Best Apps For Red Eye Removal

If you’re an avid photographer, you might have heard of apps that allow you to remove red eye from a photo. Red eye is a common problem with photos in which the camera flash reflects off the retina of your subject’s eyes and makes them appear red. This can be quite disconcerting to viewers, which is why photographers work so hard to eliminate it from their photos.

For many years, photographers had to rely on Photoshop or other complex software programs to eliminate red eye. Today, there are several mobile apps that allow you to do it easily and conveniently using your smartphone or tablet.

12 Best Red Eye Remover Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

Best Apps For Red Eye Removal

We all love getting clicked therefore you might have seen ‘red eye’ in pictures. Nobody likes to upload a grainy picture on your social media and therefore you need images with enhanced picture composition. You can get rid of this issue by using a red-eye remover app but before you do so, you should know the reason that causes red eyes.

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What Causes Red Eye Effect In The Pictures?

Sometimes, the reason for red-eye in pictures is eye illness but most of the time it is because of the camera flash or some other bright light source. A flash of bright light when reflected from the retina covered with tiny blood vessels, gives the red-eye appearance in the photos.

The red-eye effect in photographs occurs when you get a picture clicked in the dark ambiance. The more open the pupils are, the more effect of the red eye will appear in your photos.

How To Get Rid Of Red-eyes In Pictures Online?

Whether you click pictures through a digital camera or your smartphone camera, use photo editing software or apps to resolve the issue of red eyes. With an appropriate photo editing tool, you can not only remove red eye effect but also you can enhance your beauty, broaden your smile and enrich your photography experience.

Red eyes don’t look good, it looks like a devil’s eye. The eye of a normal person depends on their corresponding genes. To remove the flashlight from your pictures, use a reliable flashlight or photo editing apps on both Android and iOS devices.

Red Eye Remover Apps – Android and iOS

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express
    Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the best photo editing apps for both Android and iOS devices. Along with enhancing your face, it can help you remove red eye effect within no time. This app is easy and fast for anyone to use. This photo editing and collage maker app can edit your photos at its best. Upload a file from either your device or cloud storage and smoothly edit using Adobe Photoshop like apps for red-eye removal. You can customize your pictures and upload them wherever you want.

Download on iOS and Android

  1. Visage

What can make you look more appealing in your pictures? Yes, a face tune app. Visage is one of many apps that can help you get rid of scar marks and pimples on your face and enhance your shine. Available for Android and iOS, visage has its own high-quality selfie camera that makes your skin look clear and shiny. Also, this app features in fixing red-eye on iPhone and Android phones.

With its automatic face retouch option, you can anytime choose to add makeup to your picture making it more enticing. Along with the face retouch and red-eye removing feature, this app also features options like teeth whitening, color enhancement, etc.

Download on iOS and Android

  1. Pixlr

Pixlr is a popular app that is used majorly for making collages and add filters to your existing images. This red-eye remover app is developed by 123RF for both Android and iOS devices. You can make collages from multiple layout options and can easily remove red eyes from photos to give them a new face. You can also use its many options to make you look more stylish using tools such as pencil, ink, color, etc. Pixlr also offers its users multiple choices for background, layout, spacing and other tools to enhance your dull pictures, along with removing red-eye effect.

Download on iOS and Android

  1. Wondershare Filmora
    Wondershare Filmora

For a professional retouch to your face, use Wondershare Filmora as a pro photo editing app. It not only enhances and brightens your face but also helps you easily remove red eyes from your pictures. The red-eye correction option will work efficiently for the pictures clicked using a flash. Filmora features in exclusive transitions, auto crop or pan and Zoom photos to fit project ratio, easier to create 1:1 square ratio videos for Instagram and supports 9:16 portrait project ratio for phones.

Download on iOS and Android

  1. Beauty Plus
    Beauty Plus

Beauty Plus is one of the most-used apps on both iOS and Android phones with 100,000,000+ downloads on Play Store. It helps in creating beautiful and natural-looking pictures and selfies every time. You can click using its inbuilt camera for a fine and shiny look.

