Best Apps For Professional Photography

If you’re a serious photographer, your phone is probably a big part of your workflow. And the right apps can make sure it’s not just a big part, but a fast, easy, and seamless part of your workflow.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite apps for professional photographers here. We hope you find them useful!

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Best Apps For Professional Photography

The camera has become an essential element of the modern smartphone. And now it’s not just the camera. Smartphones are fast becoming hubs for the whole photographic process. With the right apps, you can take a photo, edit it, and publish it online.

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If you want to boost your smartphone photography game, we’ve got the apps you need to know about. If you wish to take photos, edit images, or share them online, we have the best apps for photographers available today.

a smartphone photographer takes a portrait of a woman sitting in the passenger seat of a car
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Best Apps For Photographers in 2022
We’ll take you through our top picks for the must-have photography apps. And to help you find what you need, we’ve broken it down into categories.

We have photography apps for taking photos. There are photo editing apps. And there are apps for sharing and finding photography work.

Best Camera Apps for Photographers

  1. Bacon Camera
    screenshot of the user interface on the Bacon Camera app for photographers

It has an unusual name, that’s for sure. But Bacon Camera is one of the best photography apps a smartphone photographer can download.

Bacon Camera gives you excellent control when you’re taking photos. Much like with a DSLR, you can adjust settings like ISO, white balance, and exposure compensation.

You can shoot in JPEG form. But if you want to edit your photos afterwards, Bacon Camera also has RAW file support.

Android users will have a blast with this app. But if you’re an iPhone user, you’ll have to keep reading.

  1. Camera +2
    screenshot of the user interface on the Camera +2 camera app for photographers

For iOS users, Camera +2 is the hottest camera app for mobile photography. As with Bacon Camera, you’ll have excellent manual control of the camera. You can adjust ISO, shutter speed, and white balance.

You get a good range of preset options for different types of photography, meaning you can master everything from portrait to macro photography.

Camera +2 allows you to shoot in RAW format, which is great for editing your photos. And you can edit photos in-app. The editing options are solid but a bit basic. It is more of a camera app rather than a photo editor.

  1. Camera Zoom FX Premium
    an online advertisement and display of the user interface for the Camera Zoom FX Premium app for photographers

The stock camera app on Android phones can produce great photos. But Camera Zoom FX Premium puts the creative power in your hands. It’s another photo app that operates like a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

You control the basic camera settings, like ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. And the app has a straightforward interface that’s easy to navigate. It’s easy for beginners to get started.

There’s a 50fps burst for action and sports photography. And you get RAW file support for better editing options. You can edit in-app, adding tilt-shift effects and colour transformations.

The app isn’t free, and it’s only available for Android. But many photographers will consider the price worth paying.

  1. Moment Pro Camera
    screenshots displaying some of the features available on the Moment Pro Camera app for photographers

Pro Camera is another camera app for iPhone users with manual controls for high-quality mobile photography.

You have control over the exposure elements, like ISO and shutter speed. It has the functions of a DSLR but with an easy to use smartphone interface.

There’s a burst mode, time-lapse, and cinematic video modes that make a well-rounded app for all kinds of photographers. The RAW file support is another feature that will have photographers smiling.

It’s not a free app. But for iPhone users, it’s one of the best camera apps available right now.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Camera
    screenshots showing off some of the features you get on the Adobe Photoshop Camera app for photographers

When you see the name Adobe Photoshop, expectations will be high. And with this mobile app for iOS and Android, Adobe doesn’t disappoint.

Adobe Photoshop camera is made for social media users. All the presets and filters are designed to boost your online content. Influencer-inspired portrait and selfie options give smooth bokeh effects or remove unwanted shadows.

But it’s not just about selfies, as there are options for landscapes and street photography too. The sophisticated AI system helps you achieve the shots you want.

It’s a free app that’s available for iOS and Android. There are some in-app purchases if you want to upgrade.

a smartphone photographer captures a night scene of illuminated buildings
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Photo Editing Apps for Photographers

  1. Adobe Lightroom Mobile
    screenshots showing off some of the features you get on the Adobe Lightroom Mobile app for photographers

Adobe Lightroom is one of the biggest names in photo editing. It’s one of the leading programs for professional photographers. And for editing on your mobile phone, Lightroom Mobile is the best there is.

