Best Apps For Road Trip Games

Whether you’re stuck in traffic or on a cross-country trip, road trips can be the perfect time to catch up with friends and family. But what are your options when you’ve exhausted the usual car games?

You won’t have to worry about running out of things to do with these apps, which can help you pass the time while on the road:

25 Road Trip Games for Fun Family Car Rides While You Travel

Best Apps For Road Trip Games

You’ve started your family journey and that creeping feeling of boredom is setting in.

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Sound familiar?

These are the best road trip game apps for long car rides to add fun to your experience! Play them on iPhone, iPad, or any android digital device!

In this article, you’ll discover a complete list of free, fun car game apps that are perfect to play during a long journey. We’ll also share their awesome features. You can simply choose your favorites and download them.

It’s full of fun apps to play in the car on an extended trip. They’re divided up into categories to make them easier to browse.

You can download them all using the links provided and we hope you thoroughly enjoy playing them! Read to the end to find out our favorite app games to play in the car.

Game Categories

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Solo Play
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Word Games
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Keep Moving
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Coach Games
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Don’t let boredom beat you… download some road trip game apps!
We think trivia mobile apps are a great way to keep you busy on a road trip. You can play them solo or with a group in the car. It’s also easy for the driver to get involved!

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Here’s the rundown of our best road trip trivia apps for long car rides.

top road trip games app
This is an excellent app that includes a variety of games to play in the car. It will keep the whole family entertained for hours! It includes 11 different road trip game apps.

Some of the popular options include 21 questions, the ABC game and the spot it game.

Download it by searching for Road Trip Travel Games in the app store!

11 different car ride apps
Keep track of your scores with the score keeper functionality.
road trip game apps
Challenge your friends and family in a trivia competition!

This app is number 1 in the Trivia charts so it’s a great place to start. What’s more, it’s suitable for ages 4+ meaning everyone can join in!

Use the wheel spin features to decide categories and compete against your road trip companions.

6 huge trivia categories for you to become an expert in
Hundreds of thousands of questions so you never run out
Great graphics and awesome fun
iOS – Download Link

Audible Free Trial
Fancy something different? Why not try out an audiobook or podcast whilst in the car with this free trial of Audible Plus.

Audible Plus Free Trial

quiz up app
This app is a fun addictive challenging online trivia app. Connect with millions of users worldwide on this nicely designed platform.

Huge variety of topics ranging from Harry Potter to video games.
Ability to select your personal interests for better topics
Vibrant topic community
Daily Tournaments
Insane number of memes
iOS – Download Link

jeopardy world tour app
Based on America’s popular Quiz Show, this app involves testing your knowledge in a true Jeopardy-style experience! Choose from thousands of categories and challenge friends in head-to-head matches.

Global leaderboards
Unlockable features earnt through power-ups
iOS – Download Link

who wants to be a millionaire app
This game is an absolute classic and firm trivia fan favorite. See how far you can get by using your knowledge and lifelines in the official app of this classic game show.

It’s a great example of a games to play in the car app.

Use of lifelines for help when stuck on a question
OFFLINE MODE for play on-the-go
Unlockable features
Collectible characters
Ability to join a team and explore different game modes
iOS – Download Link

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road trip app
Here are some music-themed road trip game apps to keep you entertained! They’re some of the most enjoyable car game apps out there.

road trip game apps
Song Pop 2
A fun music-themed quiz app. Try it now and give us some feedback in the comments! It is one of our favorite road trip game apps on the market.

Song pop 2 lets you compete against each other to guess what songs are being played. Listen to songs and guess as fast as you can.

The app features music from all major artists, from Drake to Justin Bieber.

Challenge your friends or play against other music lovers online!

Dozens of music genres
Classic collections from previous decades
VIP mode (with monthly subscription)
iOS – Download Link

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road trip mobile games
Not playing with a group? No problem! Here is a selection of free apps for long car rides to keep you busy if you’re driving solo.

There are a couple of trivia apps and an absolute classic!

guess the trivia app
100 Pics Quiz – Guess The Trivia
This picture-based quiz app is great for a twist on traditional trivia apps. With over 150 categories, you can try to identify countries, animals, logos, and celebrity pictures.

