Best Apps For Real Estate Agents

When you list a home for sale, you have to deal with a lot of potentially confusing information. You have to find out the price range of similar homes in the area, you have to know the average sales price for your city, and how long homes in your area stay on the market before they’re sold. With so much information at your fingertips, finding a new home for your client will be easier than ever.

The following apps are designed specifically for people who own homes and want to sell them or rent them out, and for people who want to buy homes and want to learn about their neighborhood.

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Best Apps For Real Estate Agents

No keys needed: here are the 15 best apps for real estate agents, so you can dominate your daily tasks, enhance marketing and make more money (and time!).

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Real Estate Apps For Agents
There are so many things you need to do in a day, and so many people to keep happy: new clients, landlords, tenants, your team…and that’s before we talk about the paperwork, the inventory (so many keys!), the people you need to be in touch with and more.

Downloading one of our best apps for real estate agents won’t only simplify your business; it will give you hours back of your life, not to mention, even save you money! And that means….more clients, and more revenue! It’s a win-win situation!

In a Hurry? The Best Real Estate Agent App for 2022:
Without a doubt, our top app for real estate agents has to be Connecteam.

With over 20,000 businesses, just like yours, using Connecteam for their day to day employee and business management, it tops our list of best apps for real estate agents for its time and money-saving features:

Seamless drag and drop, semi-automated schedule creation, with added notes, images, locations and document attachments
Store every one of your digital forms in one place, with added digital signing and customizable form fields
Detailed timesheets with seamless integration into Quickbooks Online – no more payroll or timesheet-related headache!
Communicate with employees via 1:1 chat or group chat, or post social-style updates for hot listings, price quotes, customer reviews and more
Keep all of your documents, storage-limit-free, in one space, in a searchable, digital library (no more wondering where your purchase agreements went!)
Create quick tasks, and track statuses with automated updates and reminders
We’ve created a list of the 15 best apps for real estate agents so that you can dominate your marketing, increase communication, and improve their overall effectiveness.

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The 15 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents
Employee management app for your real estate business
Say goodbye to thousands of papers, printing costs and a heavy briefcase: Connecteam is our best app for real estate agents, and it doesn’t weigh anything!

From simplifying, speeding up and automating your daily operations, communications, such as form-filling, signature-gathering, employee time tracking and schedule making, Connecteam has absolutely everything you could ever want and need to run your business as smoothly and profit-mindedly as possible.

We know you’ll love:

Easy scheduling creation (drag and drop, save existing schedules as templates, automatically see scheduling conflicts and deploy updates in real-time),
The ability automate your daily processes and operations with digital forms, task management and more
100% accurate employee time tracking with GPS geofenced location setting, GPS tracking (while clocked in) and a seamless integration to Quickbooks Online payroll
Push notifications, social-style updates, 1:1 chat and group chat and online training for new and existing employees – send updates and track who’s read them, then send an automatic reminder to those who haven’t managed to read it yet!
Starts at $39/month for up to 50 users
Free plan
Free 14-day trial
Save Time & Money in Your Real Estate Business
Try Connecteam: free 14-day trial, no credit card required, free-forever plan

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Contactually software
If you are a real estate agent, relationships with your past and potential customers — are your most important asset, especially when you’re just starting a real estate business. Contactually is a dedicated real estate CRM app that allows agents to effectively centralize their contacts base, and spend less valuable time, by using targeted messages and automation, but always communicating in your voice. These actions leave agents free to do what they do best — build the kind of personal relationships that grow the business.

Sounds great? It is – but with one catch: it’s very expensive, and doesn’t have anywhere near the number of features our best real estate agent app has (which is also a fraction of the price).

Starts at $59/month per user
Free trial
Dotloop software
Dotloop is a dedicated transaction management solution for real estate agents that allows them to exchange a big amount of paperwork to the digital, mobile format.

Dotloop is targeted for real estate brokers, agents, and teams, for them to be able to edit forms, eSign, collaborate, and automate compliance within a mobile platform. As the Dotloop website cleverly puts it: for the real estate agents this app “means more time driving growth, not chasing paper.”