Lightroom Mobile is a stripped-down version of the computer program. The photo editing app is packed with presets that give your photos a solid and consistent look.

The preset options are great for quick editing. But you can also use the sophisticated curve modes for advanced photo editing. They allow you to adjust contrast, midtones, and colour.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile is free to download for iOS and Android users. And there are in-app purchases for more features at a reasonable price.

  1. Snapseed
    screenshots showing off some of the features you get on the Snapseed camera editing app for photographers

Snapseed goes far beyond your basic photo editing app. It has features you would only otherwise find on a computer software suite. Professional photographers will love this app. And it’s not too complicated for beginners.

The interface is intuitive and easy to understand. You can find the tool you need without getting lost in a maze of menus. And there are a lot of editing tools to choose from.

You don’t need a fancy camera app to accompany this editor, as Snapseed works well with your native camera app. In the editing process, you can change the white balance, brightness, and exposure.

Snapseed gives you a superb selection of brushes for healing and disguising imperfections. And there’s a great selection of preset filters too.

It’s free for iOS and Android smartphones.

  1. Pixlr
    digital add showing the screenshots of the user interface and showing some of the features you get on the Pixlr camera app for photographers

Pixlr is one of the most versatile photo editing apps available. It appeals to serious photographers who want to enhance their images carefully. And it has plenty of features for people who want to have a bit of fun when editing photos.

You can add text, labels, or paint directly onto your photos. You can remove sections or pixelate areas of your images, and you get the usual crop and rotate editing tools.

Removing blemishes and red-eye is simple. And you can change the tone and feel of your photos with their overlays. Their double exposure feature is also great fun.

The app is free to download for Android and iOS users.

  1. VSCO
    screenshots and features you get on the VSCO camera editing app for photographers

VSCO is a photo editing app all serious smartphone photographers need to consider. It has fantastic functions and features that produce wonderful results.

You can enhance your photographs with the VSCO presets, which is a fast and easy way to give your images a boost. The creative tools include contrast and saturation adjustments. And you can add grain and fade to mimic analogue photos.

If you upgrade to the advanced level, you’ll have film imitation settings. You can transform your smartphone pictures into Kodak Colorplus 200 prints.

VSCO is available for iOS and Android. There’s a free version, which is fine for getting started. But if you’re serious about editing photos, you’ll have to pay for the advanced membership to access their full range of features.

  1. Afterlight
    screenshots of the user interface display for the Afterlight photo editing app for photographers

For professional and enthusiast photographers, Afterlight is worth a look. The interface is minimalist and stripped-back. They’re not trying to over-compensate with flashy gimmicks. Afterlight lets their tools speak for themselves.

There is an excellent array of preset for fast editing. Smartphone photographers new to editing will love these when they’re starting out. But the hand tools are where Afterlight comes into its own.

On top of the cropping and rotating tools, you have 15 adjustments tools and 66 textures you can apply to your photos. They give you precise control over the editing process.

Afterlight is free for Android and iOS.

  1. Mexture
    screenshots and feature displays of the Mexture photo editing app for photographers

Mexture allows you to give your photography a whole new look. It’s a photo editing app with a massive catalogue of filters and overlays.

There are film grain, dust textures, and light-leak effects for that retro photo look. There are over 150 textures to choose from. The editing tools are excellent, allowing you to change white balance and contrast with a few clicks.

It isn’t the most advanced photo editing app on the list. It’s not an app for professional touch-ups. But the catalogue of textures is excellent, and it’s sure to spice up your social media content.

Mexture is only available on iOS. You have to pay to download, and there are also in-app purchases for extra features.

a photographer uses his smartphone to take a photo of a cityscape
© Charlotte Butcher (
Best Photography Assistant Apps

  1. Pocket Light Meter
    screenshots and features of the Pocket Light Meter smartphone camera app for photographers

Pocket Light Meter doesn’t need much explaining. It’s a light meter app that you can download to your phone for free.

It’s a must-have app for film photographers, especially if you’re using medium or large format. Pocket Light Meter is simple, easy to use, and a vital piece of software for any photoshoot.