Use the scrambled letters and images to identify the answer.

Over 10,000 pictures to guess and over 100 quiz topics, travel games, and picture puzzle games
Offline mode
Number 3 in the Top trivia charts!
iOS – Download Link

94 degrees app
94 Degrees
This addictive game tests your general knowledge in an interesting format. Use the on-screen clues to identify the correct area of an image to match the question and pin it.

Pass levels with questions on numerous topics ranging from countries to logos to human muscles! A true general knowledge trivia app is here in the form of 94 degrees.

Great single-player mode for a break those long journeys
Multiple languages
Very highly rated on the app store
Nice graphics and functionality
iOS – Download Link

angry birds 2 app
Angry Birds 2
This game has come a long way since its first creation, but it remains a classic source of entertainment.

Use the slingshot to fling birds at the piggy’s towers and take them down!

This iconic game is a must-try! It’s a whole lot of fun and in my view, the simple formats are often the best!

Daily challenges and multi-stage levels
Character selection and level up opportunity
Multiplayer for games with friends and other online competitors around the world
iOS – Download Link

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road trip games on mobile
Here are some fantastic word puzzle road trip game apps.

This app is number 2 in the trivia games charts, and for good reason.

It’s an interesting take on the popular crossword format. It’s fun, easy to use and I had a blast playing it!

A great way to take up some time between those gas station stops and to get other passengers involved when you are stuck!

Great graphics for a fun experience
Innovative take on crosswords using powerups and characters
Subscriptions available
Great for asking other passengers for help
iOS – Download Link

Race against the clock in this mobile app that takes the popular word search format to the next level. With 49 different categories to choose from, you can fill in the time on those long car journeys.

Progress through levels of increasing difficulty
Play against friends in the car using the multiplayer function (requires internet)
Great graphics and easy to use
iOS – Download Link

A new kind of word puzzle that makes anagrams with crosswords.

Use your word recognition skills to unscramble each puzzle by dragging and dropping letters into place. Puzzles range from small bite-sized quick matches to full-on brain busters.

Give this app a try and let us know what you think in the comments section!

Unique idea for a word game
Extra packs require purchasing. No ads and comes with two free sample puzzle packs and a daily puzzle.
Requires game center log in to play
iOS – Download Link

road trip apps
This is an app I use regularly for entertainment. Challenge yourself against millions of online chess players.

Note: requires a stable internet connection!

Ability to add friends and send challenges to other online opponents
Online tournaments
Chess puzzles and videos to improve your skills
Multiple game speeds and options such as pre-move
iOS – Download Link

This free app has a variety of written road trip game guides nicely organized.

Download it using the link below for road trip games ranging from the classic 21 questions to the memory word game.

The extra features are useful for playing multiple games during a car ride.

Breakdown of a variety of in-car games that can be played with friends or family.
Built-in scoreboard and game timers to help you keep track of results during the journey
categories game app
Fight List – Categories Game
This is a top 10 trivia game app based on the popular well-known “categories game”. A category is chosen, and you must type in as many answers as you can in the time limit.

The number of points awarded for an answer varies based on the rarity of the answer given!

Online play with 1000s of themes
Extra features such as jokers and revelation wands to add a twist to the classic game
Chat with friends
Free to download
iOS – Download Link

An unexpected journey
Here are some car game apps that can keep you entertained on a coach ride when you have friends or family with you! These are some great multiplayer options to keep you busy.

heads up app
Heads Up!
This is a fun and fast-paced game from Ellen DeGeneres!

Hold the iPhone up on your head and guess the on-screen word based on clues from your friends. Tilt the phone up or down depending on whether your answer is correct or you want to skip to the next word.

This is a very popular game and I highly recommend it.

Diverse categories to choose from.
New word loaded simply by tilting your phone
Great for game nights or rest-stops
iOS – Download Link

A long road to nowhere
Here are a few more solo plays games based on the popular keep moving, keep winning format!