As with the other best real estate agent apps on our list, Dotloop is great for one thing only: if, for example, you need more than just document management (maybe you also offer property management solutions), then you can definitely get much more for your money (and your business), for much cheaper, with our top pick.

Starts at $29/month for individual agents
For team pricing, will be quoted on request
BombBomb software
BombBomb makes it easy for real estate agents to build relationships through email, text, and social media but – and it’s a big ‘but’ – it technically isn’t one of our solely dedicated apps for real estate agents.

BombBomb app instead helps real estate agents accelerate their sales cycle by sending personalized video messages: it allows recording and sending personal “video emails” to build better business relationships with customers and prospects. The idea is that personal video messages instead of plain text emails, (that are so easy to ignore or forget) should help agents get more replies, set more appointments, and close more opportunities. It’s not designed specifically for real estate agents, but it could help you in perfecting your approach for those all-important real estate Facebook ads.

Starts at $29/month for individual agents
$49/month for teams
Freshdesk Messaging
Freshchat software
If the whole reason you’re looking for apps for real estate agents is to communicate with new leads, then here’s your solution: Freshdesk Messaging.

Once again, it does very little in comparison to our other best apps for real estate agents, not to mention, is more expensive, but what it does, it does well: live chat is the perfect way to capture modern leads who hate phone calls and emails, but want their requests answered NOW (this might ring a bell for you, estate agents!). You can give your leads an instant response and answer their questions with a programmed bot, or better yet, respond to their chat on your phone just like you would a text message.

However, if you’re looking for a way to easily communicate with all of your employees in several ways, then this is probably not your top real estate agent app pick.

Free for up to 100 agents
$15/month per agent (Up to 2,000 bot sessions/month)
Free 21-day trial

CINC app is helpful for real estate agents because it allows them to monitor incoming leads and acts as a personal concierge (which could be important for helping you to get more customer reviews), get them on the phone, qualify them, and then connect them straight to the phone without all the email or text messaging back and forth. This saves a whole lot of time for more important tasks, so can actually help increase your conversion rate.

Yes, it’s not strictly one of our all-round best apps for real estate agents, but hear us out: CINC has a good-looking interface where you can quickly view, prioritize, and manage your pipeline helping you focus your efforts on the hottest leads. It does also have task management with automated reminders.

Note that CINC has no contract or fixed commitment, but rather it’s commission-based.

$1,500/mo just for the CINC Pro platform
Close software
Close is a CRM app designed to help sales reps and agents turn more leads into revenue, so it’s a great fit for real estate agents.

A true multi-channel platform, Close lets agents email, call, and text their leads, all from within the platform, without the need to jump between different tabs or install extra add-ons. All the data related to the leads is automatically tracked in a visual timeline so your team can skip the CRM busywork and focus on the deal.

Starts at $30/month per user
Free trial available
Cloud Agent Suite
Cloud Agent software
Cloud Agent Suite gives real estate agents modern MLS tools for better CMAs, listing alerts, search, and lead generation.

A comparative market analysis (CMA) is one of the most important tools a real estate agent has, so the ability to present properties in the best way possible directly translates into the number of deals closed. With this real estate CMA app, real estate agents can easily create amazing reports and presentations that actually sell, and help win more listings, as well as conduct buyer tours, property reports, and flyers.

Contact a Cloud Agent Suite representative for pricing information.
LionDesk software
LionDesk is a dedicated CRM system for real estate agents.

This customer relationship management platform combines the bulk mailing & texting features for recording and embedding videos into emails and texts to bring properties to life, as well as the ability to make a phone call from the system & record notes during the call — everything in one place, easily visible and easy to use.

Starts at $25/month per user
Free trial available
Palm Agent software
PalmAgent ONE by PalmAgent is a mobile app, created for real estate agents to be able to work anywhere, anytime.

PalmAgent ONE helps agents to calculate in seconds the most important numbers they need to provide to the customers: buyer estimates and seller net sheets, based on the state and county. PalmAgent ONE saves agents time spent on manual calculations and presents information in easy-to-understand graphs: you enter sales price, down payment, interest rate, broker fee, and up to seven other pieces of information (depending on the report) to automatically generate colorful, detailed graphs and tables.

