Best Apps For Invoices Iphone

Freelance invoice app. It include signature, paypal, stripe and venmo integration. App design is super simple and the best part is the low price. This free invoice generator app has the perfect balance between a minimalist approach and capabilities of creating professional invoices. There are no unnecessary or flashy elements in it, just an elegant interface with simple functions.

Top 5 Best Invoice App for iPhone and iPad 2022

Best Apps For Invoices Iphone

  1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is one of the famous invoicing apps for iPhone in the market. Also, it is supposed to be the best cloud solutions for small businessmen. FreshBooks is also popular for making client invoicing and time tracking efficient.

FreshBooks iPhone invoice apps allow you to operate your business from any location and at any instant of time with the help of your mobile phone. Moreover, It is compatible with iOS as well as Android platform.

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A quick look at the benefits of FreshBooks

It takes billing at one level up.
Really cares about innovative ideas.
Can easily track working time and expenses collectively.
Gives you unlimited access to your data.
Moreover, the pricing plan for this app is as follows:

30 Days Free Trial
LITE – $15 per month
PLUS – $25 per month
PREMIUM – $50 per month
For more details:

  1. Invoicera

Invoicera is easy to use, it is the world’s #1 online invoicing app for professional people, invoicing programs for small business and enterprises. It is the ideal invoicing app for lawyers, web developers, consultants, small businesses and enterprises of varying size.It also customizes billing software as per enterprises needs.

One who wants to send invoices to clients can take advantage of this amazing invoicing app for iPhone. Moreover, it is a feature rich and multi-dimensional invoicing app. It has more than 2 million happy customers. As it is compatible with iOS, it is also popular as iPhone invoice app.

A quick look at the benefits of Invoicera

Easy documentation & communication management.
Allows you to add single/group taxes.
Over 30+ online payment gateways integrated.
Allows you to automate late fee in order to get paid faster.
It has an In-house Invoice approval process.
It has custom templates feature.
Invoicera also provides you customized invoicing software on demand of particular enterprise.

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And the pricing plan for this app is as follows:

Lifetime Free Trial
PRO PLAN – $15 per month
BUSINESS PLAN- $29 per month
INFINITE- $149 per month
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  1. Xero

Xero is one of the leading invoicing apps in the market. With the passage of time, this app is becoming popular. Moreover, this app seems quite helpful in fulfilling the accounting and invoicing requirements of businesses of every size.

According to Finances online, 4,75,000 businesses have used this app. A person with no technical knowledge can also use this app easily. Xero app gives you the chance of extending its usefulness from all aspects. It is compatible with iOS as well as Android platform.

A quick look at the benefits of Xero

Painless Setup, you can take control through a single dashboard
Easy and quick transactions, It allows you to edit all purchase files in seconds.
Gives you a real overview of your business’s present financial health.
Xero processes and runs payrolls.
Pricing plan :

STARTER – $9 per month
STANDARD – $30 per month
PREMIUM 10 – $70 per month
For more details:

  1. Wave

Wave is one of the leading invoicing apps. It is free and most suitable for all those small businesses that have less than 10 employees. Also, with this app, accounting and invoicing processes are quite simple.

Moreover, It allows users to avoid various distractions that come into existence while monitoring expenses, chasing payments and managing employees and taxes. And if we talk about compatibility, this wave app is quite compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

Please have a look at the various benefits that you get while you use Wave:

This software is Free of cost.
For small startups, freelancing professionals and consultants, it is best.
Gives you simplified incoming and expense tracking.
It allows you to pay your team from any location in the world, the only condition is that you should have access to the internet.

Now, let’s look at the pricing plan for this invoicing app for iPhone:

WAVE – Free
For more pricing details:

  1. Zoho Invoice

This one is supposed to be the best fit for small to medium businesses and proprietors that are looking for the creation and management of personalized invoices. Also, Zoho invoice helps in managing and monitoring invoices from the same portal.

Moreover, it makes it feasible to create and distribute invoices in several languages and currencies. This is one of the plus points that prove Zoho as a better app than others. Furthermore, Zoho Invoice app is compatible with iOS and Android.