See how far you can progress in these classic games.

This is my favorite format (when I’m a passenger) but it’s not for everyone in a moving vehicle!

super mario run app
Super Mario Run
Work through the levels and control Mario in this fast-paced game.

Control Mario by tapping as he constantly runs forward, and pull off jumps, spins, and wall jumps. As usual, the goal is to gather coins and reach the end!

Classic Mario music from Nintendo
Awesome graphics and gameplay
24 exciting courses
Ability to compete against friends
iOS – Download Link

Fight Duke Dexter and his evil minions with the pigeon and his squad in this ingenious take on the keep moving, keep winning format.

Smooth functioning arcade action is the order of the day. It took a little while to get used to as it’s very fast and requires good reactions to master.

That made it a lot of fun and more challenging. You can vary the speed of the game with your acceleration.

Fly the pigeon as fast as possible through the course!

Fun selection of game characters
Local multiplayer, great for in the car.
Jet fueled sequel to the acclaimed Pigeon Wings
Challenging game but simple graphics.
iOS – Download Link

traffic run app
Traffic Run!
Perfect timing is required to navigate vehicles through the busy streets in this fun game rated number 1 in the action category.

Try to beat your high score as you race through a wide range of landscapes with awesome graphics.

I found this game to be very addictive considering how simple it was. This is a solo game, good for passing the time.

Simple tap to control format
Very good ratings
Quite a lot of adverts
iOS – Download Link

Direct a truck to clean the snow off the road to make way for vehicles.

clean road app
Clean Road!
Simple, but a whole lot of fun.

Avoid the obstacles and help people get out of their homes. Hold your thumb on the screen and move it to control the truck.

A different take on an action game, I thoroughly enjoyed this app, hence why it’s in this article!

Fun gameplay and great reviews
Upgrades available by watching adverts
Daily challenges
iOS – Download Link

temple run app
Temple Run
Well done for getting to the end of this huge list!

My favorite road trip game apps?

Nonother than Temple Run or Temple Run 2!

Still absolute classics.

Which were your favorite road trip game apps?

Have you got any top apps that you think need to be added to this list?

Perhaps you have a highly addictive game or trivia app that’s kept you busy during a long journey.

Leave a comment below and let us know!

games for road trips for adults

Before the days of smartphones and tablets, people used road trip games to have fun in the car during long journeys. Instead of being glued to a screen, you can learn more about your friends or family and create some fantastic new memories. They are a great way to stay occupied and share a few laughs while on the road! To help you get started, here are a few of the best road trip games for adults.

Never Have I Ever…
This classic game also works well for car trips. A person in the car makes a simple statement starting with “Never have I ever…” and anyone who has ever done that action in their life must take a bit of a donut. Play continues around the car in a clockwise direction. Just a word of caution, however. We recommend letting everyone play except the driver so that they will be able to pay attention to the road. We don’t mean it in a discriminatory manner, just in the sense that safety is too important to be forgotten. Or if the driver really wants to play, we recommend saving the donut bite for later so that they won’t have to take their eyes off the road or their hand off the stick shift.

Six Degrees of Separation
Six degrees of separation is a theory that everyone in the world is connected via six or fewer relationships. In this game, one person names two different film or television stars and the other people in the car must try to find a link between the two in six steps or less. For example, you might say William Shatner and Hale Berry.

They are linked by:

William Shatner starred in Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock starred in Practical Magic with Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman starred in Australia with Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman starred in X-Men with Halle Berry!

See where this is going? You can take either two celebrities you like and then link them as fast as you can. Just don’t pick two stars that have starred in the same movie. That would ruin the game in most scenarios unless it’s something very obscure and forgotten by most of the population.

21 Questions
This game is great fun for people of all ages. Have a passenger think of a person, place, or object. The other passengers then have 21 questions to find out what they are thinking of. Questions should only be asked once. The questioner who correctly guesses what the person thought of gets to start the next round. You can try all sorts of characters, objects, and what not to think of. The more obscure what you’re thinking of is, the more frustrating or pleasant the game can be. It depends on who you’re playing with and on their taste.

