Best Apps For Ipad For Teachers

Best Apps for iPad for Teachers blog is a place to find informative and inspirational material from experts on how to get the most out of your Apple tablet in the classroom. Our mission is to share the best ideas on how to use iPads for educational and entertainment purposes, as well as showcasing the newest apps available on the market.

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Best Apps For Ipad For Teachers

  1. Screen Chomp

Screen Chomp is a great app for teachers who need to take the time to explain things in a different way. This app lets you use it as a whiteboard to give examples of difficult concepts. You can also record audio instructions along with the written communications to create and save tutorials that you can then distribute to the students.

  1. Skitch

Skitch lets teachers add text and highlight important points on photos, webpages and more. If a teacher needs to highlight a specific concept, then can use arrows, free draw circles and add additional text to the media. It works especially well for teachers that use maps as visual aids in class. With Skitch, they can point out important areas and give students more information in visual form.

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Download Skitch

  1. Science 360

Science teachers will love to use this app in addition to their lesson plans. This app created by the National Science Foundation gathers news, articles and video from around the world that has to do with different aspects of scientific research. It contains information on a wide range of topics and the information can be used for younger or older students to supplement lessons.

Download Science 360

  1. Attendance2

Tech savvy teachers no longer have to take attendance with a paper and pen. With this app you can record daily attendance notes for all of your classes, meetings or events. You also have the option to attach a photo to each name, making it easy to learn the names of all your students. Once all of the data is gathered, you can export it as a CSV file.

Download Attendance2

  1. TeacherKit

When a teacher needs a full organization app, TeacherKit is an excellent choice. This app allows you to organize classes, students, grades and behaviors. It has an easy to use interface and lets you organize by class and other variables. You can record a lot of information for each student, from their academic performance to the last time you talked to them one on one.

Download TeacherKit

  1. SimpleMind+

When you need to teach students the art or brainstorming, there is no better app than SimpleMind+. This app lets you create simple and complex mind mapping graphics. Highlight different concepts by changing colors, lines and borders. You can also copy and paste information form the clipboard to add to the map. If you are working with others who are creating their own mind maps, you can export and exchange your maps with other users.

Download SimpleMind+

  1. iStudiez Pro

If you want to use your smartphone or tablet for complete classroom organization, this app will let you plan and keep track of everything. It is an app that can be tailored for either the teacher or the student. You can start with adding your schedule. It keeps track of all types of schedules, including rotating classes and block scheduling. You can add and keep track of lesson plans and student grades as well. Keep track of all your important tasks and get alerts whenever an important deadline is approaching. If you worry about losing your data, the iStudiez Pro app can backup your data to your email address with a single click.

Download iStudiez Pro

  1. Star Walk

Astronomy teachers will want to utilize this iPad app. Star Walk allows you to jump into augmented reality to track the stars and constellations you are seeing in the sky. It has precise accuracy and can also track any satellites overhead. Want to track a specific star, moon or planet? Simply search for it and the app will tell you where it is relative to your location. It also has a reference section so you can find out about upcoming celestial events. The app has won many awards, including the Apple Design Award and Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner.

Download Star Walk

  1. Alpha Writer

Kindergarten teachers who want to take the daily spelling lesson to the next level will like the interaction kids with this app. Alpha Writer uses Montessori-style lessons to help teach letter sounds and combinations. Kids can physically manipulate the letters on screen spell the word. Kids also have the ability to use a combination of pictures and letters to write their own stories that can be saved as a photo file.

Download Alpha Writer

  1. The Electric Company Wordball

For students who are beginning to read, this app helps to teach phonics lessons to students. Video clips from the television show are integrated into the games to reinforce the lessons. Once the student has watched the video, they will collect different wordballs to complete words. The app is recommended for K-4.

Best ipad apps for teachers 2022

  1. Remind: School Communication
    Remind School Communication iPhone and iPad Teachers App Screenshot
    Would like to get a more effective app to manage school communication? Ranked at number 5th spot in the education category, “Remind” can help you effortlessly stay connected with your school community.

The highlight of this app is the ability to translate messages in more than 90 languages. It’s this versatility that would come in handy when you wish to converse freely.

As a teacher, you would appreciate the functionality to share photos and files from any sites with ease. Furthermore, Remind promises to keep your entire personal contact info secure and private–which is yet another plus.

Price: Free

  1. Groovy Grader
    Groovy Grader iPhone and iPad Teachers App Screenshot
    Still dealing with the old-school slide graders? I would recommend you to give a look at “Groovy Grader” as it can enormously simplify the whole experience.

The best part about this app is that it’s fully customizable which provides you more flexibility. You can ideally fine-tune it to deal with tons of questions.

Depending on your needs, you can choose to show the grade as a number or with a decimal place. Besides, Groovy Grader also offers an option to disable the auto-dimming screen.

Price: Free

  1. ZipGrade
    ZipGrade iPhone and iPad Teachers App Screenshot
    “ZipGrade” is a popular paper-grading app for iOS. With the help of this app, you can quickly grade multiple choice quizzes, assessments, and tests using your device’ camera. That means you will be able to grade test more efficiently and cost-effectively in your classroom.

It provides free answer sheets in a number of formats and sizes. Plus, you can perfectly organize the results for better viewing. Talking about the exporting option, ZipGrade allows you to send your result in PDF and Excel formats.

Price: Free

  1. Canvas Teacher
    Canvas Teacher iPhone and iPad Teachers App Screenshot
    Simply put, “Canvas Teacher” could be a boon for educators and lecturers. With this app at your disposal, all of your favorite courses will be easily accessible to you. And you will be able to browse through your assignments and modify their details and due dates with ease.

Keep track of your students’ submissions for any assignments. Annotate, grade and offer up your comment. Also, send out important announcements and messages seamlessly.

What’s more, you can update your course content and take part in the discussion anytime and from anywhere.

Price: Free

  1. SuperNote
    SuperNote Notes Recorder Photo iPhone and iPad Teachers App Screenshot
    What about getting a super handy note-taking app? “SuperNote” makes capturing ideas pretty simple. And this is what makes this app so useful not just for teachers but also for those who often have to deal with conferences, meeting, and brainstorming sessions.

Depending on your convenience, you can record or type out anything that strikes your mind or that’s essential. Oh, you will also be able to type while recording.

Sort your notes based on category or date to keep them perfectly organized. Thanks to the related note reminders, the app ensures you don’t forget to do any pivotal thing.

Lastly, the free version of SuperNote has some limitations, and you will need to upgrade to the pro version ($1.99-starting price) to use all the features without any limitation.


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