I have noted down several advantages of using Zoho invoice app. These are as follows:

Zoho invoices record foreign invoices with decimal precision.
With Zoho Invoice, you can assign users, manage roles and grant permissions.
Zoho invoice can be easily integrated into your software architecture.
No hassles of importing and exporting the data, as everything is stored on the cloud.
Pricing plan:

Free Trial
BASIC – $9 per month
STANDARD – $19 per month
PROFESSIONAL – $29 per month
For more pricing details:

  1. Invoicely

Invoicely is a reputed invoicing app that is compatible with iOS and Android platform. Moreover, Invoicely gives you well-placed UI buttons for invoices, bills, dashboard, and reports.

Not only this, but Invoicely gives you the capability to manage inventory such as changing item details i.e. pricing, name or quantity in real time. In this iPhone invoice app, each transaction that occurs is connected to an employee. This linking makes commissions and reconciling tips faster.

Here, I am writing down some benefits that you get when you use Invoicely invoicing app. Please look at these.

It allows you to create paperless transactions.
It gives you feedback in the form of reports and analytics.
With this app, you can sign in to Invoicely dashboard and can manage inventory from any location.
Invoicely allows you to keep track of your finances.
Pricing plan:

Free Trial
Free Plan – Totally Free
Basic Plan – $9.99 per month
Professional Plan – $19.99 per month
Enterprise Plan – $29.99 per month
For more pricing details:

  1. Invoiceberry

Invoiceberry is one of the leading invoicing apps that aid you to accept and manage online transactions. It offers you end to end solution with all the required features that process online payments.

So, this app seems to be the most suitable for online businesses. Also, it has several billing models that are designed for the fast-growing business. Not only this, but this app is also among best-invoicing apps for iPhone as it is compatible with iOS as well as Android.

Some of the benefits of Invoiceberry are as follows:

It allows you to embed a simple checkout by just using a single JS line.
Gives you optimized reports that help in offering deep insights.
Several payment options such as Alipay, Amex Express Checkout and Apple pay are available.
With this app, you can customize your own payment forms.
Pricing plan:

Free Trial
Solo – $15 per month
Pro – $30 per month

  1. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks online invoicing app is one of the leading apps in the market. It provides efficient tools for expense tracking, tax calculation, invoice management, and sales monitoring.

This invoicing app has combined all the essential accounting tools in a single portal. Whether it is about invoice customization, bill payments, and profit/loss reporting, QuickBooks online has all of these.

Compatibility: This app is compatible with iOS and Android.

Advantages of using QuickBooks Online:

Since it is a web-based app, you can access your data from any location.
With this app, data synchronization is made easier.
You get enhanced protection of Financial Data.
QuickBooks online gives you affordable pricing plans.
Pricing Plan:

Free Trial
Simple Start – $10 per month
Essentials – $17 per month
Plus – $30 per month
Self Employed – $5 per month

  1. Invoice2go

Invoice2go is one of the reputed invoicing apps in the market. It allows you to create and track accurate invoices. Also, it sends a reminder to the client that aids in early payment. Moreover, it allows you to take snap receipts using your mobile phone camera.

Invoice2go processes credit and debit card transfers. Also, it processes apple pay and KashFlow payments. With this app, you can easily track and record total expenses. Invoice2go is compatible with iOS and Android.

Benefits of Invoice2go invoicing app:

It shows you a neat and clean dashboard displaying graphs and charts.
It allows you to generate as many as 13 types of reports that include expense/sales report.
With this app, you can print, email and export expense and sales reports.
This app supports more than 45 currencies.
Pricing plan:

Free Trial
Standard Plan – $4.99 per month
Advanced Plan – $7.99 per month
Unlimited Plan – $8.99 per month

  1. Kashflow

KashFlow is quite popular as an e-commerce platform which was designed to help individuals and companies to accept and make payments without sharing the financial information. It provides bank-level technology to give the next level of security to transactions happening between customers and vendors.

Compatibility: It is compatible with iOS as well as Android.