This handy app is well-equipped with powerful photo editing tools including red-eye removal feature. Make your photos pop with filters, blur tools, remove red eyes and enhanced lightning, etc. You can also get creative with its augmented reality features, magic brush, and other such tools.

Download on iOS and Android

  1. FaceTune

Get FaceTune- a perfect selfie editor for your smartphones to quickly and easily edit your photos on smartphones. It is a professional app to edit photos and also removes red eyes effect within a little span of time.

You can make your skin look flawless with this wonder red eye remover app for Android and iOS. It removes scars, pimples and even the dark spots from your face. You just have to swipe over the marks using this application. Along with this, it also helps in removing shadows and glares from the photo.

Download on iOS and Android

  1. Photo Wonder
    Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder photo editor is all in one app that is not only popular for red-eye removal but also known for its amazing wonders in photo editing. Available for Android and iOS, this app is easy to use and is a real-time photo editing app that offers real-time effects on your photos.

Along with editing photos and adding filter/effects to it, you can use this app for collage making to easily combine multiple pictures in a single frame. It has all the necessary and advanced photo editing effects that can be used to create an amazing photo.

Download on iOS and Android

  1. Fotor Photo Editor
    Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor is among the top photo editing apps for Android and iOS devices. It is easy to use with a smooth UI that helps a user to edit his photo instantly on his smartphone. Fotor is a free application that easily removes red eye effects from the pictures.

Additionally, you can add text and use other photo editing options like making collages, adding borders to pictures and of course removing all dark spots and enlightening your face. Try using all its features including adjusting exposure, brightness, contrast, white balance and many more.

Download on iOS and Android

  1. Eye Color Studio
    Eye Color Studio

Eye Color Studio was a product that specifically focused on red-eye removal on your smartphone. It is distinct from other red-eye removal apps as it can replace your red-eye from an eye of different colors. Available for Android and iOS, Eye Color Studio has different colored lenses that make you look different by giving you an entirely new look. Also, it helps a user to create his own personalized eye color to replace red eyes from the existing image. Download this app and give a try to change eye color.

Download on iOS and Android

Note: This app has been discontinued.

  1. PicShop Lite
    PicShop Lite

Add magic to your photographs by using PicShop Lite- a magical photo editing app with many photo editing effects. What makes it different from other apps is its feature of having 8 different brushes for photo editing and filter options.

Add more colors and styles to your picture and use this magical app to remove red eyes from your pretty pictures. You can also add an image, test, and different layers on a picture to grab more attention. PicShop Lite’s best feature is its advances teeth whitening option which adds a distinct touch to your photo.

Download on iOS and Android

how to remove red eye on iphone

Many iPhones have a built-in tool to fix red eye in photos, for whenever you take a photo of people in low-light and the flash gives their eyes an eerie red glow.
Newer iPhone models feature a built-in red eye correction function, which you can use to manually remove red eye just by tapping the affected eyes.
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In general, newer iPhone cameras are advanced enough that they rarely cause red eye effects, even in incredibly low light. Just now, I snapped eight or nine pictures of myself in a dark closet, trying to capture an image with red eye, and my iPhone 8 Plus captured crisp, red eye-free pictures every time.

To avoid red eye in the first place, try to avoid using your camera’s flash when you’re taking pictures of people’s faces, and don’t look directly at the camera.

But just in case you’re dealing with red eye images on an iPhone, there is a way to fix them, using the iPhone’s built-in red eye correction tool.

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How to fix red eye in photos on an iPhone

  1. Open the photo with the red eye issue in your Photos app and tap “Edit” at the top right corner.

Open the Edit menu for the picture you want to fix. Steven John/Business Insider

  1. Tap the icon of the eye with a slash through it in the top-left corner. If you don’t see that icon, your iPhone doesn’t have the red eye correction tool.

Tap the Red Eye Correction Tool button. Steven John/Business Insider

  1. Tap each red eye you want to fix. Make sure to be precise, as your phone might recognize something you tap accidentally as red eye and try to fix it — say, a red button on your shirt.
  2. Hit “Done” in the bottom right corner once you’ve fixed all the red eyes.


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