Best Apps For Ipad For Students

As technology gets more advanced, our smartphones and tablets become such an important part of our everyday lives. What better way to ensure they are always ready to be used than by building a good collection of top apps for them? There are many additional uses for the iPad outside of class than just for music. Below, I’ve listed my personal favorites that I use in class as well as for entertainment:

15 Best iPad Apps For Students | 2022 - The Wealth Circle

Best Apps For Ipad For Students

  1. Obsidian
    Don’t dismiss Obsidian as a regular note-taking app based on Markdown files. The app offers much more than that. You can connect your notes and check them out in a graph view using Obsidian. It mimics how our brain functions and allows users to connect thoughts.

The developers recently released a live preview, and now Obsidian is a joy to use without looking at those markdown symbols. The app relies on plugins to improve functionality. The company offers a few plugins, to begin with, and you can download third-party plugins from developers as well.

Most essential features are free to use. Obsidian Sync is priced at $8 per month, but you can use iCloud to store your vaults and utilize multi-platform sync functionality without paying anything.

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Obsidian is available on iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows, and Android.

➤ Download – Obsidian

obsidian for students on iPad

  1. Wallet by Budegetbackers
    Students need to keep a close eye on spending and expenses. While you can use an Excel sheet, it’s an old-school method and takes too much time. Instead, you can use Wallet and track your monthly budget in real-time.

Apart from the beautiful UI, Wallet offers deep insights into your spending habits with charts and graphs. The app supports multiple currencies and allows premium users to connect to their local bank as well.

Another neat feature is group sharing. You can create a wallet, add other users, and keep track of expenses simultaneously.

Wallet is available on iPhone, iPad, Web, and Android. The premium plan starts at $5.99 per month or $21.99 billed annually.

➤ Download – Wallet

wallet for students on iPad

  1. Bear Notes
    If Obsidian is too complicated for you, shift your attention to Bear Notes. It offers an intuitive UI, dozens of theming options, password-protection, and much more.

The app supports iPadOS widgets to view your notes right from the iPad home screen. For organizing your notes, you can use tags and folders. The export options are one of the best we have seen for a note-taking app. Bear can export notes in HTML, PDF, DOCX, MD, JPG, and even EPUB format.

The company is currently working on Bear 2.0 to bring a brand-new editor, table of contents, and many more requested features. Bear Pro is priced at $0.99 per month or $9.99 per year.

➤ Download – Bear Notes

bear notes for students on iPad

  1. Notion
    Notion is one of the must-have iPad apps for Students. It is a modular productivity tool to manage everything in one place.

You can add notes, manage projects, plan the following weekend, outstation trips, create a resume, keep track of your university schedule, add reminders, and much more. The possibilities are endless here. You can invite others to your Notion page and start making edits in real-time. We would advise using built-in templates to get started with this app quickly.

Notion is entirely free to use for students. Give it a try from the link below and start organizing your life.

➤ Download – Notion

notion for students on iPad

  1. Readwise
    Readwise allows you to collect saved information from Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Instapaper, Pocket, Twitter, Medium, Goodreads, and other sources into a single place.

We often highlight content, bookmark articles, save Twitter threads, and then forget to read them later. Readwise collects all the data from their respective sources to view them in the app.

You can also manually add things to remember. Readwise is a cross-platform solution, and it deserves a place on your iPad home screen if you consume a lot of articles, books, and Twitter content throughout the day.

➤ Download – Readwise

readwise for students on iPad

  1. Journey
    Journey is one of the best Journal apps on iPad. Day One is another strong contender, but it’s limited to the Apple ecosystem only. Journey is a cross-platform solution and is available on the web as well.

As for the list of features, you can add new entries, attach memories, use the calendar view to jump to a specific data entry, and create a habit to jot down a day’s routine in the app. Our favorite part is maps integration. It gives deep insights when traveling to different places around the world. You can check where and when the specific Journal entry was created with beautiful memories on the map.

Journey Premium is priced at $30 per year. The company regularly runs discounts and offers. You might be able to grab the yearly subscription at half the price.

➤ Download – Journey

journey for students on iPad

  1. Pixelmator
    Pixelmator nails the photo editing experience on iPad. The app features over 30 desktop-class color adjustments, support for over 600 RAW image formats, including Apple ProRAW, and seamless integration with iCloud Photos.