Advantages of KashFlow invoicing app:

It allows you to send payments to overseas sellers in an easier way.
It gives you prebuilt templates and gives you customization option.
With this app, you get out of the box integrations with the point of sale solutions irrespective of size and type of vendor.
KashFlow does not share your financial details with sellers.
Pricing Plan:

Free Trial
Starter Plan – $9.77 per month
Business Plan – $18.14 per month
Business + Payroll Bundle – $25.12 per month

Invoice app for iphone free

Spark Invoice Maker
If you’re a freelancer, business owner, or a sole trader, you will love Spark Invoice Maker. It’s the perfect solution for your invoicing needs. Spark Invoice is a full-featured invoicing app that allows you to create great-looking invoices within minutes.

Spark Invoice Maker is gaining quite a lot of attention due to its user-friendly interface and uncomplicated invoicing processes. And there’s no doubt in that, more so if you take a closer look at its ability to create custom invoices that fit the needs of every business, big or small.

Spark is one of the best free invoice apps for iPhone. You don’t need to create an account nor add your credit card to use this amazing invoice app. We recommend Spark Invoice Maker for all workaholics who need a fast and reliable invoice maker.

Another thing you need to know about Spark is that it also allows you to create quotations for potential customers. Then, with just a click, you can turn the quotation into an invoice. This is no doubt one of the best free invoice apps for iPhone available.

To help you create invoices faster, Spark Invoice allows you to build a client list and an item list. Input all your client information once, and your products, along with their short descriptions and prices. Once set up, you can just select them from your Saved List, making invoicing faster and easier than ever!


Spark Invoice Maker allows you to create professional invoices no matter what business you are in. Add your corporate logo to your invoice, edit taxation, add discounts, and change currencies with just a few taps.
Ideal for all freelancers and small business owners who are always on the go.
Send invoices on the spot. You can deliver your Spark invoices to your clients as email or message attachments whenever, wherever.
Enjoy minimal yet professional invoice design and layout that impresses your clients.
Keep track of your invoices and clients with our user-friendly, easy-to-navigate account history.
Easy Invoice Maker: Invoice2go
Isn’t it amazing how we can do so many things with a device that fits in our pocket? Invoice2go is among the best free invoice apps for iPhone. It’s fast, simple, and easy to use, saving you time and money for your paperwork.

Like Spark Invoice Maker, Invoice2go let’s you generate an invoice within minutes. You may also add your business logo, ensuring your clients can easily identify your invoice when they receive it.

Invoice2go is ideal for freelancers and small businesses looking for an app that can make invoicing quick and easy. With an invoice app like this, you can improve your invoices’ turnaround time, and you will get for your hard work faster.


Fast and easy to set up, enabling you to perform fast billing. You can keep an eye on late payments and send automatic payment reminders.
Send invoices without any training. If you know how to send an email, then you can use Invoice2go.
Similar to Spark Invoice Maker, Invoice2go lets you create estimates for potential clients.
Showcase your projects by adding images to your invoice. This will make your invoice more professional.
Invoice Simple, Estimate Maker
In this fast-paced world, you need invoice makers that work fast and efficiently. Invoice Simple is among the best free invoice apps for iPhone. It packs a lot of features that you need to create professional invoices.

Invoice Simple shares several similar features with Spark Invoice Maker. It’s quick and easy to set up. Further, it allows you to create not just invoices but estimates as well.

With Invoice Simple, you can create an invoice wherever you are—when with customers, work, or at home. It also allows you to add your corporate logo, ensuring your clients will recognize your brand quickly.

Add as much detail as you need. You may include the due dates, payment information, shipping details, and your signature. Show the amount of discounts to encourage your customers to continue their support to your business.


Setting up your invoice is quick and simple, ensuring you spend less time on invoicing and more time growing your business.
Editable taxation—choose whether the prices of your goods and services are tax inclusive or exclusive.
Deliver your invoice as PDF through email or text message.
Add important notes and images to your invoice with ease.
You may access your invoices across multiple devices.
Invoice Maker
Why spend your precious time on mundane invoicing tasks when you can have a comprehensive invoice generator like Invoice Maker? Invoice Maker aims to help busy bees like you to focus on more important matters than invoicing.

It’s jampacked with features you need to generate invoices easily and get paid quickly. With Invoice Maker, you can keep track of your cash flow and incoming payments.

Invoice Maker is free to download, giving you three free invoices or estimates. When you consume the free invoices, you can upgrade in-app to create unlimited numbers of invoices.