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Other Favorites for Best Apps for Real Estate Agents
buffer software
One of the leading social media management platforms can be very useful for real estate agents who are always on the run but need their online presence and activity to continue even without their attention, in order to keep the leads funnel full. If you’re a busy agent or team leader trying to manage multiple social media accounts, Buffer is a godsend: it lets you Create posts, analyze the data, and engage your followers.

By mapping out, creating, and having all your social posts automatically uploaded, you free up a lot of valuable time so you can focus on your clients and the bottom line. It’s one of our best apps for real estate agents, although it is much more of a marketing tool than a dedicated app.

Starts at $15/month
Free plan
Dropbox is the world’s first smart workspace. It helps to organize and store all of your data together while letting you use the tools you love, which means it takes out the friction of looking for the information when you need it and allows you to focus on the work that matters.

So although this app is not a dedicated app for real estate agents, you can greatly benefit from using it by saving time and effort: Dropbox helps people be organized, stay focused, and get in sync with their teams or clients.

Individual: $9.99/month
Teams: $12.50/month per user
Free trial
Zillow Premier Agent
Zillow premier software
Zillow is one of the largest real estate networks on the web, which allows the agents to get more real estate leads and engage with millions of home shoppers online.

Zillow Premier Agent app combines the advertising power of the marketplace with a set of communication features like calls, e-signatures, tasks, reminders, custom notes, and mobile notifications. The platform also serves as the agents’ personal help center with all the needed documents and forms.

Being a real estate agent involves lots and lots of driving and getting there as fast as possible: open houses, meetings, property inspections, showings, and so on.

That’s why Waze is a must-have app on a smartphone of a real estate agent. Enter the address and Waze will show you the fastest route, complete with the arrival time. While on-route, you’re alerted to shortcuts and live traffic updates so you have everything you need to arrive on time.

Canva software
Being a successful real estate agent in the modern world, where everyone is lacking time — means being able to present and presale properties remotely, before people agree to actually come to see them in real life.

And that’s where Canva is another useful app in the arsenal of the real estate agent. Canva allows anyone, with no design or visual skills, to create beautiful presentations, social media posts, graphs and charts, business cards, handouts, leaflets, and so much more: stock images, icons, and shapes, photo filters, presentation and forms templates, automatic resizing features.

Starts at $9.95/month per user
Free plan
Why You Need an App for Real Estate Agents
According to the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials, the United States of America has about 2 million operating real estate licenses, so in order to compete in this market successfully, modern real estate agents have to step up their game and keep up to date with the latest marketing trends in the industry.

The world is changing rapidly, and while the profession of a real estate agent is extremely popular, and the demand for real estate is very high, regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, the workflow of a realtor is quickly changing. As is the customer.

While many baby-boomers might be selling their homes today, pursuing their traveling dreams, or moving to other locations, it’s the young generation who is entering the buyer’s market for the first time, and bringing their digital habits with them: they want most, if not all, of the process to be remote, expect instant replies, lots of media materials about the listings, and a paperless turnover.

So, the new trends dictate the new tools, and especially mobile tools that will help maximize your marketing efforts and keep on top of the industry.

6 cool apps for real estate agents

Welcome to another article where I’m going to share with you the 11 best apps for real estate agents.

As real estate agents, we are constantly on the go! As nice as it is to have a full computer to do work daily, it’s just not possible to have with you in every scenario. This is why downloading and using the apps that I’m going to recommend to you in this article is so important.

What We’ll Cover
Best Apps For Real Estate Agents

  1. Calendly
  2. Realtors Property Resource (RPR)
  3. TurboScan
  4. Mortgage by Zillow
  5. Quickbooks
  6. Your CRM App (I use kvCORE)
  7. 1Password
  8. Lightroom
  9. Feedly
  10. Docusign
  11. Zoom

Best Apps For Real Estate Agents
These apps save time, provide value to your clients, and make you look even more professional. The best part is that almost every real estate mobile app I’m going to recommend below is FREE!