Pixelmator has all the editing tools you can ask for. The long list includes the ability to remove objects, several built-in effects, crop tools, white balance adjustments, and more.

The company claims to have built the app from a group for iPhone and iPad, and it does show in the execution. Unlike the Adobe suite of apps, Pixelmator is a one-time purchase at $10 on iPad.

➤ Download – Pixelmator

pixelmator for students on iPad

  1. Craft
    While Craft isn’t as powerful as Notion, the app is still worth checking out. First, Craft is built natively for iPad (unlike Notion), and it looks more visually pleasing than other alternatives.

The idea is the same as other note-taking apps. You can create multiple folders, organize tasks, notes, documents, to-dos, insert tables, and more. It’s a fresh take on documents and if you prefer aesthetics over function, go ahead choose Craft instead of other modular productivity apps.

If we have to nitpick, we would like to see support for tags in future updates and a native app for Windows.

➤ Download – Craft

craft for students on iPad

  1. Mimo
    If you plan to pursue a career in software development, Mimo should be high on your iPad apps list. It teaches you to build apps and websites and makes learning to code more effortless than ever.

Mimo is an effective way to learn programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, and more. The company offers different programming courses and lessons suitable for everyone.

➤ Download – Mimo

mimo for students on iPad

  1. Airtable
    Airtable is yet another modular productivity tool designed to take on Google Sheets. It’s a modern database app that’s easy to use and understand.

Using Airtable, you can create flexible checklists, organize collections, ideas, manage customers, contacts, and do much more based on your requirements. Airtable offers templates as well. Pick one, and you are good to go with custom database management on iPad.

Best apps for ipad pro

Source: iMore

For creating full digital paintings, you’ll want to step into Procreate. It has dozens of highly customizable painting and drawing tools with a wide array of color options. You can paint on top of colors and blend shades for a very realistic art experience. It also has additional digitizing features, like adjustable motion and perspective blur, color balance, and more. The project tracking feature lets you record your progress as a time-lapse video that you can share with others.

Procreate App Icon
Procreate is one of the most powerful sketching, painting, and illustration apps that you can buy for your iPad Pro, and it’s built for professionals and works flawlessly with Apple Pencil.

$10 at App Store

Astropad Studio
Astropad Studio App Store Screenshot
Source: Astro HQ

Astropad lets you use your iPad as a graphics tablet for your Mac and it works supremely well. Now, Astropad will also let you use your iPad Pro as a big graphics tablet. It works with Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Corel Painter, Manga Studio, Pixelmator, and more, so there’s no need to get a separate surface for your computer. Your iPad Pro can serve double duty. And yes, it supports the Apple Pencil as well! Astropad Studio requires a subscription, you can pay $11.99 per month or $79.99 per year.

Astropad Studio App Icon
Astropad Studio
Turn your iPad Pro into a drawing tablet for your Mac. It works with tons of great drawing apps and when you’re done drawing you can always use Sidecar to make your iPad Pro into a second screen!

Free download at App Store with in-app purchases

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft 365 Future Of 2020 Excel Suggestions
Source: Excel

Microsoft is still king of the Office apps and that’s especially true for spreadsheets. If you’ve ever wanted to pivot a table or do any number of ledger-ly things, you’ve wanted to do it in Excel. What makes Excel for iPad especially great is that Microsoft prioritized it even over the company’s own mobile devices and that head-start has made it not only a good Office app but a good iPad app. Heck, with split-view support, it makes it a great one. And Word, Powerpoint, and OneNote are no slouches either.

Microsoft Excel App Icon
Excel for iPad
Fully featured spreadsheets. Make charts and graphs with ease and display your data however you see fit.

Free download at App Store

Affinity Photo
Affinity Photo
Source: Serif Labs

A photo-editing tool like no other for the iPad Pro, Affinity Photo was front and center at the 2017 WWDC Keynote. All the editing tools you need to turn your photos into works of pristine art are at your fingertips — and Apple Pencil tip. With support for unlimited layers, layer groups, adjustment layers, filter layers, and masks, you’ll never overpower the software running on the iPad Pro’s powerful A10X processor chip. Affinity Photo also has a huge selection of brushes to choose from and use with your Apple Pencil, and you can even make custom brushes on the fly — meaning you’ll always have the tools at your disposal to achieve your desired effect.

