Best Apps For Invitations

We were the first and the biggest web-portal to offer a comprehensive list of best apps for invitations creation. With over 200 listed there are more than enough options to choose from. Because we know that being cost-efficient is important, we have also found low-cost apps. Our audience expects to read all the details they need to find in order to decide whether or not to download or use an app.

Best Apps For Invitations

  1. Canva
    Starting off our list we have Canva, one of the best design tools. It is available directly on the cloud, which means that the users can access it from any device for free, using any of the best web browsers, all the while offering a Pro plan for those who want to use it to its full extent. If you want to get more from it, learn here how to use Canva!

It is perfect if you want to create flyers, logos, posters, and, of course, invites. Canva offers several different pre-made templates that you can easily and quickly edit, or, if you want something entirely your own, you can create it from scratch!

Follow this link to learn more about this app.

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Canva apps to make invites

  1. Adobe Spark
    Spark is by far one of the best banner maker apps and, of course, you can also easily use it to create your own invitations. It can be used on the web, and it also offers apps for Android and iOS devices alike. Unlike some of the most complex options by Adobe, such as Photoshop or Illustrator, Spark is incredibly easy-to-use and intuitive.

Start using this tool on its free plan and, should you like the results, you’ll be able to acquire one of the plans offered by the company. To see more about Adobe Spark, follow this link to go to the official website.

Adobe Spark apps to make invites

  1. Adobe Illustrator
    Of course we had to also talk about Adobe Illustrator – especially geared towards those who are more knowledgeable and experienced in design. Illustrator is an extremely complete tool.

Here, you will be able to create all sorts of arts you could need, such as home design and, of course, invites. It can be considered to be the top app to do this type of work.

Unfortunately, not only is Illustrator paid, it isn’t really that straightforward to use. Even so, if you’re interested in something more professional or if you want to practice and try to learn it, you can just follow this link to go to Adobe’s page and download its free evaluation version.

Adobe Illustrator apps to make invites

  1. PlaceIt
    PlaceIt is not specifically one of the apps to make invites, but it is one of the best and most complete options when it comes to image designs. Here, even amateurs can create designs that look professionally-made, making your posts and invites that much better and more valuable. You can even make Instagram highlight covers with it!

While it is geared towards businesses, there’s nothing stopping the regular person from using it. It’s possible to even create ads to post on other platforms! It offers over 20 thousand pre-made templates, which helps out a lot in the creative process.

Everything you find here is made by professional designers, which means everyone will have access to the best designs. To start using it by creating your own free account, follow this link!

PlaceIt apps to make invites

  1. Smilebox
    Developed to help you create invites and keep track of them, Smilebox has some really cool different features. Not only does it have thousands of templates for its users to use, it lets you create your design in only four steps and the app even lets you make changes to remind people about the event!

The main goal of this tool is sending invites digitally, but if you want to print out the results, there’s nothing stopping you. Follow this link to see how easy it is to make your invites here!

  1. Greetings Island
    The Invitation Maker tool developed by Greetings Island is another of the best options among the apps to make invites. It offers a lot of different models and subcategories such as, for instance, 1 year anniversary, children’s birthdays, adults’ birthdays, wedding invitations, graduations, and a lot more.

Just like is the case on most other tools, all you need is to select from the premade templates and then edit the elements found in the image, such as positioning, texts, numbers, colors, and more. Go to the official website to try it out right now!

Greetings Island

  1. Evite
    Evite is another phenomenal option among the apps to make invites. It is especially made to let you create event cards or invites for anything quickly and easily. On the website, you’ll be able to explore the several different categories with premade templates and choose according to your needs, such as birthday parties, kids, sports, seasons of the year, weddings, business, and more.

If you don’t want to choose a template, it’s also possible to create your own invitation without using anything (from scratch!). Go to the website to use it online or to download the Android or the iOS apps!

  1. Invitd
    Invitd lets you create new invites and send them through text messages, and it also makes it much easier to keep track of how many people have RSVP’d. It has a really simple interface and, if you want a physical version of the invite, you can also generate the file for printing.

It is also possible to ad your own pictures and images to the invite to customize them more thoroughly. Invitd is available for free to be downloaded on the Play Store or on the App Store!

  1. Paperlesspost
    As the name itself might already indicate, Paperlesspost’s idea and goal is to create digital invites, without the need for any printing. Using it, you can create templates for parties, professionals, weddings, anniversaries, weddings, and more. It also offers a panel to keep track of those who have already RSVP’d.