Enjoy professional-looking, crisp invoices with Invoice Maker. Check simple and convenient reports in one glance, enabling you to assess late and early payers.


Fast and convenient invoice maker. It lets you generate invoices and estimates within a few seconds. You may convert estimates into invoices, a feature most prominent to Spark Invoice Maker.
Never delay your invoices. With Invoice Maker, you can easily create invoices anytime and anywhere. Simply enter all the information needed to generate the invoice, including customer’s name, contact information, products, tax, and discounts.
Specify your preferred method of payment. You can set out whether you wish to get paid through wire transfer, PayPal, cash, cheque, or more. When your client knows how to pay you, the more likely you are to receive your payment early.
Professional looking invoices that emphasize your brand. Add signature, images, and notes to your invoice.
Swift Invoice
Swift is a beautifully designed app and is one of the best free invoice apps for iPhone. It boasts a lot of features that you will need to create professional and clear-cut invoices. Swift Invoice is for freelancers, contractors, and business owners.

Like Spark Invoice Maker, Swift Invoice is a comprehensive app that you can use to create invoices and estimates. Swift helps you keep track of all your invoices, manage the inventory of each item, record expenses and costs, and add critical information to your invoice (i.e., image, notes, and signature).

Another great thing about Swift Invoice is that it can help you check your client’s balance or unpaid amount, which then you can use to create client statements.

When you download Swift Invoice across your devices, it automatically syncs your data, which means you can access your invoices between different devices.


Record your expenses and costs, and let Swift Invoice do the math for you. Swift will instantly show your gross income, helping you manage your finances and expenses better.
Edit taxation and add discounts without stressing about miscalculations.
Send your invoice as an editable PDF through email or text message.
Customize your invoice with the editable fields. Now you don’t have to go over a word processor to format and design an invoice.
Swift Invoice supports code scanning for faster and easier invoicing.
Invoice Bee Estimate Maker 2Go
If you’re looking for the best free invoice apps for iPhone, then Invoice Bee is one of them. This invoice maker shares a lot of similar features with Spark Invoice Maker. For example, Invoice Bee generates not only invoices but quotations, too. You may also send your invoices directly to your client through the messaging apps on your mobile device.

There is a page dedicated to helping you monitor your invoices. The page organizes your invoices, estimates, and client list, letting you check your transactions in a glance.

If your client chooses to pay you through a third-party payment or bank transfer that imposes a service charge, you can add the fee to your invoice for your client to cover (given you have this agreement). To learn more about the best practices of sending invoices, check our user guide.

Prevent overdue payments by sending your customers a friendly reminder. Invoice Bee lets you send reminders with just a tap. Amazing? We think so, too!


Top-tier customer service to help you in case you need assistance with your invoices.
Invoice Bee is available on desktop and mobile devices.
This invoice app notifies you when your client opens your invoice.
Automatically calculates your gross and net income in every invoice.
Automatically syncs your invoices across multiple devices.
Easy Invoice
When it comes to invoice-making, Easy Invoice lives by its name—the entire process is smooth and easy.

Here are some features that really make Easy Invoice stand out from the rest: clients can sign directly on the device screen or via email when they receive the invoice. The signed invoice will then be saved in a cloud system for record-keeping and retrieval.

This app also allows you to create not only invoices, but also estimates, receipts, and statements of accounts. Impressive? We agree!

Keep your records safe and secured with the backup and restore feature. With the backup feature, you won’t have to worry about losing your records in case your device gets stolen or corrupted.


You can lock Easy Invoice with a four-digit password to keep your records private and safe. This is particularly helpful if you lend your device to someone or when your device gets stolen.
Get a full view of all your records and transactions. With Easy Invoice, you can assess your best-selling products, helping you identify which product earns the most.
The Online Syncing add-on feature allows you to sync your data across your devices.
Final Takeaway
Thanks to invoice makers, creating invoices has never been easier. Gone are the days when you need to boot up your computer and scramble over word processing software to build an invoice.

Spark Invoice Maker is a feature-packed invoicing app geared to help small businesses, contractors, entrepreneurs, and freelancers get paid faster. The beauty of Spark Invoice’s design is that it is built for everyone, making it completely adaptable, versatile, and capable of providing your invoicing needs.


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