Affinity Photo App Icon
Affinity Photo for iPad
When it comes to professional photo editors on the iPad Pro, Affinity is fast, powerful, and reliable. With a fantastic UI and all the tools you need to make anything you want.

$22 at App Store
Source: iMore

You may recall that former iMore managing editor Serenity Caldwell reviewed the Apple Pencil entirely in sketch. The go-to app she uses for her amazing art is Paper. It is the perfect app for sketching out ideas, creating graphs, doodling, and more. There are also some impressive tools for taking notes and annotating images. It’s an all-around useful app for sparking creativity.

Paper Logo
With Paper, you can create numerous journals designed to capture your sketches and even notes. There is a nice variety of tools offered in Paper and it’s very intuitive to use.

Free download at App Store

Source: Pixelmator Team

With Pixelmator, users can play around with advanced photo settings like single-tap color correction presets, beauty and facial editors that can easily erase imperfections, blemishes, and unwanted objects; the ability to pinch, bump, twirl, or wrap areas of an image; the option to edit images of up to 100 megapixels, and so, so much more.

You can even use Pixelmator to paint images directly onto your iPad, turning your tablet into a digital canvas of sorts. You can pick and choose from over 100 artist-designed brushes, smudge color with your finger to blend as you would IRL, use eyedropper tools to isolate and perfect your colors, and really bring your creativity to the forefront of your digital artwork!

Pixelmator App Store
Once you’re done editing your images with Pixelmator, or creating and painting your artwork, you can easily save your images with iCloud and instantly publish your final product to your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

$5 at App Store
Codea Screenshot
Source: Tech Radar

If you’re at all curious about game design, app design, or coding for iPad, Codea lets use your iPad Pro for creating all things iPad apps.

It’s built using the Lua programming language and is specifically made to be a friendly and inviting coding editor. In Codea, you can just tap and drag elements to change how the code interacts and you’ll see those changes in real-time. There’s a great set of reference materials built right into Codea, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck.

Codea won’t have you making a top-selling game on the App Store immediately, but it’s an amazing tool to help you understand the fundamentals of game design and 3D graphics. And by surfing through the weekly App Store charts, there are many examples you can mess around with, helping you further draw inspiration and nail the fundamentals of a game design and 3D graphics.

Codea App Icon
A beautifully-designed crash course in game design and 3D graphics.

$15 at App Store


Source: Apple

On the iPad, iMovie is already amazing. On the iPad Pro, we’re going to need a bigger superlative. That’s because, thanks to the Apple M1 processor, iMovie on the iPad Pro can handle not one, not two, but three streams of 4K video all at once, which is ludicrously great. Apple’s other iPad apps also shine on the larger iPad Pro canvas, including GarageBand for music, and Keynote, Numbers, and Pages for presentations, spreadsheets, and documents.

iMovie App Icon
Apple’s own video editor. With fun effects, easy transitions, and a pretty simple interface, it’s perfect for any home video enthusiast.

Free download at App Store
GarageBand App Icon
GarageBand for iPad
Apple’s simple and easy-to-use interface makes it easy to create tracks. You can even create beats and loops with ease using the built-in instruments.

Free download at App Store
Pages Icon
Apple’s own word processor. Create documents from scratch or use the built-in templates for resumes, letters, business cards, and more.

Free download at App Store
Numbers Icon
Crunch the numbers, make tables, and all the other wonderful things spreadsheets can do.

Free download at App Store
Keynote Icon
Put together the presentation in a series of slides, with plenty of transitions and other features to make your visuals really pop.

Free download at App Store
Complete Anatomy Platform 2022
Complete Anatomy Platform
Source:, LLC

The world’s most accurate, most advanced, and best-selling 3D anatomy platform uses new technology, models, and content. It’s not just an atlas, the app is an anatomy learning platform with unique collaboration and learning tools. On the new iPad Pro, you can now study and take measures with a real human being and use that information to visualize and understand muscle movement and more.


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