lists places where you can shop the plant online!

Where to download: App Store, Google Play

benefits of gardening
Juice Flair/Shutterstock
Gardeners can use the Gardenia app to explore the watering, fertilizing, and potting requirements their plants need. While you can use the app for your indoor plants, it’s primarily a helpful tool for outdoor gardeners. It has a charming interface with a garden manager that you can use to set task reminders. You can also use the app to explore gardening tips for thousands of plants. Gardenia features a weather monitor that uses your location to give you customized gardening information based on your temperature, humidity, and rain levels.

Where to download: App Store, Google Play

Bloomscape’s Vera offers a clean, easy-to-navigate interface for documenting all your houseplants. Using Vera is like keeping a plant journal where you can write out your thoughts about your foliage and document photos of them. When you click into your plant pages, you can do all of this on top of customizing schedules for watering, fertilizing, and more. Each page also comes with easy-to-follow guides from Bloomscape’s in-house experts for keeping your green friends healthy.

Where to download: Google Play, App Store

New houseplant collectors will definitely find a use for Florish. Growing houseplants can be very intimidating at first, so begin your houseplant journey by taking quizzes from Florish to figure out which plants will work for your space. If you’ve already got a few plants, browse through the app for information on keeping them alive. Florish also features a light meter to help you understand what kind of plants will work for your lighting situation. The app is relatively new, so its developers are still adding more indoor and outdoor plants. Florish’s “Discover” section is also handy for tips and design trends to help you properly situate your houseplants. Just keep in mind that this app is currently only available through the App Store.

Where to download: App Store

Using apps can feel counterintuitive for an earthy hobby like gardening, but many offer helpful information and systems to help you stay on track of your plant care routine. The larger your plant collection becomes, the more you’ll want a way to catalog them and set care reminders. Whether you’re looking to identify strange new plants or want to maintain a consistent plant-tending schedule, there’s an app out there that will cater to your foliage-related needs!


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