Don’t Say It!
This is a simple game that tests the memory of players during a long car ride. Pick 5 common words that passengers are not allowed to say during the journey. They should be common words used when traveling like “arrive”, “look” or “car”. Whenever a person says one of the five words they are penalized in some way — either they donate a coin to the “road trip snacks fund” or they have to perform an annoying task like filling the car with petrol or running an errand. You can think of lots of ways to “punish” the one who isn’t paying attention and says one of the words in question.

Fictional Families
This is a great game to get your imagination going during the car ride. Simply pick out a vehicle that is sharing the road with you and have everyone take a good look at the occupants. Everyone should then collaborate to give these people an imaginary back story based on how they look, what kind of car they drive, and how they are dressed. Some really funny backstories can be invented if you’re creative enough.

Image via Unsplash

Human Jukeboxes
This is a great game if everyone in the car loves music. It is started by one passenger singing a line from a well-known song. The next person must connect the last word from that lyric to another song. For example:

“Love, love me do, you know I love you…” (The Beatles)

“…Give love a bad name…” (Bon Jovi)

“…That’s not my name, that’s not my name!” (The Ting Tings)

Would You Rather
Another simple and funny road trip game that will help the time go faster. Simply think of two strange or disgusting activities and ask your fellow passengers which one they would prefer to perform. For example, “Would you rather have no arms or no legs?” Everyone should put some thought into their responses and have a couple of funny reasons why they made the choice.

The Movie Game
This is a great game for people who love movie trivia. It starts with a person mentioning the name of a random actor. The next person has to answer with a film that this actor starred in. The next person has to answer with the name of another actor who starred in the film and so on. The key to winning is thinking of obscure movies and actors. If someone gets an answer wrong, they are out of the game until the next round. For example: “Sean Bean” — “Game of Thrones” — “Lena Headley” — “Judge Dredd” — “Karl Urban” — “Star Trek”

This game requires a bit of creativity, but it can be quite fun for adults to play. The first person thinks of something fortunate about the trips or what has happened that day. It can be something true or something fictional. The next person must follow it up with some unfortunate event tied to the first event. For example:

“Fortunately, we are going to arrive at our destination sooner than expected!”

“Unfortunately, it has been invaded by the Chinese military”

“Fortunately, we all like Chinese food!”

“Unfortunately, they have no fortune cookies”

Couples Padiddle
In this game, participants have to call out “Padiddle” every time they see a vehicle with a headlight out. The last one to say padiddle has to do something for the other person. In the couples version of the game, this might be to give them a kiss or give them a neck massage.

Image via Unsplash

Hot Seat
This game involves one person in the group being asked five questions by anyone else in the car. The person in the hot seat has to answer at least 4 out of the 5 questions. We like this game because it can be as wholesome or as roast-like as anyone wants it to become. Again, depending on the type of people you’re playing with, you can go over the limit or play it safe. It’s up to you and the others in the car how much you’ll be laughing during such a bout of banter.

Radio Roulette
As you drive across the country, you will keep finding new (and unusual) radio stations with some interesting and entertaining content. Radio roulette involves randomly choosing a new radio station every 10 minutes so you get to hear what is out there. You might find yourself listening to everything from smooth 80s jazz through to evangelical Christian radio! You can even try inputting random frequencies on the radio tuner and see what you’ll get when you’ll have driven three miles past the point where you set the chosen frequency. We bet you’re already thinking about all the different possibilities!

Explain a film plot badly
This is another fun game for film buffs! In this game, one person explains the plot of a film very badly and the other passengers attempt to guess which film it is. For example “A boy befriends a bearded hermit and two gay robots, goes into space, snogs his sister and kills his dad”. Know the answer? Star Wars! Here’s another one — “Bloke punches himself. Encourages others to punch him. Leaves his job. Shaves his head. Bad influence on Meatloaf”. That’s right, it is Fight Club!

So try a few of the above road trip games for adults — you’ll be surprised by how fun the journey becomes! Want more road trip games? Check out our bonus list of 35 family road trip games.

Featured image via Unsplash


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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