Best Apps For Instagram Unfollowers

If you want to grow your Instagram account, increase your Instagram followers and be more powerful on Instagram you’re going to need apps. There are lots of apps in Instagram, but if you are looking for the best apps you should know that some applications are very helpful for your Instagram business. Here are some great tools for your business:

How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

Best Apps For Instagram Unfollowers

  1. Followers Insight for Instagram
    Followers Insight – Play Store | App Store

It is one of the apps that even some of our teammates tried using at some point ?
We were surprised to not find even this app in the list of the authorized apps for Instagram. Follower Insight for Instagram provides multiple features to its users like check who follows you Instagram, who unfollows you on Instagram, etc.

(Available on iOS, Android. Installs: 10,000,000+)

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  1. FollowMeter for Instagram
    FollowMeter – Play Store | App Store

It claims to provide the simplest way to manage your Instagram followers. Their powerful analytics allow you to access deep insights into your Instagram account, monitor your follower growth and manage your account effectively, but they have your password! ?

(Available on iOS, Android. Installs: 1,000,000+)

  1. Unfollowers & ghost followers
    Unfollowers & Ghost Followers – No more supported by Play Store and App Store

This application is also available on the play store. What they frame about themselves will surely attract the users “Find your Unfollowers & Ghost Followers on Instagram and more! Totally Free! No limits!”. Remember, there’s no way to know your Ghost followers. ?

(Available on Android. Installs: 1,000,000+)

  1. Reports+ for Instagram
    Reports – Play Store | App Store

The application Reports+ Followers Analytics for Instagram frames itself to be the most advanced, fastest and the most secure Instagram follower analysis tool in Play Store and AppStore. And they had the best Fake Instagram login page we’ve ever seen! They even have written it down in bold that Instagram manages your password and we don’t store them, but then why don’t you list up under Authorized apps? ?

(Available on iOS, Android. Installs: 500,000+)

  1. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers for Instagram
    Unfollowers & Ghost Followers for Instagram – Play Store | Not on App Store

This app assures the users by framing (“Get the best and most beautiful Instagram management tool on your Android device”) over the web.?

(Available on Android. Installs: 500,000+)

  1. Follower tool for Instagram
    Follower tool for Instagram – Not on Play Store | Not on App Store

The Followers Tool for Instagram application frames that “You are at the right place if you want to unfollow your unfollowers automatically.” This app tracks your unfollowers (And your passwords and usernames too!), automatically unfollows your lists, makes bulk operations and unfollows all your lists. All of this automation can get your profile suspended forever. ?

(Available on iOS, Android. Installs: 1,000,000+)

  1. Unfollowers for Instagram, Lost
    Unfollowers for Instagram – Play Store | Not on App Store

This application helps you to find unfollowers (non-followers or lost followers) on Instagram. They even state that “They provide a Login using your Instagram account username and password (Instagram API auth used).” No, we caught your lie! ??

(Available on Android. Installs: 100,000+)

  1. Likes & who viewed for Instagram
    Likes & who viewed for Instagram – No more supported by Play store and App Store

This app states that if you want to become popular on Instagram, then this app is created specifically for you! It was created for a convenient service to track follows and followers for Instagram and analyze their pages. Sounds nice, nah! ??

(Available on Android. Installs: 100,000+)

  1. Unfollow Users for Instagram
    Unfollow Users for Instagram – Play Store | Not on App Store

With this app, you can unfollow the users you are following. This app assures the users that it is very easy and quick to unfollow users. And it is free for you to use!??

(Available on Android. Installs: 100,000+)

  1. Followers Chief
    Followers Chief – Play Store | Not on App Store

With this application, you can see who stopped following you. “Followers Chief” states that it is simple and without ads. ?

Check unfollowers instagram online free

  1. You Have Bought Followers
    Don’t buy followers on Instagram, it will affect your account’s credibility
    Did you purchase the services of someone who promised to get you thousands or millions of followers for a few dollars? Instagram frowns upon such manipulation, which usually involves a bunch of bots and fake accounts.

Instagram regularly purges such accounts and so that might be a reason your follower count has dropped. Don’t rely on these services, they are a waste of money and affect credibility.

  1. You Have Been Shadow Banned
    Instagram dark mode phone
    Trying to game the Instagram ecosystem can result in your account getting a “shadow ban”. This means that while the app functions normally for you, Instagram deliberately hides your posts or puts them in the lowest priority. A shadow ban could render your account and hard work useless.

Instagram will shadow ban those accounts trying to manipulate the system by buying followers or using third-party cheats. You’ll find apps and services that automatically like and comment on your posts, or drive up other engagement in fake ways. Avoid these at all costs.

You can check whether you’ve been shadow banned by asking your friend to unfollow you and then search for one of the hashtags you’ve added under your post. If your post is found in the hashtag, that means your account is safe.

  1. You Are Posting Too Often or Too Infrequently
    instagram deleted posts
    If you post too often, followers will get tired of your pictures spamming their timeline. This is especially true for sponsored posts and brand engagements. On the other hand, if you post too infrequently, followers will think you aren’t worth subscribing to.

It’s a difficult balance to maintain, but there isn’t a golden rule or a recommended number to adhere to. It’s something you will have to figure out with your own followers.

How To Restore Instagram Posts You Accidentally Deleted

The new mantra among social media experts is consistency beats frequency: i.e. figure out a post schedule that you can maintain consistently.

  1. You’re Making Basic Instagram Mistakes
    Someone using Instagram on mobile
    These three are the major reasons for losing followers, but there are several other factors that can cause people to unfollow you. For example:

Posting about topics that are irrelevant to your brand.
Posting about controversial topics that divide people’s opinions.
Not engaging with commenters on posts.
Posting without the right hashtags or with poor captions.
Posting sub-par photos and not editing them well.


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