  1. The Photographer’s Ephemeris
    advert of some of the features of the The Photographer’s Ephemeris camera app for photographers

If you’re a photographer who does many outdoor photoshoots, the Photographer’s Ephemeris is a must-have photography app. It lets you know how light will fall on an area of land at any given time and date.

It’s a calculator that takes information from the position of the sun, moon, and stars. It lets you know which days are best for shooting and at what time. And it allows you to prepare for the conditions.

It’s available for iOS systems. There’s a one-time payment and other in-app purchases.

  1. PhotoPills
    a digital advert of the features you get on the PhotoPills camera app for photographers

PhotoPills works in much the same way as The Photographer’s Ephemeris, only this is exclusive to Android phones.

It calculates the positions of the sun, moon, and stars so you can plan your photoshoots for the best shots. It’s especially useful for landscapes and sunset photography.

There’s a one-time payment to buy the app, and there are in-app purchases available.

a photographer uses a smartphone to capture a vibrant sunset
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Photo Sharing Apps for Photographers

  1. Flickr
    screenshots and features you get on the Flickr photo sharing platform

Flickr has been around for a long time. And it remains one of the most popular photo-sharing platforms, especially with professional and enthusiast photographers.

If you specialise in a specific area of photography, or if you want to get started in that area, you can join the community on Flickr. If you like landscape photography, you can share your work with other landscape photographers.

Flickr is for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or a professional photographer. You can create a free account, which allows you a 1,000 post limit. If that’s not enough, you can pay for an unlimited account.

  1. 500xp
    an advert displaying the features you get on the 500px photo sharing platform

500xp is a social network designed for practising photographers. There are thousands of users worldwide, and they’re all encouraged to publish their best photography work.

There are quests and photo contests you can enter. They’ll help challenge your skills and give you more exposure on the platform.

It’s free to sign up, and the app is available on iOS and Android.

  1. Instagram
    screenshot and features you get on the instagram social media platform

Just in case you haven’t heard of Instagram, it’s a social media app designed for sharing images. Much of the content is memes and influencers, so it’s not exactly a photography app. But many photographers find great exposure by using the app.

It’s free to download, and there are no post limits. You can increase your social media exposure by posting Instagram stories.

a smartphone photographer snaps a photo of a live concert
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Smartphone photography is no longer the joke it once was. It’s a serious business, and there are plenty of mobile apps for photographers of all levels.

There are photography apps for taking pictures or for editing photos. You have apps for helping you with your photoshoots and for sharing your best work.

This is our list of the best apps for photographers available today. And we hope you’ve found what you needed.

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photography apps for beginners

Photography is a great way to express yourself, and there are lots of mobile apps available to help you learn photography skills. Most of these apps offer a variety of tutorials by different experts, while others feature just one program.

Here are the best mobile apps to help you learn photography. Whichever one you choose to use, you can expect professional guidance from expert instructors to help you become a better photographer.

  1. Elements of Photography
    Elements of photography illustration screen
    Elements of Photography is a mobile guide to learning photography. It is appropriate for beginners and advanced users.

You can start learning with illustrations and guides that help you practice in real-time. Also, the app features 2 chapters on the basics and other chapters about Camera Modes, Flash Photography, and Videography.

You’ll be able to test your knowledge at the end of each lesson with a quiz and an advanced level test. Most importantly, the app features tools like a Depth of Field (DoF) Calculator and an Exposure Value (EV) Table/Chart. It also offers a lot of tips to help develop your photography skills.

However, when using the free version of the app, you’ll only have access to the first chapter of the program. You can acquire the rest of the app’s features as in-app purchases.

Download: Elements of Photography for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

  1. Photography Tutorials
    3 Images
    Photography tutorials home screen
    Photography tutorials tutorial screen
    Photography tutorials lesson screen
    Photography Tutorials is considered the largest mobile repository of online tutorials on photography. It features tutorials covering topics relevant to every level of experience, from beginner to professional.

You can find content on just about any subject in photography from the app’s curated list. The app has all the tutorials arranged based on the subject they address. The subject categories you’ll find include Photography Concepts, Camera and Equipment, and so on.

Each featured tutorial has the URL to the website highlighted. However, it lets you open them in-app. You can also comb through the app’s numerous content for any specific tutorial by using the Search feature.