Not only can you edit these premade templates, if you already have a design of your own you can upload it to edit it afterward on the platform. Follow this link to learn more about it.

  1. Venngage
    Venngage is a company specialized in creating infographs and design models and, of course, they also offer apps to make invites. By using this platform, you will be able to edit anything, ranging from primary colors to invite templates, and even the finishing touches.

The app is incredibly robust, but it still manages to be incredibly practical and intuitive. You’ll be able to export the result as an image, a vector, or a PDF. Start using it right now directly on the web!

Best app for invitations via text

  1. Invitation Maker & Card Design
    Invitation Maker & Card Design has multiple themes for selection
    Photo from Greetings Island on Google Play Store

The types of occasions that require invitations seem endless. So, why not get an invitation maker app that covers all of those for you? If you love that idea, try Invitation Maker & Card Design on Android and Invitation Card Maker Studio, its counterpart on iOS.

Whatever version you have, the app makes it easy to switch from a design for one event to another. With clickable, organized themes labeled Party, Birthday, Wedding, Bridal Shower, and more, you’re guaranteed to be directed to a set of templates suitable for the occasion. Once you’ve selected a digital invitation or greeting card style, adding text, photos, and effects, and even editing the actual design can be done in a few clicks.

The card styles in the invitation maker app range from casual to formal. Moreover, all look professionally made. That means you can encourage more visitors or participants to your event using your work — even if you are not an artist or graphic designer. Best of all, the templates are free. You have the option to go for the premium features via in-app purchases anytime.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on App Store

  1. Punchbowl: Invites & eCards
    Punchbowl lets you manage your party headcount
    Photo from Punchbowl on App Store
    Punchbowl isn’t only like a magical bowl where you can scoop thousands of invitation card designs. It’s also like your party manager.

The invitation maker app follows your set time for sending your invites, responses, and follow-ups via email or text. It can also monitor the party headcount and gather potluck suggestions, helping you host the best event.

As for the design options, they’re categorized per occasion and by popularity. There is a good choice for you, whether you want to use tried-and-tested styles or something unique. What’s more, the templates are editable, truly letting you create your own invitations.

Punchbowl is free, and its paid subscriptions are worth it. You can get ad-free exclusive content, video message, co-host collaboration, and poll support on the premium tiers.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on App Store

  1. Invitation Maker – Card Design
    Invitation Maker – Card Design offers ad-like designs
    Photo from Photo Studio & Picture Editor Lab on Google Play Store

You might think your card won’t be that unique if you’re using an invitation maker app with ready templates. But with Invitation Maker – Card Design, that’s not the case. The app offers more than 5,000 invitation designs on top of customization features, so you’ll rarely come across a digital post that looks like yours.

Design-wise, the invitation maker app’s template pool is not limited to your typical minimalist card styles. It has full-color options that almost look like full-blown print ads. All that’s needed is your catchy tagline and event details, and the invites are already good for printing or sharing to your social media accounts directly from the app. You can even re-edit your work by cropping it, adding stickers or backgrounds, and more.

Invitation Maker – Card Design is a versatile Android- and iOS-ready app. It’s free to use, although there are subscriptions for pro features.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on App Store

  1. Canva
    Canva is an all-around design app
    Photo from Canva on Google Play Store
    Canva is a top-notch app in the design category. It’s also among many people’s favorite invitation creator apps. Although invitations are only a fraction of its design templates, we think you’ll be encouraged to design your cards from scratch on Canva.

Why? The app is just like Adobe Photoshop on PC — only made mobile- and beginner-friendly. With it, you can create cards and banners even on the go. It’s truly a treat for budding and expert designers.

What’s more, Canva supports audio and video content. It’s perfect for going all-digital with your invitations. Also, it’s free with optional in-app purchases.

Now interested? Click the buttons below and head to our online guide to using the Canva app, too.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on App Store

  1. Evite
    Evite helps you manage your even easily
    Photo from Evite on Google Play Store
    Evite is another invitation maker app that moonlights as an event organizer. With it, you’ll get guests and participants for your events in no time.

How? The app lets you choose your invitation card from a plethora of designs. It also makes the follow-up or reminder work convenient through SMS, email, and social media. And if you are juggling multiple parties or events, you’ll appreciate that it lists all of those and curates your creations in-app. No need to switch from calendar apps to design apps to monitor and complete projects.

Evite also takes into account that the fun does not end as the party ends. So, it supports the sharing of memorable moments, social media-style. That way, you can interact with your guests even after the party or re-evaluate your event’s success easily.


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