So without further ado, here are the 11 best apps for real estate agents. They are in no particular order. Starting out the list, we begin with:

  1. Calendly
    calendly homepage. calendly is one of the best apps for real estate agents to stay organized
    Calendly has been a complete game-changer for my real estate business. I can’t tell you how much time I used to spend back and forth with clients trying to sync up on their calendar versus my calendar for showings, and listing appointments. I was just always constantly having to ​manage my schedule, and eventually, I had an assistant, and all of that was great until I realized how expensive all of my overhead had gotten.

I had to get more efficient with my systems, And Calendly was a massive part of that, as far as allowing me to send out a link to my clients, and then have them book the time that worked on their schedule, but also worked on my schedule.

Calendly is both web-based and an app. You can go to, and sign up for an account. You hook it up to whatever calendar program that you use, whether it’s Google calendars, Outlook, Apple, or another option.

Calendly integrates with just about every calendar scheduling tool that I know. As long as you’re keeping your calendar organized and inputting the events that you have going on throughout the day, Calendly will show what times you’re available. It can also send you push notifications to let you know when you have upcoming appointments for that day.

Clients will only be able to select the times that you have allotted. You can put all sorts of different criteria in there. For instance, if you need to have an hour available before and after they make an appointment for drive time, etc.

  1. Realtors Property Resource (RPR)
    realtor property resource homepage
    I love RPR, especially the mobile app. It makes doing quick CMAs super simple whenever you’re out in your real estate market. We always get asked the same questions by potential buyers in the field, “What is this property worth,” and there’s no possible way a real estate agent can know all of the values all the time. Until RPR, that is.

I’m very upfront with my clients and say to them, “Let’s let’s take a quick look right now, and if you like more information, I’m happy to go back and do a full CMA.”

I share with them RPR is an automated valuation, sometimes they’re pretty close, sometimes it’s off.

But to have that power in your pocket at all times is very helpful.

Plus, it’s the only real estate app that I use whenever I’m, showing properties. I usually have RPR loaded up on my phone so that as soon as I arrive at the next showing, I can quickly and easily have all the listing details in front of me.

  1. TurboScan
    turboscan on the android app store
    TurboScan puts a scanner on your phone. I don’t even own a scanner anymore, because I just use TurboScan. Even if the document is 20 pages, I still only use TurboScan. If it’s more than that, which I don’t have many that are, I may need to find something else.

What I end up liking to do is I’ll open that PDF that TurboScan creates in DocuSign. I can get a doc signed out in the field, and I don’t have to wait for a scanner.

I could be anywhere, scan the document, get it signed, get it to the title company, and my Transaction Manager whatever I need using TurboScan and DocuSign combined.

Another great benefit for app users is that you can also create PDF scans from your pictures for when you got sent a document. I’ll tell my clients, “Hey, don’t worry about scanning that seller’s disclosure, just take a picture of it and text it to me.”

When they text me a picture of it, I’ll store it into my phone’s photos, and then I can select it In TurboScan.

  1. Mortgage by Zillow
    mortgage by zillow on the android app store
    I don’t use the Zillow Premier Agent app very often. I don’t do any advertising on Zillow. However, as far as apps go, I like using the Zillow Mortgage app because it provides an amazing mortgage calculator. It’s one of the few mortgage apps that will calculate their mortgage interest on the payment.

If they have Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) or anything like that, it’s going to calculate that automatically, and share that number. A lot of times a buyer doesn’t realize that they’ve got principal interest, taxes, insurance, and then potentially, PMI as well.

Zillow puts that in there for you so that you don’t make a mistake.

  1. Quickbooks
    quickbooks homepage
    I use QuickBooks on my phone all the time. The QuickBooks mobile app is how I’m able to do my bookkeeping so quickly each month. No matter where I am if I have some free time I can just pull out my phone or iPad and click over to QuickBooks and start categorizing transactions. This way, whenever the month rolls around, I don’t need to do all the categorization at once.

Plus, it gives you extra insight into your business at a glance. You can pick up your phone and see exactly where you stand on your income and expenses at any moment for the month, year, etc.