You’ll find Photography Tutorials very useful, although it doesn’t include tests or a certification.

Download: Photography Tutorials for Android (Free)

  1. YouTube
    3 Images
    Youtube search screen
    Youtube search result screen
    Youtube video screen
    YouTube is a large hub of content for learning just anything. Which makes it a great place for you to start learning photography if you’re on a budget.

YouTube provides you a continuous stream of video content by professional photographers, agencies, and even big organizations. You can get started by just inputting “learn photography” in the app’s search bar.

The app lets you find photography channels you can subscribe to, and get an alert whenever there’s new content for you as you learn. You can learn for free using YouTube, although it doesn’t offer any certificates.

Also, you can save photography videos to watch later. You can leave comments or ask questions in the comments section and get constructive responses from the content creator and other professionals.

Download: YouTube for Android | iOS (Free, in-purchases available)

  1. Udemy
    3 Images
    Udemy home screen
    Udemy download settings
    Udemy learning reminder screen
    Udemy is an online learning platform that features numerous video courses, including some on photography. You can find and start learning from photography experts on Udemy at discounted prices.

Learning on Udemy can be quite seamless with the Download feature. With this feature, you can download and save your lessons to your mobile for offline study. In addition to that, you can take notes while taking your lessons in-app using the Notes feature.

You can also set reminders for your lessons using the Learning Reminder feature. The settings let you choose what days and times you’ll like to get prompts to do your lessons.

Udemy issues you a Certificate of Completion when you successfully complete your course. Some instructors also add a perk like skill endorsement on LinkedIn to help boost your credibility.

Download: Udemy for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases are available)

  1. SkillShare
    3 Images
    Skillshare categories screen
    Skillshare projects screen
    Skillshare discussions screen
    SkillShare is an app dedicated to learning creative skills. Learning photography on this app would be a wonderful experience. Besides, photography is one of its most popular categories alongside animation, graphics design, etc.

You can get access to courses on portrait photography, smartphone photography, or any other kind of photography you wish to learn. The app features long extensive courses. It also offers subject or concept-based videos as short as three minutes.

Then again, the courses include a Project feature that allows you to share your projects. It also has a Discussions feature, where you can interact with the instructors and other students. While you don’t get a Certification of Completion from learning with this app, you’ll have finished projects for your portfolio.

Furthermore, to fully participate in a photography course on this app, you have to subscribe to the premium class.

Download: SkillShare for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases are available)

  1. Coursera
    3 Images
    coursera search screen
    coursera courses screen
    coursera financial aid application screen
    Cousera gives you access to a platform with photography resources for your learning. Photography courses on Coursera are mostly designed by the world’s leading art colleges, universities, and industry professionals.

The app offers regular courses and specialization programs in photography for all learning levels. It delivers lessons as videos and may include audio and PDF documents, depending on the course’s design.

Every course includes regular tests, projects, a certificate, and a community for interaction to help speed up your growth. Although this app offers paid courses, you can access a course’s material by using the Audit Course feature. However, to receive a Certificate of Completion, you have to pay for the privilege.

You can also get a partial scholarship in some courses with the Financial Aid Available attribution.

Download: Coursera for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

  1. LinkedIn Learning
    3 Images
    linkedin learning home screen
    linkedin learning courses screen
    linkedin learning lessons screen
    LinkedIn Learning is an e-learning app that helps you learn photography and get regular tips from professionals. You can download the course videos on your mobile, although the courses are completely online.

Companies, agencies, professionals, and institutes design the photography courses that are available on this app. These courses are delivered as videos but may also include support materials like audio and editable PDF documents for projects.

In the end, you earn at least one certificate. On top of that, you might be on your way to landing your first side gig or job, by leveraging the app’s broad community of professionals on LinkedIn.

Although there are free courses available, this app features mostly paid courses. However, you can get a one-month free trial for premium as a first-time user.

Download: LinkedIn Learning for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Learn Photography at Your Pace, Fast or Slow
Learning with any of these apps is self-paced, which means you can develop your photography skills at the speed that suits you. However, when using the apps, always check reviews by other users before enrolling for any course to ensure that it’s the best option for you.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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