It’s a free ios and android app, although you do need to have a QuickBooks online subscription. Subscriptions run between $20 to $70 a month.

  1. Your CRM App (I use kvCORE)
    Someone pushing a CRM button concept. having a crm app is one of the best apps for real estate agents to stay on top of leads
    I can’t list out every single CRM. But I highly recommend you make sure that whatever CRM system you choose, you get a mobile app with it. I could not imagine using a CRM and not having a robust mobile app for it. I’m on my computer often, but I’m by my phone more often, and not having a CRM on my phone would present a considerable problem.

My CRM is where I make most of my notes on clients. I need these notes wherever I’m at for the day, not just when I’m by a computer.

Also, I make phone calls directly out of my mobile CRM app.

I have the kvCORE mobile app on my phone. All my contacts are in there. I can sort it by status, so I can look at closed sphere active leads clients under contract. I’m not going to have anybody fall through the cracks. I have all of the listings, just like on the MLS here. When I want to send a listing to somebody, the kvCORE app allows me to do that. Also, I can click on a new listing and post it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, all that good stuff.

  1. 1Password
    1password homepage
    Number seven in my list of the best apps for real estate agents is 1Password. 1Password stores all your logins, secure notes, credit card numbers, and other private data for you safely in the could. 1Password allows you to access your data on whatever device you need securely.

If you have your computer at home, and you have 1Password on your computer, all of the passwords are going to sync to your mobile device.

1Password will also suggest strong randomized passwords so that you don’t need to use the same password for multiple sites, which poses a significant security issue.

  1. Lightroom
    lightroom homepage. Lightroom is one of the best apps for real estate agents who want to do their own photo editing
    Lightroom is one of my favorite mobile apps. I don’t know just how “necessary” it is for every Realtor. I think it certainly can be a great app if you’re starting to create content all the time, and you want to take better photos, including listing photos.

A lot of people think I use my DSLR all the time, but actually, many of my photos are taken on my iPhone 11 using Lightroom. Lightroom provides an entirely different picture-taking experience and editing process.

The reason why the photos come out so much better-using Lightroom to shoot the images on your phone is that Lightroom can shoot in RAW format. When you typically take pictures on your iPhone with the standard camera app, it’s shooting in JPEG format- basically a compressed image. There are fewer options for editing to your standard with a JPEG image versus a RAW image.

  1. Feedly
    Feedly homepage
    Feedly is excellent at reading the news you want to read. Whenever I have free time, I’ll open up Feedly, and this is where I have all of all the different news feeds that I subscribe to. I have different categories set up, for example, marketing, affiliate pages, minimalism, photography, real estate, SEO, social media, and Tesla. Then in each of the categories, I have different bloggers and news sites that I subscribe to.
  2. Docusign
    docusign homepage
    I highly recommend that you subscribe to DocuSign and download the app on your phone. DocuSign allows me to get signatures for any document I need wherever I am.

Also, if a client says, “I didn’t get that document.” You can load up Docusign and send a reminder so that it sends the document to their inbox again.

You can also void documents straight from the app.

Most importantly is the part that I discussed earlier, using TurboScan in combination with DocuSign. It truly makes our jobs as Realtors that much easier!

  1. Zoom
    zoom homepage. Zoom is one of the essential apps for real estate agents
    Last, but not certainly not least in my list of the best apps for real estate agents is Zoom. I use Zoom all the time. I have real estate professionals all over the country that I work with. Having the Zoom app on your phone is extremely helpful because you can schedule meetings straight from your phone.

I could share the screen of my phone with somebody if I needed to clarify or show something. It’s saved me a few times with clients.

I’ve shared payment calculations, RPR data, and all sorts of things from my iPhone screen with clients using Zoom.

Also, a video call has the added benefit of being more personal than a regular phone call or text. When you and your client can see each other, it creates a stronger relationship between the two of you, which helps down the line when you’re looking to get referrals and reviews.

These are my picks for the 11 best apps for real estate agents to help with lead generation and finding potential buyers. I’d love to hear what apps you are liking and recommend to other agents. So make sure to leave a comment below and let me know.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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